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Sheldon Lomelli
First mentioned in A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, where Lana Torres goes to tell him about the ruckus Adonis Alba is stirring up.

Bringing Back COTM... With A Twist!
I think that if we do end up doing Mini separate, they should be put together rather than separate, for organization reasons.

Though! It does sound like something for Survival of the Snarkiest if it comes back up again, perhaps as one of the IC recaps?

Bringing Back COTM... With A Twist!
True! Maybe just title it "Past COTW" or similar.

Hmmm... good point, Tre. I guess I was thinking that a lot of handlers who hang out primarily on the main site don't read Mini. There's a lot of weird anti-Mini sentiment on the chat at times, really. So, I guess my idea was to encourage people who don't look at Mini to check it out? How does that sound?

Bringing Back COTM... With A Twist!
Alright! Most people seem pleased with this idea.

Okay, since pretty much everyone has said they'd like it to be a week instead of a month, I guess it's settled; it shall be a weekly event, rather than monthly. After all, most of you seem to think this, so it should probably work out that way. And part of the point of this is to encourage reading characters, so it being by week is a lot better than by month in that we get to see more people in a shorter amount of time.

About Second Chances: I was personally thinking that in the case where a character that has also appeared in SC has been rolled, it would link to both their original incarnation and their Second Chances incarnation.

For example, if my SOTF-TV/SC character Sidney Rice had been rolled, it would link to her SOTF-TV profile, her first thread in SOTF-TV, her SC profile, and her first thread in SC, or something similar along those lines. Overall, though, I think that SC people get no doubles in rolling, even if the SC person ends up radically different. After all, they're still the same character! Though, what are you guys' further thoughts on this? Just treat the two incarnations separately, or keep them together when they get rolled as their original selves?

About keeping track; my idea was for a "Hall of Fame", where after the month/week is over they get added to a list of characters in the first post saying that they've been a COTW in the past. I wasn't really thinking of keeping track, but more in case people were curious and wanted to check, but I guess that's all the more reason to keep it up for everyone to see?

Sounds like everyone's up for it! I could easily set this up sometime this weekend, if a mod or someone else on the site doesn't feel like claiming the duty personally. I could try to update on a specific day and time (for example, every Sunday at 8pm), so it'll be a little organized. How does this sound?

Bringing Back COTM... With A Twist!
So, anyone remember Character of the Month? Where we voted on a character for the month in v4 and they got a shiny badge, and it was removed because of favoritism? Yeah, that character of the month.

Well, Kami has an idea that's somewhat similar.

Now, hear me out. Here, we don't vote the "character of the month".

Instead, we roll them.

Now you're probably thinking "bwuah? Please explain", and I shall.

You see, my idea was not everyone to vote for the character they like the best and they get a shiny badge, but more them getting randomly picked and treated as... well, the character of the month.

I was thinking that in a thread, probably stickied in Roleplaying Discussion, we could treat the month as a tribute to said character. Like, discussion of the character, love/hatred of the character, and so on.

Now about that rolling I mentioned.

My idea was to use a random number generator to pick all the factors involved in deciding one.

For example, we could start with what version.

1. Version 1
2. Version 2
3. Version 3
4. Version 4
5. Version 5
6. SOTF-Evolution
7. The Program
9. Virtua SOTF

Alright, so I go to a random number generator. Using this as an example, I make it pick from 1 to 9. I get one, so that's a Version 1 character.

Then I pick the gender. Let's say, using a number generator, 1 is male and 2 is female. 1 again, so it's a dude!

Then I roll the number. I get 121, which is Toby Valerik.

Toby then becomes the "theme character" of that thread for the month. All we do in there is discuss the character, say whether or not we like Toby, maybe start reading him to get a feel for him, perhaps make silly fan-art of him, and such.

If he's already been a COTM, we simply just reroll.

Now, here are the pros and cons:

- More people read more stuff! Some people do not read Mini, while others stay away from V1 and V2. This can be encouragement for people to read something they haven't before and maybe go "Hey, there's something I like!"

