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Last Days
As Miranda rested, a new figure slowly made an appearance in her line of version.

Wonderful. The first person she had to see, of all people, was Veronica McDonald. Miranda never liked her. Veronica could be compared to a barking chihuahua; she was known to argue with others for ill-defined reasons. Miranda had known her from track, and dear god, was she a pain. It was hard not to be familiar with how Veronica acted, especially if they were in the same club.

Point being, Veronica was someone who Miranda had a hard time tolerating.

Even then, though, could she do it?

Miranda felt herself tense up again, and gripped her spear.

"McDonald..." her voice came out in a low register. "What do you want?"

The tone in her voice was not a pleasant one. Her posture and her voice had somewhat changed, as she held the spear closer to the front of her. Miranda could strike if she wanted to, or if Veronica did something stupid.

Could she strike Veronica down? She knew she had to, she just needed to mentally prepare herself a bit-

Who was that?

Miranda looked to her side.


Tower of Alexandria
Upon opening the closet door, the girl inside it had started screaming and curling up into a ball. Alex flinched at this. Of course she would flinch at this.

Before she could react to that more, though, the girl looked up, and started babbling. She was asking if she wanted to kill her? Well, the way things were going, most likely no. But she knew the girl. Gwen O'Connor. She was a goth, or something similar. Or at the least, she dressed like one. Alex didn't know her too well, but she seemed harmless. You never know, though.

She seemed really talkative and frantic. Alex stood there, watching her stand up and go on and on. Her weapon was a mallet of some kind, apparently. Alex tilted her head to the side as she waited for the girl to finish.

Once she stopped, Alex said "I won't kill you. Don't worry."

She smiled again, feeling the tension slightly drift away. Gwen was an innocent, by the look of things. Sure, this could be a set up for an ambush, but really. If anything, she was in there because she was scared, most likely.

Who could kill someone like that?

How was she? Well, she was... actually doing fine for someone who was recently abducted by terrorists, watched a teacher get shot in the head, and was recently asked to kill her classmates, as far as you can get in those circumstances at least. Sure, she was still a bit shaken up, but with the right planning-

Enough of that.

"I'm okay. At least, as far as you can get here", she tried to respond.

Her eyes examined Gwen. Would she know something?

Sonic Rainboom
Lana continued to work at her kiosk, handing out any prizes that someone wished to exchange for their ticket print-out. Really, Saturdays could get hectic sometimes, but she didn't mind. Sure, there was the obnoxious customer sometimes, but they weren't that often. Overall, come to think of it, she didn't mind working on Saturday at all.

After she briefly readjusted a large Rainbow Dash placed near the front, she turned her head and smiled. Stephanie was a good friend of hers, and it wasn't too unusual for them to run into each other when she was working. After all, Stephanie was the sort who liked games. But who didn't? Lana found games fun too, even if she didn't play them too often these days. But Stephanie preferred the fighting games. That didn't mean they didn't run into each other at work, though.

Like today.

"Hello Stephanie", she smiled more.

Really, she liked hanging out with Stephanie. They had known each other for a long time now, and it was always nice to see her and hang out with her.

Lana tried to stay professional and asked:

"How may I help you? Aside from making my workplace a pain in the butt."

Her professionalism didn't last long, though, as she had to suppress her own giggle.

Last Days
((Miranda Millers continued from Somewhere, Beyond The Sea))

It was difficult, carrying all these things. Miranda had eventually decided to pack what she could, such as the food and water, into one bag. Even then, it was difficult. Carrying her things, plus the spear, was a strain on the shoulders.

But Miranda walked.

Something that surprised Miranda was that she hadn't encountered anyone so far. Not that she was complaining about that, of course. She didn't want to face that truth, no matter how in her face it was. But it was a truth she didn't like, nor was it a truth worth avoiding.

In that sense, not seeing anyone was almost a blessing.

It meant that she didn't have to do what she was supposed to do. If she ran into someone, she knew there was going to be bloodshed from one of them. They wouldn't hesitant to attack her, after all, so she had to make sure that she was safe. And if it boiled down to that...

She knew what option she had to take.

