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Introduction Thread

Yup, child murder is what we do here!

Check out the mini or chat if you want. The official chatroom's down right now, but the back-up is currently up and running.

Mini is also worth checking out. Unfortunately, the registrations for SOTF-TV have been closed, but there will be one open sometime in the future.

If you have any questions, talk to someone with a colored name! Those are mods. They don't bite. Regular SOTFers also don't bite either. We just write about people getting killed, is all. : D

Later, Buddy
Well then.

Seemed like he didn't want trouble either. Who did? Well, lots of people here, actually. He seemed to not want to deal with this, though. But, he expressed it by calling her little friend a "peashooter" and saying she had no chance in a fight because he could apparently run faster than she could load.

But, in any case, he wasn't looking to cause trouble, which was a good sign. At least, it looked like a good sign. If she just went the way he suggested, things would be okay, right? He didn't even seem to see her as something to be bothered with, but that was better than being something to practice using a sword on, right? Or a gun. Or 'something else. Either way, she was safe for the time being hopefully. Good, she wanted to get out of this clown-centric hellhole full of nutcases and serial killers, not end up with her guts used as silly putty or something. That was just her personal preference, but hey. It wasn't like something bad happened each time she came here.

Chase forced a smile on her face.

"Good. No trouble, th-then."

Well, might as well do what he said, then. Just head out, go look for Aston and Marty, and then... go look for Brendan, right? Go find those three. She had no idea what to do afterwards, but... she just had to look for them. Simple thing, really.

"I'll... I'll just leave, then."

Chase attempted to step towards the exit, and although she lowered it a little bit, she still left it in clear sight in her hands, just to "remind" Nick.. Even though he said he wasn't out for trouble, he could be lying or change his mind. In any case, she had to be careful until she left the fairgrounds. Maybe she could find Eiko at the old shack or something. Or maybe she'd run into Brendan...

But for now, she was leaving. Hopefully, she'd avoid the whole skull-cup scenario again. Her head didn't belong as a skull-cup. It belonged on her neck, like all heads. It didn't need to be severed and used for beverages, especially brain juice and blood. But, she was leaving. Hopefully nothing would happen.

And as if fate hated Anna Chase... something did happen.

Out of nowhere, someone appeared, and blitzed towards Nick, screaming as if in anger.


Before Chase could really react, she could see Nick thrust his sword towards him, and within the next second Marty... oh god...

He killed him.

There was no doubt about it. Nick killed Marty. Even from here, she could see his scarlet blood leaking from under his black and white shirt. He was dead. He... killed him. He just ran out and then Nick killed him. Why he did, she didn't know, but he did. But...

The smile forced onto Chase's face faded.

She... she was scared... and sad... and...

Chase lifted the crossbow towards Nick again.

"Don't... don't move!" she screamed.

Murderer. That's what he was. A killer. Just another one. Just another killer in the death fair on the death island. And he had hurt Marty. No, he had stabbed and killed him. And he was probably going to get her next. He was looking for trouble after all.

And she could only barely prevent herself from crying.

Could Have Been Worse
Oh, and as if things couldn't get chaotic enough?

DuClare vocalized a desire to leave. No, really. She was being scared off by all the chaos. Goody. And as if Jacquard couldn't make things more difficult.

God damn it, she should just get her ass out of here. Never come back, never see them again. And if she and Rob did something to those two, then she'd better wish that she'd never run into them again, as well. Aileen did not approve of people attacking members of the group, at all.

But, now Aaron was making plans to leave. Oh thank god. Any longer and Aileen would have thrown herself at Jacquard, with hammer at the ready. Some part of her wished to stick around and beat the crap out of her, but in the end common sense prevailed.

Sighing, Aileen grabbed her things and once again lifted the straps across her shoulder.

Well, she guessed they were going again, apparently. At least Jacquard wasn't planning on killing any of them, at the very least. But as she kept saying to herself, if it turned out Lily and Richard were dead... it won't end well. Of course it wouldn't fucking end well. That sort of shit pissed her off.

If only Aaron made sure to stick with the group this time.

Turning to DuClare, she tried to think of a few things to say, but the only thing she could think of was...

