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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Carlon had reminded her that she said she hadn't used it, and was just looking for information on Michelle. Alex frowned harder. She was blatantly going on about the idea of threatening people with guns. Just because she hadn't used it for that intended purpose yet didn't mean she wasn't thinking about it.

"Shhhh", she said to Carlon.

Her leg was fine. It still hurt, but she still felt like standing. Well, more like standing emotionally. It felt a bit like her leg was going to collapse underneath her if someone took the crutch away. But that wasn't what she needed right now.

What she needed was to know if Kam was safe. If she wasn't, it wouldn't just be her. It would be Carlon, and other Cammy. It would be everyone else still alive. She failed to save Daniel from Hansel, wasn't able to find Chuck or Jason, and was forced to watch Davidge get shot to pieces. She couldn't live with herself if she couldn't stop one person. One person. The less players there were, the better.

If it meant getting everyone she could off the island, it meant a bit of sacrifice.

Kam had looked uncomfortable at her question. Alex wanted to probe further.

"So what you are saying is, you haven't found a chance, but you would if you could?"

Her voice still came out quiet.

Out of the Frying Pan ...
"I cut it off so it wouldn't get in the way", Miranda replied, deadpan.

Her eyes continued to flick between the two, and she couldn't help but remember a bad dream she had once, from before. What had inspired it was that she was watching an anime. When someone online had recommended it to her, she thought it was going to be something "cute". Needless to say, it wasn't. While the more... frightening moments did disturb her, she thought it was okay. However, it managed to find its way into her dreams shortly after. In it, many of her friends from school tried to kill her using various sharp objects. She tried to run away, but she in the end had a syringe stuck in her throat by Mara before waking up.

Back then, it had been a dream, inspired by an anime where schoolgirls do die, occasionally in gruesome ways. In fact, Miranda hadn't even thought about it again. That is, until now. Now, it was very much a reality.

Mara started to explain what happened. Apparently, she saw Hansel kill someone, and then... they got into a fight? And then Mike attacked her thinking that she was trying to kill him and then she stabbed him. She was supposed to meet up with Finn, it would seem.

Kat went on her own explanation. Something about a Mexican standoff, then her being with Chuck and Miles before one killed the other- dear god, she hoped "shoved a knife up his ass" wasn't literal. It... wasn't something she wanted floating around in her head.

Her head continued to ache further as she tried to process the information. So they weren't off working together after all. Well then. Miranda, in spite of everything, felt the need to give out a bit of info.

She reached up with her free hand and rubbed her forehead.

"I'm not feeling good, so let me keep this brief."

Miranda grimaced a bit, trying to think where to start.

"Basically, I woke up on the beach and started thinking about what to do. I went into the town, and had to interact with Veronica. Mara, you saw that, of course. After that, I hid out in some building until morning, where I saw Kaitlyn Williamson lurking about. I freaked, and... um, yeah."

She visibly paused at this, remembering what happened. It wasn't something she liked to remember.

"Anyways, I didn't see anyone else until this morning. I saw Baxter, he... he was nuts. We argued, then he attacked me."

Miranda paused again.

"I'm not sure if he's... uh, still alive."

With that, she looked up, and looked back at the other two. Miranda's eyes looked skeptical. Yet at the same time, even as she reminded herself there wasn't much to be judged for anymore, it seemed like there was still a part of her from before that still remained. So she ended with:

"Don't. Judge."

The Sound a Sloth Makes
((Lana Torres continued from Friends 'til the end))

The weather wasn't the best for it, but it was worth a shot anyways.

Lana stood on the rocks lining the coast, fishing reel in hand. The float remained several feet in front of her, being tossed around by the tide. She was somewhat nervous about falling down into the water, due to the fairly high tide at the moment, but she was careful enough, she was sure.

It had been a while since she had fished. The first time she had gone was a long time ago.

Her parents were protective of her, but they wanted to give her a happy childhood. So one summer, before she was in fifth grade, they planned out a camping trip. Lana, of course, was excited. There were plenty of places to hike, as well as a fishing hole. The car ride had been long, but once she got out she was bouncing all over the place. When it came time to set up the tent, Lana happily helped. A lot of the things still needed to be set up, though her father said he had everything.