Though, she knew how terrible it would be to just up and kill everyone she as much as blinked at. That was never a way to go about things. But she did have the spear, and really, half the time just scaring people away would work. Still...

Miranda had found herself in what appeared to be an abandoned town. The streets were desolate, with broken street lights and utterly wrecked cars. It reminded her of some movies she had seen about the end times. It was almost as if she was the last person on Earth, or at least one of the last. Wait no. It reminded her of some horror game.

It unsettled her even more, to see what appeared to be some sort of semblance of civilization that was gone. It was creepy. It was as if zombies were going to come out and bite her or something. No, why did zombies come to mind at a time like this?

Miranda gently placed her things on a car, and leaned her body against the metal, spear still in hand.

It was worth taking a break, of course. She needed her rest, even if briefly.

Her eyes darted around the buildings a bit more. Shelter? They appeared to be old broken down stores. So shelter and supplies. It was probably worth it to loot around a bit later. Maybe there was something for her to find that could be of use.


Tower of Alexandria
Alex lowered her head to the ground, thinking harder.

Really, she was sure that there was a way out of here. There was no doubt about that. She just needed to figure out how. Alex was feeling pretty optimistic, and, well, lucky.

A million worst case scenarios popped into her head. There was still the issue of killers not backing down, resulting in the worst option. There was the fact that the terrorists could spot what she was doing, and detonate her collar. There were probably people going to attack her if she ever made it clear that she was trying to initiate an escape.

Really, a lot of bad things could happen!

But she knew there was a way to overcome it. She just needed to find that way.

Was that a sob?

Alex's head snapped up, looking at the closet. Someone was hiding there, and whoever they were, it was creeping her out. How long had they been in there? Were they watching her the entire time? Were they waiting?

She slowly lifted herself off the bed, and gently walked towards the door. A tenseness came over her as she remembered she didn't have an actual weapon. What if the person in there was armed?

Alex's hand touched the handle of the closet, firmly gripping it.

With a breath, she slammed the door open.

Birds, Bats, and General Flying Things
Lana tried to keep herself calm.

She knew that it wasn't a good idea to freak out. It was one of those things, you know? You have to stay strong. Lana was strong. Not just physically, but emotionally. Unflappable. That was the mindset she wanted to go for. Someone who wasn't going to freak out at a bunch of bird...

Gah, those still upset her. Those birds. She wondered what happened to them. Did a virus outbreak happen? This appeared to be some kind of aviary, by her guess; some ways away she could dimly see what appeared to be bird-related souvenirs in a display case. They sent them to a wildlife conservation?

She doubted it.

Calm, calm, Lana. The birds weren't upsetting. No one was going to come up to her and stab her senseless. It was calm. Calm was what she needed.

She took a deep breath.

See? She could be calm, right?

At that, Lana heard a muffled noise, that sounded somewhat vaguely like... her name? Okay, she wasn't sure if her mind was making up things, or if someone was calling out for her and she could barely hear them.

But Lana got an answer quickly, as she saw someone run up to her.

"Stephanie?" she shouted, as her friend approached.

She felt herself slightly tense up. It was involuntary, but she couldn't help it. Already this place was getting to her. Stephanie was a childhood friend, ever since elementary. They were close for a very long time. And heck, it was clear that the island was already making her tense around her.

But she needed to stay strong. She wasn't going to freak out, right? Right.

As Stephanie stopped in front of her, Lana looked up. She was smiling, but she could tell she was crying. It was kind of sad, to see her like this.

And yet, Lana couldn't help but smile back. She was alright.

"Stephanie..." she started, raising herself to her feet.

Lana tried to think of something to say.

"Are you feeling okay?"

Birds, Bats, and General Flying Things
Lana touched her earlobes.

Over and over.


Just to check that she just wasn't feeling something that was there.

Her entire life, there had always been a small loop of tubing, tucked behind her ears and resting inside her ear canals. Lana had always had a hearing impairment, which meant that she had to have hearing aids. The memories of her going to be checked up, to see how her hearing was, to check to see if her aids were still working, were part of her childhood memories. Those aids represented a lot of things for her. The main thing they represented, however, was support. With the aids, she could listen to things almost as well as others.