"Erm, come if you want", Aileen said quietly, still somewhat steaming from her rage.

Giving one last look at Jacquard, she wanted to say all sorts of things to her, but couldn't think of any that didn't involve smacking her across the face. She didn't want to see Jacquard ever again, even if they ever got off this shithole of a place and she was just another person.

So Aileen turned back around and followed Aaron, only-

She could hear Jacquard throwing a fit. Screaming, crying, everything. Calling Aaron a murderer, cussing them all out, and so on. Aileen's heart began to race faster as she heard bits and pieces of the rant.

Without warning, she picked up her pace.

Despite her own anger, she didn't want to be on the other side of Jacquard's in the end.

((Aileen Borden continued elsewhere))

What Could Have Been
My turn!

Aileen, the Happy Little Knight Templar
I already stated this on the wiki, but...

Like many characters, Aileen was going to be- you guessed it!- a player hunter. I was thinking of having her kill someone right at the start, freak out, decide that since she's already started killing she might as well not worry about that, and start playing. But, she'd usually attack other players, people who attack her, or clearly out of their gourd. Gambit had also wanted Aileen to kill Daniel, simply because "she was the only one who hated him", but I said I couldn't think of an IC reason why she'd randomly attack Daniel at least early on, despite his protests. But, ironically enough, hanging around Aaron prevented Aileen from going all "PURGE THE GUILTY!", at least for right now.

Aileen's Potential Kind-Of Death At The Hands of Bridget
As the extension of the above, back in pre-game Rocky and I thought of a way to kill Aileen off with Bridget. Aileen and Bridget run into each other, and start fighting. Bridget breaks Aileen's arm, and before Aileen could use her other arm, she breaks it as well, simply to prevent her from killing the FILTHY. Aileen proceeds to have a mental breakdown, at which point it is hinted at that she was acting all extremist was not because she feared death but because she was worried about someone going Jenson on her to the point of killing people to prevent it. Since she is now helpless, having her arms and god knows what else broken, she flips out. She screams at Bridget to finish her off, but Bridget simply leaves behind a gun and tells her that if she wants to die she could simply do it herself instead, basically refusing to mercy kill someone and leaving her behind. At this point either a) a third party pops in and decides to mercy kill her at her pleading, b) she gets stuck in a Danger zone, c) she figures out a way to kill herself despite her broken limbs, or d) one of the psychos she was precisely worried about comes in, messes with her, and kills her off. This is probably not going to happen in the future for obvious reasons.

Remy-Reiko Team-Up Funtimes
The reason why Remy and Reiko shared the same opening thread was because originally Rocky wanted Remy and Reiko to team up on the island. Yes, that means they were going to be killer buddies presumably, both flipping out over Reikadeath. The reason why it didn't happen was simply because Josée had also entered the thread and wanted a team-up, and he didn't see how a Remy-Reiko team up would work under those circumstances.

While we're on the subject, overall originally there was supposed to be a bunch of Remy-Reiko and Remy-Reika shiptease, but not much showed up in canon.

Happy Fun Twin Murder Time!
Oh, and Remy and Josée were supposed to be flat-out rivals in-game, but Sky changed his mind when he was writing Josée's opening post and decided that despite all the hatred that they shared against each other, Josée would try to make a truce with him. Not much to say here, other than we changed our minds.

One More Thing About Remy
How bad was his descend into paranoia supposed to be? Well, quick list of possible scenes I wanted to write with him to get an idea.

- Remy finds something to eat. Remy eats it. Remy starts to have stomach problems, and while it's most likely stress, malnutrition, or something along those lines, Remy begins to freak out, thinking someone poisoned him. So he forces himself to vomit so that the "poison" is out of him. In graphic detail.
- What the hell was his freaking out about Death (caused by Cisco's own ramblings of calling someone by that name) about? Originally Remy was going to eventually develop Capgras delusions and start thinking that everyone was being possessed/mind controlled/replaced by Kris Hartmann (who killed Reika) and/or "Death" (just Cisco's nickname for Joe Rios that he took way out of proportion, and apparently he thinks at one point is Kris). So, he'd basically think that someone had some kind of magical powers and was controlling random people to attack him specifically. Hey, he's crazy, it doesn't have to make sense for sane people.

