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The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
Note that the italics were what they were originally, and the arrows represent a shift.

Alex Ripley- Lawful Neutral -> Lawful Neutral -> Lawful Evil

Oh boy, Alex. Always the lawful person, of course. She continues her lawful neutral antics from pre-game, in that she's planning to escape with everyone because it's the right thing to do. Unfortunately, her temper pops up again, such as yelling at Hansel (when he has a gun pointed to her!). By the time of her last in-game thread, she begins sliding into more evil territory, attacking Kam out of paranoia and frustration, as well as wanting to kill people due to her own standards. Yup. Nothing much else to say.

Miranda Millers- Lawful Evil -> Chaotic Neutral

I know that's an... odd alignment shift, considering she went from a neurotic bitchy popular girl to a jumpy murderous nutjob who is obsessed with her spear to the point of naming it after an anime character, but hear me out. One of the major things keeping her from having an outright evil alignment is her morals. While she is murderous, she isn't exactly killing in cold blood but more killing when she thinks she's being attacked (emphasis on "thinks"). The reasoning behind a lot of her actions can be summed up as either "self-defense" or "kill them before they even think of killing me", regardless of how flawed that could be. At the same time, she does show some degree of morality, such as thinking to cover Kaitlyn's corpse, admitting she's impressed by Baxter killing himself in defiance, and generally anything to do with Kat and/or Mara.

To sum it up, she's a psycho, paranoid nutcase with a spear fetish, sure, but at least she's one with standards. : D

Lana Torres- Neutral Good -> True Neutral -> Lawful/Neutral Evil (had she survived and Rocky and I did what we had planned)

Lana, while not necessarily a bad person, is the kind of person who while you'd think they'd make it just fine here, would not. While she's plenty physically strong, she shuts off pretty early on in response to Dave's death, which isn't helped by her accidentally killing Venice. While she does improve in that regard afterwards, she still has issues dealing with her own faults as well as what happens to her. This results in her ditching Ilya when she overhears Max killing him and others, and handing over the gun to Steph only to watch as she kills someone with it. Her surprising passivity and cowardice puts her firmly in true neutral territory.

However, it's worth noting that she wasn't originally supposed to be, at least not forever. Rocky and I did have an arc we were going for and had planned out since pre-game, that would have been a sharp move into evil for Lana. I won't go into too much detail since that's for the "What Could Have Been" thread, but it essentially revolved around Lana snapping and manipulating Stephanie into killing for her, as well as likely manipulating others. I get the feeling we would finally get a hint of that plotline emerging had she lasted a bit longer, but now it's WCHB. ):

To sum it up? All of my kids are dicks. : D