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Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Hope it was a blast to all you folks out there!

*gives Christmas cookies to each and every handler!*

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
And now, time for a review of Mac And Me.

Mac And Me

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
I agree Decoy! The morally objectionable material IS what makes it so horrible and awful! I guess I'm just somewhat worried that the mods would react if I reviewed it and I went into too much detail. As I said, I worry for really odd and weird reasons, not just about this story. About... pretty much everything. I concur with your idea of contacting a moderator about it beforehand. I didn't say I won't do it, just that I'm a little worried that I might go overboard with the review. Perhaps I could show a mod before I post it, see if there are parts where I need to tone it down? So maybe for this one and others like it, perhaps get someone else to look it over for me before I post it, and then like put a bunch of warnings in the post itself before the review.

But, I did say I would like to do it, though! As we both agree, the morally objectionable bits are the reason why it needs to get snarked at. There is so much wrong, so much that needs to be said, that someone out there needs to go "No. Just no." Plus, to be honest, despite my weird worry, I kind of want to make the other handlers squirm a bit with this one, actually! I just don't want to receive a site warning or something if someone gets offended by me even reviewing it. Again, I'm weird about this, so my apologies! D:

In fact, I thought about it more, and I decided that I could actually do a review of it. I already have a few ideas in mind about what to snark about, so it's not like I don't want to do it or am not able to. So, expect me to come to it eventually! I'll edit the first post to say I'm officially touching it at some point.

My Immortal? Knew someone was going to request that one. XD

Same goes for The Room and Birdemic. I know of those two! I'm a bit of a fan of The Room as well. Seriously, it's one of those movies.

Artemis' Lover? Similar dealio like Lesbian Land. I don't think a hermaphrodite twelve year old having sex with a cat is what most people would like to read about. Then again, like Lesbian Land, that's the reason why it's considered awful. And at least there's only one sex scene. So I think like Lesbian Land, I'll have to have a mod look it over as well, but I will review it, trust me.

About music reviews. Keep in mind that, like art, I'm not an expert on music. That doesn't mean I won't do it (since I already accepted one music request), just that it may not be as good as a movie, story, or comic review. I haven't had much experience with Metallica, either, so I may not know about common trends with the band. So, just a fair warning in advance; I'm not good at music stuff. Again, that doesn't mean I won't do it, just that I'm probably not the best person to go to in regards to music.

Oh Seel! You mean like a Let's Play? I could do that, actually. Heck, I could even do it the traditional way and make it a video if I find a way to do it. :3

Also, two updates.

One. Next review is officially Mac and Me.

Two! I shall be adding more things to the list that I thought of. Hopefully I can get all these done eventually. There are plenty of things for me to review. It is a bountiful feast of review material. :3

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
Decoy, I've read a few chapters of it in the past, actually! When I was writing the first post, in fact, I added it to the list, but removed it before it was posted since I wasn't sure if I really should. It's not because it made me squeamish (though it did! Seriously, I was drinking one of those orange Vitamin Waters, and as the story progressed I literally felt it get sour in my mouth. Not even joking. I think I seriously went mad for a few seconds while reading it, as well). I guess it's more that I'm slightly worried that if I go into any detail about what happens in this story, mods would yell at me due to the subject matter (among other things, it contains glorified pedophilia. In graphic detail, no less). So, yeah! I guess I'm being a worrywart with this one, because even though I wanted to add it, I'm just worried people will be all "WHY IS THIS ON SOTF?!". Since I worry for stupid reasons and it's a review, not the actual story. XD

So yeah! It's a maybe, since it was lurking around my mind for a bit but I didn't add it to the list simply because it might be too much, even for SOTF. I've been debating all day whether to add it or not, really. So, I'll put it in its own "maybe" category, and if I officially decide to touch on it I'll move it to the main list and then do a review on it.

Glad you liked it, Laurie! This thread is mostly for me to get better at critiquing, since I always feel bad whenever I feel I have to critique something. It's good to know I didn't get too nice or too cruel with it. ^_^;

So the cartoon really is that bad after the first episode? Then I should touch on it, then. I wasn't sure if it was the first episode I had watched, in fact I barely remember it to be honest (something about one of the characters turning in a game to the video store? I have no idea). I'm pretty neutral about Ctrl Alt Del stuff, in that I don't particularly hate or like it, so I could probably look at it in a more objective way rather than defending it or bashing it. So yeah. I could do it.

And Little... that reaction only says "KAMI REVIEW IT IT'LL BE FUN TO REVIEW". Trust me. XD

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
Sorry to double-post, but I'll add my thoughts on the things suggested.

