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The Odd Couple
As Chase approached the car, Jon unlocked her side, and then moved to the driver's side. She quickly got in, closing the door behind her.

"Alright, l-let's get this party started!", she cheerfully announced, as Jon looked through CD cases.

Apparently, he felt that her dad didn't really like him. What could she say? Well, again, she was his only daughter, and, well... parents were like that when it comes to their children. She guessed that he didn't want her to get hurt or anything, right? Ah well. Hopefully he'll understand. Eventually he will. Someday, she'll be away from home, and all sorts of things will happen to her, but she'll probably make it. Oh, she will. Chase will probably one day go to college, for example.

"Ah... I guess it-it's because he is my father, and-and they don't really want to have things happen to their children", she said, and then paused with a frown, blurting out the next sentence very quickly. "Butitisn'tlikeyouwouldhurtme!"

And now, he was asking about Voltaire, apparently. Of course Chase liked Voltaire. She had a fair amount of his songs on her iPod, actually. And he had a CD? Nice!

"Sure I do!" she mentioned, her frown turning back into her smile.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Carol Burke did not have a date. Simply, no one had asked her, and she didn't ask anyone.

In fact, she had completely forgot about prom, actually. What can she say, her friends back in Nevada would always refer to her as "Cadet Carol", due to her spacehead tendencies. Although it was in a loving, teasing way, it was true; she really was that much of a space cadet.

But, once she remembered? She freaked, and started to wonder if she could get things done at the last minute. Well, she bought her prom ticket, which was good. But as for the dress? Well, Carol wasn't wearing a dress. In typical Burke fashion, she was wearing a hand-me-down, from her sister. Thing is, though, that it was a suit. To be specific, a black suit. Her sister refused to wear a dress to prom when she went, and got this suit. When it came Carol's time, she insisted that Carol wore it, despite her protests. But, once she put it on? It actually made her look cool, like one of those guys from Men In Black or The Matrix. She even snagged a pair of dark shades to complete the look. Overall, it wasn't too bad, after all. And it fit. Sure, people would confuse her for a guy yet again, but hey. It was actually kind of funny, really. And, well, she looked badass.

And now, she was standing on the steps of the McCreery household. God, she hoped this was it. After fidgeting on the doorstep a bit, she rang the door bell, and played with the shades on her head, wondering if she would make herself look like a fool. But then she reminded herself that things would turn out well in the end, as they always do. Yes... they shall, right?

The Odd Couple
Yay! He agreed with her! Now when was prom starting?

Chase noticed that Jon was now looking at his watch, as if he was wondering himself. And now, he seemed to think it was time to go, based on what he had told Papa Chase. Ah! It was just starting! Of course! And she need not worry about finding a way to give the pictures to him; he said he would pick them up once they got back. That was a relief. So, yeah. Time to go, huh?

Her father nodded, though still clearly unsure about Jon. After a few seconds, he kind of gave an awkward smiled, and said "Alright, children, take care".

Chase heard her mother also chime in with "You two have fun!".

She smiled at both of them, clearly cheerful. And so, she stepped towards the door, and, after briefly stopping, turned to Jon.

"Well, let's go, yes?"

And so, she headed outside, towards what she presumed to be Jon's car.

I know what you are talking about, and I admit that I was involved.

Though, I was kind of uncomfortable with it, myself, and didn't really know how to react, other than the way I did. I guess I didn't really know what to say, really. XD

I apologize. I promise that if I ever end up in a chat like that again, I'll leave, I guess, rather than I reacted.

The Odd Couple
As she stood up against the wall with Jon, Chase felt him grab her hand. Wow, that was... unexpected. Seriously, who knew he was that kind of guy? She certainly did not know that. And now...

Chase felt herself blush even further, as her father fiddled with the camera.

Alright, let's see if we don't look like morons, she thought, smiling as her dad placed the camera towards his face, and clicked, the flash going off.

It took several more attempts at getting a good picture, before her father was finished. Chase ran towards him to see what they looked like. Glancing over his shoulder as he showed her how they looked, she watched as he flicked through the pictures. Some of them looked decent, while others... well, they didn't look so good, according to Chase, at least. But hey, apparently the reason for taking so many pics was to make sure that there would be a good picture.

Turning to Jon, she smiled again and said "Well! Some of them to h-have turned out well."

Hopefully, he would think so when he saw them, yes? If not, well, could more be taken? Chase hoped it wasn't necessary, as her eyes were still hurting slightly from the flash. Seriously, that thing was bright, and not in a good way. Ah well. You would think that her father would remember to turn it off, since he was into photography. But, they could simply fix the problem by taking the pictures into Photoshop and fixing any problems. It wasn't really as bad as people made it out to be, after all. In fact, apparently it was an important tool in Photography these days.

