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Dodge Brawl
((Alex Ripley continued from A Gold Dubloon For The First One To Find The Right Toy))

Did someone say dodgeball?

Dodgeball! That thing where you toss balls at people and give them hell with it! Okay, nobody said "dodgeball", but she could infer that from the foam balls hanging out on those racks. Yup, definitely dodgeball. What else could it be, honestly? Alex could tell what it was as she exited the locker room herself.

Okay, she was a nerd. But contrary to the stereotypes, Alex liked dodgeball. It wasn't every game you got to toss balls at random people. Dodgeball was actually quite lovely. Oh, she hoped her team mates would be awesome this time, though. Last time, yeah. No one knew about proper dodgeball strategy, it seemed. But that was a long time ago, and she knew that they would know better now! She was sure of it. 99% sure of that everything was going to go according to plan, as long as they stick to it. But what was the plan? Eh, teams first. Then planning.

God, was it chilly in here. It was always chilly in here around this time of year. No matter. She was sure she could deal.

The only two other people in here, she noticed, were Jaquilyn Locke and Miss Sanders. Jaquilyn had just entered, like Alex had, and Miss Sanders was probably waiting for everyone else. They had better get out soon, or Sanders might shoo them all out or something. It would be funny, but still not something she would like to start class with. Especially if Sanders was going to talk about getting out of the locker room when necessary.

Alex made her way to the bleachers on the side of the gym, and plopped herself down on the bench. Anyways, dodgeball! Wonder what the rules were going to be this time. Sometimes they used different rules, after all.

She wondered who could be good team mates, though. Jaquilyn? Cheerleader and thus athletic, so that was a plus. Negative... negative was that she had a few enemies, if she remembered correctly, and so people might target her more. Not too bad if she got her as a team mate, though, thinking in terms of practicality. But she had to look a bit more, easily when the teams were divided up. And she probably wouldn't be the one sorting into teams, so that was an issue as well.

Either way. As she sat on the bench she knew one thing.

She was going to have fun.

I think that if this is to work as there actually being a 'core' group, then, no offence, the 'orbiting' group can't be involved in absolutely everything they do, especially if it's a memories thread.

Agreed! I personally feel this should be primarily a "main group"-centric thread, in my opinion. Though, if you want to establish relationships with them in a thread, you could easily have a separate thread involving an orbiter and a member of the main group, if you'd like.

But yeah! I like the idea, Keaka!

A Gold Dubloon for the First One to Find the Right Toy
((Sorry everyone. X_x))

Eeee. That was cute! Let's do that again!

Alex almost squeezed once more, only to actually look up and see that two of her classmates had looked at her. An awkward smile crawled across her face, replacing her look of amusement. Oh, look at that geek girl playing with the talking pirate parrot, they were probably thinking. That was Laura and Matt, correct? Laura was pregnant some time ago, if she remembered correctly. Some part of her did pity her, even if she used to be part of the "in-crowd" and apparently got that way by sleeping around. Still. One couldn't help but pity her a bit, really. But what, oh what, was she doing with Matt here? Probably baby-shopping, by her guess. But Matt? They didn't seem to be the kind of people to be buddy-bud with each other.

Thankfully, they went back to their own business, looking away.

Yeah. That was certainly awkward.

Anyways. The parrot would do fine! Seriously, all the cool big sisters were getting their little brothers talking parrots that are all pirate-y. Yeah, some part of her told her it would work fine! He'd love it, she was sure.

Perhaps she could look around a bit more, and-

"Shiver me timbers, matey!"

Alex looked down. She had accidentally pressed down again on the parrot's wing with her thumb, and it had spoken once more. Gah, she was making a bit of a fool of herself today, actually. Looking back up, she saw that Laura was leaving anyways.

Right. Actually, she should check out as well. The pirate parrot worked fine, and she didn't want to make a fool of herself much longer.

With that, she walked to the cashier, still feeling a little embarrassed.

As the cashier rang up the doll, he smiled at her, as if amused by what she was doing.

"Is that all?"

Alex tried her best to smile back. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Alright, that will be 7.99."

She fished out the appropriate amount of money, and placed it on the counter. It wasn't too expensive, thankfully.

"Thanks so much. Enjoy", he told her.

"No, thanks", she replied, and hastily went out.

Nathan would love it, she was sure! Even if it did embarrass her in front of her classmates. Seriously, the things one does for their own flesh and blood. He better like it!

