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Introduction Thread
Ironically I probably know more about Sonichu, but I'm fine with that xD

Yeah, he probably does, actually. Me, I just sit back and watch the insanity. Dom probably knows a TON more about it. XD

Anyways, welcome, Vinny! *tackle* <333

Let the Dance Begin!
Aileen removed her hand from her face, and she was... well, she was taken back at this guy's expression of guilt. Did... did she make him feel bad? Damn it! She was expecting him to be all "Well, sucks to be you", or "Why are you shouting at me?", or even "Oh, ooookay", not that little expression of guilt. It seemed as if she had just told him it was his fault people were starving on the street or something.

However, before she could really say anything, reason #21091 why Aileen Borden hated her name started. As the violin melody started, she saw that he had this... strange looking expression on his face. What was that, a smile? Probably, though it looked like the awkward kind people make when they are embarrassed and trying not to look like it. Sadly, he was doing a horrible job of it. In fact, it looked like he was in pain, not trying to make things better.

So, his name was Daniel. Ah, so at least she knew his name, right?

But... she still felt kind of bad. Why did she have to go embarrass him like that? It was a really stupid move. She really should have just shut her mouth and listen to the thing, not... do whatever she's doing.

Wait, outside? Honestly, Aileen did not want to embarrass him any further. So, it was probably best to just... leave him alone for a bit. Probably. Aileen did not know much about how to deal with her peers, but it seemed the best thing to do.

Staring down at the floor, she said "No. It's alright. Just... be careful in the future."

Suddenly looking up, she gave him one last look, and quickly turned around, stomping away as best as she could in heels (she borrowed them from her mother). Dang it, she could not have an interaction with her classmates that did not end in awkwardness, could she?

As she placed herself back in her previous seat, Aileen unscrewed the cap of the bottle, and tried her best to listen to the song she hated so much. Oh well. Might as well try her best to listen to the damn thing.

((Aileen Borden's prom continued here))

Offering Free Artz
Oh, sorry!

May I have traditional, please? I'd like that.

Offering Free Artz
May I request Anna Chase, please?

I personally don't mind whatever background you draw, actually. But, if I must choose, theeeeen... have her listening to her iPod while sitting at a desk of some kind. She does that all the time, listening to that thing, and tries to sing along, horribly. XD

Introduction Thread
Hey Mel, welcome to SOTF-



... Anyways, welcome. Hope you enjoy, heh heh. <3

The Questions Game
Question: What one food would you like to treat as an 'emergency ration', a food that you keep around the house just in case?

Aileen- I don't understand this question. Are you talking about "There's a tornado, run before it takes us to Oz" type emergency rations, or are you talking about "There's no other food in the house and I'm starving" type emergency rations? I'm going to take a gamble and guess its the latter. Let's just say that there's always salad in the fridge at home.

Carol- How about granola bars? Always a pick-me-up, right? I know they seem kind of rabbit-foody, but they actually taste good.

Chase- I always keep a bit of yogurt in the fridge...

Remy- I'm going to have to go wiiiiiith.... well, Life Cereal. It's actually pretty fun to eat.

Question: If you ended up fighting someone to the death, and the people running the thing allowed you to choose your weapon, what kind would you choose?

The Dance Must go on!
((Carol Burke continued from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun))

"Ah, shucks! We arrived late!"

Carol tore off her shades dramatically, as she surveyed the dance hall. Some people were already dancing like maniacs, while others... well, Sammy was now tossing herself at Mr. Kwong, clearly taking her time to fangirl over the man. Carol chuckled to herself, shaking her head. Then, she spoke, answering Aislyn's question.

"Well, I agree. Let's get this party started, yes? But first, to make a request!"

Running towards the DJ's table, she soon enough was staring at the list. For some reason, it contained a lot of stuff from before she was even born. The DJ seemed to be aware of this, judging by the words now scrawled on the paper; "PLEASE CHOOSE MODERN DANCE MUSIC- DJ". She chuckled to herself again, out of amusement. She almost had the urge to make her request "Take On Me" or whatever it was called, but... got to give the DJ something a little more modern.

