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NAFT's lyric prompt event thing based off of Hamilton.

... Please? O:

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
“Hey wait-“

Too late, Amanda was leaving too. And it didn’t look like Lucilly was coming back. The mess got worse. As if everything couldn’t get worse.

Emma stood up. And did what intuition told her. It was also what Jaime echoed.

She quickly slid her boots back on. Grabbed her bag. Ran out the door.

“Hey, wait!”

Emma ran out the door, but Amanda broke into a sprint. And, more importantly, she was faster. Emma wasn’t that athletic, but Amanda, a soccer player? Was. This was quickly proven when, after a few feet of running, Emma’s legs numbed. A foot later, and she fell onto the wet dirt.

Shaking, she lifted herself by her arms. Emma spat out some dirt from her mouth. Her glasses were falling down her nose, and her legs wouldn’t budge.

Amanda has just… she’d just left them. Lucilly, too. Kaitlyn had killed someone, Nancy and Isabel were still out there, her other family and friends were still fighting, still dying, and they hadn’t resolved a thing. They were still stuck here, and everyone around them was still dying. And Emma had been so stupid. She’d let Amanda take the lead. But was that even a good idea?

Everything was falling apart around her, and she hated it.

She hated it.

Emma made a sobbing noise. But, no more came from her mouth. Her legs slowly unnumbed. She slowly, but steadily, surely, lifted herself off the ground.

Then, she took a few hesitant steps.

Those steps became a jog.

((Emma Luz continued in ... Lose a Hand))

Resource Thread
A Complete List of High School Classes, found by Brackie.

Enjoy. : D

MW's Lyric-Based V7 Character/Trait Prompt Atrocity
May I?

V6 Fourth Announcement
Junko experienced the ultimate thrill.

Idiot Launch
All of Junko’s focus was on the bat, and the sight of it crashing down onto his chest, the sound of it hitting flesh. That was the only thing she could think of. It felt like the bat was not moving quickly enough. Too slow. That was irritating, on top of all the other irritating shit. Why was it so slow?

But she did see Jeremy move. Saw Jeremy pick something up. It looked metallic, or something? But it was in the backlog of everything else. She didn’t pay attention. Instead, the bat went down another time.

Suddenly, a cracking noise happened. Fireworks? No, too close. And her chest hurt-


Oh fuck.

She’d forgotten Jeremy had a gun, didn’t she?

The bat slid out of her fingers. She felt dizzy, and breathing was hard. Junko made another noise. She had no damn clue if that was nervous laughter or something else entirely either. Just that, holy shit, he’d shot her. Maybe she’d underestimated him, kinda. Maybe he was just waiting for the right moment.

She fell to her knees, making a coughing noise as she did so. Her mouth tasted like copper. Junko reached up, clutching her hand to her chest. Somewhere, under her favorite hoodie, the one that’d been through all sorts of hell, there was a slowly forming warm, wet spot. He really did. He’d shot her.

Then, she fell to her side.

This was it, then? Well, not like Junko believed in an afterlife. Never really cared, to be honest. Whenever that came up, she’d always thought it was better to worry about stuff that was happening now, rather than some reward she was supposed to get in, dunno, Heaven or something.

It didn’t hurt though, did it? The wound, she meant. Endorphins, adrenaline, they were probs doing their job numbing it. It felt like he’d just hit her with a fist, instead of shooting her. But he did. She’d seen it, heard it, felt it. In fact, it felt like those little things that buzzed around your body, that dulled pain a bit, that she’d been craving her entire life, were working overtime right now.

Was it weird to say it felt nice?

Probs, yeah. Nobody enjoys getting murdered. But Junko did feel… well, giddy. It was a stronger high than any weed, hell, any adrenaline rush she’d gotten. It reminded her of what it felt like to run an event during track, or to get some air when rollerblading, or learning how to vault properly. Hell, she even felt a bit of it when she started playing horror games about haunted animatronics. Only this was stronger. More intense. Maybe that was why she wasn't freaking out.

She didn’t know if Jeremy was still here. If he’d gotten away, if he was preparing to shoot again, or what. He probably was, though.

No hard feelings, to be honest. As much as she wanted to, y’know, live, at least she went down fighting. Just like she wanted.

