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V6 Questions Game
Question: Do you believe in an afterlife?

Junko- *shrug* Don't really care about it either way. I think it's more important what happens now than to wait for something that may or may not happen after you're dead.

Emma- The idea of there not being an afterlife... it kind of scares me, to be honest. It's the idea of everything that is you just... ending. I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore Christian, but what an afterlife would be like is similar to that, I'd imagine.

Jennifer- I'm on the agnostic side. Let's be honest: we'll never know for sure, and no one is going to tell us what it's like for obvious reasons.

Question: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
V6 superhero AU gooooooooo.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I considered writing a phobia but I was too scared of the idea.


Well played.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
On a side note... it's been a while since I've done one of these.

I kind of came to a revelation last night, this time about disadvantages. Specifically, about phobias and allergies, and why they tend to be iffy. I think the real reason why is because a lot of people don't understand how huge those two things are when it comes to their lives both prior and during their time on the island, and how significantly impacted by them their characters would actually be.

I personally have written three characters for SOTF that explicitly have some kind of phobia: Carol (water/drowning), Katie (dogs), and Bella (blood-injection-injury). I actually happen to like them as disadvantages! Phobias are pretty common, but they can give a lot to work with if you do them right. I've never written a character with an allergy, I don't think (I have a character with asthma, though, if that counts?), but I think a character dealing with them would be interesting, as long as, again, done right.

Here's the thing, though: writing a character with a phobia or allergy requires a bit of thought.

I think that people in general, not just in SOTF, treat them as nondescript personality or bodily quirks when it comes to writing characters. Something that, admittedly, I'm also somewhat guilty of. However, the reality is, these things can change what your character is capable of.

Let's, for example, say that you have a character allergic to peanuts. Great! They'll just have to avoid peanuts, then. Easy, right? Eh, not so much. Peanuts are ingredients in a lot of things, for one. Peanut oil is often used in cooking; heck, Five Guys Burger and Fries happily touts that they use 100% peanut oil for their fries. Peanuts are also used for a lot of things not meant for human consumption, such as bird seed, pet food, some types of cosmetics, and other things. If your character has a peanut allergy, it means they will have to be careful about, as an example, what restaurants they go to. Again, peanut oil is commonly used in cooking, and even if they don't, there's a possibility that they have dishes that outright use them. Don't order them, then? Still a chance of cross-contamination, such as a bit of oil being stuck on a knife that wasn't cleaned properly. Luckily, servers have to pay attention if you say you have one, and if they don't, the manager can fire them. Still, the point remains: if you have an allergy, it does require a bit of thought to make sure you don't suffocate.

By the way, peanuts are the most common source of food-induced anaphylaxis, which means that your throat will constrict if you come into contact with them. This can be fatal. Even if you don't suffer that, you're still in for a bad time. You might have digestive problems, a rash, itchiness in the mouth or throat, and shortness of breath (source). Point being, you know how in fiction allergies are sometimes treated as "You'll get a rash and sneeze a lot, but you'll be fine"? Depending on the severity, it can be fatal. Even if it isn't that severe, it'll make your life suck a ton, a lot more than you'd think.

What about phobias, then? Let's say you're afraid of dogs to the point of it being a genuine phobia. Okay, so avoid them? Well, dogs are everywhere. They are a popular pet, after all. What happens when you, say, walk to the supermarket and there's someone out walking their dog on the way there? And it's a very, very friendly dog. Well, avoidance is one of the symptoms of a phobia. Meaning, if you see a dog on your way to the supermarket, there's a chance that it'll make your life difficult the next time you head over there. You might be scared of running into it (or a different dog) again, and take a different route. Or only go with someone else. Or find yourself going to a different supermarket. As another example: scared of spiders? Well, you might not want to go down into the basement, since there's an off-chance that there might be a ton, waiting... yeah.