The Odd Couple
As Jon stepped in, Chase happily introduced him to her parents.

"Mom and Dad, th-this is Jon. B-but you probably knew that."

At that moment, Jon introduced himself to her parents. Chase's father looked at it suspiciously for a few seconds, and then reluctantly reached out to grab it.

"Nice to meet you too, kid", he replied, giving it a good shake despite his apparent concern.

She wasn't sure what was wrong, but hey. She was his daughter, after all. He probably didn't want her to end up with some kind of psycho, right? Sure, they existed. But how many of them did Chase know? Exactly. Not very many, huh? Ah well. Hopefully he'll realize that Jon probably wasn't going to hurt her.

At that point, her father pointed towards the wall to their side. "Here, you two. Stand over there", he told the two teenagers, indicating where for them to stand to take the picture. Aha! That was where he was planning on taking the picture. Hopefully he wouldn't have to take a thousand pictures, as he had told Chase that sometimes it was necessary to take tons of pictures in photography, to get the best shot.

And so, Chase walked on over to the wall. "Come on, Jon. He's been wanting to-to take pics", she mentioned.

The Odd Couple
She looked great?

Chase kind of blushed under her makeup as she took the corsage and attached it to her clothing. She was... well, she was kind of nervous, since this was pretty much her first date and all, but she hoped this would go over fine. Heck, what could go wrong? Well, lots of things, actually, but it wasn't like the world would blow up if they did.

"Why, thank you."

At that moment, she had a feeling something needed to be done before they left. Like if they were forgetting something, or if her parents wanted her to do something-

"Hey Anna! Let him in so we can take a picture!" she heard her dad say.

That's right! Her father was a photographer, and loved taking pictures. He often took pictures for the local newspaper, but ever since he was hospitalized for his heart condition, at times he had trouble getting back into action. But, he still loved photography, both as a hobby and a job, and took them at every opportunity. So, it wasn't a surprise that he had told her earlier that he wanted to take pics.

"Come on, Jon. I-I think he wants to take a picture of us", she told the boy on her doorstep, inviting him in.

The Odd Couple
Chase looked in the mirror, brushing her hair and overall finishing up her look.

Initially, she was not planning on going to Prom. What was the point really? After all, it wasn't really as big of a deal as people made it out to be. But... well, she was convinced. Even after much protesting, she finally gave in, with an air of reluctance. And so, her parents made her go dress shopping, and then she ended up asking someone out.

Namely, Jon Jarocki.

Yes, Anna Chase, who loved men but could never actually ask them out or do anything like that, actually did ask him out. Hey, it wasn't that bad. He accepted, right? It wasn't as if he said "NO! You may not!" and pushed her aside, or worse.

As she dabbed a bit of makeup on, Chase sighed to herself. Okay, so she didn't want to go initially, but she could have fun with Jon, right? Hopefully things would go well.

She smoothed out her dress a bit before exiting the bathroom. Chase had to admit, it was a nice dress, mostly black, though with a few white accents. As she headed down the stairs, she found her parents waiting for her. And what you would expect happened; they thought she looked nice, and made all sorts of comments, at one point even hugging her. But, she wasn't embarrassed at all. It was kind of fun in a way, to be this dressed up.

At that point, she heard knocking at the door. And here he was! Chase quickly opened the door, a smile forming on her face.

"Hello Jon!"

Horrors From Beyond
And so, she waited.

It seemed like years to Aileen. Okay, it was only a few minor minutes. But, for some reason she felt it lasted way longer than it should have. Maybe she was ridiculously impatient today, too. Ah well. It would seem shopping for dresses can be stressful.

Heck, lots of things were stressful these days, whether she liked it or not. Aside from the usual school stuff, there was the trip and graduation to take care of, too. But, she was sure she had that under control, as well. Now the thing to take care of was-

Oh look, Melissa's back.

Now Aileen was being asked whether the dress fit or not. Well, it did. And it looked good on her, too. So, that would be her answer, correct? Of course it would be. It would be... ridiculous to say something else, after all. Lifting her head up and glancing at Melissa, Aileen gave her reply.

"Yes. Looks decent, as well. Any similar success?"

Aileen just needed to figure out the price for the dang thing. Once again, hopefully it was cheap enough. She might also need to do other things with her appearance, as well, but she could ask her mom for input once she got home. She was sure it wouldn't need too much, as already it looked good. And so, she went to see if the dress had a price tag anywhere.

Love Means What it Means
Chase smiled up at Brendan, like a puppy that had just gotten into mischief.

"Alright, so we're here. That only leaves-"

And, just at that moment, she heard someone shout out "Hey guys!", and spun around to see the source. A guy with blond hair, just a bit taller than Brendan, was now heading towards them. So, this was this Erik Laurin person, correct? Well, she was almost 90% sure that it would be him, based on his reaction to Brendan. And, then this was confirmed by Brendan himself developing a large grin as he greeted him.

