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SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Okay, sorry folks. Just was feeling emo last night and this morning, and I didn't reply. But this is not about my emoness. XD

Reasoning for my behavior. I kind of suck at Mafia, so bear with me!

Anyways. The whole dealio with Inky and Will. Will had been on my radar for a while now. The reason why I voted for him initially was more of a "Well, he's acting scummy, and we should vote for him. Even if he turns out to be town, then we won't be having this whole argument that's a detriment to town, and then we can go on to more important things. Either way, getting rid of him is a good idea since he's more of a problem at this point in any scenario."

When he roleclaimed, I unvoted, choosing to believe that story for now. But when people started going after him, it was honest to god a "Meh, why not" thing. Bad, I know.

As for Inky, yeah. I shared my thoughts, but I didn't share enough, honestly. It was more of a "well, everyone else has said the same thing as I, so I might as well say "Yeah I agree!" and then encourage him to speak up".

So, by my own admission, I... kind of suck at this (seriously, the only reason I joined this one was because I love SOTF-TV), and need to stop agreeing with people on a whim. XD

So, yeah. That's my side of the story! If you want any more details on my behavior, feel free to ask. I probably won't roleclaim anything for now unless it becomes REALLY necessary, but I'll answer any questions!

On second thought, I'm back early since I apparently suck at hiatuses.

Yes, feel free to hate me since I went back on my word. : D

The Play-by-Post Sessions
*sticks her head out*

I know I'm supposed to be away for the time being, but I logged in out of habit and saw this.

But yes, I would like to play. :3

And off I go again.

*ninja poof*

Handler: KamiKaze
Dates Away: 3
Days Away: 5/31-6/2
Reason for Away: Finals. In addition, I feel like taking a break from the site for a while. I may be back earlier, but it depends.
Characters: Lana Torres, Miranda Millers, Alexandria Ripley (v5), Katie Tanaka (Virtua), Sidney Rice, Carol Burke (Second Chances)

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread

Not the poor doctor and tracker! D:

The Prom Planning Thread
Update on my peepz.

Alex Ripley may or may not be going as a friend with Kyran Dean. Keaka and I discussed this, and while we did agree to have them go together, it was agreed that if something comes up then they could easily go with someone else. So, in a way, she's semi-available.

Lana Torres, for whatever reason, has received multiple requests. For the time being, she's going as a friend with Michael Whaley. Yes, we all know, everyone wants Lana. But he asked first.

Miranda Millers has not received any requests. I'm going to guess that nobody wants to hang around the closet case with issues. That's a reasonable explanation. But yeah! Still available, mates.

So yeah! Got ideas? Send 'em to me.

Senior Prank?
I personally am fond of the flash mob scenario.

Maybe they could all dress up as something silly and stupid during lunch, like pirates vs ninjas or zombies or cowboys or something. Or maybe dancing to something silly and stupid as well.

What do you guys think?

Senior Prank?
I think he's referring to her being kicked out of The Castle for being a dick to Daniel.

Unless he means something else?

Edit: Well, there you go.

Senior Prank?
Definition of flash mob as told by Doc Wiki.

It does not involve anyone getting flashed, unless the flash mob decides to flash people then leave.

The Play-by-Post Sessions
Interested, mates.

I can't help wondering what would happen if we did FATAL, though. That'd be like several layers of NSFW. So probably not FATAL. XD

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Welp. Why not.

VOTE: Will

Same reasoning I had before, along with everyone else's reasoning.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Update on the fate of the vest:

According to the wiki, the vest went to Vincent after Terrilyn's death. It doesn't seem as if it went elsewhere, but I might do more research to see if it went anywhere else and the wiki wasn't updated. Also, the possibility of seeing whether or not Terrilyn and/or Vincent used it at any point. I'm too menstrual right now to say more, but yeah.

Also, misspelled "point" as "pint". X_x

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
As mentioned, she had ran into multiple killers over the course of her run, including Karen Ruiz. There is probably some logic that, presuming he is telling the truth, Lexi had managed to survive run-ins with killers, even when her allies didn't.

As for the bulletproof vest, I do not know the fate of it. I might do a little research to see what happened to it exactly, and whether or not it was used at any pint.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread

If he said something like "I'm Marvia Jones! I'm a bulletproof townie!" we'd laugh and then lynch him. But it seems consistent enough. I don't know how much of TV Will has read, but it does provide some evidence.

And yes, let's not lynch him for the time being unless someone else claims to be Lexi.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Assuming you are telling the truth?

That is useful, actually. It essentially means you can't be killed by nightkilled in most cases, after all, which means keeping you alive is a good thing because the only way you can be removed is by lynching.

I honestly can't tell if you're telling the truth because I'm bad at that. However, I agree with Courtney that Lexi as Bulletproof surprises me. Then again, she ran into Karen and a whole bunch of killers and managed to survive. She's not bulletproof, she's just lucky (and runs away a lot).

Any thoughts on this new development, folks?

Oh, and by the way.


I'm going to trust Will on this, at least for the moment.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Feel free if you'd like. I don't personally recommend it if you have a special pro-town role, only because we have enough confusion about the Holly/Fio incident as is and unless a doctor believes you, it puts a good target on your back for the Mafia and SK. But if you want to, go for it.

Honestly, I was just bringing you up as what we were suspicious of last time, and it seems as if you keep trying to justify it whenever the topic comes up.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
You know, at this point I'm thinking we should just lynch Will and get it over with.

Even if he is not-Mafia, he's clearly not a good asset to town. We keep having this debate about joke lynching and such, and it'd probably be better at this point if we just went ahead and put a fresh new tie on him. After all, he's a problem, even if he isn't Mafia.


VOTE: Will

Really, it'd just be a good idea to just lynch him at this point.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread

Just so you know, I just had the mental image of every single handler on the site grabbing some kind of sword and charging at Fio screaming a battle cry of "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFIAAAAAAA!". And it is hilarious. XD

Actually, I think that story does make sense, about being frustrated and then realizing "Wait, that's kinda petty. *unvote*". I thought it was a detail that needed to be brought up in light of the whole dilemma. After all, slightly atypical and suspicious reaction! However, I'll listen to what the others say about it before I write you off as completely innocent or guilty. :3

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Will, the thing about joke-voting a bandwagon is... you're taking someone out of the game for laughs.

What if Inky had a major pro-town role, like a doctor or cop? As I said last time: joke lynches are only funny until the poor doctor gets lynched. Yes, I voted for him, and before that I voted for Deamon because he has an evil username and number. However, what I didn't do was voting for the person with the most votes as a "joke". Again, Inky could have turned out to be something good for town, and he had said nothing on the matter at the time. Not to mention that it wasn't "officially" a bandwagon right at that moment, just with the most votes.

Add to the fact that he changed his vote from a joke vote, and...?

As a side note... this is Fio's reaction from last time when it was pointed out he didn't confirm his role PM and was lurking. When I questioned him about voting for Roy, this is what he had to say. Thoughts on this?

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Annnnnnnnd I have no idea what's going on right now! : D

Are we still arguing about Fio and Holly? O_o

Weren't we suspicious of Will for jumping on the bandwagon much too... enthusiastically? If we're going for people who bandwagon'd Inky, that's something to consider. Sure, he's a newb, but what if he is Mafia?

And I agree. Let's not go after DM. He'll probably suffer death by Toben soon enough. : D

Aaaaaaaaaaas for Aura! Yeah. Listing every little detail on what he was doing was... weird, to say the list. Think he might have a Maf role? Something tells me he just went into too-much detail, but we can't rule him out.