Phobias aren't just "this makes me uncomfortable" or "I'm frightened of this", either. It's often "If I so much as see a dog, I will get anxious, and may even have a panic attack". Yup, phobias are classified as an anxiety disorder. Personally, I'm a little wigged out by spiders. I don't like them crawling on or around me. Likewise, I tend to tense up when I see a dog running towards me and barking. However, just because I'm scared of them doesn't mean I have a phobia of them. I can appreciate spiders for the fact that they eat pests, and find them pretty. And anyone who knows me knows I love dogs. Really, these are normal things to be afraid of, since it's kind of a primal thing. If I feel spiders crawling around on my arm or see a strange dog I've never seen before running towards me (even if it turns out it's friendly). of course I would be afraid, since I still have those caveman instincts. However, if I'm avoiding going to the supermarket because I saw a dog there and had a panic attack, or if I can't go into my basement because of spiders, that's when we start getting into phobia territory.

It's doubly worse if you have a phobia of blood, needles, getting injured, or all three. These are unique in that their blood pressure drops. Meaning, you might pass out if you encounter, say, a puddle of blood and you have a phobia of it. It can also effect, for example, whether or not you'd go to the doctor. Many people with these phobias tend to avoid doing so out of fear of, say, getting shots, which can be harmful if it turns out they have an illness that can be fatal. After all, no one wants to pass out each time a doctor approaches them with a needle, do they?

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, allergies and phobias can be fun disadvantages! However, please do a little research on them if you decide to use them! They will change things in ways you may not realize at first, which is good for opening up possibilities for threads, but will genuinely make your kids' lives difficult.

Uh, discuss phobias and allergies, I guess? *waves hands*

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Lizzie Bean=Lesbian, yeah.

And I think Greta Laye=great lay.

Props to Laurie for that thread, by the way. It made my night. It's fun to read Noah's creative process. X3

Student Government/Team Positions Nomination Thread
Junko Kurosawa- Track team captain
Emma Luz- Senior President ("You may nominate characters who are already approved, or who are in the submission queue at any point during the nomination time period.")

guys i need friends ;)
I think Ems and Jennifer would talk to Alvaro while he's there! Jennifer's not a super-chatty person, but she would probably speak up if she, say, recognizes him from school. And sweet, she appreciates good coffee. As for Ems, she's more chatty.

And I guess that means Ems and Jeremy wouldn't mind each other that much, then? Sweet.

Sounds good re:Jennifer and Jeremy. I kind of forgot about the SF4 thing with Junko though, but now I remember! Yay!

Junko doesn't work at her mom's restaurant, but she has a lot of appreciation for it. I don't see her hugely pursuing a rivalry, but I think she'd acknowledge that Vacanti's is a competitor and react accordingly. Maybe a bit of "Ew, Vacanti's" each time it comes up? And... hm, what would Alvaro's thoughts be?

I think that for the most part, Junko would be simply ":/" towards Ben. She wouldn't be too outspoken about her opinion unless he said something blatantly homophobic. Then she'd tear him a new one. I think otherwise, though, she'd be sarcastic and generally give off "Don't like you" signs.

I think if Ben ever does end up saying something inappropriate about any of the other Luz kids, Ems would go "Hey, cut that out". She'd try to be polite about it, but it would leave a sour taste in her mouth. How much so would depend on how bad it was and whether or not it was that hurtful.

(sorry about the late reply)

I Hate Mustard
Junko didn’t mind X-Men.

She had liked them when she was younger. While she didn’t really follow anything that happened in the comics or movies too closely these days, she could appreciate their stories. It wasn’t hard to deny the themes of discrimination throughout the stories. But yes, she remembered liking X-Men. Well, actually, she still did in a way. Did she ever stop? Even with some of the sillier movies?

“Oh, which issue’s that? I haven’t read X-Men in a w-“

A bit of hot sauce dripped out of the sandwich and onto the table. Junko looked down, and glared at it. Then, she placed the sandwich down. She slid a paper napkin over the spot, feeling it seep through.

“-Yeah,” she started again. “It’s been a while.”

She’d recognized the cover from her shifts at Larson's. It's a shame she hadn't stopped to get her copy or borrow it off someone else. Not only was she behind and thus needed catching up. It meant that if someone asked about it, she wouldn't be able to say whether or not it was good. Hence why she usually tried to get caught up to date on this. Luckily, no one had asked about anything X-Men related in a while.