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Fenris does sprite stuff!
Oh! I've forgotten to mention, I saw your Nina and 'Randa sprites, and they look cool!

(I think the Ninas are swapped in the first post. Espi's Nina, the V5 character, is linked in the TV2 category, while Riddhi is linked in the V5 category.)

Is it alright if I ask for another? This time I'm asking for my other TV2 girl, for completion's sake.

What she looks like, also copypasta'd.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Small note: I've been somewhat concerned whether or not people understand what I mean by "suspender skirt". I looked it up on Google image search when I was writing her profile, and what I was thinking came up. However, I'm not sure if I described it well. If you need clarity, it's what it sounds like: a skirt with suspenders! Example pic.

V6 Q&A
Oh! I have one!

What's the general policy considering students who need medical accommodations? Is there a place on campus where someone who is feeling unwell can rest for a few minutes? What about tutoring for students that need it?

(yes, I'm asking because Ems. If it changes anything, here are some resources I found on accommodations for narcolepsy, for reference)

V6 Questions Game
Next Question: If you had the ability to stop time, once, for just one minute, what would you do with that power?

Junko- Not really my first pick for powers, but eh, it'll do. Time powers are fun too. If I ever get into a fight, I'd use it to my advantage. Stop time, punch and kick things. Know what I'm saying? If I don't, well, there's still plenty of fun things you could use for it. I'd become the pranking menace. *smiles*

Emma- One minute's not enough to actually get the things I want done, done. I'd use it to study a bit more, but one minute's not enough for that.

Question: So you are stuck in a room with a perfect clone of your current self. You will be in here for one hour, at which point the clone disappears entirely. You should know what the question is.

I am Sad! (No one wants to work with me and become Mormon :< )
I see stuff here! : D

He'd probably know Ems. Emma's involved in student council stuff, and I don't think I've alluded to it too much, I kind of consider her to be super-school spirit. There's a chance that they would have known each other from him helping with events and stuff. She's also pretty nice too! And they do share some potential interests, so...

I don't see Junko being too friendly; she's super pro-LGBT, and given the history of Mormons and LGBT, it won't end well. I don't think she'd hate him, at least not too much, though. She is, however, not the kind of person who gives up on dares or challenges easily. The plot bunny I have in mind is that somehow we pit Junko and Cole together in a spirit event or something. He's described as somewhat competitive, and I kinda see it.

Thoughts? My own concepts thread is linked in my sig. Junko's probably the one that's coming up first, for the record.

V6 Questions Game
What do you think of SOTF as a whole? Do you find it entertaining, an affront to all humanity, or do you fall somewhere in between?

Junko- The people who fangirl over it creep the shit out of me. Why would you make fanart of someone who died in a pointless and violent way in real life? Just... why? It's a bit like those people who are fans of the Columbine killers, and yes, that exists, and it's awful. I'm surprised I haven't started hating humanity yet too.

Emma- It's horrible. I once had to do research on it for a project, and it was one of the worst things I had to look up. It's terrible that so many kids had to die. I can't imagine what it must have been like. ... Excuse me, I get a little emotional thinking about it.

Question: If you had to pick out a weapon for yourself, any weapon, what would it be?

I offer young flesh! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
So I'm looking at this thing, and I'm thinking Emma and Tristan might know each other? They have the same dealio of being academically focused and being on the student council. By the sound of things, Emma would be the more outgoing of the two, though, if that makes sense? Ems is generally friendly and pretty upbeat, if a bit on the cautious side. Not sure how she'd feel about the pot, though, if she ever found out.

Junko might have some kind of connection with Brady too, actually. They're both athletic gamer-types, and where Brady's attention-seeking, Junko's an adrenaline junkie. Which sounds like a wonderfully disastrous combo if they ever meet.

What do you think?