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Could Have Been Worse
((Inactivity warding time again!))
((EDIT: Also, Jonny is a speedy ninja. D: ))

As Aileen continued burying her face in her hand, she could hear Aaron saying not to look for the other people at the gazebo, since they had the choice to come with and didn't. Well, true. Then again, Aaron was the one running ahead of the group in a way that could easily get people lost. Heck, she was fortunate she was able to catch up with him for this long. But yes, find Bounce.

But before she could raise this point to him, Aaron called out in that tone of voice again. She knew the one; someone is nearby, they're not threatening looking, maybe they could help us. She understood that tone of voice by now. At least she could figure out some of what Aaron had going on in his mind.

But, the problem was, who knew what Milo had attracted? He couid have invited all sorts of people over for tea. Reika's sister, Lombardi, Hartmann, Jacquard herself, Rob...

And then Aileen finally looked up. DuClare.

.... Okay, so that wasn't as bad as some of the other options, admittedly. But. DuClare was... well, she was DuClare, and lord knows what she was up to. Sure, Aileen doubted that she would start playing and she didn't hear her name on the Announcements that she could remember. But Aileen had a basic idea of what she was like in the past.

Aaron had said that things were "a little" stressful right now. "A little"? Try "a lot". Seriously, Mil-ron had just hollered out to one of the killers about how he was going to molest them with a rake, and had already let on person on to their presence? What if he had invited one of the major killers out there, or worse, an entire group of them working together? Obviously, that wasn't good. Heck, they already had enough of a problem with a potential wildcard like DuClare. They didn't need five psychos bursting in on them.

And then Aaron asked for her help calming things down. But before Aileen could add her own thoughts, some else did.

And as she turned her head to see who it came from, her fears were confirmed. And right at that moment, she knew that they were pretty much fucked.

Yup, Jacquard had heard that and was now trying to talk to them. Oh joy.

Heck, the girl even flat-out admitted that she found it fun to kill them! Sure, she said that she wasn't going to kill them just yet had made it a point to add a "yet" in that sentence. Okay? Aileen whipped her head towards Milo, glaring at him, and turned back to Jacquard. She... was clearly trying to get on Aaron's nerves, saying that it's a wonder that anyone would trust him to help them escape.

So that was the tactic she was trying then? Get Aaron annoyed enough to do something irrational, and then pick off the group one by one? Damn.

Aileen looked back at DuClare. Did she know Jacquard was there? Was she working with her? Was she...

And then the filter she had been trying to maintain completely broke after too many hits to it in the past few minutes.

"Hey jackass..." she started in a quiet voice, looking at Jacquard. "I have a question for you. How the hell did you end up a psycho killer? I bet you yourself would have to hack off five different heads before you even made it to the grocery store."

Aileen's face contorted into something that looked unpleasant and frustrated, to say the least. And to be honest, she was kind of scared. But most importantly of all, she was pretty much angry again. God damn, and they had gone this long without seeing any confirmed killers beyond Aaron and Tom running into Reid.

"Guys..." she whispered to the other two members of her groups. "If she does anything stupid... run. Just run."

And turning back, she asked Jacquard "Okay? What is it you want, then?"

And all this time, her hand was reaching for the hammer, her fingers touching the handle.

But DuClare... DuClare had started to ramble a little bit. Right, then. Wait, she was better at this whole "yell at the killers" thing than she was. Damn. And wait....

DuClare... knew about other escape plans....?

Aileen tried to listen in. Seriously, she knew other people who were planning to escape? This was big news, right here. Heck, she could even know Polanski. This... this was big. Heck, she could turn out to be useful after all. Holy crap, fuck yes. She could lead them right over and... and...

Holy man, this was big. So basically, good and bad news. Jacquard and most likely others had heard them. But they knew for certain people were also planning things.

Now they just needed Jacquard to get out and then....? Business.

Wah! So sorry to Rocky and Moth (whose characters I am currently in the process of killing) and everyone in Later Buddy and Could Have Been Worse. I've had serious writer's block recently, and I'm currently at another person's house which has poor connection and was just only now able to get online. Add in the birthday celebrations and... yeah.

I'll go post ASAP.

