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Rear-End Collision
Emma just laid there, her limbs splayed out like a dropped doll. She couldn’t move. Whether she wanted to, that was another story. The smell of blood- Lily’s blood- still hung in the air. Emma’s heart still pounded, her breath still gasped faster and faster. She didn’t want to move, and yet, she wanted to. Knew she had to.

Her fingers tried to twitch, to break out of her numbness. For what felt like both years and minutes, nothing budged. Then, sensation came back. Her fingers moved. Then, her wrists. Feeling and mobility crept up her arms, then her legs. Emma slowly moved an arm, then pushed against the ground. It took a few tries, but what had to be the fifth did it. Shaking, Emma pulled herself up to her hands and knees. For a moment, she slipped, almost landing back onto her stomach again.

Still weak.

Despite knowing better, her head turned.

Lily was still very still. Very… gone.

Emma elbows slightly buckled underneath her at the sight. She’d failed. She’d… she’d lost someone else. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t. Emma kept breathing louder and louder. She didn’t want to look anymore. But she didn’t know what to do, or anything. What could she do?

A few more tries, this time at standing. Her legs felt limp, like cooked noodles. Each time she tried to push herself up, they only refused to cooperate. One more try. She had to stand. She had to. Both feet on the ground, slide upwards. Slow… slow…

Eventually, she could do it. Her legs still wobbled underneath her as she stood, but she was okay.

Lily wasn’t, though.

Emma looked down at her gloved hands, still shaking and covered in blood. The memory of what happened was fresh. She couldn’t save Lily. She didn’t even think it would have been possible at that point, or even the right thing to try.

Emma looked around her. Everything seemed still, too still. Like there wouldn’t be anything else after this. But her eye landed on one of the rooms. Distantly, she remembered that a shape had ran in that direction. Was it a good idea? To step closer that way?

Despite common sense telling her not to, she looked at Lily again. For a moment, Emma wondered if it was a good idea to pick up the sword. She still wasn’t feeling well. But it was something. Something to… give her a way to defend herself.

Was she really thinking like that?

She looked back. Hesitantly, she stepped forward. It didn’t seem like they’d gone far, if it was another room. Her legs still felt weak and numb. But despite better judgement, despite everything telling her not to, she had to.


Her voice slightly echoed. It was slightly louder than she realized.

She stepped closer, further into the room.

Despite knowing it wasn’t a good idea.

V6 Reduced Activity Notices
Apologies for slowness on my end. I've been dealing with IRL stuff recently (mostly trying to be an adult).

Welcome To New V6 Staff
Empress Thrush and Yakslash.

There you go. Animal names. : D

Congrats you two!

Rear-End Collision
As Emma tried to stop the bleeding, she noticed that Lily felt cold and clammy. She was also growing more pale, and her breath was quick. That wasn’t a good sign. Hemorrhagic shock, probably. Lily was losing so much blood, it was almost guaranteed to be lethal if she didn’t get professional help. But no professionals were here. Emma had to keep trying, though. She just had to. She moved one hand to Lily’s wrist to check her heart rate. It was fast, too fast. She wasn’t able to talk anymore, either.

In the back of her mind, Emma knew what would have been done with shock at home. She’d do roughly what she was doing now. If possible, she’d put Lily on her back, and make sure she’s warm and that her feet were elevated. Emma would have someone call 911, then continue to apply pressure and make sure she was breathing okay. Once she was in the hospital, they’d begin treatment. Blood transfusion was a common way to treat that symptom professionally.

But there was no way someone could get a blood transfusion here. There just… wasn’t.

At some point, she didn’t know when, Emma noticed that Lily’s heart rate was slowing during another check. But it wasn’t at a healthy rate. It was slow and weak, a worse sign. Sometime later, it stopped entirely. It didn’t pick back up.

Emma realized that Lily had died underneath her hands.

Slowly, she slid her hands away. Emma was still aware of the plastic gloves, still slick from a bit of blood that had gotten on them. For a moment, it seemed still and blank. She hadn’t saved her in time. She was too late.

Emma just sat there, in front of Lily. Then, her shoulders shook. Emma’s own breathing started getting choked. That’s when she started sobbing.

It wasn’t fair. It just… wasn’t.

She didn’t try to be quiet. Somewhere, she knew that someone was going to investigate the noise. But she kept going.