But, one of the songs she had in mind was from the 90s. On the other hand, to her credit, she was alive when it came out. And so, Carol grabbed the pen, and wrote "Will Smith- 'Men In Black'". To be honest, the suit she was wearing made her want to play that. And, to give the DJ a little more hope, she then made another request, this time "Rihanna- 'Umbrella'". There, she hoped that helped. It was a song that had to be played at every school dance these days, and if it hadn't played yet, it soon will. And Carol had to make sure that happened.

Seeing the rest of the group walk over to the dance floor, Carol ran over to them. Placing her sunglasses back on, once again dramatically, she gave off her biggest grin.

"Alright, let's do this!"

And so, Carol tried her best moves. To be honest, she wasn't a very good dancer, and likely, by the end of the evening, she would either be tripping on something, knocking someone over, or both, but just because she wasn't that good and kind of clumsy didn't mean that she couldn't have fun, right?

The Questions Game
Question: What is, in your opinion, the worst crime somebody could ever commit?

Aileen- Personally, I think it's rape. Sure, murder's bad and all, but let's talk about rape. Basically, you've given someone intense psychological damage for the rest of their lives, that is difficult to recover from. They will have to deal with the stigma of victim blaming and such, the emotional problems that can occur with friends, family, and significant others, negative self-perception, and so many things. Rape is definitely one of the worst things, if not the worst, you could possibly do to one person. And people joke about it like it's no big deal... urgh.

Carol- Jaywalking! Nah, I'm joking. Murder. Definitely murder.

Chase- How about serial murder? Read about it on a website once... gave me nightmares... sure, I watch all those sl-slasher movies, but to know there are people like that... Shudders

Remy- Abusing a child, or anyone else who is supposed to depend on you in some way. Yup. No need to explain here...

Question: What are your thoughts on robots?

The Questions Game
QUESTION: Who is your celebrity crush?

Aileen- I'm not telling you! Glare

Carol- Oh god... Johnny Depp...

Chase- Ah... um... there's a l-lot of good, attractive men out there in Hol-hollywood... I have to pick one?

Remy- Um... Halle Berry?

Question: If you could be any sort of "scary" monster (vampire, zombie, werewolf, etc.), which one would you be?

The Questions Game
Question (from Jimmy): Favorite news channel: MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, or Daily Show/Colbert Report? Why so?

Aileen- ... What Jimmy, and why is he asking us questions now, too? Anyways, I prefer to read the newspaper. There.

Carol- I don't really pay attention to the news, beyond what people tell me. Honest!

Chase- I... I l-like to check my n-news online, actually. Th-though... my d-dad works for the local n-newspaper, so sometimes I look for the pho-photos he takes when it comes o-out.

Remy- Eh, just go with whatever, actually. It's all news in the end.

Question: What would you do if you were trapped in the closet with your worse enemy? And it was because you were playing Seven Minutes In Heaven at a party?

What Inspires Your Characters?
Let's see now...

Aileen's basic personality came first. For some reason, I wanted to make a character who fit the anime stereotype of a "tsundere" personality. Basically, that means they act angry, cold, aggressive, and harsh initially, but later a nice side comes out, often, but not always, due to romance. Yeah, I know, I'm a horrible weeaboo for inserting a tsundere character as my first submitted character. But, I went ahead and analysed the concept a bit, to figure out what people who fit that description are like in the real world, and thus Aileen's basic personality and backstory was born. In other words, she acts "tsundere" because she expects people to be mean to her, in a way, and... is kind of insecure about that.

Also, she's a bookworm because I thought that it suited her somehow. I liked the idea of someone making a snarky comment without even looking up from their book, really.

Carol? I kind of wanted to make an androgynous looking character, but didn't know how to make their personality. So I made it a tomboyish teenage girl, and started work on her profile. But, as I worked on it, I found that I was getting annoyed with her, because it seemed as if she would do things because other people did, and did not have any motives of her own. Eventually I figured out how to fix this; make this an explicit character trait, of course. So, I decided to make her a hyperactive teenage girl, that believed in the power of friendship and listening to your friends, and yet didn't realize just what kind of story she was in. Plus, it helped that most characters in SOTF, for some reason, are... kind of angsty. I wanted this one to be happy-go-lucky, very energetic, and pretty much loves everyone. I know they're teenagers, but they don't all have to be angst-bombs from the start.