Amazing Journey/Sparks
So Aston just stood there, as if in surprise. So she seriously did think they took her gun, huh? They were coming back, as she kept reminding herself. They were just... well, they had to be careful around them from now on. After all, one was a liar and one was a murderer. Sure, Michelle had been attacking them, but... you know. She wasn't sure if she could hang around someone who had previously killed. And his friend had... he had lied to them, didn't he?

They could head back to the shack, hide out, wait for those two to return. Well, Aston needed to rest, didn't she? Her arm was bleeding again. She didn't need to be up and about like this, obviously. She needed rest, not to be wandering around searching for them and her gun!

And Eiko. Would she hurt them? Apparently she was looking for someone else too. Peter Siu... that name didn't ring a bell, did it? It did, actually, but she didn't remember who it belonged to. It had been a while. She knew a fair amount of people at school, but sometimes she drew blanks at names. This was one of those times.

Aston was about to say something, but-

And suddenly, a gunshot. Chase jumped at the sound. It sounded far off, but it was close enough for them to hear. What was that? Oh god, someone was off shooting something close enough where they can hear them. That... wasn't good news.

Aston seemed to notice it as well. And suddenly, before she knew it, Aston had brushed beside them and had headed out of the tunnel, seemingly walking off.

No! Not this again! Lie down! That was what she had to be doing! Please, she just needed to rest! She had already made her wound start bleeding again!

"N-no... come back!" Chase yelled at her, trying to get her attention.

Before she could run after her, Eiko started to ask her something. What was going on? And she wanted to go to the mansion to find something. But what? It seemed she wanted to meet up again afterwords. Could she trust her, though? Something told her that Eiko might be like the others. Most, if not all, people here were in some way messed up. It wasn't as if people here weren't fighting in some way or another, or that they were nice people. Heck, Michelle... Michelle in the end turned out to be psychotic, like she predicted. And Ben, Dawne, Jon, Rekka, Michelle... all gone. It only showed that no matter what move she made, she had to be careful. Even if Eiko was friendly. She had to worry. Eiko was being nice. But she didn't know whether she was being nice because it was the right thing or because she wanted her to lower her guard.

Taking a deep breath, she said "Uh... honestly don't know where w-we're going. I'm going to run after her. She-she's hurt, you know. Listen, we w-were sup-supposed to meet up with the other-er two nearby the mines. Right in a shack we had found. Hopefully th-they'll be back soon, but we don't know if... if they... erm, changed since they left. If they did..."

She didn't know where she was going with this.

"I'll go look for her and bring her back, okay?"

With that, Chase brushed past Eiko and grabbed her bag, spinning around to look at her again.

Please don't die. She didn't want any more death. What would happen if she found the spot and Joshua Krakowski and Marty were different? What if someone like Lombardi got her? What if... oh god, even when she was suspicious of people she worried about them.

"I guess I'll see you soon, then?"

And so, Chase wandered off in search of Aston.

"SPIK-" she had started to call out, but corrected herself. "ASTON!"

((Anna Chase continued in Later Buddy))

Food Supplies
In my personal opinion, Danya doesn't really seem like the type to be nice enough to give food to the students on a regular basis. Plus, the whole point of this is to be the "fittest". It would seem a little odd given Danya and co.'s characterization. But that's just me. XD

On the other though, as pointed out, food is a good incentive for people to go player and start fighting. Though they can find wildlife and plantlife to chow down on if they're hungry. Maybe go hunting and gathering a little bit?

Though, I just had the idea of Danya screwing with the students with the new food. Maybe one day there would be just bread and water, some days it'd be some kind of delicious junk food, and other days there would be things no sane person would eat, like cooked tarantulas, rotten food, poisonous plants, and other things that are just plain gross. It'd be like Russian Roulette whenever you looked inside a food crate. I dunno, somehow this amuses me. I'm not quite sure if this would work, though. XD

That said, I now have the urge to have one of my characters grabbing a frog and biting its head off while it's raw and most likely still alive thanks to this thread. Just to gross you people out. : D

Okay, what was happening now?

Remy spun around to see... a guy with a chair? What the hell? What was he doing with that thing? Apparently... he was going to smash someone over the head with it? Wrestling style?

And WHAT. More people were coming in. Why were they crowding around him? And asking about someone named Sebastian? Seriously, he was surprised that he didn't hear the people crowding around him, including one dragging a chair behind him.

