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The Questions Game
If you could live anywhere in the world where would you go?

Aileen- Far away. That is all.

Carol- To be honest? I kind of want to go back to Nevada...

Chase- Uhhhhhh... how about ummm.... London? Sounds fun. I could go on one of those Ripper tours... if I'm daring...

Remy- Hollywood. Need I explain?

Question: What is your favorite food?

The Questions Game
Question: What activity would be the biggest waste of a whole hour to you? (Doing nothing is not a viable answer)

Aileen- Doing something stupid that's not even necessary to do, but people insist on you doing it anyway.

Carol- Those ridiculously long loading screens that appear whenever you start up a new map in certain games! GAH!

Chase- Doing nothing is not an option? Fine... I guess I'll go with... uh... erm... repeatedly watching those Y-youtube videos where they play the same thing over and over and over and over... and over?

Remy- Being in the same room as you-know-who. Enough said.

Question: What would you do if you met a gender-flipped version of yourself?

The One With The New Kid
And, soon enough, the girl in front of her spun around and introduced herself.

Amber Whimsy, head of the school newspaper, eh? Well, what did she want? Carol wasn't sure if she had any stories on her. Heck, the only thing that she could really tell her about is how she is enjoying Bayview so far. She had a feeling she wanted a story or something, though, based on her introduction and that... look on her face. Then again, maybe she wanted to be friends? That, of course, was a possibility too, and one Carol was up for!

The grin plastered on Amber's face reminded Carol of a picture of the Cheshire cat from a copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland back home, actually. Her sister used to love that book. In a way, she kind of felt like how probably Alice would have felt during her adventures in Wonderland ever since she arrived in St. Paul. It was a strange metaphor, but it made sense to at least her.

Well, Carol, you've gone down the rabbit hole. Now let's see if you could at least be friendly to the inhabitants, she told herself in her head, and so, she made herself smile.

"Uh... hi. Name's Carol Burke" she started, and then answering "Yeah... I'm from Carson City!"

Looking around, Carol noticed that the other girl from before was standing in the doorway, looking in their direction. What was she doing? Did she know something about this Amber that Carol didn't? Probably...

Well, he seemed to be doing just fine, now!

Remy's smile grew even bigger as he slid along. See? Wasn't so hard. All he needed to do is just... once again, he needed to practice.

Wait. New lesson: turning?!

Remy's face slightly blanched, though he tried his best to keep a smile on. Could he do this? Well, he was getting better at the other stuff... but this? Oh dear. He was going to fail again. No... he can't fail! He was getting so good... he can't just stop now!

So he must try! He must!

It didn't seem too hard, judging by what Reiko had to say. Just lean... lean... lean... as Reiko said, slow and steady wins the race-

Oh crap.

Remy fell face-first to the ground, feeling the cold ice against him. He fell, didn't he? Damn it, now he made himself look like even more of a fool in front of Reiko. He felt his face flush in embarrassment as he looked up at the girl in front of him.

"Reiko... I'm sorry..."

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Sign ups

I'll see if I can do anything interesting this time.

The Questions Game
Question: They say that portions of your personality can 'rub off' on the people you hang around with. Taking this to an extreme, what trait, personality OR physical wise, would you like to take from one of your friends?

Aileen- No comment.

Carol- One of my friends from Nevada could play the piano quite nicely. I'd like that, actually!

Chase- Just... speaking clearly in general. Have you ever heard me say s-something?

Remy- I wish I could be less awkward...

Question: What kind of accent would you have if you could choose out of any one of them?

The Questions Game
If you could be the main character of any kind of work, what would would it be like?

Aileen- I don't know. I like being a main character in real life, thanks. But, if I have to choose, then one of those adventure books. Would at least be exciting.

Carol- RPG, anyone? Carol Burke, fighting the forces of darkness!

Chase- Ooooh... slasher movie. What would happen is there's a homicidal maniac running around, right? And he is undead. He tries to kill a bunch of people at B-bayview, of course. First he kills that one p-person while she's scr-screwing someone. Then he kills a couple of those druggies... there's a lot at this sch-school. And then he goes after me and my f-friends. We stop him, though!

Remy- A musical. Think about it. Life must be fun singing about every little thing in your life. I'd at least be amused if I ended up singing about how I went to the coffee shop and got something...

Question: What thing about yourself makes you the most self-conscious?

