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The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: What is your favourite Nicki Minaj song?

Alex: I... don't really listen to Nicki Minaj. Uh.... sorry. She's not really someone I go out and listen to.

Lana: .... Does A$$ count? Because I'm pretty sure she was the guest singer on that, and it's kind of so stupid it becomes funny.

Miranda: Nicki Minaj? Are you for real? The things she has been putting out lately isn't that great. Tut tut.

Question: If you were stuck on a deserted island with your classmates and you had to resort to cannibalism, who would you eat first?

Bitches be Crazy
He... uh... what?

Was that a proposition? Because that had to be the grossest thing she had seen in a while. He was talking about her pleasuring him. Sure, it was a tactic to wig her out, but seriously. Paulo wasn't her type. Granted, her type wasn't even, apparently, the same... nevermind on that. Point is, she really didn't want to spend her time picturing his O face.

A look of disgust came over her face. That was... urgh. Disturbing.

She had to think of a comeback to that. Because the whole idea of doing Paulo grossed her out.

"Paulo, do I look like your girlfriend Rosie Palms?", she said. "How's she treating you, anyways?"

Operation Jaq Locke
Alright, since I'm planning on starting pre-game again since I've been feeling better than the past few months and feel like writing, I'll toss up my kids.

Lana's busy right now; she's in a thread and there's discussion of a potential scene involving her in the future. Also, I can't think of anything re: her and Jaq. If you can think of anything, though...

Miranda is a Bitch Squad member. She's perfect if you need anyone to bully her ass. Again, she's in a thread right now, but if you need anyone in this area, she's a good choice.

Alex is a bully hunter. They've threaded before, but only briefly (in the dodgeball thread). If you want someone to chew Jaq out for whatever reason, Alex is available. She's not in any threads right now, mostly because I want to give more love to the other two, but if you want to RP with her, she's there. :3

Bitches be Crazy
((Miranda Millers continued from High Fashion High Prices))

Miranda had been attempting to open her locker when a shocked cry about bitches interrupted her thoughts.

Okay, what were they doing, and why were they shouting about bitches in the middle of the student center like it was some new and astonishing revelation? That wasn't a smart thing to be doing.

Instinctively, she turned her head, seeing Paulo Abbate leering at what appeared to be an iPhone.

Sighing, she went back to her locker, opening it and looking for the things she needed. Her locker was always organized, but even with this level of organization you can still have trouble finding things. But, after a few seconds of searching, she found the correct notebook for her next class. History was such a pain, did she really-

A few more lines of conversation told her that Paulo had someone to talk to about his... whatever that was. Some part of her hoped it was what you'd expect, given his reputation; someone beating up someone else. The alternative would be rather... frightening.

Nope, it was fighting. Good. Thank god.

Miranda had never been too sure if Cammie and Sasquatch, judging by the voices, would be interested in women apparently beating each other up, though. Well... maybe Sasquatch. But now she knew. Wasn't too surprising with Sasquatch, to be honest.

She gently closed her locker as it continued. Oh god, was he flirting with them using his hobby? Miranda couldn't help but look. Yeah, he was. Bragging about his fighting skill, and telling Sasquatch on how to be interested in fighting. Yup. Cammie seemed bizarrely... inquisitive about this. It didn't last long, though; she was clearly being made uncomfortable by the violence involving two women apparently on-screen.

Miranda knew it was terrible to watch, but it continued.

If someone is jabbing someone's elbow into an eye, then it's violence, no matter how "awesome" it was. If it's entertaining to him and Sasquatch, great. But it caused Cammie to flip out.

She couldn't help but smile at this. Miranda was never too fond of her. So peppy. So damn good at track. It was nice to see that whatever it was, it was something that would make her squirm.

Sadly, the next class was coming up, so the two girls went off, clearly made awkward by the conversation, judging by how it ended. Miranda smiled wider, and with notebook in hand, approached Paulo.

"Good luck with the ladies today?", she said, not too kindly.