Possibly others when I think of them.

Carol (Or Rein) Bitches Hermione Out And Gets An Easy-Bake Over The Head For It
This is all one you know by now. Hermione was supposed to die differently; act Stepford-y, get bitched out, hit someone over the head with an Easy-Bake, and gets a hail of gunfire. When it was brought up to me that Hermione was going to die in there, I said that Carol should be the one to do it, simply because she had just found out three of her friends were dead and another was killing people, so obviously her temper was going to be uncharacteristically short especially when it came to Hermione's type of antics. Selphie said that Sky wanted Rein to do it, so I said "Okay!". But Sky had mysteriously disappeared, I had no clue if I should have Carol be the one to bitch her out and get conked over the head after all, and eventually Hermione... took a different route, to say the least.

Chase's Descent Into Insanity
After the events of Break Up And Break Down, I kind of realized that although it had serious woobie potential, I actually wasn't fond of writing Chase as simply one who gets victimized. So, starting at some point around Day 2 or 3 I kind of decided I wanted Chase to do a heel-turn, so I can do something more interesting with her and the fact that Jon and Dawne were going to/had died left an opening of sorts. The reason why it never happened was simply because I never found the best spot to go "FUCK THIS SHIT I KILL YOU ALL BWUAHAHAHA". That, and Rocky tried to talk me out of it when I brought it up to him, saying that it was predictable (slightly timid acting goth girl with bizarre interests and is traumatized to pieces, who word of god states is based off a serial killer character?) and that he thought it was kind of OOC. So, on and off I've been going "Chase should go crazy. Chase shouldn't go crazy". So, whether or not you will see a psycho!Chase.... it depends. For now, though, I'll try my best to play the woobie hand I've been given with her, even flat out going "Yay! She's going to be traumatized again!". XD

Multiple Chase Nightmare/Hallucination Sequences
Somewhat tying in with the above, Chase was supposed to have some nightmares/hallucinations given to us in loving detail. Basically, they'd revolve a lot around bloody organs, caused in part by seeing Robert Lerger's corpse in all its... erm, glory. But they would have taken other forms, too.

Some of them would have been humorous however, like having a dream where she dances with Michael Jackson in Thriller, or having another where the Chase-Aston-Marty-Michelle-Joshua group were basically characters in a classic zombie movie.

Chase-Dawne-Rekka Plotline
I can't really say much about this one as of right now. But yes, Chase, Dawne, and Rekka were supposed to have a bit of a storyline going before Dawne blew herself up and Rekka went inactive and got handed off to T-Fox. Basically they were going to have a bit of interaction (most likely a team-up) on the island that would have most likely end in chaos. In fact, KARAS originally wanted Rekka to enter Break Up And Break Down, but the appearance of Gracie caused a change of plans. There's nothing much really to say about this one right now, as I said. Maybe I'll add more later when I get further into Chase's character development or when I remember something that I forgot about it.

Where Did I Want To Go With The Whole Crush Thing At First?
The crush thing? Well, my original idea I was going with it sometime around Chase being first submitted to pre-game was that she finds her crush on the first day, and a team-up starts. The crush (who most likely doesn't reciprocate it) offers to protect her out of courtesy, but Chase decides that it isn't fair to let him protect her all the time so she decides to protect him as well, out of her own crush and because she thinks it's fair that way. I liked it simply because it was a fun dynamic.

That, and I thought that randomly having crushes on people all the time but being unable to act on them was a fun character trait. The above was only an extension of it.

"You Could Get All Kinds Of Money If You Just Looked Into The Porno Business And Not Killing People!"
^ Chase's thoughts, spoken aloud, upon realizing she is being broadcasted all over the world. While changing clothes. Yes, her only reaction. And spoken at the camera. Don't ask why I wanted her to say something like that to the camera.

Carol Drowning Death
WAY before Rocky had kill rights on Carol (like back when she was first submitted to pre-game), a common joke was that Carol was going to land in water, freak out, start drowning, and die. I guess that's what I always presumed her death was going to be until Rocky said Reiko should strangle her. Nothing else needs to be said.