What the hell were they doing, sneaking up on him like that? It reeked of bad news, that was what it was. Seriously, he could see it now; all the arms grabbing him, thrusting that chair over his head until he was unable to stand, and then... and then...doing god knows what else. It made him feel ill to his stomach. That was probably what they were planning. Sebastian was just a ruse. A ruse. Just them trying to get his attention, so he would be fully aware of them and distracted. Like a serial killer asking his victim for the time before he abducted and killed them.

That had to be it! They were plotting something. Something that would hurt him. Something that would end his life.

He had to defend it. He wasn't going to get killed by some crowd of psychos. One was bad enough. One psycho with a sawblade? One psycho who saw rabbits? That was enough for him. But a slow group starting to form? Oh hell. What if this Death person Cisco talked about sent an entire army after him? An entire fucking army. Jesus Christ almighty. He wouldn't put it past him, though.

Remy stood up. Oh god, he felt ill. He was never a people person to begin with, and with this whole homicidal maniac business, yeah. He could feel bile rising up in his throat already. Oh god, why were they there people appearing on the bridge? Why here and now? Remy's face briefly turned green for a few seconds.

"No... I have not seen anyone named Sebastian..." Remy started unsteadily, and suddenly took out the knife again and flipped it open. "But what do you want? What... what are you doing here?"

Oh god, he was even having trouble breathing right now.

How far is too far?
Actually, a white supremest and a flat-out racist did make it to v4, so make of that what you will.

I'd say it could be fine or not fine depending on the circumstances. If it's glorified or used as an excuse to create OMG MI GUI IZ A BADASS FUKKA THAT KICKZ PUPPIEZ FOR FUN LOL, then no, it wouldn't get through. But if the topic manner was handled delicately, the trait is portrayed negatively, the research is done on it (so you know what you're writing about), and he/she comes off as a three-dimensional character, then who knows? It might get through.

Personally, though, it's better to stay with the "more simpler" concepts in general, unless you put a lot of effort into making this guy written well. Meaning, as I said, three-dimensional, treated delicately and negatively, doing plenty of research, that sort of thing.

And yes, I agree with Fiori. He/she should get a completely satisfying death. XD

Could Have Been Worse
((Aileen's about five steps away from going inactive. D:))

Aha! Aaron agreed with her! Too many choke points, too many spots where a sniper could pick them off. She didn't even think of that. Sure, she doubted that someone would have the foresight to do something like that, but you never know. So it was settled. No more houses. Find somewhere isolated, and do their business there. And then they could find the others and anyone else that could help them, and then start things up.


Unfortunately though... Milo was, shall we say, being silly. Actually, that was an understatement.

He immediately shouted at her about how he wasn't a "Ron". What the fuck was a "Ron", and why was it so bad? It took Aileen a couple of seconds to realize that when she called him "Mil-ron", it apparently somehow registered to him that he was being insulted, but he had no clue how he was being insulted. Apparently her insult was preferable over being called a "Ron". Was that an insulting slang term she didn't know yet or something?

Oh, also, her name was Wilhelmina now. She wasn't sure if she ever got to introduce herself to him, but if she did, it was a question of "How the fuck did you get Wilhelmina out of Aileen Borden?". But apparently, that was the name that came up to him when he looked at her. She would be a hypocrite if she commented on his ability to forget names, but not if she commented on what he did next.

Which was call out to this Jacquard girl and taunt her.

God, what an idiot! He was going to attract all sorts of people! Not just Jacquard or Rob, either. Heck, Reika's sister, Lombardi, Reid, Hartmann or someone like that could just so happen to be nearby and act. Sure, just because she yelled earlier didn't mean he was allowed to do so too! God damn, this was stupid!

As he screamed out to Jacquard, Aileen looked towards Aaron, the expression on her face summing things up quite nicely; confusion, shock, and frustration towards Milo.

And to finish it off, Milo turned to her again and acted as if he had "proved" something to her beyond being an idiot that taunts killers who already had a bone to pick with at least one person in the group.

Okay? He really needed to learn not to do that. Now.

