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Hey guys.

Just letting you know that I'll be gone on the 5th, and won't be back until the following Sunday.

I have summer camp, you see. XD

The One With The New Kid
As Reiko shook Carol's hand, she replied "Oh, alright, I guess. I think there's a lot of things I need to know about it, but..."

Wait, Amber was leaving?

Bummer! Carol was actually pretty excited for that interview. And maybe she could have learned a bit more about her, too!

She waved goodbye, saying "See you, Amber! I guess we'll do that interview later, right?"

But, before she could continue talking to the others...

A loud shout came from one direction. Wait... what was that? It sounded like a male, at least. She could see Paige walking over to a boy, who was now acting as if he injured his head. Who was he? Did he hit his head on something? By the look of things, he did in fact injure himself somehow.

Based on Paige's reaction, his nickname was "Benny Boy". So was it Ben or something along those lines? Most likely.

Carol walked up behind Paige, and asked "Do you know him?"

Of course, that was probably a stupid question, based on the fact that she was now talking to him about his summer. So, obviously she did know him! Why else would she be talking to him? After a brief pause, she started again, making sure not to ask such a dumb question.

"Is... is he alright? I think I heard him yelling."

What if he was badly injured? What then? Carol did not want to see an injury on her first day of school, of course. No one did.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Actually, to provide proof that I'm a goodie, I will roleclaim, as well. Or at least, tell you what my role PM said.

I am the Mannerly Highbrow. That's a townie.

Want proof of this? Ask me any PS related question. And, you know what? I probably could not have pulled that out of my ass. The reason being that I have only read the beginning of the Problem Sleuth stuff, to be honest. I thought that I would know enough to understand what's going on, but apparently I have a lot to learn. Silly me. XD

But, go ahead and take me out, if you like. After all, suspicious? Yes. But, trust me, I'm a goodie. The only loss I have is me being out, and I've been actually wanting the Mafia to kill me. You guys, though... it's a loss of a perfectly good lynch, ha ha.

That said... we should investigate Droppy. Investigate me all you want, but we should look into him, at least. He seems to be your next target, so look around.


FoS: Dropbear

May Droppy please come to the stand to testify?

Burger Time
Reiko seemed even more frightened by the creeper's presence, and was now clinging to him painfully. He was probably going to end up with bruises by the end of the day. Remy winced at the pain resulting from the girl's grip, and he heard her say that she did not know him, and that he needed to go away, now.

However, then the guy started talking again.

So wait, he was in her English class in 8th grade? Was that really true? What if it was? Well, why was he looking at her this entire time, while they were going out to eat dinner? Did he go "hey, cute girl in my English class, let's follow her around" or something? If he really was a stalker or something like that, how long had he been looking at them? Heck, was it even something recent?

Remy tried to remind himself that this was still paranoid thinking, but he could not help it. With Reiko digging her fingers into his side, and the nervousness that seemed to come off all three people involved, he could not help but worry.

So, what should he do? Tell him to leave? Reiko seemed to want him to disappear, at least. Could he get Reiko to calm down that way? Well, maybe he could just ask him to leave, politely but firmly, if that makes sense.

"Hey... do you mind leaving her alone? She seems..." Remy started, but did not know how to finish that sentence, partly because Reiko was still clinging to him. After a few seconds to recompose himself, he said, in the same firm voice as before "Well, she seems kind of nervous..."

Would that work? Would that make things a little better? What if he did not react that well, and continued following them around? What then? Could they call mall security?

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
As Remy read through the manual, he could smell the odor getting worse. Upon looking up, he could see that Sarah was now taking the frog out of its bag.

"Careful..." he found himself saying.

However, Sarah seemed to have it taken care of, and the frog was now in the tray and clamped down. To Remy, it looked like it was made of wet, shiny rubber of some kind. Taking a look back at the manual, he started reading the instructions again.

Examine the frog's exterior, and note the texture of its skin. Make a rough sketch of the frog in its current state.

He glanced back at Sarah, and, he could tell that she was trying to get it over with.

Remy asked her "Hey... if you want, I could do the actual dissection? We could switch between the manual and the frog itself, and..."

He had to take a deep breath. That smell was really starting to make him feel ill.

"We should draw a sketch of the frog first, though.... it says to do the outside as well as the inside...."

Burger Time
As Remy awkwardly stood there, his arm around Reiko's shoulder just after placing his part of the sum down, and waiting for their order to come through, the creepy guy started walking up to them, as if curious.

Uh oh... what does he want now?

The guy was kind of strange, to be honest. He had been looking at them when they first walked in, and now he was going to talk to them? What did he want? Did he know him or Reiko from school? He looked vaguely familiar, as if Remy had seen him in passing.

