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Small steps can take you great distances
"I see."

Emma couldn't judge Bridgette for not wanting to show up. After all, it would be cruel to force her, or something. Emma liked school dances, but she could picture a ton of reasons why someone wouldn't want to, or just couldn't, show up. It was a little strange that she didn't want to see her handiwork first hand, but eh. It wasn't Emma's job to pass judgement, you know?

No, her job was other things. Like what she was supposed to be doing in a few minutes.

Oh, she knew Clarice. She was the wrestling team captain, wasn't she? One of them. She was actually the co-captain with someone, right? Ty Yazzie! That was the person. Yeah, they both were the captain. She'd been in a few classes with Clarice, and she seemed energetic. A little hot-headed, but energetic. Were her and Conrad close? She couldn't remember.

"Yeah. I mean, it shouldn't be too hard to find a friend date, right?" Emma said. "I could just go up to a guy friend, and... be like 'Hey, do you need a date?' I'm sure that would be easy."

Friend date? That should be easy. Real, actual, boyfriend-girlfriend date? Woo boy. Emma had no experience with that. It was funny because it seemed like everyone else did in some way or another. It wasn't the end of the world if she didn't have a boyfriend, of course. There were bigger things to worry about. Asking someone out on a friend date, though... that seemed easy!

Junko Kurosawa's Anti-SH Party
Junko is a junior, so yes!

Unless you mean freshmen/sophomore. Hmmm... interesting question if so. I wouldn't mind if someone mentions that a freshman/sophomore snuck their way in (such as an NPC younger sibling). As long as it doesn't get too hectic, I think?

I'm still making this, by the way. Life's been beating me down, but I might work on the post in progress this evening.

guys i need friends ;)

I do see some friction between Jasmine and Ems. Ems, as we all know, is also a bit of a go-getter type, but I get the feeling that, in this case, they'd only just piss each other off. Ems isn't the type to pick a fight, but I can imagine she'd get pretty exasperated after a while if she has to deal with her at her worst.

I also volunteer Jennifer as an ex-friend, if you're still looking for one. I can see them somewhat liking each other, but I can imagine something just making Jennifer just snap. I don't know if she'd hit on her (I currently headcanon Jennifer and Emma as hetero, but I'm not boxing myself in on that so it may change), so maybe it was something that made Jasmine feel threatened in a different way?

Of course, there's Junko, if you need someone to piss her off who's a little more... chaotic. She'd find Jasmine both infuriating and hilarious (in that "fun to make cruel jokes about" sort of way).


<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
I just played it!

I pretty much immediately went over to Nina and repeatedly went through all the dialogue options for her, admittedly. I think you've been doing a good job with her. X3

Small steps can take you great distances
Emma rubbed the back of her neck with her fingertips a few seconds, in an attempt to stimulate her nerves.

“Yes, we are”, she said. Her smile still remained.

There were many, many things needed to make a school dance actually work. For starters, you need a theme. A good theme is one that inspires creativity, but isn’t limiting to people who don’t want to stick to it. It also must be the kind of thing that wouldn’t result in hurt feelings. She had to explain to someone why “Cowboys and Indians” wasn’t the best idea for a theme last year when they pitched it. “Western”, though, was somewhat of a compromise. Still some potential for problems, but not as bad. You also needed decorations that were both impressive and easy to make or buy. Another thing you needed was music. Last year’s seniors had a… strange sense of humor, particularly the President. It resulted in some strange things on the playlist. Amusing? Maybe. But actually dancing to it was the hard part. It might be nice to get some kind of decent finger food, nothing too extravagant. And that was only the beginning on what they actually needed to sort out. Of course, that’s what they were meeting for today.

“Oh, a date?” Emma said.

Of all the things that had come up in her brain about Sadie Hawkins, who to ask had, admittedly, not been at the top of the list. It wasn’t like she didn’t want one, though! It was just… who?

“I haven’t figured it out yet”, Emma replied. “There’s probably someone who’d want to go as friends, right?”