She felt dizzy. One by one, her muscles went numb and weak. Emma’s limbs grew limp.

Her body slid to the floor. The concrete felt cold underneath her. The only thing she was grateful for was that the way she fell; she wasn’t staring directly at Lily.

Rear-End Collision
Emma looked in the direction the shape went for a few seconds. Then, her eyes snapped back to Lily. Someone was still here. That someone could have been the one to hurt Lily. Was that what Lily was trying to say? That it wasn’t safe?

Lily wanted her to stop, but she couldn’t. Emma had to do something. The sooner she acted, the sooner she’d be alive. She didn’t know if Lily was suicidal, if she wanted her to run so the person who shot her wouldn’t kill her as well, or what. But she knew that something had to be done. She could take Lily into one of the rooms, to make sure that they were in a safer spot. She could continue first aid, and hope the person wasn’t coming back. She could make sure Lily’s last moments were-

No, no. She couldn’t die. She just couldn’t. Emma didn’t want that. She didn’t know what she’d do if she did.

Emma’s shaking hand reached to press the gauze against the wound. She’d try to be careful, since the bolt was still inside. If Lily died… if Lily didn’t make it…

Please make it.

Please please.

Emma’s eyes widened. Jae. That was who did this. The name rang a bell, but Emma didn’t try to remember who that was right now. Or maybe Jae wasn’t who shot her, but he was here. She didn’t know. All she knew was that Lily was clearly in pain.

“Lily, Lily” her voice grew urgent. “I’m here, okay? We’re going to make it, I promise. I swear to god, I-“

She wasn’t sure if it was a promise she could keep at this rate.

Rear-End Collision
“Lily, Lily!”

Emma fell to her knees. Despite the heart pounding in her chest, she leaned in to take a closer look. It looked like the crossbow bolt was lodged into her spine. That wasn’t good. It could mean paralysis, or blood loss, if she didn’t act quickly. The bolt seemed to be stuck in deeply. It wasn’t a good idea to remove it. If she did, it would cause more blood loss. Instead, it was better to break off what she could, to make sure Lily wasn’t losing blood, and to disinfect it.

Emma realized that her own pack had been slung over her shoulder. She didn’t think. Instead, she unzipped it, and found the tin case in a heartbeat.

First things first. She needed to stop the bleeding. Otherwise Lily would bleed out. Dryness filled her mouth as she opened the case. There were some dressings, something she could use to put pressure on the area. Emma had to be careful not to disturb the bolt.

Her heart pounded further as she put on the plastic gloves, and picked up the dressing. But, Lily was trying to say something. She moved.

“L-lily, is he still here? Who did this?”

Emma had looked up, only to see a shape disappear into one of the rooms.

Rear-End Collision
((Emma Luz continued from … Lose a Hand))

She’d… made a mistake yesterday.

Emma knew that being alone like this wasn’t the best idea. And yet, she had to run away from Jaime. Even if she was acting disturbingly bold towards the idea of murder, it still didn’t change the fact that Emma was now vulnerable. Likely, Jaime was too. Just like that, what was left of the group had dissipated. Some part of her wanted to go back, see if she was still there. But how? Maybe Jaime moved on.

She’d found her way in here. The smell in the B blocks reminded her of Mabes, but the dorms were otherwise a good place to rest. Her body needed it. Luckily, the A blocks weren’t so bad on the smell issue. And she even found something that was somewhat of a boon.

Fresh clothes. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, Emma remembered something. Hygiene was one of the best things you could do for yourself in a survival situation. Parasites, bacteria, and viruses could kill you in a worse way than any murderer. She’d remember this a few times when she felt her clothes itch as the days went on. So, it was fortunate that she found some clothes in one of the rooms. Nothing fancy, but she did take the dark blue tank top and jean combo.

Emma had spent the night here in one of the rooms, racked with doubt. Sometimes, she fell asleep, only to wake up back in bed. She’d always wonder about the same things. Was she right in leaving Jaime? Would it have been better if she’d led? Were Jaime, Lucilly, and Amanda okay? Could she have done something to save Sabrina? Or Tina? Or Lizzie? Or countless, countless people now, who have died? Would Isabel kill more? Was she going to make it out okay?