The Questions Game
Question- A railway worker has injured his leg and is trapped in front of an oncoming train. You're standing on a bridge atop the track. There is an incredibly fat man standing on the bridge, and he is clearly drunk. If you pushed the fat man off the bridge you would stop the train and save the injured engineer. Do you push the fat man?

Aileen- .... What the hell is wrong with you?

Carol- Take a third option, take a third option! Get some rope and save his life, of course.

Chase- Wait wait wait... kill one man to s-save another? Isn't that... kind of... you know, strange? Ummm... call for help?

Remy- You know, there are other options other than killing that poor guy... right?

Question: What do you want as an occupation?

The Questions Game
Question: What is, in your opinion, the most overrated movie ever?

Aileen- Those movies with way too much CGI. Seriously guys? Just tossing around a bunch of flashy images won't make a story good. Plot makes it good.

Carol- I'm actually not too big a fan of the Harry Potter movies. Is that weird?

Chase- The Saw franchise keeps on m-making movies... make it stop!

Remy- I didn't like Kill Bill, I have to admit...

Question: What would be your last thoughts running through your head as you died?

The Questions Game
Question: In order to afford a life-saving operation for a close family member, how would you aquire the money necessary to save them?

Aileen- I'd... honestly do anything to save them. It's a family member, right? It's not like...

Carol- Never actually thought about it. I guess I'll try a fund raiser or something! Let's see what could be a good option...

Chase-... Do you mind if we change the subject?

Remy- I don't know. I really don't. Sorry...

What is your favorite cartoon?

Oh good! He was doing great!

Remy smiled, as he continued shuffling.

Slow and steady, huh? Well! I guess it means that I should keep it slow!, he thought to himself, sliding himself forward.

But, what was the Hare, then? The hare... well, it was probably what he was doing before. Or maybe it's something else. Remy had a feeling Reiko wanted him to go faster, though. After all, being compared to a turtle wasn't exactly a compliment. Usually, when he heard that definition, it was used to describe old people. But, then again, "slow and steady" was generally used as a moral.

He could speed things up a bit. But he might need a little more practice. After all, it isn't like he would become a speed-racer or something almost immediately.

After a bit of thought, he moved his feet in further sweeps, in an attempt to go a tiny bit faster. But, only a tiny bit. After all, as Reiko said, slow and steady wins.

"Slow and steady..." he reminded himself, not realizing he said that aloud.

La ignorancia es atrevida
Oh, that's right. Class.

Trevor scribbled something on a piece of paper with the pen she gave him, and handed it to her. Aileen made a confused expression at first, until he mentioned her calling him.


Aileen wondered if she could. It wasn't like she didn't have a bad memory regarding anything that wasn't names or anything. But, would she have the courage to? After all, what if-

Relax, Aileen. Calm... you gave that Melissa girl your phone number too, right? And nothing bad came of it...

Speaking of which, her getting people's numbers was starting to become some sort of new development. She usually didn't even know their name, and now suddenly she was getting their numbers. Well, they seemed to trust her with that nowadays, for some reason.

Before she could say anything, Trevor was running off again, making a "call me" gesture as he ran off. Aileen only stared at him as he turned around at a corner.

And with that, Aileen, with her bag hanging off her shoulder, spun on her heel, and stomped off to her next class in the opposite direction. Hopefully the teacher wasn't as sadistic there today.

((Aileen Borden continued elsewhere))

The Questions Game
Question: If you were to stumble upon a $100 dollar bill on the ground, what would you do?

Aileen- I don't know. Maybe go look for whoever dropped the thing? Pretty irresponsible to just toss that much money around on the ground without even looking up. It's a cliche, but money doesn't grow on trees, folks.

Carol- Check for a few seconds to see if someone dropped it and is looking for it, and if not, save up!

Chase- I honestly don't know what I'd do with a 100 dollllars... maybe give to my parents or someone who needs it? Or maybe k-keep it around, just in c-c-case.

Remy- Get my sister a boarding pass. Okay, I'm joking. But, to be honest... I guess just spend it on something worthwhile, like food.

Question: You've been arrested. However, you don't even know what the crime is. You are now in court. How will you defend yourself?

La ignorancia es atrevida

He wanted to give it back. But it was your standard run-of-the-mill cheap pen, that didn't even cost a dollar. Plus, he arrived late without a writing utensil. Not to mention that... well, people usually didn't give her things like pens and such back. They often assumed she didn't want it back, which she might in some cases. But here he was, saying that she should have it back.