Carol-Marty meet-up
I also wanted a Carol-Marty meet up, as well. He even asked if he could show up in Missing Those Lost, which I agreed to. But they never interacted in game. Oh well.

I guess that's it for now. I don't want this to go on too long, do I? Eh, if I think of more, I'll think of more. There's probably some I've forgotten about, or the ones I do remember I was kind of foggy when remembering and messed up the details. Please remind me if you notice something I forgot to mention or screwed up the details. XD

Uh... I'm probably going to stick around... but....

I apologize for the delay in posting, and if my posts seem lackluster lately. I've been having personal problems lately, and although it won't affect me going online to post, it still has drained me quite a bit. I personally don't want to share what they are on a public forum, but yeah. It just occurred to me a few minutes ago to say what's up, and to apologize for the delays and such.

So yes. I'll try to at least get some posting done tonight. Sorry if you've been waiting on me.

Let's Play, Final Fantasy VI!

*proves Kyle right*

Edit- Wait damn it that's nine. Urm... A Cock for short, then.

Let's Play, Final Fantasy VI!

How about "Slut" or something improper like that?

After all, it's fun to name characters inappropriate things when the game prompts, just to see the results when people say their name. XD

The Sixth Announcement
And thus ends the story of Remy Kim

Sorry for the lateness. It was getting hectic in that thread. XD

((GMing approved by TDS))

Sarah wanted to look at the injuries?

But, that girl had attacked him! She had shot at him, made him bleed, he was losing blood... she didn't deserve to live! And she might have wanted to use the idea of patching them both up to get at him, to end him. Even someone like Sarah could turn out to be another psycho. He didn't want her to be, though. He didn't want to fight her too. She couldn't. And yet, deep down, he knew. Sarah was just another person here. She could be up to something. Right? Sarah Tan, turning against her old friend, the first friend she made at Bayview. Kind of poetic, in a way.

Remy, despite his blurring and dimming vision, gave her an odd look. Seriously. Why was she so enthusiastic about patching them both up? It made no sense. It made no sense... why did it have to be that she offered...

Yelling. And then... gunshots.

Remy found himself ducking towards the ground.

The rat-tat-tats blared in his ears, very louding and, along with him falling on his arm, made him wince. A gunfight? No, that wasn't it. Wait, yes it was! Holy shit, fucking Sarah! She had invited all sorts of sickos over! She probably was concerned about that girl because she was working with her! God damn! She... she was a liar. A manipulative bitch. She was trying to get on his good side.

Remy laid with his face towards the ground, not wanting to get up. He didn't want to get up. But he knew he had to. He lifted his head, and....

Sarah was crying. She was crying over one of the girls. Not the girl who had attacked him. He didn't notice this girl. This girl was somewhat punky looking... and Sarah was crying over her. And the girl... she was... she trying her best to comfort Sarah.

And before anyone knew it, the girl was gone. No more.

"Sarah...?" he asked again.

And at that moment, a veil that had been covering his mind had been removed. For the first time, Remy realized what was going on.

These kids were... they were... just like him. Scared. They had families too. They didn't want to fight, just like him. Sarah didn't want to fight. And that girl... she had befriended Sarah. Enough for her to cry over her. He didn't like it when she cried. Sarah was sad.

And then he remembered. He had tried to kill Cisco, and would have succeeded if he wasn't stopped at the last minute. He killed that guy with the rabbit. And that girl... she wasn't going to make it, was she?

Maybe... maybe he couldn't have done that?

He thought of how these kids had families. Just like... just like... him. Mom? She wasn't happy, that was for sure. And when his sister found out... she wasn't going to be pleased. She wanted them both to get off the island, not for one to run around stabbing people like a maniac.

And he wanted to avenge Reika.... but it wasn't what she would have wanted, was it? Reika, like Sarah, was a good person. She wouldn't have wanted this to happen to him, because of... because of her.

It was surprising, really, just how viewing one scene could open one's eyes. Although Remy Kim might one day have another episode of paranoia, for now, his eyes were open.