It didn’t help that she’d had another episode last night. When she woke up, expecting another fit of worrying, she instead saw shadow people standing in the doorway. Then, the monster, the one she’d imagined at the pub, had faded into existence once more. It stood at the foot of the bed, staring at her with those yellow moon eyes. Emma saw that it looked like a dog, or maybe a wolf. A coyote? Maybe. She’d stared at it, and it stared back. Emma didn’t want to look at it, but she couldn’t move. Then, the people faded away. The coyote followed shortly after.

Despite everything, Emma fell back asleep, and awoke to the announcements. That’s when she got the news.

Isabel was dead. Apparently, a group of people had found her and… did what they could. But it meant several other people had to die. One of them was Lucilly. Lucilly, the girl who she had traveled with for a while. Even dead, Isabel still found ways to rip people from her life. She still had to add to the pile. Yet, Emma found a crawling sense of disgust at the relief she’d felt.

However, Amanda, of all people, had killed too. She was still trying to process that. Someone got disemboweled with a machete? Amanda shot who did it? She didn’t want to think about it. Could she trust Amanda if she ever saw her again, too?

For some time, she’d lay in bed, thinking. But, eventually she willed herself to get up, put on her glasses and shoes, take her medication, and start heading out. There had to be a way to get food and water, and even if her head was dizzy, she was going to figure out how.

As she picked up her bag, she realized that she heard noises. Distant, like talking in another room. She had to investigate, even if it was the worst thing she’d do.

Emma stepped out, looking around her. She looked one way, nothing there. The other… there was. It looked like a shape, or… oh no. It was a person, laying in the hallway. At first, Emma didn’t recognize who it was, or even if she was still alive. Emma saw that what looked like a bolt was sticking out of her back. Her heart started pounding when she realized who it was. Even with the odd helmet, the grime, and the distance, she still rang a bell. How could she not?

“Lily?” she shouted.

She didn’t think. Emma just ran forward. She was quite some feet away, but Emma had to. She had to do something. Anything. She needed to see whether she was alive, whether something could be done, or-

Emma hadn’t seen who was responsible. She didn't realize that he was just a few feet away, with his hands over his ears and his back to the wall. All she knew was that Lily was bleeding out, possibly dying.

... Lose a Hand
Emma paused. The bag strap hung awkwardly from her hands.

Then, words came out quicker than she realized:

“We can’t become murderers. That’s what I’m saying. I want to see Isabel- I want to see her dead. I wanted Nancy dead, too. They killed people close to me, you know? But- here’s the thing. It makes me feel gross whenever I feel that way.”

Emma knew there had to be a way out without hurting anyone. She knew there had to be a way Isabel could be stopped. Someone could try to kill them. They were “lucky”, in the sense that the only murderer they had encountered was Kaitlyn.

She remembered what she thought on the first day. It wasn’t the first time she’d thought of it since then. But it’d slipped and slipped, the more she thought of Isabel and Nancy.

They managed to rescue about 30 people in 2008. 30 out of 250 wasn’t a big number. She couldn’t do the math in her head right now; too tired, too emotional. But she did know that wasn’t a good percentage. However, it was a ray of hope.

A sign that they could go home without killing.

Emma slid the strap over her shoulder. Her heart was racing, her breath was getting shorter.

“Jaime. If we kill someone, do you think we’d ever bounce back from it? Like, morally, I mean? What would our friends say, or our fami-“

She cut herself off. Emma felt herself shudder. Her muscles got tighter.

“We just… can’t.”

She stood in place for a moment. Then, Emma ran the other direction.

((Emma Luz continued in Rear-End Collision))

v7+ concepts

Roxanne "Roxie" Borowski- I've mentioned her a few times, but yup, I'm making another perky goth!

Roxie is an aspiring special effects artist, with a focus on makeup effects in particular. She's particularly fond of horror-based stage makeup, such as making herself into a zombie or making werewolf facial prosthetics, but she has done other things as well. To help with her interest, Roxie has her own YouTube channel (name pending) where she largely uploads tutorials on how to make your own horror special effects at home cheaply and easily. As you might guess, she's a fan of horror media, especially 80s horror movies. In fact, she likes 80s-90s pop culture in general; one of her favorite non-horror movies is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which I can see her quoting on a regular basis. I''ve also considered making her a huge fan of the miniseries Stranger Things. Roxie is part of the school's drama club, and enjoys both acting onstage and helping out backstage. Another one of Roxie's interests is learning about odd mythological creatures; she's the type who'd tell you about something like vampire pumpkins.