Her mother smiled at her and said that it was a good moment to go down to the fishing hole.

When they had shown up, the afternoon sun was still hanging very brightly. Mother had taught her how to cast a line. Flick it over your shoulder, she had gestured, and try to avoid the hook. After a few tries, she got it. All they needed to do was wait for the fish. It was very calm, very peaceful, as the world had gone on. The water was serenely still, like a glass mirror.

Sure enough, she felt a tug. Her hands pulled the line, and out came a fish.

Lana proudly displayed her catch to her mother, who nodded and smiled.

That was a good camping trip.

She just never thought that the next time she would go fishing would be... something like now.

It had taken Lana a bit to remember what her mother had taught her that afternoon. But after recounting it a bit, she had remembered. Put the bait on the hook, flick it above your shoulder, wait for a fish. It had been a while, but it wasn't difficult. She just wasn't sure if they could catch something. If they did, could it be something edible? Lana didn't know much about what kind of fish would be here to begin with.

But both of them needed something other than the energy bars. Not just for nutrition, but for comfort. It had been a rough few days.

Lana had become more aware since the field, but sometimes she still felt herself blanking a bit. Sometimes she wonder whether or not she was getting used to the situation she and Stephanie had found themselves in. There was something disturbing about that.

Yesterday in particular was particularly harrowing. Once more, Lana had sat as close as possible to the nearest intercom, and listened. There was some sort of confirmation that Ilya had found himself in trouble. She didn't catch the name, but she knew what it meant. And much like her, the island knew what Stephanie did to Brian.

It wasn't helped by the sick joke their captors pulled on them. Before they rattled off the names, they told them that since no one had died that they were going to detonate their collars. A long moment had passed, but soon enough it was clear that they were just being cruel for the sake of being cruel. Then again, what did you expect from them at this point?

As the ocean went on around her, she tried to think. And she remembered a bit.

Ilya was on the wrestling team, much like her. They had grown close over time, and she told him about what she liked, and in turn he told her. One birthday he even commissioned a work for her: a bat and a bear, wrestling. She had enjoyed it a lot, and kept it on her wall. Ilya was a dedicated member of the team, she remembered. He had traveled all this time with him. Something still gnawed at her, how she left him to die.

Brandon Baxter was on the announcement too. Lana wasn't able to figure out if he killed or if he had been killed. But she did remember him too. Brandon was someone who she often worked out with. Sometimes she would see him in the gym, and they would talk while getting some exercise in. Both him dying and him killing didn't seem like a good outcome.

Mike, Mike. Her and Mike worked in volunteering to help others with hearing problems. At first, she wasn't sure if she was going to prom, but it had come up in a conversation with him, and they agreed to go. It was nothing extremely special, like, nothing romantic. Just two people going together. She was going to miss him too. He was a good guy, she recalled.

And Dave. Oh god. She was going to miss him too. He was her ex, after all. Did he still resent her over what happened at Starbucks? She had no clue that he wanted to go to prom with her. If she had known, she could have. And he was gone, too. She never got a chance to patch things up with him. Never again would they even talk.

Looking back, she didn't just want to patch things up. Maybe she still had feelings for him and didn't notice.

That wasn't even going into Brian and Venice. The memories of what happened to them stung even now. Venice collapsing to the ground, Brian falling off the balcony. It wasn't pleasant to remember.

It almost felt like her and Stephanie were the only ones left sometimes. There were still people out there, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to see any of them right now. They would probably react the way Ruby did. Maybe it was better if it was just the two of them.

Lana and Stephanie hadn't talked much after the left the gates. She understood what she was feeling. Lana herself had been there. But she kind of felt like she needed to say something. But what?

There was something relaxing about fishing. Lana always felt better when she had something to do, whenever she was stressed out. Perhaps they could catch two fish, if they were big enough. One for her, one for Stephanie. They could cook and clean them somehow, and they would have something other to eat than what the terrorists gave them.

Lana looked up. She was still a little concerned about the weather. It was looking somewhat grey out, as if it was going to rain. If it rained, she wasn't sure where they could hide out. Perhaps one of the caves? Was that safe?