((Alex Ripley continued in Dodge Brawl))

Alexandria Ripley- KamiKaze
Chuck Soileau- General Goose
Corey Esposito- CondorTalon
DJ ????- Ciel (no profile available/dropped concept)
Gray Emerson- Deamon
Kyran Dean- Psychadelic
Lars Lyland- Acidic God
Naomi ????- Namira (no profile currently available)
Oswaldo Marx- Little Boy
Sean Mulcahy- MK Kilmarnock (no profile currently available)

Gotta Go Fast!
Yes, maybe that was it. They were off jogging early so creepy people show up, huh? Still didn't explain why today, of all days, did the creepers come out of the woodwork. Seriously. But maybe they had been there every time she showed up. Maybe they had stared at her the entire time she jogged here. Maybe that was it. What then? They could have been following her back, and learning where she lived! No, actually, that would be ridiculous. Right? She thought so, but the thought still remained.

But yeah. Maybe that was what they got for doing it so early. Perhaps. Miranda didn't know. Maybe they should come back later, when the park was less... yeah. The music had calmed her down a bit, though. Music had that way of making people more calm and soothing them a bit. It also meant more people were swarming in. Because otherwise, it would mean that he would be playing to himself, correct?

Wait a second, why were people swarming towards Joshua? Seriously, some of which were people she recognized as classmates as well. Was one of them the creeper from earlier? A frown passed over Miranda's face as she noticed the sketchpad, as if he was going to draw them as well. Yup, possibly. A good chance, actually. It was a bit more light out, and she could recognize him as a classmate. The other seemed to be Ian-something-or-other. That was the kid that always smelled like paint, that she remembered. Okay, so it looked like her classmates were swarming here, and they were doing things like taking pictures of women jogging and sketching people. Wonderful.

A part of her wondered a bit. Should they talk to them? She didn't know. Well, they were her classmates correct? Even if they were creepers, they still went to school together. If they did something creepy, it was going to get back to the rest of the school so quickly, they wouldn't be able to blink.

"Bianca, let's go talk to them", she whispered.

And with that she jogged towards the group, slowing down her pace in front of the bench.

"Hey. What's up?" she said, standing in front of the group, her arms folded.

Miranda forced a smile. Start off easy. Look friendly. Then confront them if they do anything weird. Or in the case of Sketchpad Boy, already did. She will have to bring it up. Just a casual question, and then confront him based on his answer. You know. It was pretty easy, actually.

Man of La Mancha
I believe someone was planning Les Misérables, actually!

A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks
The antagonism, for lack of a better word, continued. Lana couldn't help but bite her lip a bit as she overheard Alba mention "chicks and parties". That's right, he was a womanizer too, wasn't he? And not only a womanizer, but one who bragged about all the women he had slept with. That... yeah. That was kind of a disgusting habit. It's one thing to have an unconventional sex life. It's another to treat women like trading cards. And now he was bragging about it here too? Really?

No. Try not to let it get on her nerves too much. He can have fun bragging and making people roll his eyes at him. If she reacted, well, she knew how he'd react back. Not well, she'd imagine.

At least Cody had teased him a bit more by saying that at least he threw the ball.

With that, a bit more quietness. There was a bit more chit-chat in the gym, but Lana didn't pay too much mind. If anything, she was still, as always, focused on the treadmill. She stared straight ahead as she exercised, until-

A shout. Mallory?

Lana hastily turned off the treadmill and looked, the belt slowly coming to a stop. Yes, Alba must had said something to set her off. She didn't pick up what, but it was enough to make her tell him to shove a referee's whistle in a certain place. Lana then remembered why exactly he wasn't on the football team anymore. It wasn't because of skill. No no. According to the stories she had heard, Alba had harassed both his team mates and the ref, and was generally a pain. With this in mind... he could easily start trouble again.

Her eyes examined the room. If it didn't get worse, she'd go back to her treadmill. If it did, surely she could find a teacher and tell them what's up. For now, though, she had to make sure it stopped there. Hopefully it didn't. Lana prayed it didn't.

A Gold Dubloon for the First One to Find the Right Toy
((Alex Ripley continued from It's A-MAZE-ing!))

God, what would Nathan want?