"Look. If you want to have wild passionate kinky sex with the killers, go on right ahead. Just keep in mind that they're, you know, homicidal maniacs? I hear those aren't the best lovers. Seriously, though, don't. Taunt. Them. Unless you want to die. Okay?"

Sighing deeply, she placed one hand to her forehead, gently massaging it with eyes closed and glasses slightly pushed up. God damn.

"Aaron..." she started out, but refrained from what she had the urge to say next. She had seen a lot of idiots at school, sure. But her mom always told her not to react to them. Right? Right.

A few noises. A small voice? Footsteps? Eh, must be imagining something. Hopefully, if Milo didn't attract someone.

"Anyways. Aaron, we're supposed to meet up with that girl of yours, right? Bounce, was that it?" Aileen was now trying her best to stay on topic, rather than dealing with Milo's... issues, shall we say. "And... do you know anyone else that could help? What about the other people we ran into right at the start? Like, at the gazebo? I'm pretty sure there were other people there. Do you know any of them personally?"

Looking back on the first day, soap girl seemed enthusiastic about helping. And heck, while Other Lily and Rocko seemed like the unreliable types at the time, in hindsight they could turn out to be ridiculously helpful in the long run.

Amazing Journey/Sparks
((Ah, sorry, fumbled and accidentally clicked post before I was finished because I'm a klutz.))

Oh hell.

Spiky-Head... was definitely not happy. First off, apparently she didn't like the nickname she had picked out for her. Aston. That was her name. This entire time, she had only been calling her that because she didn't know her name, even after her hair had started to become less spiky. Apparently she knew hers somehow, but she didn't know that she liked to be called Chase. In any case, she was becoming angered by this alone.

And then Spiky- Aston reiterated the announcement to her. Marty was a killer, Joshua Krakowski lied, yadda yadda. Like she didn't know that. Like she didn't notice Ben's name came up as well. Like she hadn't noticed what the hell kind of situation they were in.

Seriously, she wasn't an idiot. Yes, she did say and do stupid things from time to time. But she wasn't a complete moron, was she? Chase's face briefly contorted in an expression of frustration.

Before Chase could lash back, Aston focused her attention on... something else. Chase spun around, pointing the crossbow at the newcomer. Asian... Ishida? Chase only thought that for a split second before deciding against it. No, this girl was taller and looked nothing like her. Wait, Haraguchi? Yes, Haraguchi! She had ended up talking to Haraguchi a few times. She was the Japanese exchange student, right? She probably thought that she was some deranged foaming at the mouth weeabo, based on the few conversations she had with her. For whatever reason, the conversations had turned to anime. Why, she didn't know. To be honest, she didn't know why she did anything. But in any case, she probably didn't leave a good impression in hindsight.

Haraguchi talked about how she had ended up following them on her way to the mansion. So wait. First off, there was a mansion on the island? Second, why was she following them? Haraguchi had also said that she had been off by herself for a while, but she was glad to have found someone.

Chase lowered the crossbow. It could be a trick. Haraguchi was probably planning something. But it was best to keep her talking, and not react hostilely.

"Uh... we're just a little upset because... uh... two people in our group r-ran off after k-killing someone. They'd s-said they'd be back soon, but... well, th-they kind of... well, lied to us. And her arm's hurt... so..."

She had tried her best to appear calm, casual, and not at all frightened or angered. Heck, she had even forced a smile on her face while talking. Appear calm to her, and she won't look down on her, right?

Looking back at Sp- Aston, she said "Uh, listen. They didn't t-take your gun. I have it. It was still lying out-outside the shack just after you left. I w-went ahead and brought the weapons with me at-at the cost of my back. I only m-managed to get it and the crowbar in my b-bag. And they're coming back, right? Said so. They didn't leave us to die, did they?"

Chase... wasn't actually sure they were coming back or if she wanted them back. They had killed someone and lied to them, leaving them to their own devices. But... but... she had to look up for the time being, right? In any case, she was trying her best not to lash out at her.

SOTF Alignment
My turn!

Carol Burke- This one's pretty easy. Lawful Good, bordering on Stupid Good when dealing with certain people *coughREIKOcough*. Though she did shout at Hermione a bit and somewhat feel the urge to shoot at Kris (both for understandable reasons, mind), for the most part her characterization was based around "LET'S GO FIND MY FRIENDS AND WE CAN ESCAPE AND SAVE THE DAY YAAAAAAAAAAY!". Really, it's kind of obvious.

