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The One With The New Kid
Amber immediately started going on about... World of Warcraft. Something about hunters, at least; there were lots of games that had "hunter" as a class, as Carol knew very well. Heck, it might not have even been a game, though the wording suggested it was. But, before Carol could get a clarification, Amber started probing for information, or something along those lines.

She really liked to interview people, didn't she?

As for Paige, apparently it was close to the anniversary of her and... someone named Jacob? Yeah. But, soon enough she had spun around, and asked her about how "the Hole" was treating her. As Carol opened her mouth to speak, however, Paige started asking her if she wanted to meet Reiko.

Wait, she ice skated? Carol was always a tiny bit interested in ice skating, though she never really actually went out and did it. But, she heard that they had a rink here, with classes.

Paige had stopped mid-sentence, though, and promptly introduced Reiko to her. Carol lifted her hand, offering it for Reiko to shake.

"Carson City. Way out of state", she replied. "I'm still getting used to here."

Remy nodded again.

"Works for me."

And so, as Reiko waited at the exit, he made his way towards the skate renting desk, and promptly handed the skates to the lady in charge. As she looked over them and saw that they were indeed the ones he rented out, and so placed them back, he mumbled a quick "Thank you!", and soon headed out.

Dinner with the Ishida twins... shouldn't be too bad. At least, if he doesn't start acting awkward again. But so far, even with Reiko's condition, things had been going on fair enough. He didn't need to worry too much about leaving a good impression, just... he just had to say the right thing, of course. And, well, her sister was there. What was she like? Well, it was probably a good idea to find out. Could not hurt that much, right?

He headed towards the exit, and found Reiko fiddling with her phone, presumably contacting her sister, or already had.

"Well, now I'm ready..."

And off they went.

((Remy Kim continued in Burger Time))

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Alright, why not.

Come on out Grimmy, you mangy mutt! We've got a little leash for you! >: D

VOTE: Grim Wolf

Also, yay! We got Mafia last time! I made a good choice in following. Now let's see if we can get them again.

How do you pick where your character goes?
To be honest, sometimes I just see a thread and the thought "Hey! This looks like a good place to put that character who's currently not in a thread for a while!".

Honestly. That's it.

But, I try to make sure they have a reason to be there, even if it's a small, silly one, but one that works, and is IC for the character.

Though, there have been times where things were planned out with other handlers. Like, if we wanted to have characters interact with each other or something. So, planning things out is one good way to find a topic to put your characters in.

Ah! There she was!

Remy smiled somewhat timidly as Reiko walked up to him.

"Almost. I kind of forgot to turn these in."

He lifted the skates he had rented, indicating them as the "these" in that sentence. He really should have done that while he was waiting for Reiko, now that he thought of it. But, he could probably do that on their way out. It was not as if he was going to walk out with them in hand. That would be wrong, of course, for obvious reasons that did not need to be explained. Probably the best option, anyways.

"But, I think I can do that on our way out, right?"

Hopefully Reiko wouldn't be too annoyed by that, of course.

But, how was her head doing? He couldn't help but wonder again. Remy had to admit, seeing her out like that on the rink was actually kind of frightening. But, should he ask how she was feeling? She seemed fine... maybe he should... wait things out, see how they go? After all, he didn't want to annoy her too much...

But, anyways, it was time for them to go, so go they shall. Remy nodded, and spoke again.

"Well, let's head out, then?"

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
To be honest, it's because I have no idea what to do.

I'm not any good at forum mafia, actually, you see. I'm horrid at it. I always worry that when I do something, I'll get someone upset. So, it's not that I'm trying to hide, it's that I'm kind of shy! Seriously, I acted kind of like this the last time I played, if I remember correctly. I was kind of hesitant to play, for this reason. I just don't like debating with people that much. Never been good at it. So, yeah. Don't hit me!

Alright, if you want my thoughts, though...

Rocky's out. He hasn't been around much recently, right?

Joe seems kind of defensive in that last post. At least, that's the vibe I'm getting.

No thoughts on Slam just yet.

Rattler... hmmm... pretty analytical, if you ask me. No clue about my level of suspicion here, though.

See? I'm not good at this, to be honest. But, I will go ahead and place my vote on Joe for now. If anyone had any better choices, then I'll follow happily like the little moron I am, ha ha.

VOTE: Solomir

Lunch on the Lawn
Aileen had begun to reintroduce herself to the contents of the textbook when she heard someone greet her. Good afternoon, huh?

She looked up from her book for a few seconds, and gave the boy who greeted her a small, quick wave, before placing her head back down to read. If they wanted her to join them in their conversation about the trip, they had to ask.

Wait, that other girl had just done so, and had asked her about the trip too.