Much like Laura, Alex had gone shopping for a one year old's birthday. To be specific, Nathan's birthday. It was coming up soon, next weekend to be precise! She had done a little bit of research on what toys worked for one-year olds, but it was still pretty difficult to figure out what exactly he would like. He was still too young to get a clear idea of his tastes, after all. And she was thinking something that he could like for several years to come. She didn't want to get him anything too baby-specific, since it seemed like he was growing fast! However, it had to be age appropriate. She didn't want her baby brother to get something with small parts he could choke on, for example. Mom and Dad, they wouldn't like that.

Nathan was growing like a weed, he was! It felt like just yesterday he was born. Now he was turning one, and soon he would be much older! Sometimes she couldn't wait until he got older. Some had told her that you could tell she was his older sister, because they looked somewhat alike. And already, he was starting to get what was known as the "Ripley Enthusiasm". He was growing to become a curious, energetic, and cheerful baby, all around

As Alex looked through the front of the store, she tried to think. She remembered that children his age need things to stimulate their minds. They grow to be curious about the world about them, and need toys that engage in that desire. So, what then? No small parts, easy for a small child to use, something small, relatively inexpensive, helps him learn...

She couldn't help but remember what this place was like a bit. Alex hadn't been in here since she was... god, she didn't know, in elementary or something! It sold a lot of pirate related things. Wait, if she bought something pirate-y from this store, does that mean he'd grow up to be like Sean? Alex smiled a bit at the thought. Maybe. God, she didn't know.

Alex soon came across a bin full of stuffed animals. Stuffed animals? Would that work? One did catch her eye, though. A red parrot, with an eye patch, peg-leg, and pirate's hat. Alex fished it out of the bin, and noticed a sticker on its wing. "Try me! I talk!", it said.

Well, couldn't hurt to oblige.

As she pressed its wing, the parrot began speaking from a voice box.

"Arr matey! We be sailing in tough waters now!" it called out in a parrot's voice clearly trying to be intimidating (but failing miserably in an adorable manner).

Alex couldn't help but smile a bit more. How cute! Seriously, she could get this for Nathan, and it would be amazing. Would be appropriate for him, though? She wasn't sure. Either way, it was one possibility on what kind of gift to get him.

However, she didn't even notice the two classmates only a few feet away from her.

It's A-MAZE-ing!
Alex was about to reply to Yukiko, only for her to notice Megan to suddenly let go of Jack, staring at her phone. Oh, so she had one already? That was a relief. Seriously, that meant she could call someone and have them pick her up. Which meant that she could get home easily if she wanted to. Presumably she was doing that now. You know, calling up a friend or family member, telling them where she was, that she was drunk, and she needed to be picked up.

Wait, she had to go now? It sounded as if it was something urgent, like she just got a text or something. That didn't sound too good. Maybe her friends got in trouble. Maybe her parents found out she was out in public drinking somehow. Maybe.... there were a lot of maybes. Either way, it might that Megan had to leave quickly, and then she started to step away.

She seemed to remember where the exit was, and with that she disappeared.

Alex couldn't help but frown a bit. Was she sure she was safe? It sounded as if there was trouble, based on her expression and reaction. Perhaps Alex should have... god, she didn't know, escort her out? She seemed fine, though. Maybe if she saw her at school, she'd ask, if it was nothing too personal? But what if she managed to get into serious trouble? What then? What if there turned out to be some sort of crisis because she was drunk? What if... there were too many possibilities. Perhaps she should follow her out or something?

Jack reminded them to keep going, and so Alex turned her head back from where Megan had left and nodded.


Hopefully Megan was doing okay. She seemed fine, though.

As the group exited, they started to part ways. Alex waved at her three friends as they went in separate directions, presumably heading home. "Bye! See you!" she called out, but she wasn't sure if anyone could hear her.

She was alone again. But it was kind of fun, she had to admit! Even if she had spent much of the time worrying about Megan's well being.

So, she might as well go home now?

Might as well.

With that, Alex headed off.

((Alex Ripley continued in A Gold Dubloon for the First One to Find the Right Toy))

Spooky Little Ghosties
As a few more trick-or-treaters came and went, Alex continued to excitedly wait.

Any second now!

Yet another knock came at the door, and Bill opened it.