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
Hey guys, I've been slightly busy, and I'm dealing with all sorts of furniture related issues right now. In particular, we've been replacing and moving things, and I'm still trying to adjust to this desk (it influences more than it sounds). I can probably post soon, but if I'm slow, that's why. X_X

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know
Suddenly, Jeremy started laughing like mad.

Maybe some people find… certain parts of male anatomy inserted inside bananas funny. Maybe? Well, of course they would. But not Emma. If the intent was to make them laugh, she wasn’t. If anything, it was weird as all out. Though, Haley had laughed too. Danny, as well, but was that awkward laughing?

Okay, to be fair, it would be funny if it wasn’t class time. That part made things bizarre. Where did Mrs. Barks get such a thing, anyways, and where did she get the idea? Was she… at a special store? No, she said that they came from Australia. Do Australians do this all the time in sex ed? Maybe they did. It was something she didn’t want to pry into any further.

Anyways, it was Haley’s turn, only she- they- had a hard time getting the condom on. Emma watched, her face still red. Nothing could make this less awkward.

“Uh, Haley. Maybe try the other side? I think there’s a specific side you need to roll it down, right?” she said.

Oh god, this was probably the weirdest thing she’d ever done.

Small steps can take you great distances
She'd felt worse, but she'd also felt better.

A few minutes before she had started to head off to the meeting, Emma had spent a few minutes in the bathroom looking at herself. That fatigue that floated around inside her like a fog was still as omnipresent as ever, but honestly, it could be worse. It wasn’t the best she felt, but it wasn’t the worst, either. That was the funny thing about living with chronic illness. It made you think about what you can do, and whether or not you can do it right at that moment. She felt like she could do her duties as President today, though. Again, she’d felt a lot worse than this. Resting a few minutes after class was dismissed, then going to the restroom to make sure she didn’t look too out of it, only made her more confident.

Besides, today they were discussing the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Emma was excited for it. All of it. Discussing it. Planning for it. Decorating for it. Actually attending it. Everything.

Sometime after she left the bathroom, she made her way towards the student council room, a bright red folder visible in her arms. This was where she kept her agendas, notes, and other information needed for meetings. It was always good, especially for the President, to come prepared.

As she entered the student council room, she saw that there were only two people here so far. It was early, though. They were probably going to pile in as it got closer to the proper time.

“Hey Bridgette! Hey Conrad!” she said, a small smile on her face as she sat down and placed the folder on the table.

Even with that familiar fog, she could still be perky.

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know
Foursome. Do it right.

Maybe it was intentional, maybe it wasn’t. No matter what, though, it was a bad choice of words. Emma guessed that innuendo was the theme of the day. Jeremy was right, though; it did seem to be some kind of cap.

It was only more awkward when Danny grabbed the banana while it was in Emma’s hands, to check for a cap. For what, though? She remembered Mrs. Barks saying something about how the bananas were imported from Australia or a place like that, and that there was something special about them. She’d heard some stories too, from other people who had already taken the class, but she didn’t understand what exactly they meant. It must have slipped her mind, though. But yeah, it was a cap.

A second pair of hands took the banana from her once Danny let go. Okay, so Haley was going first, then. Who next? Well, she could go after them, maybe get the weirdness over with?

Emma watched as they unscrewed the cap, only to reveal-


She put her hands to her mouth as she saw what was under the cap. Was… was that what she thought it was? Haley seemed to find it funny. Emma… wasn’t sure what to think. As she moved her hands away, she felt her face get a little red. For about five seconds, her jaw went slack. But once she was able to speak…

“I… didn’t expect that!”, she said.

Maybe she should have?

Junko Kurosawa's Anti-SH Party
As I mentioned in the Sadie Hawkins planning thread, Junko might be hosting an anti-SH party. Here's what I have floating in my brain right now.

