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How I Spent My Suspension
With another beat, Alex added:

"Sean and I were planning on playing some games this afternoon. What was it you wanted to play again, Sean?"

She frowned in thought. She couldn't remember what game it was. But since they were here, it was probably a fighting game. This area had a delightfully large array of them. There were the skeeball and other games too here, of course. Alex could remember playing on some of these when she was younger. Like when she played Tekken with Bill, for example. He was always so good at these games. Though, Alex was a bit better at the shooting games. What can she say? There were plenty of games here.

In any case, it was probably a good idea to put the encounter with Alba and Sharon out of her mind. But Alex wasn't really the kind of person to let things like that go easily.

Sometimes, it was hard for her to let these sort of thing out of her mind.

Nonetheless, she focused on the games for the rest of the afternoon.

((Alex Ripley continued elsewhere))

Stars and Bucks
Lana frowned some more. That did not seem to comfort him, at all. Even if she said it wasn't really actually a date, he still seemed to get the wrong idea. He thought that she and Mike were going out after all. It wasn't like Mike was her one true love or anything. Just a friend. And it wasn't as if she were planning on making a romantic evening, either.

All in all, it wasn't going well. It was clear what Dave had planned on doing.

And since his plans were foiled, he didn't want to stick around.

"Wait", she said, as he stood up.

Before she could react, he was out the door.

"Wait!" Lana called out again.

Tailing right behind him, she followed. Dave was now moving faster, and Lana felt herself speed up.

"Dave wait!"

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
My thoughts on the matter:

Lawful Good: Matt Masters, all the way. He's generally a nice guy, who gives toys to disadvantaged children and does whatever he can to help others. He's a pretty easy contender!

Neutral Good: Uh... having trouble with this one. Will answer later. ^_^;

Chaotic Good: Kyran Dean, ladies and gents. While he stands up for Rachael and tells Alba off, he does so in a way that gets him suspended, getting angry at the principal in the process.

Lawful Neutral: I hate to be that person, but... Alex Ripley is my choice for this one. Pretty much what I said before; likes justice, but is too temperamental for her to be considered "good".

True Neutral: Rachael Langdon is usually on the sidelines of the action. While by all means she isn't a bad girl, she seems to be, if anything, a shy, submissive person who tends to get dragged into trouble.

Chaotic Neutral: Zubin Wadia is my choice for this one. He's the kind of person who likes volunteering for positions of power, and yet at the same time his Chaotic Neutral side can be seen in the newspaper thread. He just snarks off Mara as she's ranting, continuing to watch his AT4W.

Lawful Evil: Miles Strickland. Dude shoos away a bunch of younger students from his seat, telling them to vote for him in the upcoming student election. You can't get more LE than that.

Neutral Evil: Finn Grant, out of the three, seems to fit the definition the best. He's a bitch, and how!

Chaotic Evil: I think my choice for this one is going to be obvious. If it isn't, it's Adonis Alba. Dude literally causes trouble almost everywhere he goes.

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
*comes out of her hidey hole*

Alex Ripley: You'd think I'd make her Lawful Good? Actually, I'd make her Lawful Neutral, possibly leaning more towards good but still neutral. This lady is not a big fan of bullies. She is not a big fan of bullies at all. Personally, though, she's kind of a big "RULES RULES RULES" person as well, which is interesting because Alex herself... is slightly out there at times. Anyways, while she does try to do the right thing (standing up to bullies, wanting to become a detective so she can capture bad people, avoiding alcohol and looking out for drunk people, trying to be friendly, etc.) she can also be slightly bitchy about this sort of thing, alongside being somewhat temperamental at times. In fact, I'd say her big "fatal flaw" (one of them, at least) is that she tends to be concerned about "JUSTICE" a little too much sometimes (as possibly seen in the arcade thread). Overall, to me she's neutral, but feel free to disagree with me on this one.

Miranda Millers: Miranda is interesting in that she tends to put up a facade, which brings up a moral argument. What makes someone "evil", their actions or the reasoning behind it? Well, Miranda has shown to be somewhat civil around her friends and track team mate, only to get into "bitch mode" when someone (Arthur, Eliza) sets her off or if someone else leads her into a taunting session (Frank). It's established that when she does enter bitch mode, it's at least partially a show to keep up with her image. It's also been established in that she's incredibly insecure, and tends to act out based off her insecurities. Again, though, she has shown a degree of civility. But she isn't nice; she's supposed to be somewhat of a bully, after all. Lawful Evil, then.

Lana Torres: Pretty easy; she's Neutral Good. While she hasn't appeared as much as the other two, it's clear that although she's kind of quiet she's concerned about doing the right thing. She does volunteer work, gets the teacher when Alba start harassing people in the gym, has a short conversation with her classmates after work, and feels bad when her ex was going to ask her to prom even though she was already going to go with someone. All in all, I consider her to be a good alignment.

Feel free to disagree.