Friends 'til the end
And here Lana was, among the chaos.

She wasn't sure what was going to happen next. There was a good chance of her being shot, and the arguing was only buying them more time. Lana wanted to run, but her feet couldn't move, as if they have been superglued to the ground. The breaths rapidly went through her body, gasping for comfort.

Her head swiftly turned back to Stephanie, and saw the gun. It lifted, and then-

The familiar crack came back.

Lana was stunned, and within a moment she heard Brian fall to the ground, crashing in some bushes. In that same moment, Lana felt a hard ache in her stomach. It was almost like being punched in the gut very hard. It was clear what just happened. But she was still shocked.

However, she had found the ability to run again.

She twisted herself around and ran in the opposite direction, as fast as she could go. Lana could hear loud screaming, part of which sounded like her name, but she didn't know what it said, nor did she wish to find out. She just kept running as far as possible, hoping Stephanie would be tailing close behind.

Once she stopped, Lana felt herself feel unwell. The running had taken a lot out of her, but she could live.

Her face felt wet though. All that was sweat. It had to be sweat. Of course it was. It couldn't possibly be something else.

((Lana Torres continued in The Sound A Sloth Makes))

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Carlon had gestured for her to sit down, but Alex didn't need to. Her leg still hurt, but it wasn't that bad. It wasn't her leg that was tensing her up, after all. He had invited Kam into the group, and while Alex would normally let that happen, something still made her wonder about Kam.

It seemed as if Eliza wasn't threatening, but was unfriendly. Interesting. Well, then. Perhaps Eliza was showing certain early signs, like she had killing on her mind, but didn't find a spot to kill. It was possible, at least. Very possible, indeed.

Wait a sec... did she just talk about threatening people?

Did she do that a lot?

Didn't help she mentioned following through.

Alex's face slightly changed as she asked, her voice turning quiet:

"And have you been threatening people?"

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
"Eliza?" Alex asked.

If she didn't run into trouble, then what happened with Eliza? Did Eliza hurt her? If she didn't, why? Eliza was on the announcement, so that meant she was killing. Did Kam narrowly escape her? Carlon had asked about Michael, which she said she hadn't seen.

"What happened with Eliza?" she asked, a frown forming on her face.

One thing she couldn't help but notice was that Kam's hand seemed to brush her gun. Alex's eyes slightly narrowed. It was on her mind, wasn't it? She was thinking about using it, but she was hesitating. It was definitely on her mind, using it. Alex's eyes narrowed in thought, trying to decipher her.

Oh, she was looking for someone? Michelle, was it? Michelle was the swim captain was she?

"No, we haven't", Alex shook her head.

Wait, anything?

Maybe hyperbole. Like "I'd do anything for a friend". But "anything" didn't really have good connotations here. Would Kam really do "anything"?

Alex felt herself tense up further, as the grip tightened significantly on the crutch. It was the closest thing she had to a weapon if she tried something. Maybe she was just being suspicious, but it didn't feel right to her.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Carlon had greeted her as well, and Kam had breathed a sigh of relief. Alex still found herself wondering about her. She very clearly had a gun, so that could be a potential issue. But she didn't seem too threatening in demeanor. On the other, she made it a point to mention that she hadn't used her gun for its intended purpose. It implied that she had thought about it, but hadn't been able to, or wasn't in the position where she had to use it. It was slightly odd, really. But maybe she was just being paranoid. But you could never be too paranoid, right?


Cammy- the one from last night- was still fast asleep. It was kind of surprising what people could sleep through, really. She really was tired.

Alex paused. How does one react to basically "I haven't used this gun yet" mentioned unprovoked?

Was she planning something?

Woah. Stop. Maybe she's just reassuring everyone? It wasn't a good idea to attempt to stop her when she wasn't doing anything, right? But it was best they keep their guard up.

Besides, they let other Cammy in without any trouble. It wasn't that different.

But Alex was a little nervous about Kam. Maybe it was the gun. Who knew?

Oh, might as well ask her about something.

"Hey... um... Kam. Have you seen anything? Like... um, what's the story up until this point?"

Maybe she did have some info.

Out of the Frying Pan ...
A voice behind her told her it was probably a good idea for her to knock.