Junko lifted one arm, and raised her head some. She was smiling. It seemed like the most blissful smile she’d ever given someone. Her bloodstained hand became a thumbs up. Then, it loosened and lowered.

She closed her eyes.

Then, she stopped moving.

Some people would call this a tragedy. However, for someone like Junko Kurosawa? You couldn’t have anything better.

Female Student #G041 Junko Kurosawa- ELIMINATED

Idiot Launch
Junko slammed the bat into him another time. Then another. Yet another. Another still. She lost count. It seemed like a slower rhythm than the blood rushing in her ears. And yet, she kept going.

But eventually, he said something.

Junko. Stop this. Please.

For a moment, the bat stopped. Junko’s blood was still pumping and burning under her skin. But he- Jeremy- had looked her in the eye. He seemed genuinely afraid, shocked even. Well, this is what he wanted, didn’t he? Someone who’d… who’d… finish the job. No, was that what she wanted? But…

The bat, for a second, seemed foreign, like a limb grafted on to her body where it shouldn’t. But it soon felt just as familiar as it did before. She shook her head.

"I can’t… you should…”

Her voice came out quiet, almost embarrassingly meek. But her blood rate went up again. It felt like some sort of strange track event.


Junko shook her head again. Her mouth curled even more. Her eyes, still hidden behind her sunglasses, grew misty. She made a noise. Laughter? A whimper? Who knows? That familiar feeling of adrenaline, it was difficult to let herself calm down. But she couldn’t. Didn’t want to. It was what seemed natural. That bloodrush, that’d been with her for most of her life. It seemed more comfortable than dealing with the reality in front of her.

Jeremy’s reluctance to fight back only made it worse. He was still acting moralistic. He'd given up, then. He wasn't even going to fight back. He wasn't going to do something, even crawl away. She hated him. A small voice in the back of her head told her that was horrible, but she pushed it away. She hated how he made her feel this way.

"No," she repeated.

Her lips curled further. The blood continued rushing. Junko, even in her rage, was aware of her loud breathing.


Her grip on the bat was like a vice.

"Watch this!"

The bat swung down another time.

V6 Fourth Announcement
Hey, I know this might be annoying, but I was wondering if I could have another day, to be on the safe side?

I have my exam today, but I might need some time to unwind from anxiety afterwards. We're getting ever so closer to getting Junko dead, so hopefully I won't need it. But, again, safe side.

Idiot Launch
Jeremy fell to the floor with a loud clatter. He didn’t even make a move to defend himself. Somehow, that made Junko feel worse. Had he even given up that much? Did he expect this? Who cares. All Junko cared was that she was pissed. He just came here, acting like she was just going to die pointlessly. Like nothing she did, nothing she’d tried, absolutely nothing mattered.

Everything blurred, dimmed, grayed out. Her heart beat was racing in her ears, making it hard to hear. Junko couldn’t think. Didn’t want to. And yet, everything seemed clear at once.

She went for another swing.



“Do something-“


“Come on-“

This time a kick.

She didn’t realize it in her adrenaline rush, but she was showing all of her teeth.

Idiot Launch
Oof, her bag was heavy. It was only getting slightly less heavy by the day. Should she set it down? Though, was Jeremy the type of person to take it? Possibly, yeah. She wouldn’t blame him if he tried. To be honest, she’d do something similar if she was him. But, she slid it off her shoulder anyways, and rested it on the ground near the door. If he tried to take it, she knew what to do. Even if they were friends, it still didn’t change what was going on.

As Junko slid back up, Jeremy continued talking.

Junko stopped smiling.

He hadn’t just given up. He’d assumed that everyone else had, too. He’d assumed she had. He was apparently looking for her, as if she was some princess that needed saving. No, worse. He’d assumed that once he’d found everyone, they’d just bunker down, like waiting for the end of the world or some shit. Or maybe they’d, god, she didn’t even know. Commit mass suicide, maybe?

That wasn’t what Junko wanted.

Survive until something happened. She didn’t remember when exactly she came up with that mantra, but it was what she’d been telling herself this entire time. It worked well for her. She had no idea how many people were dead now, but it meant something. The name Seneca rang a bell, and it felt like Jeremy had told her about him before. Junko was never big on philosophy, she didn’t think. But Jeremy was, and… did he think it was a good idea to wait to just go belly up?