He didn't have to kill. Sarah... Sarah had managed to stay a good person. Even if she was the only one to stay good. Sarah had found a way. She was scared, but even in those few minutes... he could tell she saw the same Sarah Tan he met that day. She still cared. She didn't want to kill, did she?

And Remy became aware of his knife still in his hand, and his favorite baseball hat on the ground. He found himself pushing the knife away, and disregarding the hat. And, soon he was crawling on his knees and his one undamaged arm

He needed to talk to her. She was scared. He was too.

Just this once.


He took a gulp of air, and attempted to look at the girl.

"Sarah... I... I think I should... I can keep you safe... I've hurt people before.. but..."

Holy shit, he was crying. He felt sorry for a lot of things. Doubting Sarah, doubting pretty much everyone, being a... murderer. He knew it was harsh to admit, but there it was.

"I've done bad things here... but... I still have a chance... I still have a chance... don't I? I'm still Remy Kim deep down, right?"

He wasn't aware of Ericka Bradley pointing a gun at his head. But he smiled, a sad. tearful smile as best as he could given the circumstances.

He wanted to find Josée. She had said that she wanted at least one of them to come home, right? Josée... Josée was the better twin in the end. Mom probably liked her better right now. She wasn't a killer. She was a bitch, but she wasn't a murderer. Needless to say, she had won that argument fair and square.

And he wanted Sarah and Reiko to live, too. He had a chance. He could do the right thing, regardless of what he had done today. He still had his chance.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. You've... you've been a great fri-"

His train of thought and his speech had been interrupted by a bullet entering the back of his skull.

Male Student #080 Remy Kim- ELIMINATED

Later, Buddy
Time passed.

She didn't know how much time passed. Just a fair amount. But she was sure that it had been a while. Was it a few hours? Sure felt like it. It seemed as if the two girls mulled over Joshua Krakowski's death for the longest time.

And then, Aston spoke.

She was leaving...?

But, she couldn't leave! Chase had been all over the place for god knows how long looking for her! Eiko and Marty and god knew who else was probably waiting for them to come back! She couldn't run off again! She couldn't! She couldn't!

... She was WHAT?

She was... she was going to find his killers, track them down... and... and...

No. She wasn't. Aston wasn't going to do something so stupid. She wouldn't. That would be silly, tracking down some potential homicidal maniacs and doing god knows what. She didn't need to go for revenge! That was silly! Silly as... she didn't know... slicing into someone with a chainsaw and making their organs fall onto the ground...

"ASTON! Wait! Don't do something so stupid!" Chase cried out.

She attempted to follow her, but soon enough within minutes...

Chase was lost in the Fun Fair again.

Seriously, Aston had disappeared again. It wasn't good. She was about to do something stupid, and she might get hurt over it. That wasn't good. It wasn't good. Oh fuck, no. She could die and have something happen to her like getting shot or stabbed or beaten to death or something and oh god. She really was doing it and before she knew it she had lost sight of her again.

And Chase didn't want to stay in this hellhole. The fact that there was a carnival with games and clowns and god knows what was bad enough. But she still thought back to the first day, that horrible first day. She didn't want to relive it. She didn't want to be here. She didn't want to get robbed again.

She might as well focus on getting the hell out first-

... Who was that, over by the ticket booth?

Chase squinted, in an attempt to get a better look. Oh great, a sword. Someone who was armed, that was just what she needed right now. God damn it, what about the Fun Fair attracted so many lunatics? Yet another reason why she didn't want to be here. It was a magnet for the crazy. And Josh had already been killed by it. Fucking crazy magnets. How do they work, anyways? She probably didn't want to know the answer to that question.

And what's worse?

It was Nick Reid, a.k.a. a known killer. Goody. She knew Nick from before, sort of. And now he was here, doing god knows what. She found herself trembling once again. Nick Reid, and he didn't look so good either. Then again, how many people looked good by this point? But, the point remained. He was probably yet another psycho. And that wasn't good at all.

And then Chase did the only thing she could think of. It was illogical, but it was the only thing that came to mind.

She lifted the crossbow, and with trembling hands, pointed it at Nick.