Losing them was a terrible outcome.

And losing them here? Was a living nightmare.

Lana had woken up some time ago, and needless to say, she was scared out of her wits. Not just because she lost her aids, though that wasn't helping at all. But it was...

She remembered reading blog posts about it. Seeing people's thoughts on it, a few years ago. She even saw a few clips of it, though she wished she could just erase it all from her memory.

And now they were back.

They targeted them.

They killed the teachers. Lana remembered that Lomelli was on the trip, and so was Davidge. She remembered his bleeding body, placed there like a wild trophy. They wanted them to kill each other as well.

Lana remembered being speechless, feeling the blood drain from her face.

And when she woke up? Even before she remembered what had happened, she had known she was in hell. Her first sight, literally, upon waking up, was a bird's corpse right next to her head. It must have been some kind of crow. It had startled her, and got her up straight away before she even knew that she was... here.

There were other birds here as well. Dead birds. Lana loved animals. She liked taking care of them at the shelter, and she liked writing about them for a reason. Seeing so many dead birds frightened and saddened her. Some of them looked like they may have been beautiful before they died. She couldn't tell anymore.

And as if to add insult to injury, her aids were gone. They were something that were supposed to help her.

Lana's eyes darted across the courtyard as she sat on the ground. She had been growing restless. She knew someone could sneak up on her, or do something literally behind her back. The birds weren't helping, nor was the headless statue.

She wanted to leave. She wanted to go home. She wanted to just curl up into a ball and disappear.


No. Lana was going to stay strong. Just because there were dead birds, killers, and lack of hearing aids didn't mean she was going to lose her composure quickly. She was strong, damn it. Lana wasn't a weakling.

Just keep it cool for now.

Tower of Alexandria
Alex nervously paced the inside of a bedroom, a lot on her mind.

SOTF. That was... supposed to be gone. Gone. History. A thing of a past. Not here. She had to be dreaming, wasn't she? This was an awfully complex, dream, though, for her to dream up exact details like her teachers being murdered, Danya coming back, her finding a fan when she opened her bag, and so on! But it was a dream, right?

Even after a while, though, Alex realized she wasn't dreaming. Denial only worked for so long, and she wasn't the kind of person to stick to denial forever. There were many things she knew could be brushed aside, but not for long. Especially SOTF.

Alex didn't cry when she woke up. She didn't whimper, she didn't beg for mercy, not anything. And yet, like everyone else, she wasn't sure what to do. She knew there were plenty of options. But she knew one thing.

Alex wasn't going to kill an innocent.

In fact, wasn't escape possible? They succeeded last time. In fact, there was always a spot they missed, something they completely forgot about. Someone even managed to remove a collar last time, so really, there was going to be something out there that would help them escape.

But how? Alex wasn't particularly tech savvy, so she didn't know how to look at collar removal or ways to send out a signal. But she knew one thing; she and as many of her classmates as possible were going to stay alive, she was sure of that. Make no mistake about that!

It seemed that Alex wanted to find a way off. In fact, she was willing to do so no matter the costs. Her own life, you name it. The ends justified the means, didn't it? Alex was pretty idealistic about this sort of thing, but even she knew she was going to have to give some things up.

And then there were the players.

If she had said that no one in her school was going to play, she would have been an idiot. Of course people were going to start killing others. He just gave them an invite to do so. Alex highly doubted there wouldn't be anyone who would jump at the chance to kill someone, for the chance of survival or, in the worst case scenario, out of pre-existing sadism and sociopathy. She heard something about a Mr. Lombardi last time, who killed his way through the game.

She could keep denying it... but... there was always someone who was going to be a Lombardi.

Alex placed herself on a bed, rubbing her forehead from the remaining headache as a result of the drugs.

Really. Perhaps she could attempt talking to some of the players, convincing them not to play. But what if they resisted, or attacked her in response? Well, one option would be-


What just popped into her head?

She couldn't do that, could she?

Maybe she could, but it wouldn't be something she would like. It was something that would give others the wrong idea, and she didn't want to do something like that. But it seemed like the logical thing to do, didn't it? After all, it would stop them, of course. Of course something like that would stop them. But was it right?