Aileen Borden- Chaotic Good. On one hand, her temperament and the fact that she's currently hanging around Aaron Hughes puts her into questionable territory. On the other, she genuinely wants to save as many people as possible, and while it hasn't been shown much yet, she's kinda sorta a mama bear type. So, yeah.

Anna Chase- Now here's a tricky one! Like Carol, she wanted to find her friends. However, unlike Carol, she's focused more on survival than escaping. She does have the urge to do questionable things (like taking other people's weapons for example) but she does show concern for others, like wanting to find her friends or attempting to treat Marty and Aston when they're injured. She has said that she's willing to defend herself but will take other options if available. She wants to find Polanski so that she can get her collar off, not to escape, but rather that she realizes that no one will catch her if she's inside a dangerzone (her only concern about this is whether or not this would result in her own death). So she can be empathetic, but she wants to survive over everything else. I'm guessing she falls into somewhere on the Chaotic side of the scale, probably Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral depending on the scene.

Remy Kim- Dances between Neutral Evil and Chaotic Neutral, again depending on the scene. Yes, he's a killer and pretty much going villain at this point. But for the most part, most of his actions have been self-defense of some kind or another (or at least what he perceives to be self-defense). He mostly acts on the belief that people are out to get him and that Reika should be avenged, not "I SHALL KILL EVERYTHING IN SIGHT BECAUSE I CAN". He's not above outright killing, but he is capable of questioning his actions. Yes, he does show some desire to kill, but again, it's more out of anger/paranoia/fear/arguably insanity than actually enjoying it. So, like Chase, he's... an odd case.

So yeah. Those are my guesses as to what my characters are. XD

Amazing Journey/Sparks
((Anna Chase spazzing in from And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse))

Oh god, where was she?

Spiky-Head was still nowhere to be found, Marty and Joshua Krakowski had ran off, she was carrying a bag that was starting to get somewhat heavy, and it wasn't like she hadn't heard the announcement!

Ben... Ben... Ben... oh dear god. Someone shot him. Someone shot him and killed him. And Joshua Krakowski lied to them. Marty. Marty shot that girl, not some random person. Ben was dead, and Marty was a murderer, and Joshua Krakowski had lied to them, and that girl Michelle had been shot after going crazier, and- and-

Oh god, things weren't working out well again, were they?

She needed to find Spiky-Head right now. She had ran off while she was still bleeding, for Christs' sake! What she needed to do was lay down and rest, not running around willy-nilly to the point where the wound was unable to heal.

So, needless to say, Chase was basically a pile of nerves by this point.

And Marty and Joshua Krakowski weren't coming back after all. Were they? Joshua Krakowski had said that they were coming back, right? But... Marty had killed... could she look at him normally now that he did that? And Michelle-person and Ben were dead. Not coming back.

They weren't coming back.

Currently Chase was nearby some kind of rock wall. A rocky terrain? Looked like it. Looked like part of the mountain that had loomed over them for the past few days. That was probably it. Now to find Spiky-Head. Taking a second to wipe her face of sweat and tears, she went off looking once more.

She turned around a corner, and...

Bingo! Spiky-Head was right there, entering what appeared to be a cave! There, now she can catch up to her, make her calm down, and possibly head back to the little shack they were in before so they could rest properly.

Taking a few more steps forward, she soon placed her bag on the ground and ran towards the girl.

"Spiky-Head!" Chase yelled. "Don't... d-don't do that! You still need to re-recover! And they're coming back..."

Thing was, though, how would she react to Marty's killing once they got back? Ben's death? She was so panicked right now. But she found Spiky-Head, which was a relief. For now, worry about her. Not about Ben. Not about Marty. Her. Just stay calm.

And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse
And in all the panic, she could hear Marty barking something at Joshua Krakowski, telling him to get something. Chase had to peel back a bit of Spiky-Head's shirt to get a closer look at the injury, and... oh god, she almost threw up. It didn't look so good, to be honest. So much blood... oh god, and the bolt was still sticking out like a beacon. First things first... it had to be removed.

And oh look. A first aid kit had just been handed to her!

"Thanks!" Chase hurriedly said, and opened the kit.