A voice piped up, calling Bill "Eddie" and asking if she was there. Alex knew that voice! She burst from her spot and to the door as best as she could indoors and with two pieces of cardboard attached to her. Claire! Yes, Claire had managed to show up. Not only Claire, but Corey and Ozzy were showing up as well! Claire seemed to be dressed as an anime character she forgot the name of. What's her name? Mia? She was from KON or something, right? The one with the girls who are in a band? She was sure that her name wasn't Mia... oh, Mio! Yeah, that was her name. Alex wasn't a big anime fan, though she did watch a few whenever some of her friends had one on and some of it looked interesting. Corey was Ezio, as in, the character from the Assassin's Creed video game series, and it looked amazing. Ozzy went as himself. He was never really a big Halloween fan, that she knew of. But could you blame him?

"Hey guys! Nice timing!" she called out behind Bill.

"Gee Alex. Take my job, will you?" her brother said.

Alex didn't reply to that. Rather she said "Come in, everyone! There's plenty of treats on the coffee table if you want any!"

She and Bill stepped aside to let them in.

"I found four movies we could watch. I don't think we can watch them all tonight, so I thought that we could come to a vote on which ones to watch. Also, Bill here-" she gestured to her brother. "-says he won't mess with us too much, by the way. But yeah!"

This. Was. Going. To. Be. So. Much. FUN!

Alex could barely stop herself from clapping her hands in excitement.

Sensible Wides's Sensible Friends/Enemies Thread
If you want Punace to stick around, I found some stuff that could help you rename him!

This site has a list of boy's names that start with P. It has another names as well, both male and female!

This is what I use when I have trouble thinking up last names. It's basically a list of the 1000 most common surnames in the US. It can get helpful if you want your character to have a relatively common name.

This useful tool works when you know the last name of a character but not the first name. What you do is type in the character's last name, select if you want a middle name as well or just a first name, and the character's gender. Then check off the boxes for the things you want in the name. It'll give you one in a jiffy!

So yeah. Try those if you'd like to rename him!

Edit: Also, on the pathetic self-insert thing, pretty much everyone has made one. Heck, I've made one. She was ditzy, slightly "out-there", believed that by killing her classmates she would become a hero, easily angered, awkward, a horrible player, and all around pathetic. And yet, people still liked her in the end. Point? Self-inserts aren't in any way "devolving". In fact, it can be an interesting/kind of weird experience (to this day, I've been met with gut-spilling jokes on SOTF, which I don't mind). So yeah! Don't feel ashamed to have one!

Gotta Go Fast!
((So sorry everyone. X_x))

Okay, this was getting freaky.

According to Bianca, the person on the bench was one of their classmates and had a sketchpad. That was creepy! Why would they do something like that? She bet that when they got home, they were going to masturbate to their pictures or use it to stalk them or something. Whatever the story was, Miranda didn't think it looked good. Usually, if people were holding up electronic devices to you and had a sketchpad, it didn't paint a pretty picture. Even if it wasn't a creeper, it could easily be someone from the school newspaper or something, looking for some dirty scoop on their classmates. Either way, it looked awful.

To make matters worse? Yes, Miranda had seen the shadow nearby the bathroom. Seriously, what the hell? Okay, Miranda had been to this park dozens of times. She never saw any thing too out of the ordinary... until now. For whatever reason, the creepers were popping out of the woodwork this morning. Maybe it was because it was early, but since when was this park a magnet for the shady types? Was there something she missed? Sure it was still getting light out, but you know. Even when she came to the park early in the morning it didn't attract every single pervert or criminal or shady person in Seattle or whatever most of the time. Why was that one wearing a gas mask, anyways? She couldn't tell what it was doing, and maybe she saw incorrectly because of the lighting and such, but she was sure that was what it was wearing. What a freak. What was the need for a gas mask? Expecting to get gassed here or something? God, some people were really freaking weird, even for Seattle.

"Yeah, saw that. Kinda regretting this as well. It's like... god... it's not normally like this, I'm sure?"

God, she didn't even know how to describe it. Turns out this place could get rather freaky when it wanted to! Perhaps she should go home early, or go jog elsewhere, or something. Gah, but she needed to jog, creepers or not. Thing was, the creepers were making that-

Was that singing?

Miranda knew that oftentimes people came to the park to play music. Of course they would. Sometimes they would practice. Other times they were looking for donations. Perhaps a bit of both. Either way, apparently the park was starting to awaken.

As they jogged further, she could see it was Joshua Edwards. Another one of their classmates? Yeah. God, apparently this place was swarming. She knew that he hung around here sometimes, though, so he was a regular-person-thing here, she guessed.

Spooky Little Ghosties
Alex stared out the window, fidgeting in anticipation.