Well, one thing was certain.

She had a feeling she was going to succeed in her goal, if escape was possible. She was ninety nine percent sure of it! She just needed to find a way to get the killers out of the way, find a way to get everyone off the island without the terrorists noticing, and then make it home. There was always a way. No one was going to get away with anything here.

No innocents were going to die. Not on her watch.

She smiled.

Even if she failed, even if the worst possible scenario happened, she knew that she was doing the right thing. She wasn't a bad girl. She just wanted to make sure as many people were safe. She couldn't save them all, and indeed some weren't even worth saving. But there was still a way.

Alex was sure of it!

Somewhere, Beyond The Sea
The day that would change her life started like any other. Miranda had woken up, taken a shower, changed into her clothes for the day that she had set out last night, and put on her red high heels.

One thing that was notable about this day, though, was Disneyland. It was a nice thing, really; her school had decided to go to Disneyland for the end of year trip. It took Miranda a while, but she managed to convince her parents to let her go. When she had brought it up to them previously, it was very awkward as they debated on letting her see Disneyland.

But she could go now, which was nice. Miranda even looked up some of the attractions that could be seen at the park, and there were some that interested her. It seemed so obligatory to go to the Haunted Mansion when it was dark out. Of course, she wasn't sure if the teachers would allow them to do so.

Miranda surveyed her room for a brief second. She was often indecisive on how to decorate it, so the room was often bare, almost like a guest room. There was a bed, a cupboard, a closet, a desk, and all that, but she had trouble figuring out how to make it truly hers. As a result, sometimes posters went up and sometimes they went down, and so on.

Even with that, it was still going to feel odd, not sleeping in it for a few nights.

She slid her carry-on tote on her shoulder, and drug her suitcase downstairs. Miranda was sure she had everything she needed.

As she took the suitcase downstairs, her heels made a rhythmic sound with the noise of the case gently hitting the steps.

The Millers house was fairly nice, in her opinion. It was plenty big, and her family could afford it. It was as nice as, say, the Montalvos', but it was a good one. There was plenty of room, plenty of nice decorations, plenty of light that came through the house. Heck, they were able to have a decently sized pool.

Miranda placed her things near the door, and went into the kitchen. Pretty soon, she came back with a bowl of Cheerios and milk.

It seemed Dad was up early today, as usual. He had his laptop open at the dining table, typing furiously. Miranda frowned a bit as she placed her bowl on the table, pulled out a chair, and sat herself down.

“Good morning, Dad.”

He briefly looked up.

“Morning, 'Randa.”

Mornings with her dad were... usually kind of awkward. This wasn't even the first time that he had brought the laptop to the table. Miranda scoured her mind for things to say, and she thought of something.

“Have you seen Mom? I haven't seen her since... yesterday afternoon-”

Miranda cut herself off when she noticed her dad tense up.

“She decided to spend some time away for the week. She'll be back.”

His reaction told Miranda the whole story. With a sigh, Miranda reminded herself that she was used to it. It was clear what had happened.

A few awkward minutes as Miranda finished her bowl, the only sound between the two of them being the typing. After she was done, she went into the kitchen, cleaned her bowl in the sink, and remembered that she was planning on bringing some snacks for the trip. She looked in the pantry, and found a bag of beef jerky and four energy bars. Miranda passed the dining table, and slid the food into the tote.

“Planning on going somewhere?”

Miranda looked up, searching her father's face for any sign of a joke. His face was deadpan.

“Disneyland trip.”

His face said it all.

“Oh, have fun, then. Make sure you remember what I've told you.”

Miranda ran it through her head. Don't spend too much money, don't get sunburnt, don't cause trouble, a whole list of rules. Really, a lot of these things were the sort that go without saying.

“I will.”

Miranda picked up her things, and opened the door.

“Bye Dad. Have a nice week.”

When she got the chance, Miranda took out her phone and flicked through her list of contacts. When she selected one, she lifted it to her ear and waited for her mom to pick up. Within a few rings, she did.

“Hey 'Randa? How are you?”