Oh god, so many things! Which one would she have to pull out first? There were tweezers, what appeared to be painkillers, gauze, tape, and many other things that to someone like Chase only vaguely looked like something that could be anything. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the plastic gloves and slid them over her hands. Okay, that was one thing she knew what to do.

And now to the important part; removing the thing.

"I h-h... I honestly don't kn-kn-know much" she replied to Joshua Krakowski's question. "But I th-th-think I know the b... b... b-basics."

Okay, now was the time to figure out the best way to remove this. Tweezers? Then again, enough was sticking out so she could easily remove by hand, right? Alright, remove by hand.

"Spiky-Head..." she whispered to the girl in pain in front of her. "I'm g-going to remove it, okay? It-it m-m-might hur-hurt a bit."

Taking another deep breath, she pinched the bolt with two fingers in one hand, and pressed down on the skin in the other. Okay. Fast or slow? Fast or slow... fast or slow... make a choice come on come on come on... slow? Slow would work? But here she was, still clearly screaming and in pain! Alright, slow. Within the next few seconds, Chase began withdrawing the bolt as slowly as possible.

Damn it damn it DAMN IT! All the screaming and noises was going to her head and distracting her! Not only that, but she was starting to become more panicked as she attempted to do her work.

Okay, bolt out. Chase placed it to her side. Oh god, even more bleeding. It only made the bleeding worse! Quick, how do you stop people from bleeding? Wash it out? Apply pressure?

"Guys... we need to st-stop the bleeding. Not only that, but we need uh... something to d-disinfect it. Alcohol?"

Chase searched through the med kit again, looking for it. Okay, where was that rubbing alcohol? Where was something she could use to make it stop bleeding? Ah! Here it was!

She could hear Joshua Krakowski from behind her as she put it on an alcohol soaked pad on the injury. Without thinking, she looked at him while still applying the pad... and to be honest, if she weren't so panicked and in the middle of trying to stop someone from dying while not knowing much about first aid, she would have face-palmed. Apparently he thought she meant alcohol-alcohol, as in beer. Sure, same compound, but not exactly what she was thinking. What, were they to make Spiky-Head drunk or something? Plus, that stuff could kill you if you weren't careful.

Spiky-Head, in spite of her... condition, seemed to agree with her. Only, however, she had communicated her thoughts in the form of yelling at him. Okay, will everyone please calm down? This was only making it more difficult.

And oh hell. Now Marty was running away, and Joshua Krakowski was running after him. So it was only her and an injured, angry, possibly psychotic girl, and she was supposed to fix her injuries with minimal knowledge. Joy.

But hey. At least she was calming down a little bit. And the bleeding was slowing down. Well, it seemed at least Chase was on the right track, even if she did something that would prove to be fatally wrong. Now, to cover it.

Ah! Gauze, tape, padding. Okay, time to cover it up. Chase tried her best to apply the gauze, and...

All done?

It... looked done.

It was now all covered up, so Spiky-Head couldn't get any more infected or injured, right? After all, she had removed the arrow, disinfected it, and covered it up. What else needed to be done?

Wait, painkillers? Maybe that would lower the pain a little bit? And she needed rest... lots and lots of rest, right? Chase removed the plastic gloves, and pulled out the small bottle. Now to just remove the-


Spiky-Head just lifted herself off the ground, and ran into the shack! She was only going to get more hurt that way! That wasn't good for her!

Chase immediately followed her inside, only to discover her quickly grabbing her things and heading out. Oh great, she was leaving to find the boys, no matter where they ran off to? But what if they got killed or came back only to find they weren't there?

Chase grabbed her bag, having placed her crowbar baring inside (it was clearly sticking out from the zipper), and followed her outside, only to feel something brush against her foot. Stopping to look down, she noticed that... wait, was that her gun? And the crossbow still lay there on the ground next to...

That girl. She... she really did die, didn't she?

Someone killed her. Just after she tried to kill them. And someone literally fell out of the sky, like some sort of raining corpse zombie weather thing. Under other circumstances, she'd say that sounded like a good horror movie, but...

Picking up the gun that had been left on the ground, she placed the gun inside her bag. She... wasn't sure if she wanted Spiky-Head to have it. However, with her remaining things, the crowbar sticking out from a space made with the zipper, and the gun, it was significantly heavier.

