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I Know What My Fortune Is
"Or! You can give me it. I don't mind eating charred food. I'll eat anything", Junko said, punctuating the last sentence with a small cackle as she sat down.

Actually somewhat true. Some food tasted better charred. Like marshmallows. Set them on fire, then blow them out when they're nice and black. It'll have a crispy outside, but a soft and gooey inside. Delicious. Hot dogs, she was sure they were like that too.

Darius offered his condolences and offered to sing an eulogy for the fallen wiener in the form of oh god no Darius Jesus Christ Darius why.

White people shouldn't sing rock ballads in Japanese, especially if they're not super familiar with the language.

Drunk people shouldn't sing rock ballads at all.

So, the last thing any drunk white person should be doing is attempting to sing a rock ballad in Japanese.

Junko cringed. And as if the Japanese language couldn't be any more fucked up by Caucasians. Sure, some of the lyrics were in English, but that helped only slightly.

Somewhere she heard Michael roar with laughter. Some part of her wanted to troll Darius, by acting like he accidentally insulted everyone here instead of singing X Japan songs.

But oh man. It took a turn for the creepy when he decided to hug Raina while singing the damn thing. Someone who was quickly getting more and more annoyed with his bullcrap would definitely not appreciate being hugged by him while he eviscerated Japanese rock songs. The result was obvious. And that result was Raina squeezing out of his grasp and throwing a beer can at him-

Oh Christ. The catfight scenario was actually happening, wasn't it?

Junko jumped to her feet, skewer still in hand and a scowl on her face. Luckily, Jonathan and Michael decided to forge a two-pronged attack on the shitstorm that was likely about to happen. As the hostess, Junko had better add her thoughts.

"Darius... if you're that bored already, I could just, like, give you something to do? Like, I dunno, some kind of job? Or maybe something else?"

Somehow, it had slipped her mind that she had Jiffypop and she hadn't made it yet until just now. Well, that's one duty she could assign Darius to. Popping the Jiffies was a little tricky on a campfire grill, but it was possible. Though, Darius was obviously pretty drunk, so should he doing things like that? Aside from injuries, it could get burned. Eh, she'd eat it. But it's meant for everyone else too. He suggested a drinking game, so maybe she could convince him to set something up. Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea for him not to actually participate, though, since he was, again, drunk already.

Gah, this whole "arrived drunk" thing made it a little more tricky. But hopefully the Jonathan-Michael power duo would calm things down, and she'd find something to keep Darius distracted enough to stop bugging the shit out of Raina. Heck, she didn't have to give him an actual job, but she could like, talk to him about shit that didn't involve mangling the Japanese language. Junko didn't mind talking to drunk people, really, even if in Raina's position she'd.. well, act similarly.

Small steps can take you great distances
Bridgette was right: even if she took some time off from planning, there was a whole committee to make sure things went okay. Still though, even if she were to spend the evening just simply… relaxing at the dance, she wanted to be 100 percent sure that everything is sorted. Besides, Emma was the kind of person who wasn’t satisfied if she hadn’t accomplished something each day. If it wasn't the dance, it was a school trip. If it wasn't a school trip, it was a fundraiser. If it wasn't a fundraiser, it was a school dance. That's just how she did things.

"Oh! Prom" she said as she gently massaged the skin between her thumbs and forefingers. "That's true. If we spend all of our time working on the appetizer, we aren't going to have a good main course."

People had bigger expectations for Prom than they did Sadie Hawkins. Sadie Hawkins was supposed to be more calm and relaxed. Not as much pressure, you know? But yes. Prom was definitely something they needed to sort out too. Not as close on the horizon, but still something that they needed to focus on in the near future.

Friends are neat
Junko's a track team person. Thing is, I'm not sure what her exact thoughts on Amanda would be thus far. What do you think?

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
More like a refirement home.

Retirement by fire. : D

I Know What My Fortune Is
Junko impaled her own hot dog on a skewer. Now, if there was anything at the party that could get stolen that’d piss her off, it’d be the skewers, now that she thought of it. Bonfire skewers weren’t that expensive, she didn’t think. But these were nice skewers that Sarah and Koharu let her pull out of storage. She’d like to be able to use them again sometime in the future. Though, what would someone do with skewers? And how would they smuggle it out?

Oh, and the DS thief decided to say hi.

“Hey Fiyori,” Junko gave her greeting. “Sup?”

There was Michael and Jonathan, having a conversation. It was good that they were finally talking to each other. She’d heard about what happened between them, and… Jonathan was pretty upset. Couldn’t blame him, really. But it was good that they were having a conversation. Hopefully things would turn out between them, y’know? Same went with Bruce Wayne and Raina. Erm, on the conversation part, not the being upset part. And… then there was Darius. Who was currently mangling the hell out of a Vocaloid song.

Junko had no idea what was Darius’ strange obsession with Raina and Miku Hatsune this evening was about. But yeah, he was trying to lead her into some kind of campfire sing-a-long version of Ievan Polka. It wasn’t great.

“Darius… how much did you drink before you got here?” she called out from her spot.