Miranda practically jumped out of her skin. In the process, she hit a piece of machinery with her spear, sending out a loud CLANG that rang throughout the hangar. A chill ran up and down her spine twice as she swiftly turned around to see who said it.

Her eyes squinted, as she tried to get a closer look at who said it. Someone was behind her, but it only took a beat in the light to see who it was.

"Mara...?" she asked, her voice distant.

It was best she keep her guard up. Mara had killed too, and she was very capable of doing it again. Not only did she kill, but she had killed Mike, who they both had seen at the first town. Was she a friend? Sure. But now Miranda was even more scared of her than the last time they met. It was only a concern last time, and she had turned out to be in denial. Now there was some proof of what she could do. Mara did have some capability.

Really, a lot had changed since the last time they had met. Neither of them had killed then, and now Mara had one and Miranda had... possibly two. They both had an idea of what they had done previously, and things were going to be different than before.

Mara was her friend. But she was still someone to be concerned about.

Miranda didn't look so good. A large purple bruise had appeared on the side of her face, while a matching smaller bruise was on one of her shoulders. While she had changed clothes and bathed as best as she could, that was yesterday; she hadn't found the time to change into fresh clothes again and as a result she was filthy. A good portion of her hair had been chopped off, and left in a uneven style. Miranda didn't have fresh makeup on, either.

It was clear that Miranda didn't stay cute like Mara suggested. Which a second voice acknowledged.

Miranda felt herself seize up again, taking a second to figure out who that was.


Kat was here, too. Had they been traveling together? Did that mean she knew something about Mike?

She was another friend of hers, without a doubt. Her name hadn't come up on the announcement, but that didn't mean that she wasn't capable of something. Just because they were friends didn't mean something was up. To Miranda, that chuckle and joke wasn't good. Maybe it was just the island getting to her, but it made her even more nervous. Which is to be saying a lot, seeing as she was currently in a dark abandoned hangar where there was a dead body on the floor. She felt a bit like she should be happy to see them alive, but she didn't know what was going on inside their minds.

Miranda looked between the two, and felt her grip on Kyoko tighten.

"Urm... hi. What have you two been up to?"

If they had been working together, could she fight them off if something happened? What if it was just one of them? Could she get them then? What if they did?

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Alex tiredly closed her eyes, then opened them.as Carlon continued searching. It was a strange thought. Of course, some were scared, but others were downright malicious. There was someone last season, Maxwell, was it? Yes, Maxwell. He... definitely wasn't scared. It seemed like he was quite the opposite. No doubt there were going to be people who definitely weren't scared, even now. If there weren't, there were going to be. It was only a matter of who and when, not if.

Could they be talked down? It would only work for so long, and on a handful of them.

And scared people didn't kill repeatedly. Once seemed like something someone would do on accident or out of fear, but two? That was hard to excuse. If Theo killed more, that would be even more difficult to defend. People like Hansel and Theo, they were a menace. It was only a matter of time before more problems would come up.

Carlon passed her a crutch, and she smiled. Though, it was the kind of smile where you smile because of something good while other bad thoughts are passing through your mind.

"Thank you", she said, instinctively, though her mind was still elsewhere.

Even if someone was scared or had snapped enough to start killing, wouldn't that be a mercy to them? A form of euthanasia? It was clear that once you start killing left, right, and center, it was going to be hard to return home. Someone who did start killing like that once had indeed made it home, she remembered. Rizzolo, that was his name. Alex hadn't looked into much detail on what had happened to him, but apparently he was murdered a few years back. If someone like Theo or Hansel made it home, even if they hadn't snapped entirely, they would be treated with scorn.

They, after all, were tainted and evil.

Would she be too, if she did something?

There was a difference between killing someone who had killed someone else out of justice and killing someone out of cold blood. In a way, it was a service, or a thankless job. It was something people would look down on, regardless of what she did exactly. And how would she prevent herself from being evil as well? She remembered something else from before. People were rescued, but only those who weren't killing.

Would that make her unworthy, even if it were the ones making things dangerous?

Would it?

"Carlon, what if they were to hurt more people? What would happen if they didn't listen?" she found herself asking.