And Chase! I bet you guys might find this worse than the whole tsundere thing, buuut... she's a partial clone of one of my other, non-SOTF characters. The original character had... issues. I'm not talking Aileen-type issues, but more "It's fun to kill things" type issues. Yes, the original character was a freaking homicidal maniac. Have fun with that mental image, kiddies! Basically, I was bored each time I opened Word, and wanted to make a version of the character that was a good guy and not at all crazy (at least at first), and I also wanted to see what the character would be like in a realistic setting. Eventually, I turned her into a horror movie fangirl, among other things that deviated from the original character. By the time the thread "Food For Thought" was over, she bore little resemblance to the original character.

Also, two fun facts. One, originally she was going to be an avid watcher of the previous SOTF broadcasts, but after a discussion in Chatzy, decided to remove this, due to the fact that I felt I couldn't pull it off. Second, her name was almost "Beatrice Chase", but I decided on Anna Chase instead, having her go by her last name. But, I'm working on a Pokemon Infinity character by the first name of Beatrice, as of this time of writing.

And now Remy. Sky wanted someone to make twins with him, that wanted to kill each other. I volunteered, and we both came up with Remy Kim and Josée Trembley. I already had ideas for a male character churning in my head at this point, anyways. For example, I kind of wanted to make a rail enthusiast, just because it sounded fun. I kind of wanted to make him a bit of a dork, in my own words, and Sky said that I should make him a mama's boy. A good portion of the twins' backstory was Sky's idea, but the twins' individual personalities are their own handlers'. At first he was just going to be a drama geek who liked taking pictures of trains, but I didn't like one of his old advantages. After a while, I just said "Screw it, we need more athletes", and gave him an interest in baseball.

Also, the reason why he's into conspiracy theories is, admittedly, because I had been looking through Vigilant Citizen lately, after someone here linked to it. I thought the idea of someone reading about how Danya is a member of the Illuminati would be funny, for some reason. Yeah, I'm easily amused, I know. XD

So, there they are. I come up with some strange ideas sometimes...

Looking at Stars is Still Romantic Right?
Well, he needed to study for his test anyways, so he needed to get home, too. Sounded good to her.

As Jon grabbed the food and cooler, she grabbed the blanket, folding it up the best she could. Well, she wasn't going to sit back and let him do all the work, really. Chase just... wasn't that type of girl.

Placing it in the back of the car, she then went to the front passenger side, and placed herself down in the seat.

Well, was this date a success? Depends on what you call "success".

On one hand, he seemed interested in her. After all, he didn't seem to hate her, or go with her simply out of pity. Heck, he even wanted to be a couple. On the other, she wasn't sure if she trusted him that much yet. For all she knew, he could turn out to be... well, a douchebag to her. Would someone with more experience in dating please tell her the answer? It was still up in the air, after all. Plus, the whole thing seemed... awkward, to say the least.

Perhaps... she could ask Lexie or Brendan? Or possibly both? After all, she was sure that they would have more information that would help her. They probably didn't know everything, but it was worth talking to them about it. They were her friends, after all, and should know what's up, at the very least.

Sighing to herself, Chase then forced a smile as best as she could.

"Well, let's head home, yes?"

((Anna Chase continued elsewhere))

Horrors From Beyond
But, they didn't seem to leave.

They were dwindling after all, huh? Dang. Aileen, you are an idiot, she thought. Then again, perhaps they felt that something needed to be done. Like... what?

Oh! She... wants her phone number? Aileen had a phone on her. But, should she give it out? What if Melissa turned out to be a prank caller? Oh wait. She gave out her own phone number too, first. Ah, so she would have to tell Melissa her phone number.

"Uh... sure, I guess" she said, placing her taking out her own phone from her bag, and inputing Melissa's phone number into the phone very quickly. "Now... here is mine. It is..."

She then placed her phone back, and took out a pen and notebook. Writing her phone number down with her full name on a blank sheet of paper, Aileen then ripped it out, and lifted it out for Melissa to take.

Wait, what was the time?! She quickly took her phone out again, and looked at the clock setting. Damn it. Time to go already? Her mom was expecting her home any time now. Yup, anytime soon. So, time to go out and head back home, then?

Flipping her phone closed, she then placed it back into her bag, lifting the box once more.

"Well... looks like I should head home. Mom's probably expecting me any time now", she said. "I guess I'll see you at school?"

And so, Aileen headed out of the store, and, soon enough, was in the elevator again.