And what about the crossbow? Should... should she take that too?

She could carry it by hand, right?

Chase gently lifted it away from next to the girl, with the bag containing her things and the other two weapons in tow, and went off to follow Spiky-Head.

God, how DID she end up with absolutely no weapons to THREE of them with her? Next chance she got, she was going to look through them and see which things to leave behind. Already her back was starting to ache further with the gun and crowbar shoved in there as best as she could (only barely!), and the crossbow in her hand. There was no way someone of her size could carry around all this junk for very long.

But, as best she could, she followed.

((Anna Chase continued Here))
((Oh, and thread's closed))

((Remy Kim continued from Alex In Sunderland))

It had been quite a while since he had left the Residential District, and he didn't feel well.

Oh god, he didn't feel well? That was an understatement. He felt like shit. Pure. Shit.

He slowly trudged along the path, head bowed to ground. That guy... didn't make it, did he? Once he got out of the area, he found that there was blood all over his hand and knife, with a few droplets on his shirt. So Remy had... he had killed him, didn't he?

Murderer. That was a bit harsh, was it? A bit harsh to refer to him. Remy was just defending himself, is all. That bastard was attacking him. He said he had to die, right? He wasn't a cold-blooded killer. Cold-blooded killers were like Kris, or Lombardi, or Gabriella. They weren't defending themselves, they were gleefully doing it. Just shooting at people, and killing them. Remy wasn't like them. He was one of the few sane people around. That was a fact. Josée and Cisco were probably doing god knows what, and he was sure he was still being followed. Lord knows what Death was up to.

He could remember walking past a few bodies. One of them was that Jarocki guy, right? The one who liked gory movies and hung around with that girl who also liked gory movies. He couldn't recognize any of the other bodies, nor did he wish to find out..

Remy went on, and by late afternoon had found himself at a bridge. Taking a deep breath, he placed himself down, his legs dangling off the bridge.

It was funny. Even though he was now a murderer, even though he knew he would kill again... for a few seconds, he felt a little bit like the old Remy Kim, just tired, a little dehydrated, and...



His mind went back to the town. Not only was he scared back there, he was also angry. He wanted to do harm to him. Same to Cisco. In a way, this frightened him. On the other...

Well, Remy had to live. He had to live and fight. He wasn't going to be a victim. Remy was always the shy little guy, the one people would always call a "mama's boy" or a "push-over". A "doormat". A "brown-noser". He was the one who never stood up for himself.

He had to stop that. He had to defend himself. He didn't care about any of this "winning" bullshit. He cared more about living, and making sure Reika was avenged. He didn't want to win some contest that he didn't want to enter. There were many people out to get him. Even someone like Sarah could have easily lost their minds. He didn't need to join any teams, or make new friends, or... could he seek anyone out? They were going to find out he killed someone, but that was a risk. He wasn't sure if he wanted to find Sarah, Josée, or Reiko. Lord knows what would happen. Did he...? They had to live. Of course they had to live, silly Remy.

He took out his knife from his pocket again, and pressed the button, opening it. He knew he would have to use it again. So many crazy people. He shouldn't even hesitate anymore. Remy could just stab them without them noticing at all. So many people were out of it, there was no point to him trying to talk to them. They could just simply kill him and go along their way.

Even now, even after he had cleaned the blood off his hand and knife, he felt like he still had it all over. But it had to be done. No more crying and being scared. Remy was going to defend himself, even if it meant killing. After all, he was one of the few sane people around this place.

So, as far as Remy was concerned, he had killed before and felt that he should have no particular qualms about doing it again.

Simple as that.

Closing the knife and placing it back into his pocket, Remy stared down into the water.

One thing he had to remember. If a psycho sneaked up behind him and attacked him, he would kill them. If they tried to steal his things, he would kill them. If they did anything sneaky, he would kill them. Just because he felt bad about killing that guy doesn't mean that he wasn't willing to do something like that to defend himself. It just meant that he wasn't going to be another sicko.

He wasn't.

Right? Right.

Alex in Sunderland
And suddenly, he was very deadly close.

He could fight him off. No big deal.

He could stab this fucker's ass, right?