Erik... seemed a little upset at being late. Wait, they were late? Damn, Chase should keep a watch on her, to make sure this doesn't happen. Ah well. According to Brendan, he was early, and liked to be that way, so... they shouldn't worry? Chase guessed so.

And then Brendan introduced Erik and Chase to each other. She stuck out her hand to greet him.

"Nice to meet you Erik! My first n-name's Anna, b-but I usually go by Chase, my last name", she told Erik, a small smile forming.

Looking around, she then turned to Brendan and asked "Have you seen Lexie anywhere?"

Where was she? Well, perhaps Chase was correct, and she bought her tickets already. Or maybe she was late, too? Ah well. Might as well talk to Brendan and Erik a bit, then? Guess so!

The Questions Game
Question: If each state in the US decided to war against the others, which one do you think would come out on top? To avoid favoritism, Minnesota is not a valid answer.

Aileen- Well, logically it'll be one with a lot of military resources, such as bases, within its borders. My guess will be California, or Texas. It's just my guess, though. Why you would want to talk about a second civil war though is beyond me.

Carol- Except I'm not from Minnesota! I'm from Nevada, remember? So, you haven't avoided favoritism. Nevada shall OWN everyone. But if you want me to try another answer, how about... um... New Jersey?

Chase- Erm... I... think Nevada's going to win. They have Area 51, right? Well... it's poss-possible that they were collaborating with the aliens to make superweapons of some kind. The war would start, and suddenly, BOOM. Becoming skeletons just like in Mars Attacks! Or maybe we'll have face-facehuggers and chestbursters tossed upon us! Superpowered ones made by genetic engineering!

... Y-yeah. Nevada would use what they had pl-planned in Area 51.

Question: You're about to be executed. What would be your preferences as to how they got rid of you?

Horrors From Beyond
After seeing to it that Melissa went into one of the little cubicles and closed the curtain behind her, Aileen went into a dressing room of her own, quickly swiping the curtain to cover the entrance.

Now, she thought, let's just hope this fits.

And so, several minutes later, Aileen was now wearing the dress, and posing in front of the mirror. Didn't look too bad on her, actually. And it seemed to fit just fine. Now the only problem was... was it within her budget? Eh, hopefully she had enough.

After a few more minutes, Aileen put herself back into her street clothes, and headed out of the dressing room, dress in hand. Did Melissa want to see what it looked like on her? Possibly. But, for now, Aileen was going to wait for her to be finished.

Leaning her back against the wall and looking down, Aileen was lost in her thoughts again. So, she almost had the dress... what else was needed for prom? Let's see... date? Eh, not like someone would ask her out. That would take care of a huge amount of other things, as well. Any after-prom plans? Well, Aileen would see what would come up. Pre-prom? Same.

Ah well. She was probably going to have fun, to some extent.

And then suddenly, the short girl started spouting off information, like her name (Reika Ishida?), her status (senior tutor), and a need for both their names (obvious). Seriously, it was if she was some kind of robot that was designed to be enthusiastic about tutoring. Well, Aileen was pretty sure tutoring wasn't the kind of thing people usually got excited over. Then again, sometimes she would see her classmates get excited over strange things. Ah well, it'll only be a little while before this session will be over, and she could go home and do whatever.

Well, that other girl, and what appeared to be her brother, replied. Tutors too, huh? Anyways, Aileen herself should say something, so...

"Aileen Borden. That's with an 'A' at the front, not an 'E'".

Ah, the old name scenario. How many time did people think her name was Eileen, instead of Aileen? Sure they were identical, but... you know, different. Guess it was because Eileen was more common. But it still was kind of an awkward experience. But, anyways...

"Oh, and I'll be tutoring here."

With that, Aileen noticed that Reika was now writing down her name, as well as the other girl's (Sarah?), on nametags. Oh, great! Now she'll have to have a little "Hello, my name is Aileen" sticker on her chest. Eh, wasn't that bad, but those... were kind of weird. Ah well.

The other girl smiled as she handed her the nametag with her name, and said that she could place it wherever. With an eyebrow raised, Aileen reached for the sticker in a slow motion, as if it could hurt her. But, soon enough the thing was on her shirt. And now... came the hard part; asking the questions. With a deep breath, Aileen began.

"Well... is there anything we could know before we start?"

Crossing her arms, with her book still in her hand, Aileen waited for an answer.

The Entourage
Well, could Carol Burke do the trick?

She's kind of into ice skating, herself, and is kind of one of those people who wants to be friends with everybody, really. It's okay if you don't see it working, though. XD

Link is in sig, obviously. O:

The Throwdown
Kick! Kick! Combo! Punch! KICK! COMBO!