Dr. Roy- Dear lord. Just the stage banter? That sounds like torture. Sign me up! : D

Laurie- I've seen an episode of the Ctl Alt Del cartoon. While it (at least the episode I saw) wasn't horrible in the unwatchable way, it's still worthy of my commentary. The Brazilian Pixar rip-offs... why didn't I think of that?! And Kevin Federline? Okay, sure. I'm not an expert on music, but I could do it! Just looked up Pootie Tang, and blaxploitation tropes? Gives me an excuse to make Bubba Dover jokes. : D

Flare- Haven't seen it! But I did just look it up on Wiki, and it seems reviewable. :3

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
And now, for my first review.

Gamer Girls

Thoughts, comments, requests, etc. Toss them at me! I need to improve myself as well, so feel free to give constructive criticism!

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
Oh, I've seen Cool World! My thoughts were, in a nutshell "WHAT IS THIS? What kind of cracky stuff is this?" Seriously, it gives me a good idea of what being on drugs is like.

Thanks! Added~

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit

Does it remind me of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, in a way? Yes.

Does it forget to add a punchline? Yes.

Is the artwork confusing and weird? Yes

Does it happily indulge in girl gamer/anime fan stereotypes? Yes.

Is it worth me commenting on?




*adds to list*

Thank you! I think I might actually do this one in the near future, since I already have a few ideas on what to comment on here. So, this may actually be one of the first I do, especially since I just sat down and read it with a critical mind a few minutes ago. So, yeah. Expect to see the review up sometime in the near future!

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
So, lately I've been thinking that I need to write more. I also need to hone my critiquing skills a bit, and just... I don't know, kind of want to review things! After all, I've had an itch to write things lately, and I also want to add my thoughts on various works.

Then I had an idea. How about I start a thread here where I critique things? Not just any kind of thing. AWFUL things. The kind that you watch just because it's so awful. Those things.

Yup! I'm doing written reviews of various horrible media. Fanfiction, books, movies, cartoons both anime and not, you name it! This is the place where I practice my writing skills, my snarking skills, and my critiquing skills!

I don't have any reviews written just yet. Instead? I'm going to have you guys pick out things that I should critique. And if I feel it's worthy of me poking at, then I'll review them. So, for now? It's up to you folks to come up with suggestions on various horrible media I should add my commentary on. I'll add things I personally want to critique as well, since I've got a few ideas already, but I also want your input!

Some rules/guidelines before you add suggestions. Please read before you request something!

- What defines "bad" here? Something that is notably awful. Something that makes you go "what" or "what the fuck?!". Something that you only watch ironically. That sort of bad. If it's something that just has hype backlash but still has plenty of fans, then I probably won't tackle it. But if it's notably awful? Then I will.
- Due to a desire to avoid controversy, I will not be reviewing anything written by a known handler, past or present, on the site or not. It's an extremely touchy subject, and I just don't want to go there. Period, no ifs ands or buts. Plus, if you want me to critique a character you've written, just ask and I'll give you one outside of this thread! I may make a few exceptions to this rule, mostly in the case where a handler comes up to me, tosses a crappy fanfic that they wrote when they were twelve at me, and asks me to review it since they think it's so awful. So yeah. No handler/SOTF stuff, sorry!
- I have to be able to easily access it. If it's online somewhere, great! Just link it here. Overall, make sure that it isn't something extremely rare or that I have to pay ludicrous amounts of money to get to it. So, something that it's easy to get to.
- If it's supposed to be clearly intentionally bad (Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Rocky Horror Picture Show, any known troll fic, etc.), I probably won't review it. I want things that are awful on accident, really.
- Preferably? I want things that are kind of obscure. It's okay if there are things that have been reviewed a few times by other people, but if everyone's snarked at it, everyone's pointed out every single thing wrong with it, then... where's the fun in that?.
- I will not just pointing out the bad. In fact, I'll try to give pretty good criticism, with a bit of snarking at the bad parts while acknowledging things they did okay. So yeah! Don't expect me to go "THIS SUCKS! THE TOILET PAPER I WIPE MY ASS WITH IS MUCH BETTER THAN THIS SHIT!".
- Finally, just because something is requested doesn't mean I'll do it. If I read/watch it and see nothing to comment on about or don't think it's bad enough, then I'll say so. Otherwise, I'll try to get to everything on the list, I promise! I also won't be going in any particular order, so also keep that in mind.

So, rules over! Hopefully you guys read all that, so I won't have to shoot down requests. XD

Okay, here's the list so far. I will also be adding things to the list I want to critique as well, as the list below shows!