There. He knew that she knew that she was there now. It wasn't the brightest idea, but she didn't care. At least no sneak attacks were going to occur. No one was going to sneak up on her again here. Hopefully he'd leave her alone and go on his way. And then she'd find Aston.

Could Have Been Worse
((Hey, guess what? IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. That's right, avoiding inactivity! : D))

Well, it looked like everyone hated Jacquard.

The only one who didn't snark or yell at her in some way was Milo, who, as always, had absolutely no clue. Instead, he simply asked if they could look for people at the gazebo, despite what Aaron had said. It was as if he shut his brain off whenever someone made little noises called "words" at him.

Aaron, however, went on some big speech about how Jacquard had probably sneaked up on her victim and killed her, and how he was the one with the gun. He was acting like he was the Big Sheriff Chief In Charge of Murderland or something. Only law here, huh? And he basically yelled at her saying that he was protecting people, unlike someone they knew.

Heck, even though she still didn't trust DuClare, they just needed Jacquard to run off and they can continue with business.

But Jacquard... oh boy... Jacquard...

Well, she was firing back. Of course she would fire back. It wasn't a good thing.

She pointed out essentially what Aileen had been yelling about minutes ago. He had shot someone and left Lily behind. Not only that, but she was sneering about it, acting like he had simply lost.

What if she knew what happened to Lily?

What if her suspicions were confirmed and Rob and Jacquard did something to her and Richard?

What if Lily and Richard were gone?

What if...

Oh hell, that just wasn't allowed. She probably did something to them, and then was using it to goad them on. Not good. She was gloating about something might have happened to Lily, and how he had ran off.

What. The Flipping. FUCK?!

Without warning, Aileen grabbed the hammer and stood up, seething and gritting her teeth.

"... Get out. Get out. Go away. Fuck off, and never return. Now. I mean it!" she screeched.

God damn, she probably did something to Lily, and then danced on over here to gloat about it and to use it to bait Aaron on. Fucking bitch! Aileen wanted nothing more than to smash that hammer straight into her face as of that moment. Of course, a shred of conscience was still there, but she was quickly getting angry. Jacquard could go fuck herself, for all she cared.


Pain. Blood. Pain. Blood.

Remy fumbled on the ground, searching for the knife. Oh god, where was it? Where was it? Some a-hole had shot at him, and he didn't know what to do. Oh fuck. He needed it. He needed it to defend himself. And they were probably going for him again.

Ah. There it was. His hand trembling, both from fear, anger, and blood loss, he picked up the switchblade with his undamaged right arm, and looked up. The douchebag with the chair had ran forward towards one of the other people, a girl. That was... that was who had shot at him, right? And suddenly...


The chair connected to the girl's head, knocking her to the ground. Remy slowly lifted himself off the ground as he watched the scene. She was being smacked over the head repeatedly. And, despite all the pain and blood coming from his arm, he ran forward.

She shot at him. She tried to kill him. She shot him. She wanted to kill him.

And before he knew it, it happened.

Within the next minute, he had stuck his knife inside her arm. Remy, with a bit of difficulty, removed the knife. That bitch made a horrible screaming noise. Damn it, she was loud! And she was only going to attract more psychos, more people that would attack him. It was completely inhuman, completely animalistic... and that face she was making... oh god...

Of course, to Remy, thanks to the amount of anger, his paranoid delusions, the pain and bloodloss, and of course fear he had, it sounded and looked... wrong. But to anyone else, they would realize she was crying for help and was in serious amounts of pain.

He moved to bring the knife down, but-

Someone was saying his name.

Who was it? No, couldn't be that sister of his, couldn't be the girl he was stabbing, couldn't be chair douche... who... who was it...

Reika? It was her, wasn't it? No, wasn't Reika. Not Reiko or that sister of his, either.

Remy looked towards the girl, squinting to get a better look.

"Sa... rah?"

Sarah Tan. Sarah, who he had met that day in tenth grade, and watched as she got ill over the frogs. Sarah, who was always there. Sarah, who was his friend. Sarah Tan. She was here.

She was here. She had seen everything.