- Having characters being randomly rolled means we avoid the issue of the previous COTM. Only the random number generator gets to decide who gets to be popular for the month. So, how can there be any favoritism?

- It can get discussion of characters going outside of chat, so we won't be stuck in Mibbit ranting/raving about so-and-so. Instead, we post and talk about the character.

- Some versions might be hard to roll for. SOTF-TV is numbered by teams instead of gender, while, as I found out while providing the above demonstration, v1's numbers are all over the place (I had to reroll a few times to get a number that actually has a character attached to it). Evo should be easy to do despite having an unconventional numbering system; all we need to do is skip to the picking out what number they are. But SOTF-TV and v1, that might be an issue.

Perhaps SOTF-TV could go like this instead of gender:

1. Black
2. Blue
3. Brown
4. Gold
5. Green
6. Grey
7. Orange
8. Pink
9. Purple
10. Red
11. White
12. Yellow
13. Thirteen
14. Loner

Going back to the number generator, I pick from 1 to 14. I get 3, so that's Brown. I pick from 1 to 5, which is 2. Brown Team Member 2 is April Stone.

Not sure about v1. Thoughts?

- The issue of cannon fodder getting picked. Now, I believe all characters deserve a tribute, even the "bad" ones. But there could be an issue with characters who were killed right off the bat or similar. For example, Remi Pierce, who hardly appeared in pre-game and was the first to die in v4. That might not seem so bad at first, until you realize that said character only has one in-game post, which means there is less to discuss. Not to mention, part of the joy of reading characters is that along the way you encounter other characters you like as well. Remi didn't directly interact with anyone, and only stayed in one thread.

- There's slight potential of wankery. Like, I dunno, someone barging into the thread and going "LOL THIS CHARACTER SUKZ" without any real meat to their criticisms. That could happen, you know. If you're planning on doing so the minute I mentioned this... please don't. Leave your immaturity at the door, please?

Those are only the pros and cons I could think of. There could be more.

While I was thinking that this could be a mod-run thing, I could easily pull this off myself. It's not that difficult, I don't think. But if a mod is up for it, then I'd let them.

Also, the numbering system for the versions and such, and the system as a whole, is not supposed to be the strict, definite system. It can be changed, altered, or fixed as much as you guys want, as long as it's fair and improves it. It's a little complex the way I have it, but it could be simplified if you figure out a way. I honestly don't mind if you guys do want to change it!

So yeah! Thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea? Cheesy idea? Ketchupy idea? Any spots for improvement you spy? Just discuss this concept.

Yeah, well, our peeps don't know that, so they're not planning things in case some terrorist decides to kidnap Seattle students. XD

I... actually haven't thought much of college/education after highschool! I think the only profile I mentioned it at all would be Alex's, and I didn't name a school, sooo... I guess I should think something up?

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It is kind of a critical detail, after all, even if they won't actually get there.

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
Gah, so sorry. Don't worry though; I'm still doing this!

Limi, Fox? Updated, a long time ago and I didn't reply at the time. But it's up there!

I will probably work on a review sometime soon. I'm thinking Master of Martial Hearts next. I'll try not to make it as all over the place as the Mac and Me review. XD

A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks

It was now a contest about who can apparently shove referee's whistles up each others' rear ends. It wasn't even a good comeback, it was like... god, Lana didn't know. Elementary school kids, she guessed. Seriously, people were trying to exercise, and he... yeah. He was being disruptive. Couldn't he and Patton at least to back to mock-arguing at each other or something? That was relatively normal, for one thing. And another? Well, no one was telling each other to stick whistles inside themselves then.

Lana's eyes continued scanning the classroom for a teacher. Come on... where were they... surely Lomelli and Sanders would notice the commotion? Generally they were good teachers. Could they be strict? Certainly, especially Sanders. But they would notice, and it would not go unpunished, at the very least. Even if they weren't here, there could at least be a student aide, or another teacher, or something.

That's when she noticed Mark Kent. Now Kent, he was another athlete, of course. Specifically, another wrestler. So yes, she knew him. But now he was doing what you'd expect of him; standing up to Alba. Really, it was nice of him, even if he was only going to direct his attention at him and Mallory.