Junko tensed up. Her heart started pounding. She was shaking.

No. Tara had thought the same way, too. Thought that they were all going to die someday or something like that. And where was she now? Dead, killed herself maybe. No, Junko was different. Even if she had to die, she had to go down fighting. If she fought, she could at least say she tried.

Her muscles tensed.

And here Jeremy was, saying something similar. Junko heard herself seethe. Her fingers tightened, her white knuckles contrasting against the wooden bat. That fizzing feeling got worse, and then… it popped.

“Shut. Up.”

Her voice was a low growl. For a second, Junko didn’t recognize it was hers. But she wasn’t thinking. Not too much.

Instead, she stomped forward.

Then, she swung towards his face.

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth

Emma put a finger to her mouth, and looked around. Again, she still wasn’t sure if the terrorists were that petty. Last time Jaime did something like that, nothing had happened. She guessed they needed them alive for as long as possible, just so… well, the other students finished the job. A shudder ran up her spine at the thought. Maybe they weren’t that petty, but Emma wanted to stay on the safe side. They’d killed Tessa for damaging a camera, so she wasn’t sure what else would end with them stepping in personally.

Tessa. The mental image of her slumped in the chair still stuck with her.

Nothing happened, though, and Amanda continued.

She really was thinking the same thing she was, wasn’t she? Kind of. Emma thought it over. Would it have been right to shoot Kaitlyn? On one hand, they just let a killer go without realizing it. They even let her have more weapons to use. If she used that bomb on someone, wouldn’t it mean that they were indirectly responsible? It wasn’t like Kaitlyn wasn’t acting suspicious, either.


Emma didn’t know what to say.

Tell her.

“I’ve… been wondering the same thing too.”

It was the truth. She hated it.

“I keep thinking… what if we run into someone like Nancy or Isabel? We all know what they’ve done, but… I don’t want anyone to do anything rash. In case, you know, we run into them.”

Nancy, Isabel. Murderers. Big ones. She hated them, but if she ran into them, she didn’t want to do anything stupid. She had all the reason to. And Kaitlyn had taken advantage of them. Lied to them, pretended that Mia had died differently. Let Mia die a cruel death. She didn’t even seem to feel bad about it.

Emma shifted nervously.

“Kaitlyn lied to us, too. There’s no doubt about it. She didn’t even seem to feel bad. I feel like…”

Spit it out.

“I feel like, in the future, we should have some kind of plan for dealing with people like her. Or, heck, even if we find her. Maybe, if she comes back, or someone else-“

Emma felt for Amanda. She looked nervous, and unsure. Jaime was probably going to outright suggest violence again, but Emma didn’t feel exactly comfortable with that. There was one thing Emma knew, and that was that she didn’t want to end up a murderer. There were so many reasons why. And yet, as the hours went on, it felt more and more like an issue. She hated it. She didn’t want to do it. Even if the solution they came up with involved violence, she still wanted to stick to her values.

“We can’t become killers though. It’s just not right, I feel.”

She hated Kaitlyn. She hated Nancy. She hated Isabel. Some part of her even hated Alvaro, and Jasmine, and Kimiko, and all the other people who could be killing their classmates right now. It was disgusting. But, they didn’t deserve death, did they? Would it make them any better?

It seemed like there was an easy solution, and yet, it wasn’t staring her in the face.

Idiot Launch
He was stammering, and it sounded like a fish. Was he scared of her? Probs, yeah. Seemed to be a thing here. Funny. Come to think of it, Junko had assumed that everyone else had done something douche-y ever since they’d woken up. Then again, Jasper had asked if they could just get along, Tara was doing this “we’re gonna die anyways” thing while burning herself, and Hannah… she just seemed nervous. Then again, the only people she’d encountered before she got here who hadn’t died thus far were… damn, Hannah and Jasmine? Darius got shot by Will, Nancy apparently got Leslie in a two-pack kill, and Tara… committed suicide? Maybe? And Jasper got shot by Alvaro. So, yeah, Hannah and Jasmine. And Jasmine was a killer. So, there you go.

