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The Questions Game
Favourite ice cream flavour?

Aileen- Vanilla. Though... mixing things in is nice. Like Kit Kat bars or... I don't know, M&Ms sometimes?

Carol- Ever had green tea ice cream? Not bad, actually.

Chase- Blood of orphans.

... O-Okay, time to be serious! I like mint-chocolate chip. There.

Question- If you had the ability to change reality in some way, any way you could possibly imagine, what would be different?

The Throwdown
And, soon enough, the other girl had won.

Carol's face grew an even bigger smile. Man, was that a good match!

But, the girl had to leave, due to her cell going off. Aw, poo! And she looked like a good match. Carol wondered how she would have done against her. But, she seemed as if Carol could one day catch up with her. In fact... she glanced around at the others there. She had a feeling everyone was from Bayview.

"Well, since she left... how about we continue on?" Carol said, but the guy she had been playing against had already commented on that.

But, then the guy from the alley was talking to her. Dom, that was his name! Not a bad one, either. Also, based on what the other guy said, the girl's name was Janet. Carol found it necessary to introduce herself too, and did.

"Name's Carol Burke. I'm sorry I..."

But then she stopped herself, and, with a small shake of the head, spoke again.

"Let's start this, right? How about everyone fights everyone? That way it will be fair. I'm able to!"

At that, she reached into the pocket of her jeans, and although she didn't take them out, moved the quarters around inside. But, there was still a crushing question that needed to be asked.

"Who shall be fighting who next?"

Carol paused a moment to think of something, and then...

It hit her.

"We could do Rock-Paper-Scissors, just so we know who's up next."

Would that work? Depends. Sometimes it took a while, really. But, it could solve the problem of finding out who went next, unless there was already a way to fix it.

Horrors From Beyond
Aileen walked along, entering the store.

Okay, now what? After all, if she were apparently enough of an idiot to not notice the store the last few times, would she be able to find a prom dress? Aileen wasn't sure if she could. But, it was worth trying. Try, try, try. It always worked if you did. But, now she was sounding obsessed. But, sometimes it was... worth it to be a little determined. Anyways, she went all this way, even if it took her a long time. No use giving up now, just find what you want, buy, and leave happy. Simple, just don't stress over it, just don't act like you are about to die, and just... act normal. Yeah, normal.

As she entered, there was some bored looking woman at the counter, who looked like she hated her job. Then again, who didn't? Most people did. But, here she looked like she had her brains removed. And the guy picking lint off a suit... damn, was this the St. Paul Cuckoos or something, only grown-up? Wait, no, if she wanted to use that comparison, that would be the children outside, if anything here could be compared to that.

Ah well. Might as well find what she needed.

Aileen quietly walked over to the nearest display, and started looking at the outfits on selection. The little black dress? She wasn't sure if she would look good in it. The frilly red dress? Looked pricey, even compared to any normal formal dress. The red, white, and blue one? Looked like an American flag threw up all over it, to use a cliche. How something could throw up on another even if it didn't have a mouth, no one knew, but anyways. How about that light green one? Eh...

Aileen looked around, her green eyes staring at what was available, and could be seen. Well, she liked purple. She might as well... look for purple, she guessed. That was a start. Maybe something a little cute, but not overly fancy, as well. So, something fairly simple, fairly cheap as far as formal wear goes, and something that... well, looked good. Would there be something that fit her requirements? Perhaps. Who knew?

"Hmmm... no", she mumbled to herself again, this time glancing at a dark purple dress with plenty of strange designs. That one looked gaudy, actually! Who would wear that... no one knew. She felt herself make a look of disgust at the thought. Then again, someone might look good in it. But... honestly. Honestly. The heck? She usually didn't give that much thought about what others wore, but really. Ah well. That one was out, definitely. Then again, Aileen probably wasn't the most fashionable person out there, so should she be the one talking?

Quickly looking away from... that abomination, she continued on her quest. Hopefully Melissa was doing better. Was she? Aileen found herself glancing in her direction, seeing if she was doing any better. Why... she honestly didn't know. Perhaps she subconsciously wanted her to find what she wanted, too. What else could it be?

Horrors From Beyond
Aileen nodded at Melissa's comment. "Right."

At which point she noticed something. Only a few feet away from the Hot Topic, was where exactly they had been looking for this entire time. It was literally almost in front of her face, and she did not notice. And just now... she did.

The formal wear store.

The one on the map. The one that Aileen had spent hours looking for. That one.

Aileen almost put her hand to her face again, for a similar reason as last time. How did she miss it when it was almost in front of her?! After all, if she kept missing things... then maybe she wasn't... oh forget it. It's no big deal. Besides, her glasses seemed fine. Her ability to process information, on the other hand... it seemed a little off in recent history. She didn't know why this was, either it was because she accidentally changed her diet in some way, if the stress of all the end-of-senior-year activities were finally getting to her head, or if it was something else altogether. All she knew is, she seemed to be rather... unobservant lately. Meh. What was with her today? If they had an answer, could they please tell her?