All of Carol's usual strategies weren't working. But, was she having fun with this fight? Oh, you bet. It had been a long time before she last had this much fun while playing a fighting game. Heck, how long was it since she last fought someone?

But now, the screen was showing Eddy laughing and the words "EDDY WINS!".

Dang, she lost, huh?

Oh well. It was fun!

"Good game, Dom!" Carol grinned, as her opponent put his jacket back on.

Now who was next? Her mind tried to think of something, until Dom mentioned she and the other guy should fight. That's right! He did say he wanted to play the loser, after all!

Alright, it was time to fight again! Carol started the machine again, and chose Nina a second time. She wasn't sure if she was allowed to pick a different character, but it was better to be on the safe side and not break any unwritten rules, no?

"Let's start, yes?"

Oh god why did I join this? Why did I have to? Was it necessary? Oh god...

Aileen's fingers rubbed against the sides of her forehead, as her eyes closed. She had been... pressured into joining the peer tutoring crew. At first she was reluctant, but soon she gave in, and now... she was here. Why she gave in, no one knew. But, at least she was doing something in her spare time, right?

In her lap was, as always, a book. But, here it remained closed, and was going to any minute now be back in her bag. And then, Aileen would start on whatever was needed.

She opened her eyes again to look around her. Nearby, a group of people were talking about... something. Most likely things like "How was your summer vacation?" or "Are you excited for this?" or "I saw that movie on Friday!". You know, normal things. Normal, boring things.

Perhaps she could talk to them if she needed help getting started? That could work, but Aileen... wasn't a social individual. Quite the opposite, actually. On the other hand, it was a lot more intelligent a move to talk to people if you needed help for something.

Eh. Damn it all. She might as well at least ask around, and get to know any social codes and some such here.

And so, after picking up the book she had, she had made her decision. Flipping one braid over her shoulder, Aileen lifted herself out of her seat, and hesitantly approached the group, wondering if she was going to regret it. However, by the look of things, someone else had the same idea, and was now introducing herself to the group with a small "Uh, hey". Did she know them? Maybe, maybe not. Also, judging by how things looked, it would seem that one girl, whose height made it unclear for Aileen just how old she was for some reason, was currently leading the conversation, and judging by her attitude, was either a person who went here regularly, or someone new but very friendly. In any case... couldn't hurt.

Aileen cleared her throat.

"Excuse me."

Love Means What it Means
((Anna Chase continuing in from Food For Thought))

She could feel the wind blowing in her face as she rushed to the cinema on her bicycle. It wasn't too far off from home, and was close enough to bike there, mind you, but it payed off to be there on time, for obvious reasons.

But, one thing was certain. Chase was going to enjoy this movie, with Brendan, Lexie, and this "Erik" person. She was sure the name rang a bell, but it might have been only in passing. Maybe she had a conversation with him before, or maybe his name was read off during attendance or something. Eh, best to see what he looks like, to confirm if you know him.

And so, the cinema was only a few feet away. Chase felt her long dark hair stop flying behind her as much when she slowed down, and soon enough, she was taking off her helmet, placing it inside a drawstring bag large enough (though neglecting to remove her knee and elbow pads), and locking her bike up against the bicycle parking stand. Slinging the bag over her shoulder, she started to head towards the theater, in a good mood.

After a bit of looking, she spotted Brendan, looking at his watch. Chase felt herself enter a slight jog as she approached him.

"Ah! There you are!" she cheerfully announced herself.

Now to find the other two! Maybe that Erik guy was around, but where was Lexie? Maybe they were in the bathroom or something. Or maybe they got their tickets already, and were waiting in the cinema. Who knew?

Horrors From Beyond
And so, as if on cue, like those guys who pop up behind you with a gun just immediately after you solve the mystery...

Melissa was right near her, asking if she had found something. Aileen gave a small little nod, and noticed that she was holding something behind her back, for... some reason. Seriously, what was it? Why was she holding things behind her back-

Oh. It was the blue dress from before. She was really set on it, huh? And now she was asking about it...

Well! As Aileen was thinking before, it would look good on her. But, there was only one way to find out, and that was to try it on. She took a moment to scan the store again, for any changing booths, and after a few seconds, saw the trademark cubicles and curtains, tucked discreetly into one of the back corners.

"It... looks good. I think the changing rooms are towards the back, if you want to..." Aileen's voice trailed off, as if her thoughts had started to wonder again.

Heck, she might want to try on her own, as well. See if there is anything odd regarding it and her body, you know? After all, her body... could be weird sometimes. And if it turns out that the dresses didn't fit? Why, they probably could find something identical. Though, it might require a stroke of luck. But, luck was a funny thing, to be honest. Sometimes it did good, sometimes it did bad. But, something like that would hopefully not happen.

Eh. Best to just wait and see, then? That was the best idea.