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Things Will draws when he's bored
I feel horribly tempted to ask for Nicolas Cage. X_X

Nice sketches, by the way. X3

V5 Ninth Rolls
As I write, she watch me.

And I pray, never to forget...

... that being Aurora was suffering!

… Into the Fire
Miranda's teeth continued to tightly grit as Stacy gripped on the spear. It was one person pushing and the other pushing against them. Miranda pushed harder, ignoring the screams of help coming from the girl underneath her or the one watching helplessly.

Another cracking noise, and suddenly the two were being covered in drywall and plaster. Miranda's eyes stung with the dust, making it harder to see. Breathing wasn't easy, either, and she was sure her ears were ringing. She heard herself cry out, this time in surprise along with everything else.

The spear continued its push despite everything. It was just one more push.

Miranda tried her hardest to stop Stacy from gripping the spear, but fortunately she had slipped her hand off the shaft. Unfortunately, though, she had something new to defend herself with.

Once more, Miranda felt something hard hitting her face. This time it was a cry of pain, followed by her being pushed off. Once she was pushed away, landing on her rear, she looked up to see something to widen her eyes.

Stacy had the gun again.

Miranda reached behind her, staring back into Stacy's eyes as she felt for Kyoko. Her fingers just touched the shaft. It was a gun versus a spear again, and she knew that she wouldn't hesitate.

Of course she wouldn't.

Before Miranda could do anything else, Stacy fired. Miranda felt a sharp pain in her chest as she fell on her side from the blow. Her hands slowly reached up, feeling a warm, red liquid rapidly spreading and staining her top. At that moment, Miranda realized she was still crying. The sobs came out ragged, almost like a scream.

The truth was, Miranda understood what was happening, and she was scared. It wasn't a new emotion for her. Almost every waking hour of her time on the island was fear. Even when she was sleeping, it was fear. Many times she would see Kaitlyn or someone in her dreams. Fear wasn't something abnormal at this point.

Fear was going to be something she would experience in her last moments.

Hatred, grief, fear, pain. Everything that she was going to experience last.

It was something odd. Miranda never thought about how she was going to die, but now it was too late to wonder.

Her sobs slowly weakened, her vision dimming as the blood continued to drain.

Eventually, they stopped. In a moment, her eyes no longer looked frightened. In that same moment, her hands loosened. For the first time in a while, she looked calm, even peaceful. As if she had finally woken up from a nightmare.

Kyoko laid just a few inches away, still at the ready. But it was something that Miranda would no longer have any need for.

Female Student G019 Miranda Millers- ELIMINATED

… Into the Fire
((GMing approved))


One second Miranda was charging towards Stacy and Rachael. The next, a crack rang out, and Kat was on the floor, bleeding from the side of her body. It took her another few to realize what had happened. She didn't want to know, but there it was, staring her in the face.

Stacy had tried to shoot her, but Kat... stopped it.

Miranda knelt down, desperately shaking her. She didn't respond.

Of course she didn't. She... was gone. It was clear from the wound that she wasn't... you know. But she had to touch her, just to see if it was true.

She didn't believe it.

It wasn't just that she was dead. It was that she died in an attempt to... save her? No, that couldn't have been it! There was no need to, why would someone care if she... but Kat...

For the first time in a while, tears threatened to push out. She didn't even try to stop herself, only closing her eyes briefly. It was an odd experience for her, as if she hadn't felt something in a long time.

Everything seemed to bubble up at that one moment. Waking up at the beach, arguing with Veronica, killing Kaitlyn, getting shot at, fighting with Baxter, being scolded by Mara, the nuclear power plant, and now... this. She could barely deal with all that, but this?

Her eyes turned to Stacy, and a new emotion came up for her:


Sure, she killed Kaitlyn, but that was because she panicked. She never liked Baxter, but she never felt something like this for him. But at that moment, every fiber of her being was feeling that raw emotion for Stacy right now.