They're supposed to come any second now! God, she couldn't wait.

Halloween! Already small kids had shown up on their doorstep asking for sweets throughout the first few minutes. They had managed to decorate their house a few days ago too! Nothing too fancy, beyond two jack-o-lanterns, a few fake cobwebs, and a small witch ornament hanging from the door. But oh! Not only was there going to be trick-or-treaters! Some friends of hers were supposed to come over for the evening. They were supposed to watch movies and stuff! Alex had found some movies they could watch. If anything, they were silly movies, nothing too scary. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Troll 2... she knew they couldn't probably watch them all that night, but perhaps they could get a vote down.


She spun around.

"They're coming soon, right?"

"Shush, Bill! Of course they're showing up!" she called to her brother.

Well, yeah, of course they would! They were her buddies, dang it! It would be rude of them if they didn't show up! Alex had dressed up and anything. It was an easy costume, actually. Cat ears and tail? Check. Two pieces of body-length cardboard painted pink and with red glitter? Check. Attach a rainbow piece of fabric to the cardboard? Got it!

Oh yeah. Nyan Cat was ready to roll for Halloween 2011. It wasn't the best Nyan Cat costume out there, certainly. But at least she tried. She wasn't sure if the others were going to dress up. Bill did, though. He had managed to dress as Meat Loaf as seen in Rocky Horror, and it wasn't bad actually. It was as if he knew she was considering watching it with them. Though, she did let him borrow her sax for his costume, as long as he cleaned the mouthpiece if he used it.

Her parents had taken Nathan and gone out, though they knew she was having friends over. Presumably they were taking Nathan to an event appropriate for a child his age, she was guessing. He was pretty young, though, so she didn't know what. But he did have a cute costume as well! He was a little pumpkin! That was cute, she had to admit.

"Bill. Do we have everything set up?" she asked.

"Of course we do!"

Alex's eyes gazed across the living room table. Some candy. The DVDs. A few chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting. The popcorn wasn't going to be made until they got here, just so it stayed hot for the movie.

"Alex. Just so you know, I'll try not to bug you and your friends too much. The kids are piling in anyways, and someone has to give them candy, right?"


She tore her eyes back towards the window. A pair of small children were bounding up to the house with their parents, one dressed as a small vampire and the other as a tiny witch. That was cute too, she had to admit. Sometimes she did worry about little kids about this time of year, seeing as she had heard the horror stories about what apparently happened on Halloween. Some of them were urban legends, of course, but it was still worth worrying sometimes. Hopefully their parents knew to check if the candy had been open beforehand and all that.

Alex watched as Bill gave them their candy after they had knocked on the door, a small smile on her face as they happily left.

But oh. Any second now! Her friends were going to pop up!

Sweet. Mass approval. B)

Alright, I'll see if I can get this thread up sometime tonight, then! Then we can enjoy our silly movie-ness. : D

Edit: And it's up!

Edit the sequel: Since I was asked earlier, yes, orbiting group, you can attend if you'd like!

Sex and Promiscuity and Pregame and Other Icky Things
Woo! I agree with you Toben, mostly. I don't think I've ever written an explicit sex scene, actually. Mostly with me it's clear sexual references but nothing overtly explicit. There are some points I think you forgot to bring up, though, that are kind of critical to mention in a conversation about sex scenes. So this is me bringing up additional points.

ZetaBoards Terms and Conditions- A while back I did the research on what, exactly, were the rules of ZetaBoards, mostly out of curiosity. According to the terms of use, "...pornography, nudity, or sexual material of any kind" is considered "prohibited material". Depending on your interpretation of this bit, this can include your typical sex scene in SOTF, interestingly enough. Sure, you could argue that the very concept of the site could potentially be considered "prohibited material", but honestly. I may be getting this wrong, but you could potentially get the site in trouble with your explicit sex scene. Though, I am not an expert on ZetaBoards stuff, so don't quote me on this.

Lesbians? Bisexuals? Sluts? Oh my!- Now here's one thing that kind of mildly irks me when it comes to promiscuous characters. Notice how many of them just so happen to be bisexual? Seriously, think back to every promiscuous character that has appeared in v4 or a Mini. Now try to think of some that are not bisexual. The list is shorter than it should be.