She had seen how he had been shot at, and how that girl was responsible for it. She had seen him stab that girl. She saw it all.

"Sarah... that girl... she attacked me... I'm bleeding... and I don't want to... so I fought back... already fought once..."

In some corner of his mind, he was aware that he was still crying, from the pain. Of course it would be from the pain. His left shoulder felt numb after being shot, and he was sure he wasn't able to move it much right now.

But what if Sarah was like everyone else? Fucking crazy, fucking batshit, only thinking of killing everyone else? To be honest, the last person he wanted to be crazy was Sarah. But she was here. He had no clue what she was up to. She was here. She could be anything by this point. Everyone else had gone batshit...

The Sixth Announcement
Uh... I think the mods won't sympathize with me that much, but just in case...

May I have an extension? It took me a while to figure out Remy's death, and the thread he's currently in might be getting chaotic sometime in the future, and he still needs to kill off Glory first. Add in the fact that I've been looking at college stuff and just barely have been paying attention lately, and yeah.

As I said, I'm not sure if the mods will say yes, but I just need to explain what the hold up is right now just in case people start yelling at me. XD

Formatting Poll
Eh, I'd go for somewhere around bare minimun.

While I do abuse the shit out of italics and irregular line breaks when my characters are thinking...

Like so.

Over and over.

You know it. You've seen it.

.... Overall I don't go for the color stuff and general text stuff unless to be all "SO AND SO- ELIMINATED!". In fact, the only reason why I abuse italics and irregular line breaks is basically because it's how I type in general online. XD

And only once have I ever really songposted that I can recall (here). And the only reason why I did it was because 1) she was actually listening to music at the time, and 2) it was me trying to be funny and failing.

Though! I personally am a big fan of messing with the fourth wall and the medium the work was presented in. Sure, it can be tacky when not done well, but when it is done well it's awesome. As has been noted in the past, Richard Han's death was a good example of screwing with the medium. Having him fall out of one thread and into another made it awesome. You just have to know the exact best time to do that sort of thing, you know? Timing makes perfect if you plan on screwing with the fourth wall in some way, shape or form. But when you find the best moment? It's awesome.

The Sixth Announcement
Alright, I've made my decision.

Swapping Aileen Borden for Remy Kim.

Because, well, let's face it. Aileen's a lot more interesting than Remy right now. And unless I get hero'd after this post, someone has to die. XD

Any ideas on how we should get rid of him? PM me and we'll work something out.

((Eep, so sorry!))

Put the knife down?

Put the knife... down?!

And what? He would smack him over the head with a chair? Really. He didn't want that chair to be smacked over his head WWA style or something. Jesus. He was doing nothing to make Remy calm down. He was just sitting here, insulting him, and basically saying that he didn't stand a chance against him and calling him an idiot! Who did he think he was? Well, all psychos felt that they had that right to kill whoever they wanted.

Remy scowled. So this was it, then? Some psycho was telling him to put the knife down, even though he had encountered other psychos before including a guy who had thrown a sawblade at a girl and one who attacked him and saw rabbits. Of course he was going to be on edge, especially if there's a guy dragging around a chair and more people clearly coming in with god knows what. If it was something that could kill someone in five seconds, he was going to be fucked. No way a tiny little knife could defend him against something like a claymore.

"Look. I had already ran into one weirdo today. I don't need to encounter another" he spat, fuming. "I don't want to put the knife down. You and those other people are probably going to do something for all I know."

But before he could say anything else....

Remy let out a cry as a gunshot rang out, dropping his knife in the process. Oh god, what just happened? His arm... he instinctively grabbed it. His shoulder was getting wet... and it hurt... they shot him. They shot him and they were trying to kill him and they were ganging up on him and they were probably going for him specifically and-

Remy found himself crying, his tears running down his face. It hurt so much. And he was losing so much blood. Already he was starting to feel dizzy. Sure, as an athlete he was used to getting injured. But nothing like a gunshot wound. And they were probably going to swoop in to finish the job. That's what killers did. They would toy with him a bit before they finished him off.

He couldn't focus well right now, and the blood was leaking through the fabric of his jacket.

But... he wouldn't let them finish him off, right? Plus, they had to pay for that one.