“Good. We're about to go take the bus in a few minutes.”

With a beat, she added:

“How are things?”

A pause came from the other end.

“You heard from your father, did you?”

Miranda paused as well, then said “Yes. He said you were away for the week.”

“Yeah... things haven't been doing so well between the two of us lately.”

She closed her eyes tightly. Called it. Really, this sort of thing had been going on for as long as she could remember. They argued. A lot. Sometimes over the littlest things that she wasn't aware could be argued over. This wasn't the first time her mother had to step away from the house for a while.

A thought passed over Miranda, and she asked:

“Hey... should I bring any souvenirs back?”

“Sure, hun. Make sure you get something you really like. It won't be Disneyland without souvenirs, right?”

“What do you want?”

“Hmm? You're asking me if... Miranda. You don't have to get me anything.”

“I feel like I have to.”

“Oh! Ummmm...”

It was clear that her mom was thinking.

“How about a pair of Mickey ears?”

“That's it?”

“That's it.”

Miranda smiled a bit to herself.

“You got it.”

“Have fun on the trip, okay? Make sure you take plenty of pictures.”

She had packed a camera, so that was easy to do. And at Disneyland, there were plenty of things that could be taken a picture of, really. Maybe she should look into this Hidden Mickey thing.

“I will. I'll talk to you when I get there.”

“Bye Miranda.”

“Bye mom.”

Miranda hung up, placing her phone back in her tote.

Over the next few minutes, Miranda had put her things on the bus, and found a seat near the front. Once she sat down, she pulled out her compact mirror and began checking her make-up.

She had seen lots of her classmates on the bus. Miranda had spotted close to everyone, except a few. She wasn't sure how she felt about the fact that Dolores apparently wasn't going on the trip. It was good because she didn't want to deal with her. It was bad because....

Miranda didn't want to think about that.

But really, a week away from most everything. What more could someone ask for?

Some time later, Miranda would laugh at that mindset.

Her feet were bare, having removed her heels. The waves lightly brushed against her feet, like a dog begging for attention. The sand felt cool, relaxed.

Miranda was never able to go to the beach too often. But she always felt like she would like it. Not today, though. Not today. Really, it was a nice beach. Sparkling blue waters, soft sands, it was like something out of a travel book.

Where exactly did they take them?

Miranda wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer.

Her class? Taken, by some terrorist idiots who felt like they were proving a point somehow. Those terrorist idiots. What did Aurora do to them? Nothing, apparently, beyond being American. Even then, why them? Why her? Why anyone? It boggled her mind.

And she was supposed to kill everyone.

She couldn't do that, could she? Miranda Millers was supposed to be a fashionista, a girl who simply found clothes to wear that looked nice. Sometimes she watched anime, but she wouldn't admit that aloud. Oh, and she was on the track team. She... she wasn't a murderer.


What about those around her?

Miranda paused.

There were many people she could see playing. So many geeks and outcasts, so many nerds, so many people with a vendetta. There were plenty of options for people who could kill someone.

Especially her.

The realization hit Miranda like the waves brushing her feet, and she gripped the spear in her hand tighter. Of course. Miranda always tried to make herself look good. The right makeup, the right clothes, the right smile, the right wit. All of this were things that would make people like her, right? And yet, people didn't. They thought of her as a bitch, a dull date, a dumb girl, and...

Someone to kill.

Miranda had realized this. It wasn't new news for her. Miranda knew that no matter what she did, someone would dislike her. She could always try to be witty, or attractive, or charismatic, but there was always someone better who did so. She was surrounded by people who would always have something better than her.

As a result, Miranda knew she didn't stand a chance. People didn't see her as someone worth listening to, and she knew that someone, out there, would take the chance to kill her. She tried to hide it, but the disdainful looks people sometimes gave her said it all. Sometimes they would make her feel nervous, but she would usually try to brush it off.

She remembered what Frank had told her in the Runway. It was about how all of her friends would abandon her, or something along those lines. It had stuck with her for a while, and she realized that here, he was probably right.

Finn and Kat, for instance, they would be good friends back home. But who was to say that they wouldn't literally stab her in the back? Who was to say Mara wouldn't shoot her on sight? Who was to say that she wouldn't have someone to turn to?

