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The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Alright, PSA time, since v5 regs are up and I want to get this officially out of the way.

Some of you may have noticed that whenever the topic comes up in here, I tend to be somewhat dismissive of "gory scenes". This is not always the case; I personally love looking at gory fiction with the right mood. Mortal Kombat fatalities make me crack up, I used to watch a lot of horror movies which often contain gore, and under the right circumstances I could enjoy a bloody, violent scene.

Emphasis on "with the right mood" and "under the right circumstances".

Even I, as an admitted gore hound, get bugged right the hell out whenever I see a ridiculously violent scene in SOTF. Like, I don't know, something like castrating someone and feeding their balls to Kenny. Or breaking each and every single limb with a hammer and then forcing them to choke on their own puke. Or... close to anything involving the genitals. Or ripping their guts out and choking them with their own intestines. Or anything like that. Probably you get my point; I don't like reading overly violent stuff in SOTF.

"But Kami!" you say. "I thought you were an admitted gore hound!"

I am! The thing is, I like my gore with context. Not just context, either; if there's a good reason for there to be gore, I'd be up for it. A lot of handlers use gore more for shock value than for storytelling purposes. And frankly, I can tell. If SOTF had been a story that the point was to be as shocking as possible, like, I dunno, an exploitation film or the above noted Mortal Kombat, I wouldn't mind it being a deliberately shocking death. But it isn't. And that's what bugs me; the point is to show these kids surviving (or not), and being twisted into horrible versions of themselves. I get Battle Royale had a lot of gory scenes, especially in the manga, but that doesn't justify something completely and utterly gory without good reason.

One of my issues with such things is that it's tasteless. I know it's an odd concept; there being such a thing as gore in good taste. Problem is, it comes off as very trashy whenever I have to read something like a girl getting her limbs ripped off and then her head repeatedly punched against the ground. While it does make me cringe in some cases, and it can be written effectively if you're a very good writer, most of the time it makes me cringe for the wrong reasons. It just comes off as, as I said, very trashy.

Another issue I take with such scenes is, well, it's a blatant attempt to get attention. Gore gets you a lot of attention, obviously, so a lot of handlers love to get this by engaging in it. The issue here lies in that it's actually pretty easy to tell when someone's trying to be shocking for attention, rather than using gore for storytelling purposes. In case you're curious; it's the tone that sets me off when gore is used as exploitation. In the cases of gore used as storytelling, it's often used in a way that flows well, and the tone stays consistent with the rest of the story/character, even if nothing like that happened before and possibly won't happen again. In addition, there's still a bit of sympathy left for the victim; they still have their own agency, even as something as horrible as being ripped apart by wolves happens to them.

Now with gore clearly used to exploit, there's a theme of objectification. The emphasis is less often on both of the characters' personalities and dynamic, and more on the act itself. Very rarely do characters who get this sort of death get a good one; it's clear that it's to establish the attacker as a HORRIBLE PERSON, rather to end someone's story in an appropriate manner most of the time. Keep in mind that when you are writing the person inflicting these things on someone else, that you are basically writing someone's last scene, and there's a good chance that a reader is following that someone and wants their story to end nicely. If they really like a character, it can come off as really insulting when they go out by someone ripping their spine out and it's treated in a very objectified and deliberately shocking way, rather than "Oh no. I liked Alice, and she got her spine ripped out!".

Yet another issue I have with this is that it's actually not as effective a method of horror as many people claim it to be. Sure, gore can make people cringe, and it can cause nightmares. But the issue here lies in the fact that we as a culture see a lot of it already. Just pop in a horror movie, for example, especially of the slasher genre. Those things are violent as hell. Or yet again, Mortal Kombat. Or even shows where you wouldn't expect gore; sometimes gore pops up in places you don't expect them. Point is, we live in a naturally violent culture to begin with; even this very site in itself is an example. What's the problem? Desensitization is the word here. If you've been seeing a lot of gore, then it takes more for you to be shocked by another instance of it. If you show gore, it's just gore, and while it can make some people cringe, others like me will go "meh, another example of someone getting their head chainsawed off".

I can list several things that can and would scare the shit out of me personally most of the time rather than gore, in anything. Gore isn't that frightening to me unless there is something else about the whole thing, after all. Psychological themes if done well? Certainly. Things that make me feel paranoid? Of course. Atmospheric horror? Definitely! The kind of horror that doesn't pop up until you think about it? Awesome! Gore alone? Eh, can make me squeamish, but it needs more meat to it to really keep me awake.