She held the crutch close to her.

"Do you think that if something were to happen to them, it would be.... erm, mercy? Or just?"

That thought was interrupted by the doors opening, and Alex snapped her head towards it. Cammy Davison? Yes, it was her. Alex remembered her. Awfully perky, she was. Sometimes a little too perky, even for her, but still perky. Alex tilted her head to the side as she asked if she could rest here.

Alex paused, and looked to Carlon. Her reply to that was a nod once she looked back at Cammy.

Cammy seemed like a safe person. Her name hadn't come up. And she seemed relatively normal, if a bit... put out. Also, what kind of plan involved sleeping near people who were awake? Alex couldn't think of anything.

It was best to let her be here for now.

When the announcements came back on, Alex was once again reeling.

They killed Chuck too? Or rather, Miles did? Miles killed Chuck. Miles wasn't someone she would be happy to see. She knew Chuck. She more than knew Chuck. He was a friend of hers. And frankly, she did not appreciate people killing those she liked.

But oh, wait, there's more.

Summer Simms got rewarded for killing Naomi. That was something notable. Alex honestly had mixed feelings on both of them. Summer was a nice girl, but she was the kind of person who seemed to beg for attention. It was obnoxious, certainly, but it wasn't too good a reason to dislike her as much as she would others. Naomi could be quite cold, but she was, to her knowledge, fairly competent. It was odd knowing what happened.

And then Patton's sister had shot someone. That was strange, too. She didn't know her too well, but she was Patton's sister.

But as she suspected, Theo had struck again, this time killing a Xavier Contel. It was just what she knew was going to happen. He wasn't stopping anytime soon. Theodore was probably planning to rack up more kills right at that moment. Who knows? Maybe he had found someone else to slaughter.

There were many people she wanted to save, and now there were some she didn't. Chuck was one of the former, and now Miles was one of the latter. Miles threw something at Chuck that killed him. She didn't know what a hunga-munga was, other than apparently it had three blades, but it killed him.

Alex wanted to mourn him, as well as Daniel, and Davidge. But her mind wouldn't allow her to. Instead, it pushed all her thoughts out, and told her to keep her head up. If she found a way to escape, or stopped a killer by hurting them, it would be the right thing. It only pushed the matter of giving the players a very stern talking to and finding a way home further. For people like Carlon, or people, perhaps, like Cammy. Not people like her. Not people who thought evil things.

Once again, someone was at the lobby.

Kam So... something?

Was she safe too? In both senses of the word?

A bit of time had passed since the first announcement, she remembered. There wasn't a mention of her on it. Alex, with a bit of difficulty, pulled herself up with the crutch.

"Hey Kam", she said simply. "You okay?"

Maybe she would know something.

Out of the Frying Pan ...
((Miranda Millers continued from I Want To Get Off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride!))

It wasn't just getting surreal anymore. It was reaching the point where Miranda wondered if the blow to the head Baxter gave her had dislodged something. Homesteads, amusement parks, and now? Airfield. It only provided more evidence to her theory that the terrorists were sick fucks who liked taunting them. Here, let's remind you of how you got here to begin with, and provide naive hope that you'll get out! What a treat. But apparently it wasn't the hallucination caused by head trauma; she had looked at her map again a few minutes ago and thought that having it be on the map seemed a little complex for that. She had walked a fair ways away from the amusement park, she had realized.

Her head was still killing her right now. Though, Miranda thought she was going to be okay despite that. A little exhausted, a little nauseous, but there were other factors in that. The bruise still proudly showed itself on her face though, like some sort of badge from battle. Her shoulder ached a little bit as well.

But she was fine. Just needed to rest.

It was good to stop here.

Miranda ducked through the large rusted metal entrance. It was surprising cool in a way here. Sure, there was a bit of warmness still there. But it was a bit cooler than the inside. There wasn't much light in it, though. Miranda squinted her eyes. It was still pretty light out, but what light streamed in wasn't enough. There was a bit of stuffiness in the hangar, as well. And insects swarmed the inside, for their own shelter.

Though, something seemed familiar here, and Miranda wasn't sure what it was at first. But as she looked around her, she realized what it was.