Well, that wasn't so bad. She got a prom dress, and, oddly enough, she got it with the help of a classmate. How strange things were indeed. Aileen Borden, having a conversation with a classmate that didn't result in one person leaving in a huff.

Let's just hope prom will be fun, yes?, she thought, leaning against the side of the elevator.

((Aileen Borden continued in La ignorancia es atrevida))

The Questions Game
Question: What is your favourite movie and why

Aileen- .... Spice World.

What? It's a guilty pleasure for me, alright? Don't judge.

Carol- I liked that Iron Man movie, does that count?

Chase- Um... I l-like things made by Alfred Hitch... hitch... hitchcock. And I like the Bela Lugosi version of Dracula-a. And I liked Perfect Blue, t-too. I generally like horror, act-actually.

Remy- Hmmm... I guess I'll go with the recent adaptation of Sweeney Todd. I've actually been wishing the school would do the play version, after all.

Question: Who in the school scares you the most, in any way?

Looking at Stars is Still Romantic Right?
Jon seemed to fidget, and then buttoned his shirt back up. He seemed almost as embarrassed as she was! Of course he should be awkward; he was the one who exposed his chest while asking her what she wanted, after all. That was about the most awkward combination of actions and words ever, that she could think of. But, apparently it was hot. It didn't seem so hot to Chase, though, and she was wearing mostly black.

What if he really was the type to use her as a sex doll- NO STOP THAT.

As the awkwardness continued, he then asked her about movies. Movies? Yeah, movies. Well, Prom Night just came out, as he pointed out. She... hadn't actually seen it yet. But, according to some of the reviews, it wasn't that good. Perhaps she could rent it, and watch it on DVD instead? Perhaps.

"Ah... haven't seen it. Ac.. according to the reviews, some crit... crit... critics don't find it very good. I'm thinking about getting it on... DVD, if you catch my drift. But... yeah... I like scary movies..."

As she looked up at the stars yet another time, she suddenly had a thought. What time was it? How long had they been there? Were her parents worried? After all, they seemed kind of concerned back at the house. Were they expecting her home about now?

At that thought, suddenly she jumped up on her feet.

"Jon! My parents... they should be expecting me h-home any minute now. Should... should we h-head back? I don't... w-want to worry them."

Looking at Stars is Still Romantic Right?
"Uh... um..."

Dang! He really did feel obligated to. After all, he wanted to know what she would like. Oh dear. Now what? Well... what could she say? Chase didn't really want anything in particular. He could find something nice, if he wanted. But, Chase would feel REALLY bad if it turned out to be something pricey, like... well, she didn't know. Like expensive jewelry or clothes?

Dang dang dang. She needed to think. Chase paused to herself to think of a reply.

Eventually, she spoke.

"Erm... ah.... again, y-you don't have to get me anything. But... if you see something n-nice, that you think I might like, feel free to. I particularly like things that are fairly d... dark."

God, she sounded pathetic here, with not only her trademark little stutter, but what exactly she was saying. Dang, could she spend one second not sounding like Max Headroom? A dorky Max Headroom? And it didn't seem like the stuttering or awkwardness was going to get better in any way. Sure, she could practice speaking all she wants, but the stuttering awkwardness was going to return the next day, just like that cat in that song. It wasn't fair how some people were able to talk normally without concern, really. Chase hoped that one day, she could be just like them, but she had a feeling that day would never come.

And.... just to make things more awkward...

Jon promptly unbuttoned his jacket, and then his shirt.

Was he... was he... trying to "entice" her, if that's the best term? Sure, he said it was hot, but what if it was an excuse? Normally, Chase would ogle all she wanted at a man's bare chest, due to how much she liked men in general, but once again, she felt shy, and started staring down at the blanket. What if he really did want to use her as a living sex toy until he found something more interesting? What then? What would happen if...

No! Don't think about that! It was a horrible thought!

But... she had to ask...

Feeling her cheeks get warm from blushing again, she tried several more attempts at speaking. When she finally was able to speak, Chase got the words out.

"Are you... trying to f-flirt with me? Kinda sorta?"

There. Not too straightfoward, not too accusatory, not too ambiguous. Now let's see how Jon reacted.

Safety in Numbers
I volunteer both Anna Chase and Carol Burke!

This doesn't actually interfere with what plans I have in mind for Chase, actually. Plus she's small, emotional (though she won't admit it) and seemingly kind of timid (complete with a stutter!), so Simon might jump to her defense, possibly.