Now, I'm not saying "don't write bisexual characters who are sexually active". In fact, many of these promiscuous bi people I happen to adore and think they're amazing characters! However, if your first thought when making a promiscuous character is "They have to sleep with as many people as possible! Let's make them bi!"... yeah. The problem with making bisexual characters overly sexually active is that it's actually a pretty unfortunate stereotype that has been used against bi people in real life. The stereotype goes that people who are bisexual are... well, promiscuous because they can't settle down with one person of a specific gender, which has gotten them criticized even by other LGBT! Again, there is no problem with portraying a sexually active bisexual character. However, what I'd like to see less of is the idea that in order for a character to be "properly" promiscuous they have to be into both men and women. Personally, I would love to see more chaste/celibate/monogamous bisexuals. After all, like heterosexuals, LGBT have a wide spectrum of sex lives. Some are promiscuous, some are happily in a relationship, some are looking for a relationship, and so on.

Another issue with portraying bisexuals as promiscuous is... it's not that easy. As noted, this is an age where teens are still dealing with sexual development. Being LGBT only makes it more difficult, due to societal perceptions. Realistically, this should be an age where they're still having trouble coming to terms with being bisexual, rather than "I'M BOTH GAY AND STRAIGHT HOP IN THE BED WOO!". What I'm saying is, if you're going to make a promiscuous character bisexual, please keep in mind that there is a good chance that they would have dealt with the whole "I'm gay?" thing at some point in the past, if they aren't dealing with it in the present.

Also, let's talk about lesbians. Again, look around. How many sex scenes involve lesbians? Now compare to heterosexual and especially scenes involving two guys. Now, again, I'm not saying "don't write a sexually active LGBT". However, like the bisexual thing, it can get problematic. All I'm going to say here is, if you're thinking about putting a character into a lesbian sex scene because "it's hot!", please reconsider.

I must say this a third time. I am not saying you should never write any LGBT character as sexually active, or even promiscuous. If I ever said something like that, I would be the site's biggest hypocrite, trust me, seeing as I have in fact written references to lesbian sex. However, what I am saying is, please consider all this before making any lesbian/bisexual character sexually active. Once you have done so, have fun!

Sexualized violence, rape, and other, similarly icky stuff- I'll toss this one into a spoiler tag due to triggering content.

WARNING: contains references to violence against women, rape, and similar topics.

Woo. Next one, please.

Slut-shaming! And why it's awful!- This is more of a meta-thing that I've noticed, and I'm not calling out the treatment of any particular character or any particular handler's behavior. Because frankly, I think we've all done this at some point. XD

Alright, so we have a set of characters who are in a sex scene. It may have something Toben and/or myself have ranted about. It could be explicit, and it could either make people orgasm at the very sight of the text or it could be so repulsive that it makes people puke. Okay. But what happens when we discuss sex scenes?

I've found that when discussing sexualized female characters, there is a bit of a tendency to slut-shame the poor girl.

If you don't know what slut-shaming is, here is a quick definition taken from here:

Short answer: Slut-shaming, also known as slut-bashing, is the idea of shaming and/or attacking a woman or a girl for being sexual, having one or more sexual partners, acknowledging sexual feelings, and/or acting on sexual feelings. Furthermore, it’s “about the implication that if a woman has sex that traditional society disapproves of, she should feel guilty and inferior” (Alon Levy, Slut Shaming ). It is damaging not only to the girls and women targeted, but to women in general an society as a whole. It should be noted that slut-shaming can occur even if the term “slut” itself is not used.

Now, if you have an issue with how a sex scene is being written or whether or not a female character is being sexualized without a good reason, don't feel afraid to bring it up! The issue here lies, though, in phrasing that is used sometimes. I've seen female characters that have either been in sex scenes, are fanservice-y, or are hinted at to be promiscuous described as "drunken whores", for instance. You may think it's not that much of an issue to be brought up, but if you just look in convos where sex scenes or sexual characters are being discussed, you just may notice it.

"But Kami!" you might say. "It's just fictional characters! I'm not hurting anyone by calling Susie a slut!" Or you could say "who cares about the wording?"

However! Wording can change a lot, even when it's about fictional characters! Just one little word can change the tone of a sentence.