Oh god... what if Reiko had a stalker? It would explain her behavior, at least. What would he do if he was? The guy was much taller than both of them, and honestly, although Remy was fairly strong due to playing baseball, he was sure this guy looked like he would easily have him in a half-nelson, at least to Remy. But what if he did turn out to be violent, and try to hurt Reiko? The poor girl was already feeling somewhat ill already, and a stalker definitely wasn't going to make that better. And was he reacting because he had his arm around her?

Of course, it was paranoid thinking, and Remy knew it. There was a chance that he was harmless, but he was not sure about him.

And then, the guy spoke.

Oh shit... he knows her name?, Remy thought, increasingly starting to become worried.

"Uh... excuse me... do you know her?", he asked the boy, and, although he was trying to be polite, he had a certain firm edge to his voice, making it clear he was worried.

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
As Remy placed himself in his seat, he could see Sarah looking over the frogs, though he really could not tell if it was out of curiosity or horror from his position. Soon enough, she sat down next to him, and started doodling. Remy opened his bag, and took out his notebook in preparation for the lesson.

The teacher started his lesson, talking about the various parts of the frog, the organs, how to get the skin off, and so on. Remy quickly glanced at Sarah again, hoping to see she was alright. However, after a few seconds he looked back at the teacher.

There was a diagram taped to the board, showing a "map" of the insides of the frog, such as the circulatory and digestive systems. The teacher continued his lesson, mentioning that a manual of the the process was also being handed out to each group.

And, then he started handing out the frogs, manuals, and dissection supplies.

As the frog in its plastic bag and tray was placed in front of the two, Remy could see that it was worse than when he saw it on the front desk. Its limbs were lifted up into the air, as if begging for mercy. From seeing the inside of the bag, he could tell that it was a little moist. And the smell! Oh god... even though it was not even out of the bag yet, he could still pick up that it smelled something like some kind of jerky and rubbing alcohol, at least to Remy. He was fixated on it, almost as if he had been in the middle of a crime scene.


He snapped out of his stupor, to see the teacher in front of him. What did he want?

"Make sure you share your notes with Sarah. She's new, after all."

Remy nodded, and slid his notebook over. "Here... it has the previous lessons..." he said.

And so, as the teacher left to talk to the other students, he opened the manual, seeing the diagrams inside.

Okay Remy... play it cool..., he thought to himself, trying to stay calm even when in close proximity to the frog.

Writer's Block
When I have writer's block, I usually just open Pandora and start listening to music. Although I usually can't write at the same time, sometimes it helps me figure out what to do. Heck, sometimes I actually seek out songs that suit my characters' thought processes at the time, ha ha.

And sometimes I just go "eh, screw it. Just write it out and read it over for proof-reading once you're done". XD

Bayview's Mascot
Doggie! <333

He looks nice. Very nice, indeed.

It's awesome!

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
The girl trotted beside him, as if trying to keep up.

Wait, she wanted to know what was being learned in Bio? But how would she react to something like dissection, if she turned out to be easily nauseated? Would it be a good idea to tell her in the long run, or to let her in the dark? Which was the better option?

On one hand, she could prepare for it in advance, and get ready for it. On the other, she could prefer not to know...

Oh, screw it. It was better to tell her ahead of time.

As they walked, his reply was "Organs. We're uh... learning about the human body..."

The door to the science wing was almost right in front of them.

"We might be doing dissection sometime in the future. Just so you know..."

And so, he headed towards the door, and opened it.

As he walked into the classroom, he could see on the front desk a bunch of preserved frogs in plastic bags, and with expressions of eyes and mouths closed as if in anguish, placed for all to see.

Oh hell... it's today... good thing I told her...

He quickly glanced over at Sarah, to see if she was all right.

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
And, suddenly Sarah burst into some kind of... deranged laughter. What was so funny? Remy hoped it had nothing to with him, like if he had something on his face or something. What then? Did he leave a good impression, or did he screw things up again? What if he made a strange facial expression, or-

The girl stopped, realizing that she must be acting weird. Remy gave her a befuddled look. That... was a little strange, he had to admit. It was not every day when someone suddenly burst into laughter over being offered something as being walked to class, after all. He was not sure what was so funny, and frankly, he probably never would. But, he could not help but wonder. She was coming off as a little strange, but, she was also kind of shy, like he was.

Oh! Her next class is Bio, too? Good thing! He could help her find the class and help her with anything she needed! That would be a nice thing to do, actually. He wasn't sure how she would react if dissection turned out to be today, but he could help her with it, since she was not there the previous lessons.

As she showed him her schedule, Remy mumbled "Sure. I'll take you there... that is my teacher...."

And so, he started walking towards that direction, hoping Sarah would follow.

v4 Sneak Preview #2
Yay! More information for my slash fic!

*Kami is KILLED*

Woot! More information for v4! Awesome stuff! And we got an intro for Mini, too. :3

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
And you know what?

Screw it. I'm adding a full vote in, too.