Lifting herself off the ground, Miranda felt the anger burning in her eyes, the tears running down her cheeks. Stacy seemed to have fallen over backwards, she didn't care how. Miranda gritted her teeth as she glared at her.

The only thing to do was to do Kat right.

Her feet swiftly stomped towards Stacy. For a brief second she registered that she had a frightened look on her face, but that didn't stop her.

Miranda tackled Stacy, her knuckles hitting her in the chin. Miranda went for a second punch, her eyes blazing. Stacy struggled underneath her, and an elbow knocked Kyoko out of her other hand. Feeling the breath coming rapidly from her mouth, she wrapped a hand around Stacy's neck, squeezing tightly. Once more she slammed her other fist into her face.

Stacy's struggling, however, didn't allow her grip to be for too long. Another flailing elbow pushed her arm out of the way, pulling her hand away from Stacy's neck. Miranda felt her jaw tighten further as Stacy made a motion seemingly to push her off. Her hand finally slid back onto the spear's shaft, having been lying not too far away.

Miranda sobbed with both hatred and grief, holding the spear close against her body.

… Into the Fire
As the conversation between Kat and Stacy continued, everything clicked into place for Miranda.

Stacy had been with Miles when Kat tried to stab him. It sounded a bit like Stacy had tried to stop her, but obviously she escaped. It wasn't a part of the story she recalled Kat mentioning, but it really did sound something like that. Which meant that Stacy had every reason to attack them.

Miranda continued to search for an exit, a hiding spot, anything. She hated how Stacy and Rachael continued to block the door. They needed to get out of there. In fact, it was becoming apparent that they needed to leave, period. Stacy had that shotgun, and it wasn't something she wanted to deal with.

The knife was currently pointed at Stacy, and the gun back at Kat. Miranda had to do something or else she and Kat would die.

Her eyes finally rested on the vase sitting on the table.

It was a nice vase; ceramic, with a floral pattern. It must had been for flowers and such. Miranda almost hated to do what she had to do, but she slid Kyoko to her left hand, and picked it up with her other.

Sorry Stacy.

Miranda lifted her arm back and threw the vase as hard as she could.

After throwing it, she began to stomp towards Stacy and Rachel, spear pointed in their direction. She was going to get them out by force if she had to, damn it, make no mistake about that.

… Into the Fire
The tension in the air was something you could cut with a knife. Well, maybe with Kyoko or the one in Kat's hand, actually.

Stacy had a gun, which wasn't good. She couldn't tell if Rachael had something, but that only made things worse. Kat had reacted rather... hostile? Hostile. That was it. And Stacy had that waver in her voice. Miranda tried to think back to when she first saw Kat at the airport. Nothing about Stacy, she recalled. Plenty about her stabbing Miles, which apparently, if the announcements were true, he survived. She had heard something about Stacy and Miles being a thing for a while, but did word even travel that fast on the island to know if Kat had done something to Miles?

Was there something she was missing?

Perhaps it was just island stress. She knew the feeling.

Her eyes flicked towards the gun. Gun versus two sharp objects. That was definitely an advantage in Stacy's favor if something happened. Sure, Kyoko provided a fair amount of distance, but not as much as a gun would. With a spear, you had to get a bit closer. It was even more true with the knife. Miranda had no idea if Stacy was a good shot, but she did have the upper arm in weapons.

Miranda's eyes went off the gun and looked for a way out if it did get worse. Stacy and Rachael were blocking the way they came, so can't go that way. There was probably another exit, no doubt. But Stacy could still shoot at them. For a second, Miranda recalled how she had been shot at shortly after she... met Kaitlyn. That had been a different gun, most probably, but she remembered how she tried to run away, only being certain once she far from the house that she hadn't been shot. It wasn't something she wanted to relive.

Feeling it a bit harder to breath, Miranda looked further around the room. Her gaze drifted towards the door with Stacy and Rachael, to Kat, to the coffee table with a vase perched on it, to the spear, to the gun, and back again.

… Into the Fire
So she heard that too?