Miranda knew what she was. Alone.

She was scared of what was to come. She had no idea what to do.

Kill people?

The idea frightened her. She didn't want to kill people. But she didn't want to die either.

Which one seemed better?

The conclusion that she came to after a minute of thought horrified her. She would prefer others to die, than for her to die at the hands of others. It was the only way. It was the only way to make sure she was safe.

Miranda didn't want to die. No one did. But she knew others were planning on killing, and here? She didn't stand a chance.

She knew what she had to do to live. She didn't like it, but it was the truth. Miranda Millers had to become a murderer, even if it meant killing Finn, or Kat, or Mara, or anyone else. It was kill or be killed.

Miranda stared at her bare feet some more, her toes digging into the sand. It wasn't fair. But what did Dad always tell her? Nothing was fair sometimes.

Reality hurt. But so did dying.

Miranda Millers left some time later, putting her running shoes on and grabbing her things beforehand. She didn't want to stick around the beach much longer.

((Miranda Millers continued in Last Days))

Mitadake High/Pryce High
Hey guys.

It would seem that I don't have a lot of you newer peepz as friends on BYOND. So I might as well say what my BYOND name is, in case you folks want to add it.

I'm KamiKazeKami. X3

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: Movie Marathon or Video Game Binge? If neither, what is your alternative?

Alex- Movie marathon, unless the games in question were the sort I'd play. Really, it depends on what movies and what games we're talking about here.

Lana- Games. I don't play them very often, especially since I started working at the Castle, but they can be fun.

Miranda- Actually going out and having a life. *

*Miranda picks games. Lately she's been enjoying some Mitadake.

Question: What thing did you fanboy/girl over when you were a child? Cartoons, books, toys, what have you.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
So, do you think you're generally honest with yourself?

Alex- I think so, yeah! Though, I think everyone does sometimes do things that they think they understand why they're doing it and later go "On hindsight, that was a bad idea." Otherwise, I think I know what I'm doing. I know what career path I'm taking, I know who I want to be, and I know who I am. Overall, I'm pretty sure that I have a good understanding of where I am right now!

Lana- I think I can be both ways. I try to be introspective on this sort of thing, but sometimes, it's easy to slip up, you know?

Miranda- .... Maybe? I don't know.

Question: What do you think is the most painful and horrific way to die?

The Latest of all Relationship Threads
How vocal is Hansel about things like his homophobia and such? The impression I get is that it comes up during conversations and such, but he won't go harassing students on a whim? Am I right in this? I'm thinking Alex doesn't like him too much if his behavior does go out of line, or at least she gets annoyed that he doesn't talk too much in group discussions and then starts saying inappropriate things when he's made to respond. As for Brandon, if he's taking his anger out on other students she's probably going to go "Hey! Stop that!". Alex herself can also be rather temperamental as well (though for her it's more because she tends to get passionate about things), so if they were to ever argue it would be glorious. I think she'd probably tolerate him otherwise, though, and perhaps even find some of his comedy routines funny.

Lana and Hansel: HAAAAAAAAAATE. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE. Lana is an activist-y sort, and I imagine he wouldn't approve of some of her more... liberal leanings (for example, if she were to say anything about LGBT rights or topics like birth control). Lana, meanwhile, would get pretty rage-y at him if he were to vocalize any of his beliefs directly in her presence. All around, he'd probably not like her, and depending on what sort of interactions they would have she'd probably not like him. With Brandon, she'd know of him, since she's one of the more athletic students at the school (though wrestling, not football). I'm thinking that they'd know each other if they were to, say, both practice in the weight gym at once, and have probably had a few conversations which probably went fairly pleasantly.

Miranda? Oh Hansel, what a bag of laughs. Miranda is a mean girl sort, and while she acts that way out of insecurity, she's probably been mean to Hansel before. He stutters, is all Texan-y, and thinks things that make people hate him. What more could you want in someone to be horrible to? I imagine some of his homophobia could strike close to home in some cases, seeing as Miranda's kind of a closet-case, but other than that... don't expect kindness out of Miranda. Brandon, if anything, would be more a friend of a friend. Miranda's one of the "popular crowd" students, and while I don't think Brandon applies, she'd probably be familiar with the football team members. She'd probably get annoyed at least at his temper, and roll her eyes at his jokester nature, though.