VOTE: Sunny

Yayness. Now let's see if she is our guy.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
True, actually. You didn't actually go out and say "WAAA I'm not mafia get rid of Kami and/or Mimi!". Never did, just misread now that I think of it, heh. XD

Though, my vote still stands. I did actually vote last time, mind you. But that's not why I was voting for you.

Unless someone can convince me otherwise, my vote's on Rocky for the moment. Though, as Slam mentioned, Sunny hasn't been around much, has she? Heck, I'm a total Mafia idiot, and you know what? I still post, especially when people yell at me to do so. Which is kind of suspicious, I have to admit, but still. Sunny needs to say something about this.

Sunny, would you please stand up and give your defense?

SOTF Characters (Taking Requests!)
Mind doing Carol Burke for me, please?

I would suggest one of the others, but Carol needs more love, heh. She's been getting a lot more recently than in the past, though, at least. Her link's in my sig.

And I said so before in chat, but your art is awesome.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
This is really my best guess. He seems pretty defensive, no? And making others take the blame, tsk tsk! Heck, something about him tells me that he's Mafia this round, heh. After all, going "I'm not Mafia so and so's Mafia meh!" just says something to me. So, bye Rocky.

VOTE: Rocky

Sorry mate. You're our best guess for now.

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
Sarah Tan? And she was a new kid?

No wonder she was nervous. Not to mention that she was tiny... and Remy wasn't even that big himself! Many of the guys towered over him, and even some of the girls. Was that the feeling she was experiencing now? Remy found himself feel even more awkward, as a result.

"Sarah Tan, huh..."

Glancing off to the side, he realized that it was almost time for class, thanks to Sarah's comment. Oh, that's right! What class did he have next...

"Ummm... I think I have uh, Bio next. I think I should be off now... unless we want you... uh... walk each other? Er... to our next classes, I mean..."

Biology? He was sure he did his work for that. He kind of remembered that the teacher was saying something about dissection, actually. Was it this class? It was coming up soon, at least. Remy was not sure if he could be able to actually slice up a long-departed animal, but it was honestly kind of necessary for them to do it. At least they were learning something out of it.

In any case, he was actually kind of curious about this Sarah, for some reason. Remy guessed it was because she was new, of course.

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
Remy found himself watching as the small girl fiddled with the lock, and soon enough putting her things in.

Why, he did not know. But, eventually the girl closed the locker, and made sure it was locked. And so, she started on her way.

Remy continued staring at her as she left, but soon enough, she came back, as if in a fright.

Oh... what else does she need?

The girl stammered again, saying sorry and... thanks? Oh! She wanted to thank him for moving aside! She just wanted to be nice, is all.

"Uh... don't mention it. It was... kinda the polite thing to do..." he mentioned.

But, then it occurred to him. He didn't know what the girl's name was. Even though he had to go to class soon, he couldn't help but ask. It was another polite thing that needed to be done, and he needed to do it. After all, he might run into her again in the future, so it could help both of them in the long run.

"Um... my name's Remy. Remy Kim" he started. "What is yours? Are you... you know..."

He searched for the word he was looking for, until he eventually found it.

"... New?"

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
The girl seemed as nervous as he was!

Seriously. It was as if she saw something horrid inside his locker, even though he didn't keep anything worse than his lunch in there.

She kept trying to talk, making a lot of "uh" and "ah" noises. Remy could only feel even more awkward, as he watched the girl try to make a full sentence.

Was something wrong? Did he have something sticking out of his pocket? Was his underwear showing-

Oh! He... was standing in front of her locker?

Remy looked down, and remembered that the lockers were basically stacked on top of each other. Was he blocking her? By the looks of things, he was.

"Oh... I'm sorry..." he mumbled again, glancing at the floor.

But, after a few seconds, he looked up, and after closing his locker and locking it, he stepped aside.

"Uh... locker's free? If you want to use it, I mean..."

Erm... uh... well... errr... ah... well...
So, here Remy Kim was, trying to unlock his locker after English class.

It had gone fairly well that day, actually. He was able to turn in all of his assignments, and he wasn't too afraid to join in to the group discussions (even though he was in fact an actor, he still felt a little nervous around those things).

Now he had to get out a set of things he needed for the next class, of course.

After getting the locker open and grabbing what he needed, he turned his head to look behind him for a second and...

Well, someone was staring at him.

To be specific, a small girl, looking at him, or something at his waist level. Remy was suddenly taken back at this. What did she want? In fact... he had never seen her before. Remy did not know everyone at the school, but he was able to recognize people when they came up to him. Here, he had never seen this girl before in his life. Was she new? She was a little short, he had to admit, so did she skip a few grades? Was she... god no, Remy was not that attractive.

Might as well ask.

After a few seconds of looking back at her, he mumbled "Uh... excuse me... do you need something?"