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Let's Kill Chat Pimping!
So, many of you are plenty aware of this little thing I put in my sig a few months ago, right?

For v5, I have come to a decision. To help lessen character pimping, I have vowed not to talk about my characters, any characters closely related to mine, or any threads I've been involved in, in any of the following places:

- Chat
- General Discussion thread
- TV Tropes
- Random Thoughts
- Anything else I missed

I am not allowing myself to talk about anything relating to my characters or scenes I'm in unless they are brought up in conversation by another handler. I am not allowed to use my characters' names OOC or mention anything relating to that character until another handler mentions them. This is not currently in effect for pre-game; these self-imposed rules do not apply until v5 starts. However, they will be in effect the second v5 is announced. When one of my characters die, escape, or are otherwise removed from the game, these rules are lifted for that character, and I am free to talk about that character as much as I want. However, the others will have to wait until they too are out of the game.

This is a personal promise I'm keeping to myself for v5. If I break it, please feel free to bitch me out.


A while back, it was suggested to me that I attempt to make this a pledge thing, similar to the one Toben suggested for private threads. I considered the idea, and decided to make the thread for it!

So what is chat pimping, and why is it bad?

Well, it's normal to want to talk about your own characters. As someone who has somewhat of an artistic temperament and wants to work in the film industry, I can understand wanting to show off your work! It's not bad in and of itself.

In v4, however, it became a problem. Many handlers in chat wanted to discuss characters they write and scenes they're in, and only characters they write and scenes they're in. As a result, several characters became discussed frequently, while many others fell to the wayside because their handler doesn't come into chat, or the scenes weren't discussed as vividly. This meant that many good parts in v4 were close to ignored, sadly.

Basically, chat pimping is when you deliberately talk about your characters to bring attention to them. Which again, isn't bad in and of itself. I've done it, and in ways that in no doubt annoy other people. It's when it becomes the primary mode of discussion it becomes a problem.

To be honest, it annoys others when you talk about your characters at every opportunity. Like, if you are always saying "Billy Bob is fighting against a hockey player", and talk about the scene over and over, it wears on people's nerves. In fact, in their eyes, the scene with Billy Bob fighting a hockey play may actually lessen in quality due to how much you talk about it, because people end up sick of hearing it and no matter how good the scene actually is, people will associate it with you saying that Billy Bob fighting against a hockey player is awesome. Over and over again.

As noted before, it also ignores other characters. As an example, I always feel bad whenever I end up bringing up my kids in the General Discussion thread as an example, because I know there are better instances of what I'm talking about, but I have to bring up someone I've written, either in Mini or on Main. If you start looking beyond your kids and their bubbles, it becomes clear that there are many awesome things you miss out on. Really, there are a lot of awesome things in v4 that a lot of you missed out on, and I personally didn't find until long after it happened. For example, I wasn't aware of this piece of awesomeness until Toben brought it up to me when discussing good scenes in v4. If you forgo talking about your kids in favor of talking about everyone else, it makes you able to look at everything else, and then use those as examples or talking about scenes you like. And then those scenes get attention!

In addition, it's much more satisfactory for people to bring up your characters, than it is for someone to discuss them because you mentioned them. Trust me. Because it tells you that yay, people are reading you! It feels a lot better when things are discussed because of your own work, rather than you bringing them up personally. In addition, you can give someone else that warm feeling when you bring attention to their scenes.

If you'd like, you can follow my example and do something similar: to only talk about your kids in certain situations.

As you've seen by my sig, which I've quoted above, I made it a personally goal not to talk about my kids anywhere until another handler mentions them. This means no TV Tropes entries, no General Discussion references, nothing in Random Thoughts, not a peep in chat, nothing. Once the characters' arcs are over, I'm allowing myself to talk about them as much as I'd like. But while they're still up and about, they cannot be a topic of discussion for me.

You may be wondering: "If I do this, what about certain scenarios like planning out scenes or asking for critiques?"

Personally, I would say: those are okay. I'm talking more about chatty discussion, really. If you need to plan scenes out or ask for a critique, feel free to start the correct threads, send PMs, or so on for help in that area!

This is an optional thing, really. If you feel that this is not for you, don't feel pressured into it. It's just something I decided to make a thread for after I put the thing in my sig and then it was brought up to me that I should make a thread for.

You don't have to put anything in your sig unless you want to, either. ^_^;

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: What's your opinion on sloths?

Alex- They're... alright, I suppose?

Miranda- They look dumb.

Lana- Sloths are cute.

Question: Tell us about your mother. What is she like?

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
*gives Grim a cardboard Burger King hat*

There there. ):