- Master of Martial Hearts (panty fighter anime. Apparently pretty generic otherwise, but has an extremely dark twist ending that makes no sense at all. Added by myself)
- Beauty and Warrior (horrible Indonesian anime about... okay, it's hard to tell what it's about. But it deserves my commentary, trust me. Added by myself)
- Bible Black dub (hentai anime about cultists. It seems as if the dub is actually pretty hilarious!)
- Out of Jimmy's Head (A Cartoon Network show about a boy who gets a brain transplant and ends up seeing cartoon characters in the real world. Saw a few episodes when it was on, and I think it counts. Added by myself)
- Baby Geniuses (exactly what it says. Added by myself)
- legolas by laura (Lord of the Rings Sue-fic. Need I say more? Added by myself)
- My Inner Life (Legend of Zelda Sue-fic. Added by myself)
- Beansidhes Wail (infamous NaNoWriMo story about a band of fairy half-sisters. Added by myself)
- Diamond in the Rough (Added by Dom, and it's a Twilight fanfic about the Cullens owning a BDSM club. It was found again. :3)
- Cool World (a cracky movie about a comic book artist getting sucked into a world full of cartoons. Added by Rugga)
- Pootie Tang (a really bad blaxploitation spoof. Added by Laurelena)
- Ben and Arthur (soap opera film about a gay couple trying to marry, apparently. Added by Flare.)
- Ctrl Alt Del cartoon (adaptation of the webcomic in animation form. Added by Laurelena)
- Kevin Federline's album (added by Laurelena)
- Brazilian rip-offs like Ratatoing and The Little Cars (added by Laurelena)
- Having Fun with Elvis on Stage (Elvis album... with no music! Added by Dr. Roy)
- Lesbian Land 2250 (contemplated by me for a while, added by Decoy. Erotica about a metropolis full of promiscuous lesbians. I initially was wary about touching this one due to its content, but I decided that I am capable of doing this one if I have someone look it over before I post)
- Artemis' Lover (added by Aura Master Fox. The infamous fanfic about Oscar the twelve year old hermaphrodite and his lover... the white cat from Sailor Moon. Like Lesbian Land, I will have someone look it over before it's posted)
- The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part One (Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfic. Added by Aura Master Fox)
- The Room (the famous film by Tommy Wiseau! Added by Aura Master Fox)
- Birdemic: Shock and Terror (crappy rip-off of The Birds that shoehorns in environmental messages. Added by Aura Master Fox)
- My Immortal (That Harry Potter fanfic. Added by Decoy.)
- General puzzle/adventure game LP (added by Ciel)
- The Human Centipede (people get sewn ass to mouth. Added by myself, since I'm obsessed with this movie as we all know)
- Queen's Blade (notorious ecchi fantasy anime. Added by myself)
- Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny (erm, Santa's sleigh gets stuck. And then stuff happens. Might do this one as a holiday special. Added by myself)
- Metallica album Lulu (added by Dr. Roy)
- Home Alone 4 (added by Aura Master Fox)
- Nudist Colony of the Dead (remember this thing, which I like to bother people in chat with? Yup. It's from a horror comedy musical about nudist zombies killing Christian campers. Added by Rugga.)
- Dude, What Would Happen... (Another Cartoon Network live action show. Added by Limi)
- Christian Humber Reloaded (a cracky fanfic about a Super Saiyan wolf. Added by Fio, who posted it in chat and made me crack up)

Done so far:
Gamer Girls
Mac and Me

Feel free to add!

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
QUESTION: You have suddenly become dictator of your own small nation. What law would you pass first?

Alex- Every Friday is Silly Hat Day. Best dictator ever. *laughs*

Lana-... Take all the steps to make sure it's a democracy. Then step the fuck down. :/

Miranda- All political debates are now fashion shows. Fashion shows are now serious business in the Republic of Miranda.

Question: What's the last dream you had?

Post-Game Planning
Now, I know this is late, but if anyone wants to do a thread in the two-week period...

I kind of want to have a scene where Chase rages at someone for some reason, mostly involving island stuff. Like, they say something about their previous situation which ends up pissing her off. If you're willing to RP with her and post quickly over two weeks, feel free to ask! I've kind of wanted to do a ragey Chase scene since post-game started, but I haven't really gotten around to it. So, yeah. Don't worry, you probably won't get beaten up or something. Unless you want it to happen.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition

Alex- .... *stares* Okay! Um... I'm guessing the bad ride has Gamzee or something in it. So I won't take that one. Er... good ride? It has to be awesome. Knowing me, something Doctor Who related. *shrugs*

Lana- Why are you shouting? Anyways... utmost desire... god I'm boring. Most of my desires aren't that interesting. No longer having health problems, for the world to get better, to be successful... you know, stuff you'd expect. How about countless puppies then? Puppies are adorable. As for bad... bad... Bush is President again. *shudders*

Miranda- Utmost fear? Oh yeah! If... you know... to be honest? Having people laugh at me would be horrible. Desire... for you to stop shouting.

Question: Who do you think are the best villains in any fictional work?