-It will mostly likely be a bonfire party. Food will be typical campfire stuff: hot dogs, s'mores, Jiffypop, and maybe hot chocolate/apple cider? If it turns out there's a detail that would make a bonfire party too messy/difficult, I might change it to something else, though. It will have a pretty casual and relaxed atmosphere.
-I'm currently debating where exactly it would be, but right now I'm thinking it'll be at a camp site, as opposed to, say, Junko's house. This may change, though, so don't count on it.
-I'm also thinking that Koharu and Sarah might not be there.
-Things like booze and drugs, I'm not sure if they'll be there. What I can say is this: it depends on what kind of set-up we get, but if it's relatively easy to get away with without any issues, there's a decent shot.
- It will be an "After the Dance" event. Post order, I'm thinking should be pretty relaxed, as party threads tend to be huge.
-I still need to do more research on fire regulations in Kingman, as well as other details. So anything listed here might change.

Have any questions? Interested in this? Post here!

Sadie Hawkins Dance Planning Thread!
Dunno yet, actually! I'm thinking that Junko isn't a huge drinker, herself. Not because she's in any way morally opposed to it (stoner, remember?), but because it tends to make her feel wiggy. It's entirely possible that she may forget to bring it in case others want it. I think that it largely depends on the set-up I settle on. Same goes with drugs: Junko's always up for weed, but she tries to be somewhat practical about toking.

I might make an individual planning thread for this idea sometime soon. : D

Sadie Hawkins Dance Planning Thread!
Bit of an update!

I've been thinking, and the anti-Sadie Hawkins party might become a thing after all. The idea I'm toying with right now is some kind of bonfire party, pretty relaxed and casual. I'll have to do a bit more research on stuff like fire regulations in Kingman, whether or not it would be more practical for it to be at a campsite or at Junko's home (given the details that are in her profile so far), and how to throw a decent bonfire party. I also want to make it so that if people decide they want to leave the dance early they can drop in easily, if that makes sense? I might change it to, like, a movie night or something, though, if it turns out that won't work.

Someone has already pitched an idea for Ems. X3

Jennifer's still available, though she also still doesn't exist. (she will, I promise. Fingers crossed)

V6 Questions Game
Question: If you had a vision of your class trip being taken into the SOTF program, ala Final Destination, and woke up in your bed the morning of the trip, what would you do?

Junko- Knowing me, I'd be like "Whew, just a dream", and then the nightmare becomes reality. If that happens... I'd use my prophet powers to survive? But if I realized it was a vision... call the police? No clue.

Emma- I'd stop it, any way I can. No idea how. Somehow convince the teachers to postpone the trip, even for flimsy stuff like weather? Then contact the authorities. Not sure that'd work, though.

Jennifer- Once I'm up, I should take as many notes as possible. What the terrorists look like, how the abduction happened, everything. Then try to alert the authorities.

Question: What movie/game/album/book/what have you that's coming out this year (2015) are you excited for?

V6 Yearbook Scrawlings
The Basics

Handler Name: KamiKaze

Hey Guys! (Your trademark character): Junko Kurosawa, Emma Luz, Jennifer Wallace

Where you at? (Current Status of Trademark Character): Probably rollerblading down a slope (in-between threads), learning about dicks in the past, and currently not existing respectively

Most Popular (Your favorite character(s) ): Uh, Caedyn, Jeremy, Lilvaro, Danny, Ty, GLD, Noah, BB, and probably others I can't think of right now.

Best School Hangout (Favorite thread): I have to pick one?

The Scrawlings

Class Clown (those who tickled your funny bone): Jeremy!

Class Sweetheart (Girl and/or Guy known for being a real nice guy/gal): Abby!

Best Dressed: Joshua, maybe?

Most Likely to be President: Let's go with GLD.

Most Likely to End up in Jail: It's a tie between Caedyn, Bradley, and Isaac.

Most Likely to Succeed: Probs GLD. She wants it that badly.

Biggest Meanie: Jae... why do you have to be so ruuuuuude?

Class Flirt: Dante, by default. Even if he went inactive, no one else can really beat him.