So he had to find the knife, even in his state. Simply had to.

Later, Buddy
((Anna Chase continued from Amazing Journey/Sparks. Sorry it took so long!))

Oh... no...

Her search for Aston had lead her to one place she hadn't wished to return again.

The fairground.

That fairground.

She was here again. That fairground, that wretched fairground. The ferris wheel still towered over her. The stalls were still poised. The games were still up without people attending to them.

And even after everything she had been through, the memories of that first day still bubbled up. She could remember someone talking to her. Was it Lexie? No, Lexie wasn't on the trip. She had been lucky. But the rest was a blur in more ways than one. She could vaguely remember what happened though. Nancy had attacked her and stolen her things. And those two... those two... they just stood there. She didn't remember who they were, but they just stood there and argued. She had been blind and terrified and she remembered how Nancy had pulled and tugged at her hair and the roar of machinery and the organs and-

Chase absentmindedly massaged the back of her head. The pain had long since dulled, and her mind didn't want to remember. But the vague memory of what had happened remained. She didn't want to remember. But there it was. For a few minutes, Chase looked like a deer in headlights.

It had felt like she had just ran out of the fairground just minutes ago after seeing Robert's remains. Obviously she hadn't, but it still felt that way. So here she was. Trembling and shaking right at the entrance of the fairground.

She didn't want to be here.

She didn't want to be at the fairground.

No no no no no no no no no no no.

She took a deep breath.

Okay, check to see if Aston was in there, and scurry on out once she'd checked everything. Quickly now. She didn't want to linger here. Chase grabbed the remaining bag and crossbow from off the ground where it had been rested and held tightly as she hesitantly stepped further into the fairground.

She could defend herself this time, right? She was armed. People like Nancy weren't as able to get her, were they? She could fight them off. She didn't want to die, after all. Did she? Not that much, at least. But she had to be careful. Keep a tight grip on that crossbow and bag. Keep an eye out for psychos like Rasputin and Nancy. She just had to be particularly careful here. If she found Aston, great, drag her out and bring her back to the shack as soon as possible. If not, she'd look elsewhere.

Besides, she had to continue looking for Aston. Her arm was hurt, and not only that, but she had the gun again. Why did Chase let her have it again? If she knew any better, she wouldn't have given it back to her! God knew what Aston was going to do with it if something happened!

Chase took another deep breath. And another.

God damn, why did she have to be here? Hopefully she won't be here for long, and was just passing through. Hopefully.

And suddenly, gunshots. Chase practically jumped at the sound.

Nancy? Rasputin? No, they'd be long gone by now. Screaming? Oh hell yes. Someone was getting shot. Oh no, obviously that wasn't good. Of course it wasn't fucking good! Some psycho was nearby doing god knew what! God fucking damn. This whole thing... this wretched place...

The gunshots continued as she froze in place once more, eyes wide open. After a while, they stopped completely.

She shouldn't look to see what happened. She shouldn't stay.

And yet, curiosity got her. It got her good.

Heart pounding in her chest, she approached the direction of the sound, only to find.... Aston. Yes, she had found her! But why was she crying? Why was she so upset? What just happened?


Chase approached the girl, only to see a sight up in front of her. At first she couldn't recognize what was wrong with the carousel. If she was in a better state of mind, she would have recognized it straight away. But she had to look at it for a few seconds. There was a splash of red on it, like... oh god. She saw it now. It wasn't him, it was... it was an it. No, he had to still be alive, right? Maybe he was simply injured or that was someone else's blood and he was just exhausted.

"Oh god... Aston... what... what happened?" Chase murmured quietly, staring at the scene.

Did Aston do that to him? She couldn't have. Sure the group had been chaotic, but she wouldn't have actually done that. But she had been upset at him and Marty earlier. She might have. It wouldn't be improbable, right?

And so Chase continued staring at what was left of Joshua Krakowski, her crossbow pistol shaking in her right hand.

Maybe there was a chance he was still alive. Maybe that's why she was upset. She didn't know how to save him, right? No, there was too much blood. And it was all coming from the head.

So he was... gone then, right? No... not him...