Then again, anyone could have heard that racket that followed shortly afterwards. A lot of creaking and shuffling came from the hallway. She wasn't sure what the person- girl?- was doing to make all this noise. Did they know they were in here, and were trying to unnerve them? Maybe there was more than one. But why all the noise? Maybe they didn't feel the need to be quiet when going down the hallway. That was somehow worse, like they were absolutely sure they didn't need to be stealthy.

Miranda sat and listened, holding Kyoko close to her. Eventually, however, the noise was too much for her.

Slowly, she lifted herself off the seat, spear in hand.

"I'll check it out", she said, her voice still in a whisper.

To be honest, she was a little nervous. Then again, what else was new? But the sounds, she had to figure out where they came from. Or rather, who, since someone was clearly behind them. She wasn't sure if she should look into it. But maybe it was. After all, it could be a sign of an ambush for all they knew.

She thought back to Kaitlyn and Baxter. Maybe she had been too jumpy with her, and maybe not jumpy enough with him. So it was clear that there needed to be a happy medium between the two. Maybe just take a peek at the hallway, and push them out if she needed to. Kyoko wasn't at all a bad weapon. Even if she couldn't stab them with it, she could hit someone with it, she had realized. Anyways, she was going to check that out, and at least try to figure out who it was.

It turned out, however, that she didn't need to.

The door opened on its own, revealing another familiar face. She knew Stacy. No, this one wasn't Mordetsky. Mordetsky had been killed the same day Naomi had. Stacy Ramsey did have a few similarities, though. Both modeled, for instance, and were flirtatious.

She kind of missed Mordetsky, in hindsight.

Not that she hadn't been on good terms with Ramsey, of course. She remembered seeing her at prom, and she was as far as she could tell, a nice and friendly girl. All in all, normally Ramsey wasn't a bad girl, but a lot of things had changed since they had been abducted. Ramsey hadn't been on the announcements, she recalled, but there was a chance of something happening.

What was interesting, though, was that she appeared to be carrying a frightened Rachael Langdon in tow.

It was an odd combo, in all honesty. Seeing the flirtatious Stacy Ramsey with the timid Rachael Langdon? Even now, there was something kind of surreal about that. Miranda briefly wondered about the series of events that lead to them spending time together. It was probably something she was never going to find out, just that here they were, both in the same place and standing in the doorway.


… Into the Fire
Miranda flinched a little bit as Kat reached the bar. Sometimes she was still a little... concerned about her. Was that the correct phrasing? Maybe. But the point was, there was still something that made her jump, even now. Heck, Kat didn't even move that quickly. She just took it, nothing really all that shocking.

But she honestly couldn't help but smile a bit as she watched her begin to eat it.

Once Kat began to chew on the bar, Miranda slid out a second Datrex, the sound of unwrapping plastic briefly filling the air as she peeled away the wrapper.

It was a quiet moment, she had to admit. It was just two girls, eating weird tasting ration bars in a room where lots of living creatures had sacrificed their lives to decorate. Not that she was complaining, though. She actually kind of liked it. There was very little interrupting the silence.

Miranda softly nipped into the bar, tearing off a small piece.


A sound.

For a second, Miranda looked like a startled rabbit, and looked up from her bar, eyes wide. She didn't hear that, did she? Maybe she just imagined it, but it sounded like the door opening. Her head turned towards the way her and Kat came, hoping it was just in her head.

A few beats later, and she heard another distant sound. She couldn't make out what they were saying, but it was a voice. A girl's, by the sound of it.

She knew what that was, and she hated it.

Slowly, she scooted closer to the edge where Kyoko had been leaned against, reaching down to coil her free fingers around the shaft. She had a feeling she was going to need to use it again.

"Kat, did you hear that?" she whispered.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Even though I failed horribly at this last time, may I have one?

V5 Ninth Rolls
Since Coy asked for a week's extension, may I have one as well? We'll be sticking together for killing off the girls, and a plan is currently making its shape.