The trip? It was going to be alright, she was guessing. Sure, lots of hiking, and, well, Aileen was never too fond of physical activity, even though they always said it was good for you. On the other hand, she wanted to see nature up close. Perhaps she could read up on the wildlife in the area, and be on the lookout for them? It would help.

Closing her book with a loud thud, Aileen lifted herself off the ground and approached the three. Well, she could at least try to be social, just this once. Even if it turned out awkward again, at least she tried? Although she really didn't want to talk that much...

And so, after going closer to the group, she placed herself on the ground, and answered the question the one girl she didn't know gave her.

"Alright... the trip. I'm going. Kind of neutral on the whole thing, though. My mom didn't want me to go at first, but she kind of... well, she wanted me to socialize, so in the end... yeah", she started, and then went on. "Personally, I don't want to bunk up with my classmates, since who knows what would happen when a good portion of the Bayview senior girls are... you know... in the same cabin room?"

She paused, readjusting her seating position a bit. She mentally answered her own question with "mischief".

"But yeah. Nature is nice, though. I hear there might be bats out at night. Not too unlikely, though someone will probably be scared of them for some reason."

Aileen knew bats were not that bad. They ate all sorts of pests, including mosquitoes, after all. Yet, people were always frightened by them. In a way, Aileen liked bats, however. She remembered once seeing a picture of a flying fox in a book, and it was actually quite adorable.

Remy nodded.

"Okay. Works for me."

And so, he picked up his skates and headed a couple of feet away into the changing room he had used before, one different than Reiko's. It was a bit farther away than hers, but it wasn't that far off. As he found his way inside, he found the locker he had been assigned to, and, after unlocking it, opened and removed his shoes from it. After placing them on his feet, and got out everything else from the locker (which wasn't much, just small stuff).

To be honest, he was getting rather fond of Reiko. Sure, in a way she kind of reminded him of Josée for some reason, but the thing was, she wasn't as much as a bitch as her. Which was, of course, a good thing. A second Josée would be very bad. But, anyways... he liked Reiko, for some reason. He really couldn't put his finger on it.

Wait a second, he should call home to let Mom know what was going on, right?

After taking out his cell phone from his jacket pocket, he called home, praying to god Josée was not the one to answer. But, after a few rings, the "please leave a message" automatic response came on, and Remy promptly left one, explaining his whereabouts in a simple way, that didn't give out too much, but gave a basic explanation.

Once he was done, he placed the phone back in his pocket, and headed out, finding the spot where he and Reiko had been before, and twisted his head around to look for her.

She shouldn't be too far off...

The One With The New Kid
When the two broke out of their hug, Amber promptly introduced the other girl to her.

Paigey, huh? And partners in crime? Did this mean that she was a part of the newspaper, too? But, the phrase "BFFs" suggests they were best friends, of course. So perhaps it was just an expression about how close they were.

But, before she could introduce herself to Paige in return, Amber tugged on the other girl, while gesturing for Carol to follow them out. And, follow she did, wondering what was going on. Of course, they were going to walk home. But, perhaps the interview-thingy was going to take place at Amber's place? Most likely.

As they passed the lobby, Amber suddenly shouted out "Hey Reiko!", and Carol spun her head towards her, seeing that she was running towards a petite girl. Carol tried to continue following as best as she could, going in a light jog suitable for the school environment.

"Hey, Amber, wait up!"

Paige had the same reaction of trying to catch up to Amber, though going more into a walk. Either that, or to meet this "Reiko" person. Probably a mixture of the two, seeing as she acknowledged Reiko herself, though pronouncing it differently. So, another friend of theirs? Most likely.

But, what was she like? Well, seeing as she apparently hung around Amber and Paige, probably something to do with the newspaper, since Amber seemed pretty enthusiastic about it. It would make sense. But, she hoped that Reiko would see her in a positive light, at least. Don't want to be making enemies this early on, right?

The Questions Game
Question: If someone was to make a movie of your life, which actor would you get to play your role? (The actor's current age is irrelevant, assume they can be any age you wish them to be)

Aileen- Why would someone make a movie about my life? I'm as boring as dirt, and just a teenage girl living in St. Paul. Plus, there aren't any actresses that resemble me.

Carol- Actress? Uh... For some reason, Winona Ryder comes to mind.

Chase- .... Zooey Deschanel?

Remy- Honestly, it sounds kinda egotistic or something, but... if a movie ever gets made about me, I'll play myself.... right?

Question: What is, in your opinion, your worst habit?

Remy watched as Reiko took a sip of the water. And, soon she gave Remy a small smile.

She was fine?

He almost made a sigh of relief. Perhaps the water did help. Maybe it was a good idea after all!