The guy was smiling. Remy could see that he was smiling at the very idea of killing him, even in his state of fear. But you know what? He wasn't going to get that opportunity. Nope. Why would he let him? Why, he wasn't going down without a fight. It wasn't going to end right here right now.

And without thinking, he struck once he was close enough.


He only vaguely remembered hitting his target. He only vaguely remembered feeling something warm and wet on his hand. He only vaguely remembered pulling his hand away, and seeing a flash of red on his knife.

And suddenly, he found himself spinning around and running the other way. He wasn't sure if the guy was following him, but he wasn't taking any chances. Remy could hear a voice behind him, though

"Once again, good morning, kids! I feel like we're really getting to know each other now, in a way..."

He didn't even stop to listen to it, though. Some part of him knew it was the announcements, but he really didn't give a damn.

Really, the only thing he was focused on was survival.

((Remy Kim continued elsewhere))

My turn!


Want someone to go mama bear on your ass? Want someone who wants to make sure she escapes the island? Why, try Aileen Borden! Aileen Borden has a trusty hammer, that she will use to defend herself, or if the need arises, to defend someone else. Yes, she's a bitch, but touch someone in her group and you will DIE. Not to mention she's currently hanging around Aaron Hughes, and we all know what he's like!

"But what if I want someone who's about to snap?" you may ask. But no fear! We at KamiKaze co. provide you with Anna Chase, who isn't willing to kill just yet. But guess what? She has been traumatized to hell and back by the deaths of her ex-boyfriend, her best friend, and her best friend's boyfriend! Not only that, but so far this girl's been mugged, held hostage (twice!), threatened with death, witnessed multiple incidences of violence, ran into a psychotic Russian and a religious zealot, and had a corpse fall into her thread! And that's only a quick list! This girl just needs one more thing, and she'll be ready to go!

What's that? Want someone who's ALREADY crazy? We have something fun for you! Remy Kim has been increasingly becoming paranoid as hell! First it started when his sister scared off one of the Ishidas, and then the other Ishida got killed! And then someone threw a sawblade like a discus at one of his allies, killing her, and then said sister sympathized with him! Add in a paranoid fear of being stalked, and bingo! Remy Kim is all set and ready to go with his switchblade!

But what's this? Want something "unconventional"? Want something "interesting"? You got it! Zombie!Carol Burke will one day come back from the dead to eat some brains! Why? Because it should happen! Zombies make everything better! Don't question it! Heck, we could make her track down Reiko and get her shotgun back, making brain-eating a lot easier! Want to get killed by a zombie? Try Zombie!Carol Burke TODAY!

Hey, look who's fashionably late!

Me! Yay! With a poorly written excuse for ass fetishism! XD

Alex in Sunderland
Don't need rest, need safety?

Sounded reasonable enough. But something about how he said that made him uncomfortable. It didn't sound right...


"Safety comes when everyone else is dead"?

Oh fuck no.

Remy's eyes widened. Okay, this guy was not only out of his gourd and apparently hallucinating little bunny rabbits talking to him, but he was clearly homicidal after all. Oh god, please god fuck no.

And suddenly, the guy burst towards him.

Remy found himself frozen on the spot as the guy swiftly ran towards him. Oh god fuck why why why why why was this happening why please god fuck no.

"N-no.... stay back!" he found himself yelling.

He could fight him off, could he? He had a weapon. He could easily get rid of this douche. Was that right? He could fight him off, and go about his way. Easy, right? Simple, easy, whatever. He had that knife, it was sharp, he was surprised he hadn't cut himself with it, he had previously tried to kill Cisco with it, he could defend himself, right? Right? Right?! He wasn't weak, he was strong. He was supposed to be strong. It was what people wanted from him, of course. He was supposed to defend himself here, to be the one to defeat his attackers. No one was coming to save him. That was a fact, pure and simple. It wasn't as if he was going to be saved. That sister of his was probably just like the fucking rest of them by now. Same went with everyone else on this island that he cared about.

The guy was increasingly getting closer. Closer and closer and closer and closer and-

He wasn't going to let him take his life.

Soon the guy was almost close to him.

And instinctively he lifted his knife to defend himself, poised to strike at the guy only a few steps away. He wasn't going to die at the hands of some sicko.