A smell she remembered from not too long ago in the day had come back.

Miranda's eyes quickly found the source. A girl was lying face down on the ground, motionless. Like Mark, flies had started to gather around her, though in a greater number. This entire time, Miranda had been sharing the same shelter as a recently killed corpse.

She didn't care to figure out who exactly it was. In fact, she wasn't going to stick around for that much longer.

Miranda pulled herself to the other side of the hangar, trying to get away from it as much as possible. There was something disturbing about a corpse in a dark place. Sure, it was far from the first she had seen, but the circumstances were somehow worse in the dark.

What appeared to be a smaller door for an emergency exit loomed in front of her. Miranda's feet dragged themselves to it.

The hangar didn't seem to be a good place to hide out for the time being. Unless she would drag the body out or use her flashlight. But she wanted something... cozier. A plane's cockpit? Perhaps. Either way, she was going to head out, at least for a while.

Besides, even without the corpse something freaked her out a bit about the hangar. There was something depressing about it. This whole place was essentially a graveyard for planes.

Miranda reached for the door's handle, and. clutching Kyoko tightly with her other hand, she started to pull on the handle. It was somewhat rusted and her hand was somewhat unsteady, causing her to fumble with the knob a bit.

On the other side of the door, if one was standing near it they could hear small noises coming from someone trying to open it on the other side.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
A hero.

That word always seemed great, didn't it?

Maybe that's what she had wanted all her life. Her entire life, she wanted to be one. It wasn't something particularly new to her; Alex always wanted to work in law enforcement to stop evil-doers. It seemed like a way she could help. It was the way she could help. But it didn't stop there; many of her daydreams involved saving those who were weak or defenseless. Heck, if she were given superpowers, she probably would fight crime. All in all, Alex was enamored by the idea. She didn't want praise or glory. She just wanted to make things right in the world.

What's that so much to ask for?

It's pretty much why she... did a lot of things. For example, when she stood up to the bullies at Aurora. Or did volunteer work to learn more. Or how she wanted to escape with as many people as possible.

Alex was still reeling from the announcements.

Eight dead, six killing.

It was a shock, no doubt.

Joe killed Jason? But Jason was nice and friendly. He was as harmless as you could get. There was no way his death could be justified! All he ever wanted was to watch MLP, or be with his friends. Not this. He could never kill someone. Not ever. What Joe did had no justification, from the sounds of it.

And what? Dave Russell killed himself? Theodore killed two people? And Kat Konipaski got rewarded?

Alex had found herself feeling ill when the names rattled on.

It didn't help that he had poked fun at Hansel's killing of Dan. Or worse yet, that apparently Hansel had attacked someone before.

What if they had stopped him somehow? He was going to kill more. The announcements said so. How long would it take before he would somehow stop? It was going to happen again and again. And what about Theodore? He was killing at a fast rate. Something had to be done.

But what could be done? Alex couldn't do much, with her leg hurt. Carlon had found a splintered piece of wood to help her walk, but even then. Alex still didn't know a way to escape. And how do you stop a killer?

Alex had an idea. But it was a horrifying idea. And yet, it kept popping up in her mind. It had popped up only briefly in the lighthouse, but she knew it was wrong. When walking with Daniel, it had popped up again, only for her to brush it off harder. It reemerged as she attempted to sleep in the shed, but her mind pushed hard against it. The harder she pushed, the harder she pushed back.

But no. Alex didn't want to become a murderer. Not even if it were people who were killing to begin with.

Murder was wrong. But when was it right? Well, how else was she going to stop them? It became more increasingly clear. It was so horrid, though. How would she make it so she didn't stoop down to their level? Well, a good portion of them were killing in cold blood. They were going to kill more, no doubt. If she killed, say, Theodore, he would no longer be able to get two more kills. It was clear that he was the biggest menace out there. Aside from Hansel, of course. There were many out there who were going to kill, as well, and just hadn't the opportunity yet.

Alex wanted to stay innocent. If she killed, there would be blood on her hands, and she would risk falling too. It was something she was scared of. But with each passing moment, it became apparent that if she were to stop people from playing, sometimes that was the solution.