Though she said that she probably should not go back on the ice. After all, she was probably still feeling a little dizzy. Remy didn't mind too much, though. Maybe some day they could practice again? Who knows?

Wait, dinner? With his sister? Remy honestly wasn't expecting to eat at the mall today. In fact, he was expecting to come straight home, and... do something. He didn't know what. He wasn't sure how Josée would react to today's events if she found out, actually, now that he thought of it. Remy didn't want to know; it was most likely something negative, as always. But, at this point, he really did not give a damn about what she thought.

But, he had to make a good impression, right? After all, if he declined, it probably won't look good. He didn't want to come off as rude, correct? And it might be nice to eat dinner with her and her sister. Weren't they twins or something?

And besides, Reiko was probably still feeling off, so...

He made his decision after a beat.

"... Sure. I'd like that."

And then he gave Reiko his best smile.

Lunch on the Lawn
((Aileen Borden continued from La ignorancia es atrevida))

Well then. Time to study like a good girl.

Aileen wandered out onto the lawn, with her bag slung over her shoulder and a textbook in one hand. It was testing period, and even though she was done with a good portion of her tests, she still had a fair amount to go. She was pretty sure she knew most of the material already, but... you know. She had to make sure.

And besides, she genuinely liked studying. It was basically an excuse for her to read something, after all. And... well, she always found that there was a bit of information that wasn't covered in class, but mentioned in the textbooks, for some reason. It was fascinating, really. And she would not be able to touch the textbooks again, since she was going to be graduating.

In fact, it wasn't too far off at all. There was only the remaining tests, the class trip, and the ceremony before she would be out of here. The tests were stressful, but were not too bad. The class trip? Her mother, despite her encouragement to get her to socialize, originally didn't want her to go. But, eventually she gave in, and allowed her to show up. And the ceremony... well, it was just a ceremony. Nothing too special, besides, you know, the graduation part.

So, these were her last few days on the campus, huh?

The reason why she was going out on the lawn was because the gazebo, for some reason, was crowded. And she didn't want to study in the noisy cafeteria, for obvious reasons. She would have preferred a table or something along those lines, but she had to make due with what she had.

Her mind lost in thought as she went on the lawn, she sighed to herself.

Well, might as well enjoy this last few days- wait, what? Is it popular here too?

She could see that a trio of students had the same thought as she did, and were now talking amongst themselves. One of which she recognized as Sarah Xu. If she remembered correctly, they both participated in peer tutoring, though Aileen hadn't seen for a period of time recently. She did not know why. Another was a girl she had seen around a couple of times. It would seem that they have similar interests, based on where she often spotted her, but she really did not know her very well. And the third... Hughes? Was that his name? Probably. But, she had no idea what he was like, either. Oh well.

But, what were they doing on the lawn? She had absolutely no clue. Perhaps they were trying to get away from the gazebo, too? Most likely. Heck, for all she knew, the lawn was going to become just as full as people.

But, oh well. They weren't too loud, at least. From what she could hear, they were talking about the trip, and basic end of year related topics. They seemed to be thinking about that, too.

Aileen casually sat herself a few feet from the trio and opened her textbook, flipping it to a certain page. If they wanted to talk to her, they could just ask. She probably couldn't contribute much to the conversation, and heck, she was expecting someone to shout "Go away Aileen!" in the worse case scenario, even if she was trying to mind her own business. But, oh well. Might as well try to study, right?

After a few seconds, Reiko nodded at the offer for water, and soon enough, off Remy went to fetch it.

Going as fast as he could in a crowded public area, he quickly found the water vending machine, and after taking out his wallet from his pocket, put in a few dollars.

And, after a brief moment, a bottle of water fell down to the bottom of the vending machine's chute. Getting a second one for himself, he grabbed both bottles and headed back.

He was still kind of concerned about leaving Reiko alone, though. What if she fainted? What if she had to vomit, or wandered off in a daze? Remy's heart was beating like a drum as he went as fast as he could back to where Reiko was. He had to think of the better possibilities! After all, what if she was okay, and just needed to rest for a bit? But, she seemed pretty ill.

Seeing that she was slumped in her seat, Remy wondered if she was feeling any better. She seemed pretty spaced out when he asked about the water, after all. What if she needed to be taken home to rest? But, it would be best to see how she felt after water and a few minutes of rest.

"Uh... here", he started, as he reached out to hand Reiko one of the bottles. And, after a beat, he asked "Are you feeling any better?"

Reiko seemed to have the same thought as he did, and made her way towards the exit. Remy followed, his movements going into a small, awkward waddle.