"Uh... keep it. It won't hurt me, I've got more-"

Trevor went into an impersonation of Ms. Herrero, that actually... was quite accurate? Aileen raised an eyebrow again, though this time an odd expression of amusement appeared on her face as she crossed her arms.

"Spot on, actually."

Soon afterwards, he asked for tips. It seemed a bit like pleading, but he must be desperate. Aileen took a deep breath, unraveled her arms, and started.

"All you need to do is study and practice, as I told you. It's difficult, yes, but it's not like rocket science or something. Some people say they use flashcards and such to help them remember major things they need to study for."

So, what else needed to be said? Well, he asked for help, but once again, could she give it?

Could she?

With a sudden burst of sound, Aileen quickly blurted out "Ifyouneedanythingfeelfreetoask!"

After a beat, she realized that she actually went out and said it, and quickly looked down at her feet. She should be heading back to class soon, but what if Trevor needed something more?

The One With The New Kid

Carol looked away from the teacher's lecture on... textbooks now, apparently, and saw that the girl in front of her placed something on her desk. And so, she realized that she forgot to put her pencil sharpener back in, much to her embarrassment.

Whispering a small "thanks", she went back to listening to the teacher, a bored expression on her face. Carol noticed that the girl who had previously flung her pencil near her foot was now chuckling at... something. She suddenly felt further embarrassment once she realized that she was probably laughing at the fact that she spilled stuff on the floor.

Way to leave a nice impression, Carol, she thought to herself.

And suddenly, the girl in front whipped around, an... excited look on her face. What was she smiling about? Whatever it was, it had to do with Carol in some way. It could mean anything, actually. A look of confusion passed over her features as the girl turned back, leaving Carol to wonder just what happened.

Well, that was... strange.


The bell rung, and soon people were lifting themselves from their seats in an eager attempt to leave for home or other places. Carol, however, decided to stay in her seat. Maybe there was someone she could talk to. And, perhaps she could figure out what the heck that look of excitement was about. The last thing she needed was some further embarrassment happening, but hopefully that wouldn't be the case.

Oh no.

Now he was pretty much on his own, judging by Reiko's comment. Could he handle not being dragged around? Well, probably. It was kind of awkward being dragged around by someone much shorter than you, after all. But, could he manage to stay up? He could if he just tried, and actually went out and did it. Just the fact that he was even trying matter, actually!

Reiko gave some helpful pointers, though. Let's see... don't try to walk, you'll only fall... move the skate at an angle... and only one at a time... now, let's see if he could do it by the letter.

Remy tried his best to do what she said, and found himself making small movements with his feet, propelling himself slightly. It was almost as if he was learning how to move with his feet again. An awkward experience, that. But, he was soon figuring it out, though with a tiny bit of wobbling. Hopefully, he would know how to do things... properly.

"Hey... Reiko, do you think I am improving?"

La ignorancia es atrevida
Ms. Herrero continued the lesson without any more interruptions or tormenting of poor Trevor. Which, of course, was a good thing, as mentioned.

And so, it was time for class to end. Aileen sighed again as she placed her things back in her bag.

Just... how am I going to study for all that material? I guess it means another trip to our friendly local library. I need to turn in that whale book, anyways, she thought to herself, sliding the last of her supplies inside.

She waited until most of the class had exited, though, before actually getting out of her seat. Aileen did not want to face the crowd of students, especially when they are of this number. She did not even understand why people always stood in front of the door before officially being dismissed by the teacher. Couldn't they just stay in their seats until the teacher said they could leave? Were they really that desperate to leave? But leaving the class meant going to another one... gah. It was probably something she should not think about, actually.

As the majority of the students left, Aileen lifted her bag, and started walking out. Well, the mob had ended, at least. Now it was time to go to her next class and...

Wait, what the hell was Trevor doing?

Aileen raised an eyebrow again as she saw him standing outside the door. The only explanation that she could come up with was that he was trying to keep the door open for others. There could be others, but she couldn't think of any.

She took a few steps outside, and told herself that next class would probably not have the teacher act like Ms. Herrero was today. At least, she hoped for that kind of luck. It would be unfortunate if every single teacher was in a horrid mood, actually.