And they already killed Jason and Dan. Who else were they going to kill? Corey? Claire? Kyran? Gray? Sean?

It was a frightening thought.

Of course, Alex said nothing to Carlon about this. It was something hard to bring up. But maybe he would understand. She hoped.

When they had decided to leave the homestead, Alex's leg was still hurting, but she had managed to get back a large portion of her stubbornness. At first she tried walking without help, only to have difficulty. Of course, she then noticed the wood splinter, and used that. It made things a little easier. She had a bit more mobility now. And look! They were in a hospital now. Which meant that there was probably something else for her leg. Perhaps a crutch, or a bit of medicine. She was honestly worried about it getting infected.

Carlon had been a major help this entire time. She didn't want to talk about what was going on in her mind. But there had to be a way to break it to him. He was a nice guy, but what if she told him bluntly?

As they searched, Alex hobbled on her wooden makeshift cane, taking a quick rest. In a few minutes, she could stand up and help once she had a breather. As she saw Carlon kick something, Alex jumped. She looked at him, as he started talking. How many were accidents? It was no doubt that he may have exaggerated a little, but how many were intentional? How many contexts did he "conveniently" forget about?

But there was no doubt that there were a few people who did that on purpose. And those were the ones Alex kept thinking about.

Friends 'til the end
Lana felt herself breathe harder.

She knew that Ruby was point a gun on them, and any moment she could pull the trigger. It literally boiled down they would be shot at, or not. It meant that, in a way, their lives were in her hands. In a literal sense, actually. Ruby had her sights on them, and with just one pull of a trigger...

That was all it took. One pull. Lana remembered well.

Lana grimaced as Ruby said her name. It was clear that she wasn't happy. She then remembered that her name was on the announcement, and that good things probably weren't going through her mind right now.

That was confirmed by what came next. From what she got of it, Ruby had threatened them further with the gun, and was now counting down.

Lana looked to Stephanie again, and panicked. She looked back and forth between Stephanie and Ruby, trying to figure out what to do. Ruby was dead serious. If they didn't act, they were going to be shot at.

There had to be a way to convince her she wasn't dangerous. Even if she had thought about playing, she wasn't truly capable of hurting someone. She was scared, and desperate, and didn't have a clue what to do with herself. But she wasn't planning on it truly, she didn't think. She was just... you know. Hopeless. That was a word she hated to apply to herself, and she never again wanted to use it like that.

In the midst of the panic, the countdown reached four, right before Brian intervened. The two argued between themselves, as Lana took a deep breath.


Friends 'til the end
With a soft grumble, she put her hands up.

Really, the amount of trouble they had gotten into recently was really, well, fucked up was a good phrasing for it?

((Lana Torres continued from Midnight, The Stars and You))

Some time passed since they had left the hotel in a fit of panic. And somewhere in there, Lana had an instinctive feeling Ilya was still there, and once she had calmed down, she realized that they pretty much abandoned him out of fright. What if someone had killed him? What then? Lana didn't want to dwell on it, but the thoughts kept coming up. He was possibly in the fight she had managed to hear. There was a chance he didn't make it. Lana felt herself grow dazed again. She wanted to suggest they go back and look, but it was too risky. It was clear the hotel wasn't safe, judging by those noises. But Ilya... Ilya...

She didn't want to leave her friend behind. But what can you do at that point?

But really, what could you have done at that point?

Lana tried to push all thoughts out of her mind as she and Stephanie walked, but it still remained difficult. Names and faces continued to press through her mind, even harder than before. Ilya was gone, or at least was close to it. It was hard not to be worried.

As the two approached the courtyard, suddenly someone had barked at them to put their hands up and state what they wanted, like some police officer. Lana's head snapped up, and as she squinted she saw that it was Ruby Forrester, on the balcony with a gun. Wasn't she a friend of Brian, the one with a Russian name? Or girlfriend? She was kind of mixed up on their relationship. Did it matter when there was a gun pointed at you? Speaking of which, Brian himself wasn't that far off.

Lana had become a bit more clear-headed now, in comparison from before. But it didn't really help the fear currently passing through her.

"Just passin' through!" she barked back.

She looked to Stephanie to get a reading of her facial expressions, and back at the gun.