Okay, so she probably couldn't run up to Alba herself as well. So the best option was to find that teacher, and-

She spotted him. There we go. Lomelli. He was further off to the other side of the gym and dealing with a freshman that had just walked in, but surely she could get him. Sure, people might call her a "snitch" or something, but honestly. Alba, Alba had a history, and it looked like said history was repeating itself.

Lana hopped off the treadmill. Okay, even if he didn't see or hear that, the minute he found out Alba was causing a ruckus again he wouldn't allow it. She was sure of that.

With that, Lana walked over to where he was. Lomelli could help with the situation, she was sure.

Gotta Go Fast!
((So sorry everyone. Life is a bitch and drained most of my posting energy up until recently. I'll just escort Miranda out, leave you to your own business))

Oh, a creeper, a vandal, and... whatever someone could describe Joshua as, all in one place. Goody. What an odd... group. Yeah, Miranda didn't know either. Apparently they did hang around. Huh. Didn't know that. At least Joshua didn't apparently vandalize bathrooms, though, based off of what she had overheard. Nor did he take pictures of jogging women.

"Oh, I'm doing well, guys", she went on, still smiling with arms folded as always.

The photograph guy had seemed scared of her. Of course he would be, she was confronting the group, after all. Ah well. What could you do? He was a creeper, really. Creepy creepy.

With that, a silence came over the group. Miranda found her smile fading a bit. Okay, what now? Miranda didn't usually have trouble knowing what to say. She briefly decided to use the silence to wig the sketchpad guy out a bit, and her gaze fell on him, forcing her smile further.

Then... Seahawks.

To be honest, Miranda didn't follow any sports beyond track and field. Heck, which one was that again? Football? There were a lot of things Miranda liked. Fashion trends. Gossip. The occasional video game and anime, though she'd never admit it. But to be frank, the only familiarity she had with football was when she ended up watching Eyeshield 21 that one time, and frankly, she was 99% sure that was far from accurate.

"Those are the football people, right?" she said.

Wow. She just made herself look dumb, didn't she? Here she was, confronting them about the fact she was sure that one of them took a picture of them with his phone, and now she didn't even know which sport the Seahawks played, or at least wasn't completely sure of that. And Seahawks, she was sure that was her own city. How could she forget that.

"By the way... we came here to ask you guys something" Miranda started.

Okay, the payoff. She kept her gaze on the sketchpad guy.

"A few minutes ago, we were out jogging, and we saw someone. We got kind of nervous and worried that they took a picture of us with their phone. See anything weird, guys?"

Her smile was genuine now. He had already started to look like a trapped puppy the minute they got over there. And it was amazing. She was sure he would need new pants by the time-

A small ringtone came from her pocket. Okay, what was it now?

"Uh... hang on. Sorry..." she mumbled, and fished her phone out.

It had better be good.



"Oh, yeah! I'll head over."


"No, it's fine, trust me."


"Just confronting someone who took a picture of me with his phone. Nothing major."


"Okay, I'll be over there."



Miranda hung up, and soon realized that they had just sat there watching to her talk to someone on the phone. Okay, why did they need to call her right at that moment? Especially so early in the morning?

"Okay, sorry. Just a friend called. I have to go now. I'll... I'll see you guys at school."

One more glance at Sketchpad Guy, just to wig him out.

"Especially you."

She waved at the group, and went off on her own way.

Now to deal with whatever issue her friend had. Hopefully it was something good.

((Miranda Millers continued in High Fashion, High Prices))

v5 Bitch Squad
Alright, it's been a long time since I've posted in here, and I'm sorry about that. I keep neglecting this thread. X_x

So, I have a personal request; anyone who would still be interested in this group, post here saying you are still interested. Just checking to see who is still in the group, is all!

Also, would you guys like to do a thread at some point? Any ideas?

Spooky Little Ghosties
Alex was immediately greeted by a hug from Claire, and she smiled a bit more. Seriously, it was good to see her too! Her and everyone else.