But, she was happy she found it. After all, she spent how long looking for it? She didn't know the answer to that question, as well. And even though she didn't really smile, her face, in a way, showed that she was relieved that it was finally found. It was subtle, and although Aileen herself didn't realize it, it was there.

"Well. It seems to be over there", Aileen commented, pointing to the store in question. "Let's head towards it, yes?"

And so, she stepped towards it, as if finally seeing a pile of treasure that she had been searching for all her life.

The Questions Game
Question: You're stuck someplace for a week with a never-ending supply of ONE specific food. What would it be?

Aileen- .... That's just not healthy. A human needs a balanced diet, and not eat the same things over and over. We need a certain amount of nutrients, you see, to keep us going. Most food items would not provide that by themselves. Heck, I wouldn't be feeling right by the time the third day comes around. Plus, if someone was storing food, wouldn't they keep a larger selection? Even if it's some kind of factory or warehouse.... Anyways, I guess something that has a large amount of essential vitamins and likewise will do good. But, I guess I could see if I could find something else to eat as well, particularly if this "someplace" was the wilderness or anywhere else outdoors. So... no clue?

Carol- How about dried meat? My parents keep an "Emergency Kit" just in case, and they told me that it takes a while for any kind of jerky to go bad. Was the term "non-perishable"? I guess so. But, that's my pick!

Chase- Well.... Hershey's candy bars. Want to know why? Well... first I eat one of the bars. Then I take its wrapper, and place it in a pile of f-flammable objects, possibly other wrappers. Then? Find a way to set it on fire. Matches or the... rubby stick thingy would do. It's not too hard to cause a fire, though it would take a while, seeing as I don't think it's entirely paper. Then, if there's any sort of outside access, I can use it to... well, as a search signal, as long as I keep it smoky but contained!

.... Hey! You didn't say "Don't try to escape", or "Don't set things on fire", or "You have a limited supply of other supplies". You just asked about the food! Awkward smile

Question: Is there any food you like that everyone else considers disgusting?

Announcement #13: Discussion
It was awesome!

Seriously. Now I'm all excited to see the end, and for V4 to start! So, yeah! Good work everyone involved!

Prom Dates
Well, guess I should tell you guys what is up with my characters. ^_^;

Aileen is definitely showing up, but is most likely going stag, and will probably eventually be off doing her own thing once it starts, knowing her. A character can ask, but it "might" take some effort for her to actually accept.

Carol's honestly forgotten about it. But, you can have someone say "PROM" and she will probably remember, quickly take care of things, and maybe find a date. She's open to the possibility of one, but if she isn't asked, she'll happily go without one, and have fun with her classmates.

Chase? Most likely not going. She doesn't really "get" the point, honestly. But! This doesn't mean she is completely unavailable; if some guy asks her, Chase just might accept and end up showing up, after all. After all, this is the same person who likes to fangirl over the male students, so... yeah.

Food For Thought
Chase waved again, seeing her run off.

"Bye byeeee!" she shouted after her.

Where was she so eagerly running off to?

Well, maybe it was because.... class was starting in a little bit? Perhaps. After all, no one wanted to be late to class, or else the teachers would turn into homicidal maniacs and start killing off their students one by one. Okay, not really. Very few teachers reacted that way to a late slip. But, they didn't appreciate people being late. Not. One. Bit. So, yeah. No one wanted to be late, and experience the teachers' wrath.

Sighing contently to herself, she lifted her bag onto her lap, and after unzipping it, placed her math-related objects and what was left of her lunch that wasn't open or already eaten in. However, after noticing something, Chase's facial expression changed to a befuddled one.

"How did this get in here?" she asked to herself, pulling out a pocket calculator from one of the pockets. It wasn't her old, broken one, that was for certain.

Perhaps someone put it there? Possibly. Last time she checked, it wasn't in there, and that was when lunch started, so it had to have been two people. Brendan Wallace, or Lexie Logan-Price. Then again, it could have been a third party, that snuck it in during the conversation. Why they would, though, was a mystery.

And how exactly did she not notice? Chase prided herself on being a little more observant than others, but you'd think she would notice someone unzipping her bag and placing something in. It must have been when she was distracted with something else, really.

God, I feel like Sherlock Holmes or something thinking about this, she thought to herself, somewhat smiling. Although it was a mystery, it was, in a way, helpful. Only problem was... she didn't know who to thank.

As her pale hands moved the calculator around to further examine it, after a few minutes, she heard the bell ring. Placing the calculator back into the pocket she found it in, she then slung her back over her shoulder, and headed out of the lunch area, still wondering who exactly put the device in.

Well. I will find out eventually. God, I hope Lexie gets back to class in time.

And so, she headed out to her next class.

((Anna Chase continued in Love Means What It Means))

Food For Thought
Chase watched as Lexie eagerly grabbed the bills, and placed them in a place that Chase didn't expect to see when putting away two dollars.

Namely, in her bra.

Seriously. Chase didn't mind people placing things in their bras. In fact, she did it sometimes, herself. But, Lexie did it in a way that showed off just what kind of bra it was. Neon blue, to be precise. Chase didn't really want to see that, but... what did you expect from Lexie "This hooters are not real" Logan-Price?

