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Yugi's critique thread????
Bella Bianchi, please, since you've threaded with her and all.

Ah shoot, read that it's only dead kids. I'm sleepy. Feel free to put her on the back of the queue, same as Cathryn, or ignore my silliness.. X_X

Suddenly, a Relationship Thread
Sorry everyone. I was kind of focusing on a massacre thread in Mini and got distracted again. X_X

MEDIC- Yes! The Luz cousins would know each other. I'm looking at Lily's info, and I agree they would probably get along. Ems is a bit more extroverted, but I think she would like Lily.

As for Danny and Junko, I kind of like the idea of them being exes. Junko would be all "D:<" after they broke up, especially if it was over text messaging. Maybe they were friends before they dated, but not anymore?

Aloha- Bridgette and Emma seem to be busy-bodies in much the same way (Orchestra, student council, and studying in general?). I do see them at least getting along. They're both established to be part of the popular crowd too, if I'm remembering correctly, so there's a connection there.

I do see Samuel and Junko having this dynamic where they're friends, but she keeps trying to push him into all sorts of activities she likes but he would be all "Uh...". Like "C'mon, it's just a haunted house/jump/rollercoaster! Don't be a baby! : D" But, I can also see her being quite fond of him, and is willing to bond over scary games and action-y ones, too!

Pancapples- I think Junko would like Gary. I don't think they'd be super-close buddies, since Junko's pretty... feisty, if you want to use that term. But I do see her being appreciative of his being on track and his active lifestyle in general.

I do agree that Tabby and Junko could be friends, though. Tabby seems like an energetic happy sort, which Junko would approve of. X3

Birdy- I totally told Ciel that his Jazzy can be creepy to Junko, so I'm up for that. Junko would be all "Bleh, this person again. D:<" whenever Nancy starts weebing out on her. Junko doesn't like weebs.

I do see Sandra and Junko having friendly competition together. Like, they're friends, but being competitive and all... it seems like they'd try to outdo each other. Or at least Junko would. But yeah, friends!

Emma would probably know Jennifer, but Emma's a bit more social. I'd imagine they'd be friendly, but they're not super-best buddies.

How's all this sound?