Most Dramatic: Caedyn brings drama everywhere she goes.

Most Unorthodox/Original Character: For me, it's Alvaro. He doesn't have a particularly quirky personality, but the premise of the character is actually pretty unique without being overbearing, if that makes sense. We've seen plenty of kids with restaurant backgrounds before, of course (heck, Junko is one even if she doesn't work there), but I kind of like the angle Yugi's been taking with that.

Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: Irene, when she was a thing. She's quirky, but in a way many teenage girls are.

Most-likely to win in a Battle Royal (Take an early shot. Who do you think will win?) : I'm going to pick a weird choice, and it's Blair. Because fate's funny like that.

Yearbook Quotes

Which character do you relate to the most? Brendan. ):

Which character do you feel the most for? Brendan Harte and Conrad Harrod. They're perfectly decent people... who keep having to deal with screwed-up people.

Which character are you cheering on to win SOTF? Lily!

Which character do you think has it coming? Caedyn's gonna get her booty kicked someday.

Quick; Final Four for V6- who's it gonna be? Lily, Blair, Fiyori, Ty.

Margin Scribbles

Most Emotionally Moving Scene: ... Oh. ):

Most Humourous Scene: Everyone's an asshole!

Most Drama-filled Scene: Exhibit A: Brendan dealing with screwed-up people.

Most Unexpected Scene: I have a weird one. It took me this thread to realize Pina Bucket's name is a reference to a certain thing Justin Bieber did. X_X

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V6 Pregame? Hmmm. Have to think. I've only been partially active so far. X_X

Which of your characters was your favorite to write? Emma, by process of elimination. I haven't been feeling Junko too hugely, and Jennifer's not out and about yet.

Which was your favorite thread to participate in? You know my answer. Even if that thread only recently started, I finally made my sex ed thread.

What are you proudest of in V6? Again, the fact that I made the sex ed thread officially happen.

What do you wish you could improve? Be more active, damn it.

What is your favorite OOC memory? The fact that "steaming cock" became an in-joke.

What else would you like to share? Anything goes!

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know
"Let's get our hands dirty"? That phrasing... only made things more weird. Maybe it was intentional. Since it was Haley, she might do that on purpose.

They, Emma reminded herself mentally. Not she. The whole gender thing was still a little confusing to her, to be honest. When Emma first heard about it, she'd assumed that it meant that Haley wanted to be a boy. Actually, they didn't want to be either, it turned out. So, she tried to keep that in mind. Not a boy, not a girl. Emma didn't have an clue that you could be anything else before it came up, but there you go.

Anyways, a competition to who can put condoms on bananas the fastest? That'd actually be fun. Make things less awkward, maybe? Even if it was a joke.

Emma sat back down, gently placing her things back on the table.

"Right," she said.

She reached for the plastic banana sitting on the table. Haley had already grabbed a condom, so it might be a good idea to ask them.

"Haley? Do you want to start first?"

Sadie Hawkins Dance Planning Thread!
Junko Kurosawa- I'm a little on the fence about whether or not she'd show up. Her opinion on prom/homecoming would've been that she dislikes the idea of them because they tend to be anti-LGBT and materialistic in practice. My original idea was that she'd host an anti-prom/homecoming party (or something along those lines), but I have no idea how she'd feel about Sadie Hawkins right now, sadly. Feel free to pitch something at me, but keep in mind that she could go off to do her own thing.

Emma Luz- She, however, is definitely showing up. If you have a dude that you think Ems would ask out, feel free to send him my way. Just a small warning ahead of time: I'd imagine Ems to be a liiiiiiittle unconfident about romance. I think she'd be more receptive if it's not a date-date, but more them going together as friends, if that makes sense?

Jennifer Wallace- Her profile's not up yet, but I'd imagine that her opinion on super huge school dances is somewhat similar to Junko's. However, she's way more receptive to the idea of showing up. Again, if you have a dude you think she'd ask to the dance, she's there!