I'm sorry my girls hate your kids so much. D:

Introduction Thread
I can guess what happened!

You found the bit about Jeremy Franco. I can see the correlation. : D *killed*

Anyways, welcome! *gives Zevon a welcome package of sweets*

Yearbook Scrawlings (Do you want some?)
*sits near the floor at the staff's table while they're eating, waiting for someone to give her a bite of Yearbook Scrawlings, looking as sad as possible like the cute little doggy she is so someone will give in and give her some*

Sonic Rainboom
((Lana Torres continued from Stars and Bucks))

The drama at the Starbucks was still very fresh in Lana's mind. Since then, she had been feeling more than a little stressed out. Really, she was still a little shaken up over what happened. Needless to say, things were going to be awkward between her and Dave for a while.

But things went on. Like work.

Lana worked the prize booth at The Castle, like every Saturday. She had tried to refocus her mind on readjusting the plush toys and games, rather than that incident, or the tests coming up, or... well, a lot of things.

The same plush unicorns were in store, as always, but there were new candies, toys, and stationary. In fact, they managed to get a hold of plush My Little Pony characters. There were a couple of each of the Mane Cast. Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and yes, Rainbow Dash were all accounted for. Not just plushies either; there were a few stationary and other small toys involving ponies. And as one might expect, they went fairly quickly. She guess the brony thing was still going strong.

Not that she was complaining of course. Lana liked the new My Little Pony show. It was cute, dang it. She always in particular liked Twilight Sparkle. There was always something so adorable about her geeky bookishness.

But the plushies were going fast already. It was kind of amusing, really.

Lana had taken a box out of the storeroom, and was currently restocking. There were still plenty of plushies out back, luckily. The shipment had only come in this week. Within the next few minutes, new plush ponies were placed on the back of the booth, waiting for a young child or a brony to take them home. They were so cute. No wonder they were popular.

As she finished placing a Rainbow Dash on the back shelf, she turned to see a pair of children waiting at the other end of the counter. As she turned around, she said what had basically been drilled into her head ever since she started working here: "May I help you?"

The two children- brother and sister, she assumed- handed their ticket printouts to her, and began looking at the prizes. A few times, they asked what they could get, and Lana ended up showing them a few small toys they could have with the amount of tickets they had earned. In the end, one of them had decided on a sticky hand and a pair of silly shades, while another picked a few pencils and a pony toy.

After she handed their prizes to them, the two siblings ran off, gleefully already enjoying the prizes they had earned.

What could she say? Her job was exhausting, and there were certainly some of the more... unusual customers around. Heck, she recently heard a rumor on the grapevine that someone her age got thrown out of the Arcade a while back for harassing an employee. That had better not be one of her classmates, or else she would be disappointed. But in any case, there were times where it wasn't so bad.

Stars and Bucks
Dave turned to her and-

Oh jesus he was crying wasn't he.

Lana didn't want to hurt him. She didn't mean to hurt him! If she had known he had wanted to go with her before, she would have happily gone with him. But she didn't. So she was going with Mike. But only until a few minutes ago she did even realize...

Needless to say, Lana was beating herself up internally. Why didn't she realize it sooner? He was clearly hurt, and she, once again, felt horrible.

Sure, he said that he could go with Sophie or someone, but the look on his face said it all.

And once again, he began to fled.

"Dave-" she called out once again.

Lana had looked everywhere, but he was gone. Of course he was gone. Why would he stick around? There was no reason to. Why was she looking here? She could call him, or stop by his house, or something. But in any case....

He was gone.

Lana left the Waterfront not feeling too good. It was kind of foolish of her. Really, she and Mike weren't dating. And she and Dave weren't dating anymore. But, she made him feel horrible. She did something wrong. Probably not in going with Mike, but maybe she worded things wrong. Maybe this could have gone smoother.

((Lana Torres continued Sonic Rainboom))