I'm not saying you're not allowed to make jokes about a character's sex life, or to criticize a character if they're overly sexualized. Lord knows that I've made my fair share of jokes about Charlene's breasts or Rosa's sex life. Nor am I saying that your character shouldn't do this ICly. Nor am I even saying that you should never use the word "slut" or similar in some contexts, seeing as I've probably used said word several times in this post. The problem kicks in when slut-shaming language and similar are used to discuss female characters who have been in sex scenes in a serious way, often when providing things you don't like about the character. There is a difference between saying "I am not a fan of this character because I feel like she's simply used for fanservice reasons" versus "I don't like this character because she's too much of a slut!".

It's really hard to describe, and I get the feeling I come off as a social justice warrior here, but I hope you guys understand my point.

Also, I find that when discussing sex scenes in general, aside from the slut-shaming that occasionally rears its ugly head, people just don't know how to discuss them in an intelligent manner. Someone writes a sex scene you don't like? Good! You're allowed to hate on this scene as much as you want. However, please describe why you dislike it in an intelligent manner, rather than "EW IT SUCKS". If you must go "EW IT SUCKS", there is a magical, wonderful invention. It allows you to talk to people in private, where only you and the other person can see it. You get it both in Mibbit AND on the site! What is it called? Private messages! Yay! This goes for any scene you dislike, actually. If you genuinely hate a character or scene, please talk about it in an intelligent and mature way if you must talk about it in public. If you feel you can't do that, then try PMs instead. It'll make you look like less of an ass, trust me. I rant about characters in private all the time, actually! I think the best way to check if something is PM-worthy or not is this; if the person was in the chat right at that moment, would you say it to their face?

In short? Watch this and learn.

The "U-word" - Going back to canon stuff, there's a big detail that is also important. Realize that most characters in SOTF are actually legally underage. Toben pointed it out somewhat, but I'll expand on it. If your character is 18, it's not a problem and it doesn't need discussing. However, if they're in, for example, one of the Minis (I believe TV and Program have characters of a 15-16 age range, while Virtua's 16-17) then they are underage. Now ask yourself; do you want to write an explicit sex scene after being reminded that there's a good chance these characters are still underage in most areas? Many of you would say "no".

"But Kami!" you might pipe up again. "My character's 16 years old! Don't many areas have that as an age of consent?"

True! However, I'm pretty sure that to be legally portrayed as being sexual you have to be 18, period.

In other words? A portion of explicit sex scenes are technically child porn. Just saying.

I actually recall this being addressed in Survival of the Snarkiest (TV's IU blog)! In the comments of this post, Ajax-Kun and TheThingInYellow have a discussion of whether or not SOTF-TV porn qualifies as child porn. Later on Twitter, Ajax-Kun seems to... enjoy Sidney fighting against Karen, only to have Yellow's words stick with them and mention that they "ruined pr0n!". I dunno, I found it funny. XD

I'm not saying you can't portray your kids as sexual at all, just pointing out that it is technically kiddie porn if it's explicit and they're canonically underage.

Whoo! I have nothing else to point out.

Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's thought of how gross island sex would actually be. I can see how it can not be gross if it's like, the first day in or something. But late in the game... yeah. It's not very titillating to think about how they probably haven't changed clothes over the past few days, are most likely injured, there's a good chance that they don't have any kind of protection (unless it's SOTF-TV), finding a good place to do it... yeah. People don't want to think about that with their sex scenes. Also note that they are on television. I can see how a character can forget that they were caught on camera the entire time, but seriously. I kind of want to see someone out there trying to find a blind spot in the cameras to have sex. Heck, it would actually be a funny death scene if, like, someone got their collar blown because they were trying to cover up a camera so they could have sex. I don't know, I have a weird sense of humor.

I agree with the notion of showing sex scenes off screen. What usually is important to a character's overall plot is that they had sex. You could just say "AND THEN THEY BOTH PORKED", and we'd get the same character development. Showing explicitness for no good reason just seems redundant as well as wish-fulfillment. It's like, okay, we get it. They had sex. That's the one detail to take from this. Though, if there's a good reason for it to be explicit, then I'd get behind it. One example I just thought of right now would be if someone comes over to see their significant other, they want to hang out... and then discovers them in bed with someone else. The first person snaps, breaks up with them on the spot, and the adulterer is left crying. That could work fine, and to be honest, I now want to see a well-written scene like this! Or heck, someone walking in on two people screwing in general. Please someone, make this into a thread, my weird sense of humor is kicking in again.

So yeah. I'll end this here. Sorry if I upset anyone with my ramblings. Everything here is just my personal opinion, even if it does involve pointing out that some of you have written kiddie porn. XD

I actually just had an idea!