And Carol, I don't have too many plans for, since she's about the most neglected of my characters. But, she's a hyperactive girl that believes in the power of friendship a bit too much, which is both an advantage and disadvantage. She would love to be on Simon's side.

Well, look through both of their profiles, their past posts, and anything else, and tell me if you're interested in either of them! I won't mind if neither will work, really. I'm just tossing those two there.

Looking at Stars is Still Romantic Right?
Scripting writing, eh?

"Sounds fun", Chase remarked, opening the can and taking a sip of her own drink.

So, if/when he ever struck in big in the the industry, she should look into his work, huh? She wondered if he had already begun to write scripts for practice. If he had, could he one day show her them?

And, well, Chase didn't know much about astrology, either. Heck, she didn't even know her sign! She believed it was a Taurus or Gemini or Cancer or... something. Dang, she should really look that up when she got home. Maybe see what her horoscope was for the day? Sure, why not?

Wait wait wait. It was his birthday?! Why didn't he say anything? Of course, she was just some girl, but somehow she didn't know. God, she was an idiot. Either that, or he simply didn't tell her or anyone else. Well, she had to congratulate him, now or never.

"Well, happy late birthday", she said, a small smile once again forming.

Now he wanted to know when her birthday was. Well, might as well tell him, right? Right right? Good idea, then.

"Ah... my b-birthday... I'll be 18 on the day of... erm... the trip..."

Another pause came from her. Uh oh. What if it came off as her begging for gifts or something? That would be bad, and extremely unattractive. And so, she spoke again.

"But... um... youdon'thavetogetmeanythingifyoudon'twantto!", she blurted out very quickly, raising her hands in front of her and waving awkwardly.

Dang dang dang... what if he felt obligated to? Chase felt kind of bad at the thought. He didn't need to spend so much money on her, especially since she was already probably going to get a ton of gifts from friends and family anyways. She didn't know how many, but who knew? Overall, she didn't want him to get her anything unless he wanted to. It wasn't mandatory, after all.

Looking at Stars is Still Romantic Right?
Math test? And just after prom?

Bummer! Chase had recently done a math test, and it sucked. She was pretty sure she passed, but that didn't mean it didn't get on her nerves. What's worse is, a lot of things you learn about math most people don't need. But, it was school, and sometimes people really did need to know how to use certain math skills. Chase knew that very well. And it was good to see that he would be happy just being with her.

But, also he wanted to graduate and go to college, obviously. Of course he did, it was a good thing he wanted to do that. If he didn't, there... was probably something wrong about him, admittedly. And the trip! The trip was going to be fun. Chase had forgotten for the moment where exactly they were going, but she remembered the date, due to it falling under another important date. Namely, her 18th birthday. Her parents didn't really want her to go for that reason, because they wanted to celebrate it at home. But, after a bit of pestering, they let her, saying they would celebrate it when she got back.

It was strange, thinking about a special school event that happened to be scheduled on your birthday, and your 18th, at that! It was almost as if some force above wanted interesting things to happen the minute she officially stopped being a teen, and started being an adult. But, actually, now that she thought of it, was she already an adult, or was she still going to be a teen, even when the trip had started?

As she took a large bite of her sandwich, Chase continued thinking about this. An adult, and yet a child... yup, the typical American teenager, lost between the two. It sounded corny, and, to be honest, it was kind of a cliche. But, it was a true cliche.

After swallowing, she spoke again.

"Ah... because I was just thinking... the stars... some people say they t-tell the future, r-right? I p-personally don't believe that, but it's an interesting thought... your entire life. Mapped by stars. They apparently know everythi-ing about your future."

A pause. Chase went to think a bit more about what she wished the stars had to say, and soon opened her mouth, her gaze still transfixed at the sky.

"I h-hope the stars have something nice to say about me, if they really can. I... I'm planning to graduate, go to college, and become a teach... a teacher. It's the only job that-at sounds like something I could do, you know?"

God, she prayed that Jon was following this conversation, again. She really did not want to explain the concept a bit more than she needed to.


So yeah. Also now swimming in tons of assignments.

I'll still pop into Chatzy and the forums, just to check things out if/when I take a break, but I'll probably won't be seen much this week. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. I'll probably be back once the week is over, though, don't worry.