When Roxie was in early elementary, she was involved in an accident. I might change it in the future, but right now I'm thinking it was vehicle-related. While she survived, she was significantly injured; her left leg in particular was crushed, broken, and damaged. Because the limb was unable to recover correctly, the doctors recommended that it be surgically amputated to improve her health and quality of life. Ultimately, this is what Roxie's family went with, and nowadays she uses an ATK prosthesis. Despite the trauma of being in a near-death experience and losing her leg, Roxie is fairly well-adjusted. I imagine that some of her gothiness came about partly as a coping mechanism for it when she was younger. However, she did have some guilt when she learned that her family had some difficulty financially afterwards, so she started working as soon as she was able so that she could buy things she needed (such as makeup supplies) personally. I'm thinking she has a regular part-time job and a seasonal one. I don't know what the part-time is yet, but the other one is that she worked at a local haunted house attraction for at least one year.

Roxie comes from a Jewish background; to be specific, her family's Ashkenazim and practices Reform Judaism (which is a liberal sect). Despite what you'd initially suspect, Roxie is actually reasonably devout. I'm not certain yet, but I'm thinking she does practice kashrut. In addition, I'm thinking that after her leg was amputated, it was officially buried (as per tradition). Because of her Jewish background, Roxie is actually interested in seeing horror themes that take clear influence from the culture and religion (she feels that horror media is oversaturated with Christian themes). One of her dream projects is a Marble Hornets-style ARG about a dybbuk, which she still is in the early planning stages for. Of course, I may need to do more research on this front, since I'm not personally Jewish.

Personality wise, she's a bit of a gadfly. If you're friends with her, be prepared for loads and loads of trolling. Of course, she's the type who doesn't mind getting teased and made fun of too, as there's very little that'd upset her if you joke about it to her face. She's fond of self-deprecating humor, too, and doesn't mind jokes even at the expense of stuff like her disability, as long as it's clear it's good fun between friends (so if you go up to her and be like "HAHA, one-leg", she'd frowny-face, but if you're a close friend who cracks a joke about it she'd at least not mind it as much). Speaking of her disability, she doesn't really feel shame about it or try to hide it. To her, it's a sucky situation, sure, but she doesn't like the idea of people feeling bad for her because of it. Just something you got to deal with, you know? Roxie is also confident, and fond of body-positivity. Currently, she's been trying to get involved in anti-bullying efforts around the school, since, while not to Alex extents, she despises bullies. As you might suspect, she's consistently busy; she's often working, updating her channel, doing something for the drama club, or studying. So yes, you could say she's a hard-worker. Overall, she's peppy.

Bree Jones- Note that I'm not fond of her last name, and I'm not sure if Bree is short for anything. So, she may get a name change in the future.

Bree is fond of fish. From a young age, she enjoyed learning about ocean life, and wants to become a marine biologist. Sea creatures are something that she finds fascinating, and she could tell you about all the weird critters in the sea. In addition, I'm thinking that she might keep fish as pets, probably either a freshwater tank or a betta. If possible, I'm toying with the idea that her parents also have a marine biology-related job, which would fuel her interest in the subject. Aside from fish, she's also a member of the swim team. Maybe the captain, but we'll see about that. Also depending on the V7 setting, she might have an interest in surfing as well. Bree is also fond of hairstyling, and usually experiments with her own hairstyle on a regular basis. I can also picture her being the type to invite all her friends over to a slumber party to watch chick flicks while she tries to style their hair. Another interest of Bree's is video games. I'm not certain on her exact tastes yet, but I'm thinking she's a MOBA and MMORPG kind of person. I've toyed with the idea that she's livestreamed before, but she doesn't really expect to get famous off it; it's just a way to have fun showing what she's playing and occasionally chatting with people who decide to watch it.

You could call Bree a bit of a "mean girl." She's part of the popular crowd, but she has a bit of a selfish, insensitive side to her personality. It's not insecurity like, say, Miranda, but more that she's the kind of person who you'd know very quickly if she doesn't like you. On the flip side, though, you'd also find out very quickly if she does; she adores her friends, and is popular both because of her being on the swim team and being more academic than she looks. However, Bree's the type to get moody if things don't go her way, and has a bit of a tendency to be rash.

As you can tell, she's not as super-fleshed out as Roxie. However, I do enjoy her concept thus far.

Note that anything listed here may change, including names, details, and interests.