So, was Jeremy that nervous? Maybe, just maybe, that was a good thing. They may have been friends, but if he tried anything, well… she wasn’t holding back. For a moment, she felt a twinge, an unpleasant feeling, but she pushed it aside.

Junko stepped closer. The bat remained in her hands, and it felt like a part of her. Like her arm or leg. That fizzing increased, like it was only going to foam out of her pores. But her steps were slower than she realized.

He was looking for “people.” Well, “people” could mean anything. People, do stuff, what? Too vague. Too very, very vague.

Junko stopped for a second. She looked him over.

“Before what?” she asked.

She processed the information. Then she smiled.

“Jeremy… are you giving up already?”

Closure. Did that mean he was already certain he was going to die here? Maybe that was true. But you know what? He wouldn’t be the first. Tara had asked them how they’d like to die, and she’d told them she’d promised herself something. She wouldn’t die like Graham. She wouldn’t die like Darius, or Josh, or Bradley, or Tara, or Jerry, or Leslie, or Jasper, or Wayne, or Danny, or anyone else who’d been on the announcements.

Junko wasn’t giving up. She knew one thing: she was never going to die like that.

Idiot Launch
He’d said her name. Junko stopped for a second. But, she resumed opening the door.

Jeremy. Jeremy Frasier was here. The one person who could kick her ass at Street Fighter, always. One of the people she could always count on to make a dick joke, the one person who’d talk about Survivor, one of the people she could relate to about Caedyn and her fuckery, kinda, sorta. And he was here. Pointing a gun. But he lowered it.

Junko raised the bat for a second. It was a bit slower than she hoped. Then, she spoke.

“Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat.”

Well, might as well complete that knock-knock joke, even if he didn’t ask 'peanut butter jelly who.’ Okay, so now what? Junko looked back at the direction she came. Didn’t look like Maxim was trying anything. Then back to Jeremy.

“So… hey. Maxim’s in the other room. Darius… is in another. Don’t go there if you don’t wanna see.”

She shifted in place some. That question of ‘now what’ still hovered in the air. The buzzing feeling was only getting worse.

“What have you been up to? Got any stories to tell?”

She stepped forward.

Idiot Launch
Who’s there? Well, not like Junko didn’t have the same question.

It sounded like a boy. A familiar boy? Kinda, yeah. His inflection, his tone, everything sounded like she should know who it was. Thing was, Junko was drawing a blank. Yeah, it sounded like someone she knew closely, but it sucked because she couldn’t figure out who. It didn't help that the buzzing feeling had slowly started to come back since she'd gotten here. That buzzing, fizzing feeling, like she had a lot of energy to work out.

Junko placed her hand on the doorknob, and turned. She slid the door open a few inches, and looked inside. Yup, she could tell someone was in there, as if she couldn’t already.

“Peanut butter jelly.”

If this was going to turn into a knock-knock joke, she had to make the obvious reference.

Idiot Launch
((Posting ahead for deathz))

He... took that literally, didn’t he? The joke here was that cowboys were the least Scottish thing out there. There was no such thing as a Scottish cowboy, was there? Maybe there was, but she’d never heard of one. But, joke was ruined, even if it was barely funny to begin with. Damn it. Ah, well. Ruined jokes weren’t the worst that could happen here.

Junko frowned.


But she smiled again. Maybe he could help, in some way. More supplies couldn’t hurt. Maybe he had something special, too. What, she didn’t know, but he could surprise her. Maybe he had something other than awful bread. Gummy worms, maybe? Nah, don’t count on it.

Once again, there were noises, just lurking in the background. Junko’s smile faltered for a few seconds. Same person? Maybe. Someone was… doing something. But what, though? What sort of activity involved shouting and running around at full blast? Was someone being attacked? Nah, didn’t sound like it.

“Actually, you know what? You can help by staying here and… looking pretty, I guess?”

Maxim didn’t look pretty. It was hard to, with disheveled hair and vomit all over your clothes. Looked like he hadn’t had a shave in a while, too, but then again, she’d be surprised if there were razors and cream here.

“But yeah, I’m going to find out what that was. I’ll be back in a sec, probs.”