Though... she still wondered if Trevor needed any help. Heck, the teacher was pretty sadistic today. All he needed to do was study, study, study though...

But, could she help?

Aileen stopped, and glanced at him again. A look passed over her face, wondering if she should say something. But what? He probably would not be up for a private study session with her or something, especially with her, as she reminded herself. Aileen wasn't exactly the most popular girl at school, to put it bluntly. Far from it. He probably would not jump to the opportunity to have her help him. But, he needed it... but what could she say?

Closing Time
((Aileen continued from Let The Dance Begin!))

My god... what time is it? These people are full of stamina or something.

Aileen flicked a reddish-brown lock out of her face as she looked at the students milling about with an exhausted expression. It wasn't so bad, actually. In a way, Aileen had fun. She entertained people with that one song, and she even eventually tried her hand at actually dancing. She probably looked like an old lady, judging by her movements, but at least she tried.

She was glad she put effort into finding a prom dress and actually getting ready. At first, she only went in the first place because she felt it was mandatory, especially since everyone made a big deal about it. But, it turned out fun. Most of the songs weren't so bad, either. Heck, she remembered hearing some of them on the radio, when she tuned in for a station. For some reason mostly 80s songs were played at the start, but even that was not a problem. Just like some of them can be corny and some of them can be... that one song, some of them could be decent, or even good. Aileen really had no bias against or for 80s music, really.

And, although she did not really talk to many people beyond that little encounter with... Daniel, was it? Yeah, it was. But, she did not mind not talking to people. Aileen, being... Aileen, was not exactly the social happy-happy let's-make-friends-yay type, at least, not that she knew of.

So, now what, since it was... the last half-hour, she was guessing?

Might as well hang around, and see what's up. Hopefully they won't have a slowdance or one of those cheesy songs about how we're all friends. They probably will, though. I don't know much about school dances, but I already know this much, she thought to herself, continuing to stare at the students from where she was standing.

Sighing to herself, she then mumbled "God, I'm pooped".

At Reiko's request, he immediately straightened out his spine, and let himself be dragged along. Remy felt a bit like a rag doll, being dragged around by a small child. He noticed at this point that Reiko was much shorter than him. Granted, Remy definitely was not the tallest boy at school, but Reiko was still shorter. It was... interesting, to say the least. He knew some of the girls at school were short, especially considering some of the males' heights, but Reiko was probably among the tiniest.

As he let himself be carried off by her, he felt himself wobble further, and suddenly Remy felt concerned. What if he were to slip and fall, dragging Reiko down with him? That would be awkward. Actually, "awkward" would be an understatement here. It would be even more humiliating, though, especially if it was the cheesy kind of fall that always occurred in those weird Japanese animated shows or romantic comedies where one person ended up on top of another in a suggestive position. Hopefully, that would never be a problem, in any way, shape or form. Heck, he didn't even what to think about things ending up like that, or he really would fall yet again.

But, he seemed to be slowly but surely getting a hang of it. He just needed... you know, practice. Like balance and stuff. He didn't have beginner's luck, but he had... well, help.

After a while, he said "I... think I might be getting a little better at the balance thing. Not sure, though."

La ignorancia es atrevida
Trevor seemed tense too, for obvious reasons, judging by his expression and what exactly he mouthed. Of course he would be tense. Oh dear. Ms. Herrero, what had you done? The poor boy is all nervous, now.

After a few seconds, she started to turn away, but...

She heard Trevor whisper to her about how screwed he was. Well, he surely was. The teacher was surely upset at him, and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the class. But, would talking to her help? And why her? Was it because she was called up by the teacher, too? Probably. That, and she was among the closest nearby. There were others close by, but they were paying attention, like Aileen was trying a few seconds ago. Oh well.

"Trev, all you need to do is practice and study like your life depended on it. But, I think we should... you know, pay attention to what she has to say?" she whispered back hastily, and quickly spun around to face the board.

The last thing she needed was the teacher to interrupt them, and give them detention or something. In any case, based on her mood, the punishment for talking while Ms. Herrero was probably wasn't going to be anything pleasant. Sure, things that would be legal, but still things unpleasant.

Though, he did have a point. At least everyone else was probably doing fine. Still, though, she found herself wishing that Trevor would pull through at the last minute, and get things done so he could pass. Aileen then wondered if there was any way she could help him, but... did he really want help from her?.