And soon enough, they were out of the rink. Reiko sat down, clearly feeling ill. Remy placed himself next to her, and, after removing his skates and rubbing his feet, started worrying again.

What should he do? Perhaps she would need something more? But what? Are there any tricks that could make her feel a little better?

Water! Maybe she needed a drink! After all, maybe she was feeling a little dehydrated, and her previous injury was making it worse somehow! And even if she wasn't, it could help her steady herself and relax a bit!

So, he should ask, huh? Well, it couldn't hurt.

"Hey, Reiko?" he turned to her, a concerned look over his face. "I think there are a few vending machines out and about... perhaps I could... you know... get you a bottle of water? It's probably not a good idea to get dehydrated..."

Was this the right thing to do? At least he offered, right? But, should he leave her alone, even for a few seconds? What if she needed to see a doctor? What if something were to happen to her? But, she should get some kind of help, and well, he offered! And he owed her one, after all, she bothered to help him with the whole ice skating thing. But was he helping?

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Alright Droppy, if you say so.

Now, I shall offer up my proposed sacrifice for the lynch! It is to appease the Mafia gods!

Vote: Mimi

Closing Time
((Sorry for the delay!))

Well then.

Things seemed to have quieted down significantly.

Seriously, it was almost as if it was a graveyard or something. Heck, any minute now she was expecting to hear "Thriller", and see a bunch of zombies come out and start dancing. Unfortunately, this was Bayview 2008 prom, not a Michael Jackson video.

Maybe I should have saved that song for times like this, she thought to herself, sighing. So, even at the last half hour (she was guessing), they were giving up and going home, to do god know what. To be honest, she didn't want to think about what some of her classmates were doing right now. If she ever found out, she would try to remove the mental images as quickly as possible. How, she would not know, but she would rather not have to deal with it.

Then again, she reminded herself, it was late. Why they decided to keep it this late, no one knew. But, it was late, and everyone was off attending their after-parties or whatever.

So, again, now what? She should still hang around, but she kind of wanted to do something else. Well, from where she was standing, Kendrick and Bishop were talking about... something, and she could also see a red-haired girl and one of the male students talking about something she didn't know what.

Was it time to go already? It was still only the last part, after all. Maybe there was something she could do.

At this point, she placed herself in a seat, not too far away from the red-head and her apparent suitor (again, only her guess). She really did not know either of them too well, it would seem.

Someone do something! Interesting!

Well, she seemed to agree that she should rest. So rest she shall, right?

As Reiko lifted herself off the ground, Remy looked up and saw that she noticed the same thing that Remy did seconds ago; they were still holding hands. With an embarrassed look, she lifted her hand away.

Oh, hell, he didn't let go when he noticed, didn't he? What's up with that? Did he freak her out? Hopefully not, or else... what would happen? Remy didn't want to think about that. Not at all. He wasn't a creeper, and he did not want her to think that, of all things! Remy glanced back down at the ground, feeling even more embarrassed.

But, she was speaking to him again. Could he get up? Well, could he? How close were they to the side of the rink? Well they hadn't gone off too far, and Reiko had used it to get up herself. Perfect! Remy grabbed the side himself, and lifted himself to his feet.

"I... think I got it", he said, as he gave Reiko the best smile he could, though it turned out to be another shy, timid one.

Okay, so they should get off the rink. Where was the nearest exit? After a quick glance, he saw that the nearest exit of the rink itself was just a few feet behind Reiko. Well, that worked. Now... could Reiko easily make her way there? Possibly.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Received role, and ready to go!

The One With The New Kid
Carol followed Amber out of the classroom, a small, genuine smile forming.

Only a few blocks, huh? She could do that. If she ended up arriving a little late, she could call her parents. Again, hopefully it wouldn't be too far from the complex, but she still thought she could manage.

Once they got out, Amber greeted the other girl from before, and soon they were hugging.

So wait, they knew each other? Most likely, given that they were now hugging. Of course that meant they knew each other! They were acting like friends, after all! And, well, they didn't sit THAT far from each other, so it was likely that they knew each other to some extent.

"So you two seem to be on good terms", she started, then almost put her hand to her face.

Wow... what a good way to start talking to the other girl. Seriously, she was never going to be good at making friends here if she kept acting like a... silly person all the time! So she better shape up, soon.

Then again... things often turned out for the better, right? Things happened for a reason. Why, no one knew, but they did. So, maybe Carol shouldn't give up on the whole interview thing, if she wanted to get known here in a positive way. Ah well, might as well see what happened next...

Introduction Thread

Don't worry... we won't shoot you that much. Right?

*loads gun*

... It's for duck hunting, I swear.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! Many people will happily answer your questions about the site. We're not that bad, honest!