With that, Junko’s free hand pointed at her eyes, then back at Maxim. Maybe he’d take the opportunity to leave, or maybe to attack her. She hoped he didn’t. It’d suck for him if he did try something. Junko moved from the door, and stepped towards the direction the sound came from. She wondered if this was a good idea. Maybe Will was still here after all. Maybe it was Alvaro, or Isabel, or Nancy. Hell, maybe it was Caedyn, but- oh shit, that’s right. She’s supposed to be off to get an award thing. Huh.

Right away, Junko saw a door close. She felt herself tense up. But her lips curled again.

Her bat gently hit the door twice.

“Knock knock.”

V6 Fourth Announcement
Hey, I was wondering if I could get an extension?

I have an exam next week, and I want more time to be able to both study and post. I think about an extra five days should do the trick. Hopefully I won't need it that badly, but I'm asking just in case.

Idiot Launch
Sometime later, Junko reached for another door, trying to get away from the smell and sights. But, as she grabbed one doorknob, she saw a sight.

Okay, so… Maxim. Yeah. Kind of introverted guy, kinda artsy. Sitting on the bed kinda like… you know what? She didn’t even know. Just that he was sitting there, looking depressed as all out, and then… she came along. Junko tilted her head to the side. Didn’t he, like, do something at a party? Kissed a dude or something? It was the sort of thing that got murky from all the high school rumors, but if it was true… on one hand, Ben was an asshole and the biggest hypocrite at school. “Anti-bullying,” her rainbow-colored ass. On the other… kissing people who don’t want it is a no-no. Of course, she had no way of telling whether the truth was distorted in some way, so… everything was vague. She wasn’t there, so she had no idea if it was made up or exaggerated.

Wasn’t on the announcements, though. Her eyes flicked up and down. Did he have a weapon? Didn’t see one. It was kind of dark, though, so maybe she needed the flashlight again. Junko became aware of the bat in her hand. Maybe she could get more food off him? Maybe she could fight him if he tried something? Or-

Or someone could shout in the distance! That could work too.

Yeah, someone was shouting. It was faint, and she couldn’t make out the words. But still, shouting. Junko looked back and forth, between Maxim and the direction the noise came from. Investigate noise, deal with Maxim. Noise, Maxim. Which could she pick? Well, Maxim was here, so she might as well deal with him first.

Announcements picked for her, though.

A deep sigh. She didn’t even exercise this morning. Well, she did run up here, sorta. But she didn’t jog, or do sit-ups, or stretches, or anything. Damn, what a time to remember, huh? Find a douche’s dead body, find a German, hear shouting, Announcements. Junko leaned her back against the door, but she didn’t let Maxim out of her sight. For all she knew, he was responsible for what happened in the other room.

She wasn’t as focused this time, but she got some details. Leslie was gone, maybe she went rage-bomb on Nancy. Yup, that sounds like her thing. Tara, too, was gone. Apparently, she tried to remove her collar or something? Fool, no one can remove the collars, especially not with… fire, by the sound of things? Yeah, she was still trying to wrap her brain around Tara’s mentality. She probably wasn’t ever going to find out, now that she was, y’know, dead.

And, confirmed. Darius apparently did something to piss William McKinley off, and got a bullet in response. He didn’t seem to learn his lesson from the first day, so she guessed he, again, was asking for it. Okay, so Will was kind of a douche himself, but eh, you know. Darius getting killed was bound to happen someday, right? No use getting upset over it. Again, good riddance and all that.

A few more names, and the announcements went silent. Junko kept her eyes on Maxim. Then:

“So… I know you didn’t make that mess in the other room. You know that I didn’t, either.”

She nodded her head towards the direction the noise came from.

“And I don’t know about you, but that shouting? It sounded about as Scottish as a cowboy.”

Once again, she had no idea where she was going with this. Maybe she could take his things, run. Or something. God, she needed to come up with an actual plan sometimes. Well, at least it wasn’t a danger zone? If they’d declared it as such, someone would die. She wasn’t sure who, but… someone. She’d just be that pissed. Okay, maybe literally, maybe figuratively. Sometimes it was hard to tell here. Anyways, she had the bat for a reason, and whatever job it needed to do, it could do it.

V6 Fourth Announcement
Not fucking again. You suck, RNG. D:<

Anyways, I would absolutely love a hero. I'm also willing to discuss death ideas, so if you got 'em, send 'em.