You know how there was that Halloween party thread in v4 that didn't go so well? I kind of want to make one for v5, only with more success. Perhaps there could be one for the buddies? I was thinking like a movie night at someone's place, where they watch something silly like Rocky Horror Picture Show or Killer Klowns From Outer Space, though we could easily do something else.

What do you guys think?

But yes, I'd be up for any kind of buddy thread. :3

Student Film Project
You know what?

Even if she isn't an actor, Alex Ripley auditions for Julie Davis. Why? Why not? That, and you need this spot filled.

Also. Nerd girl? She'd basically be playing herself. XD

A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks
((So sorry everyone! I've been in a spot of writer's block lately. X_x))

After she had fiddled with the settings a bit, the treadmill awoke, the belt steadily gaining in speed, and soon she had started getting into a brisk walk.

Patton had replied back, and he had soon enough made his way to one of the other treadmills.

Well, at least he was relatively friendly, at least for the time being. Then again, Lana didn't know what worked as "friendly" when it came to him. Again, she didn't know him that well.

A voice loudly boasted behind them. It was loud enough for Lana to hear, so she turned her head and... Alba, was it? She was sure he had some kind of first name that was kind of ridiculous, but she couldn't remember what it was exactly. All she remembered was that when she heard it, she only had tilted her head to the side in confusion. It was something unusual, that was what she recalled. Well, she couldn't make fun of it, could she? Lana herself had plenty of inappropriate jokes about her name, so it wasn't like she didn't know how it felt. She did remember he got kicked off the football team or something, though, that was one detail she remembered.

Cody had replied back with some degree of antagonism. However, it was clearly the kind of "joking" antagonism. Lana was familiar with it. It was a bit like it was an "athlete thing", for lack of a better phrasing. What could she say? Lana was one herself, and she had seen conversations start this way all the time.

A few more people had piled in, as Lana noticed after she turned her head, her eyes scanning the room. Mallory McCormick, a girl she knew was on the soccer team. She didn't know her that well either. Joey Polpetta, that was the guy known for being a womanizer, correct? And...

"Hey" she called out, waving to Mike Whaley, who had just entered and said hi to everyone. "Going well. Same old same old."

They had ran into each other a few times. How couldn't they? They both did volunteer work in the same place, after all. So it was a given that they would know each other.

Oh, right. She should probably focus on the whole exercising thing. She turned her head forward, and focused on the treadmill. It probably wasn't a good idea to distract yourself with this thing, after all.

Yet Another Lesbian Sex Scene
Miranda felt calm. Peaceful, perhaps.

You know that feeling where you know it's morning, but are unwilling to open your eyes? Miranda felt that way. She was aware of the light pouring from the window, even with her eyes shut. She knew of the sheets lightly resting on her body. Was she undressed? It felt that way, since she didn't feel any clothes on her. She guessed that she might have fallen asleep nude or something like that.

Her eyes slowly opened, being face-to-face with her ceiling. Miranda's room was... shall we say, rather spartan. She'd never been too keen on decorating it too much. At most, just a desk, a bed, some plush animals, and one or two posters. Some part of her told her that she should decorate it a bit more, but you know.

She hurriedly closed her eyes again. Too bright. Miranda wasn't much of a morning person, and usually she got up with an alarm. Not today, though. The day can go die, for all she cared. Seriously, it was kind of comforting in bed. Perhaps a bit longer. Perhaps. God, she didn't know what she needed to do today. Probably a lot of things, knowing her. Practically a laundry list! But oh. She can't really think of anything. Gah, it's hard to think of things you need to do when you're still in bed.

With a small groan, Miranda tossed herself on her side. She knew she had to wake up, but-


Was that an arm?

Miranda instantly opened her eyes, and the memories of the previous night came flooding back the instant she saw the other person in her bed.

"Ffffffffffff-" she gently hissed under her breath.

Okay, what did she do this time? Why did she think that was a good idea, honestly? Just... why? Knowing her? She'd gloat about it. Or at least, Miranda thought. And yet... yet... she really wasn't thinking, was she? Gah! And what if it manages to get out to everyone in the school? Of course it would eventually. Miranda had no doubt about that. Didn't help that she... she... kind of liked it. She had eagerly given in and liked it. She had no idea how to feel about that. It was... it felt... nice? Dear lord...

It was morning, she had just woken up, and already, today was off to a bad start.