She thought that Corey's was a lot better than hers, to be honest. All Alex really did was paint cardboard and put glitter on it, get some cat ears and tail, and find a piece of fabric. Corey's? Corey's looked amazing. She wondered how he got it to look so awesome!

"Yours is awesome too, Corey!" Alex said, and saw what appeared to be... a robot made of cardboard?

She squinted a little bit. Wasn't that a TF2 thing? She tilted her head to the side slightly. Yeah, it was. Huh. Something recent with TF2, she recalled. Then it spoke.

Chuck! Yay! He had shown up!

"Hey Chuck!" Alex called out.

The kids went inside, and piled into the living room. Claire began to playfully mess around with Corey, saying that she was going to mess up his assassination attempt.

But hey. Killer Klowns may not have been an Oscar winner. Far from it. Still, though. Killer Klowns was awesome. How could you not appreciate alien clowns wrapping people up in cotton candy and drinking their blood? Only... god, she didn't know. Only someone silly would not appreciate that.

It got slightly awkward, however, when Ozzy kind of laughed at Chuck's costume. It was as if he didn't recognize it, and thought he was simply being lazy. Alex didn't exactly recognize it, but she had a basic idea of what he was trying to be.

"Isn't Chuck something from TF2?" she asked.

Right at that moment, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it" Bill called out, and she heard the door open.

"Hey Alex. This is another one of your friends, right?"

With that, Alex burst towards the door again.

"Hey Gray!"

So, not necessarily an away, but more of an apology for why I've been a slow poster recently

Lately, school and such has been kicking my rear. I have to write a short story or similar every other week in creative writing, I have to memorize a monologue or perhaps two for theater class, and as always I'm having trouble with math. Not to mention I'm trying to sort things out with my financial aid (seriously, they somehow believe I haven't been in California for over a year and a half and think I'm an out-of-state student), sorting out Virtua death stuffs, in the beginning stages of job searching once more, and other things.

I still otherwise have time to log in, of course. It's just that whenever I log on, I feel drained and... well, writer's block kicks my rear as well. Seriously. Maybe it's because of all the school and stuff, but it's getting really hard to post something these days for whatever reason. Possibly because when I post my mind continues to go "SCHOOLSCHOOLSCHOOLSCHOOLDOSHITSCHOOL". So, my apologies if I'm taking a while to reply to posts or PMs. I'm not ignoring you, just really "meh" and stressed out and somewhat busy and stuff.

So yeah. Sorry folks. I'll try to get something up soon enough, this week preferably. Even if it's just something like "Miranda kicked a puppy. It yelped. End post." XD

Pregame Tournament Final Roll Call
Lana Torres. Represent.

A Few Questions From The New Guy
Nope! You don't get PM'd for that!

What happens is, after you submit your profile for v5 proper a mod re-posts it after it's been approved in a subforum usually titled something like "V5 Character Roster". This new version contains your character's number, weapon, and in-character commentary from the terrorists.

For example, take a look at this profile for one of my v4 kids. Scroll down after all the meaty profile stuff, and you will see that the number (G010), weapon (syringe of glucagon), and commentary ("Happy biiiirthday to yoou, happy biiirthday to yoou, happy biiirthday dear woooorm foood, happy biiirthday to yoooou!") is all there, right at the bottom.

When a character gets killed or otherwise eliminated, it will say so both in the new thread and in the title, and it will be moved to "Deceased Students".

So yeah. All you need to do is look for that new, re-posted profile.

As for knowing whether or not you've been PM'd, just take a look in the upper-right corner. See that little envelope that says "Inbox"? Normally it says "0", but if you have PMs it will say how many you have. Just click it, and it will take you to your inbox! Pretty cool, huh? I believe also in Mini you get a notification as well.

And escape? Trust me. There is always a way. >:3

The Mafia Waiting List
Alright, I'm going for it.

One of these days. I shall host a Madoka Magica Mafia. It's still in development; I do have a basic idea of what roles there are and such, but I still need to figure out details. But yes, put me on the list for Madoka Magica Mafia that's currently in development. :3