But, she seemed happy that she had money, and was now running off, wagging her fingers in a strange way. Chase guessed this meant "goodbye". And indeed her words said so. She would be hurrying back, but... it was unknown if she'd be back in time. Chase waved back, hoping she would be back soon.

Would Lexie be back in time? Who knew?

Hurry hurry! It would suck if you were late to class! Chase thought to herself, prodding what remained of her yogurt with her spoon.

Food For Thought
Money? Lexie wanted money now? What for?

Chase hoped it wasn't any illegal drugs. Because, she wasn't going to be held accountable if Lexie got arrested. She was almost sure that it wasn't anything like pot Lexie wanted to buy, as Lexie, although she had earned the name "Chugs" for a reason, didn't seem like the type of person to be sitting around smoking weed. Although the mental image of Lexie examining her hands was... actually quite funny, now that she thought of it.

But, then she did it.

She acted like a dog.

Chase stared, somewhat smiling. Dang Lexie, was she trying to exploit the side of her that liked anime, by acting like a little puppy, making her think of those girls that often popped up in such shows, that had animal ears and a tail? Lexie with dog ears and a tail was also a fun mental image, actually! If only she could somehow convince Lexie to wear a dog costume... but she might not want to. Eh, it probably wasn't anything big, and if she doesn't get payed tomorrow? Well, Chase could think of something.

Taking out her billfold from her jacket pocket, Chase took out two dollars, and reached them out where Lexie could grab them.

"Alright, Fido, here's your change. But, if I don't get anything tomorrow, there will be a punishment", she said, still smiling from being amused.

Chase didn't know what kind of punishment that would be, but she could think of something by tomorrow morning. She could get creative, but nothing that would break school rules, or be too out of the ordinary. Ideas were already starting to form in her head, but she will see what she can do when she got home. And it had to be something Lexie would agree with, as well, for obvious reasons.

Horrors From Beyond
((Aileen Borden continued from Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales))

As the elevator went down, Aileen kind of shuffled her feet on the spot. Now she was feeling a little… crowded, even though there weren’t many people in it. Seriously, she felt like a can full of sardines, if she wanted to go by the cliché. Though, there were probably more crowded things than a can full of sardines, but she didn’t want to think about that now. After all, if she started comparing the elevator to more crowded things, it will only make it seem more so, and she would… probably freak out, actually.

Well, she honestly felt like she was being dragged along for the ride, so to speak. But, was it she who was doing most of the dragging? Who really knew the answer to that question? There was probably someone out there who knew, but there weren’t here right now, at least, so she thought.

Ah well. Might as well not ponder that, either! Damn, so many things she had told herself not to ponder in recent history. Perhaps it was in her nature to look too much into things, but sometimes it wasn’t necessary. Because, things were so simple sometimes, and they shouldn’t be looked into. Or else people will have their heads start hurting within minutes. And, well, didn’t want that, right? It would be… unfortunate.

And so, the elevator door opened to reveal what was expected, which would be children. Not as much as Aileen expected, but still a fair amount to cause slight concern. Ah well. Remember, they are still children.

As she stepped out, straight across her Aileen could see that one store, Hot Topic. She honestly wanted to stick her tongue out at it like some sort of small child, but… that was definitely too immature for any 18 year old girl that Aileen knew, including herself. So, she decided she shouldn’t do it, and so didn’t.

Aileen’s eyes peered out from her glasses, trying to find out where exactly was the destination.

“Let’s see… we are on Level one. So, I believe the dress store should be here… right?” she mumbled, partially to herself, while folding her arms.

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales
Melissa... seemed to really appreciate that "swords and shields" comment. Was she being sarcastic, or did she did she find it humorous? Aileen's right hand slightly clenched itself. Damn, she had no idea how to pick up tone in other people's voices at times. Was she laughing at her, or with her? She really had no clue. All she knew was that she kept repeating the phrase "swords and shields". Aileen didn't really understand people sometimes, and this... was one of those times, really. Seriously. How did others act the way they did? It wasn't like Aileen was from some planet from another galaxy or something, but sometimes, it sure felt that way. She really did not "get" others, not as much as she hoped. Why were people so complex sometimes? It befuddled her, to be honest.

Oh well, might as not worry about it. It was probably nothing. Might as well not ponder it too much, or else she'll be thinking about it all day, to the point where absolutely nothing would be done.

"I... guess..." she started, as she stepped towards the elevator.

Horde? Oh yeah. Who knew how many tweens would be running around today? Probably a lot. Lots of tweens liked to shop, right? So... dang. Quite a lot would show up, actually. But, again, they were just children, and shouldn't be feared or mistreated. But... children made Aileen nervous, to be honest.

As Aileen pressed the button to make the elevator open, it promptly did so, and out came a guy carrying a few bags. Geez, how many things could you buy here and still be able to carry them? Judging by the amount he was carrying, she was surprised that he would be able to simply carry them without any help from anyone or anything whatsoever. People these days.

As she stepped in, Aileen pressed another button, this time to go to the proper level.

"Level one..." she mumbled to herself, as the elevator's doors slowly started to close.

((Aileen Borden continued in Horrors From Beyond))