Finally, it ignores the fact that often "simple" injuries can actually be pretty brutal once you look them up. Things like gunshots, stab wounds, burn injuries, and so on can still be pretty disturbing if you do your homework. It comes off as redundant to write an overblown death scene when you could have a similarly disturbing effect by looking how brutal real world injuries can get, even if it's "just" a stabbing.

Keep in mind, however, I'm not against gore if it makes sense in context. This is a handler who wrote her self-insert's guts being shot out, after all. What I'm saying is, I dislike gore for shock value.

PSA over. You may now go about your business.

Also, I'm in a Mortal Kombat mood lately. Can you tell? : D

Introduction Thread
Hey Mina! Welcome, welcome!

Have you checked out the Mini? There's no submissions for any Minis open as of right now, but Program v2 just started if you want to read! In addition, TV v1 is now in Epilogue stage.

Also read the new handler's guide if you haven't already. If you need any help with things, just ask! We don't bite. Much.

Also, yay for KFC! It's been a while since I've had some. ^_^;

Sexual Orientation/Gender Thread 3: Electric Boogaloo
Hey Mina!

This thread is more for out of character stuff; like what sexuality is everyone as a handler? Though it would be interesting to do one for characters. O_O

While I'm here, might as well update since it's been a while. Bi lady here; kind of came to terms with it since the last time I posted in this thread.

Characters sharing your name
Well, there was this character in one of the Minis. She was kind of stupid. Other Kami was this fat chick with a speech impediment, who shot two girls in the most pathetic manner and argued with a guy. Then she got her guts blown out. As I said, kind of stupid.



How I Spent My Suspension
Sean had started talking, only to be interrupted by a certain small Asian girl.

Alex could only giggle a bit at his being startled. It was kind of funny, really. Just... his reaction! Something about it made her laugh a bit. Oh dear. That face.

Her amusement stopped when, for whatever reason, Genie ran off. Alex's expression had changed to a look of befuddlement. What was her deal? Did she really dislike Hiro or something? Hiro was kind of hard to hate, honestly. She only awkwardly waved as Genie left. Another confused glance at Sean. Did he know why she spontaneously ran off?

Well, things were getting a little tense there. Maybe that's why she left.

She put on another smile. Well then! Alex didn't come here to yell at Alba and be confused by people's behavior, right? Right. So best do the things they came here for.

"Anyways, hey Hiro! Sup?"

High Fashion, High Prices
"Taco Bell sounds lovely."

Finn asked if she was alright. Miranda only smiled at this.

"Nah, I'm fine. Frank's just... look, I don't like him, alright?"

Miranda didn't like it too much when people worried about her. It meant explaining what was wrong. It meant pity. As much as she liked Finn, she didn't want his pity. Even if Frank was right...

She still cared about him.

Miranda finished fiddling with her phone, and put it back.

"Let's go, then?"

She didn't eat too much fast food. Too fattening, and she wanted to stay in shape for track. But frankly, she kind of needed it. Miranda was honestly in the mood for one of those Doritos Tacos, as horrible as they sounded. They sounded delicious, even though she never had one before.

With her heels clicking again, she started to head out.

((Miranda Millers continued in Bitches Be Crazy))

Stars and Bucks
Lana closed her eyes for a brief second.

His disappointment? Was practically tangible.

He didn't say anything, but she could tell. Lana didn't need him to say anything. But she knew that he was disappointed. He was considering asking her out, probably.

"Whaley. You know, from the basketball team?" she said. "Uh... we're not going out as a couple or anything. Just friends."

She didn't know why she had to add that in. Dave and her weren't dating anymore, after all. It had been a while since they were an item. So, it wasn't like she was committing some sort of faux pas, right? But she felt horrible. She had the feeling that, had he indeed planned on asking her out, he probably felt rejected.

"Oh. Should I order? I have a gift card left over from my birthday", she added swiftly.

Anything to defuse the awkwardness.

Friends... FLOCK TO ME
I honestly can't think of any official close connections, but...

Dude. My Alex and your Alex need to end up threading together.

Why am I asking? Because I'm horrible, and it would be the most confusing thread ever. Like "Which Alex is which? GAH". It would be amazing, trust me.

So if you're up to the challenge of being in a thread with a character that shares the same first name as yours... well, I'm here. O_O

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Varna Tribe Camp
Cassandra had asked if anyone wanted to get firewood for the rest of the tribe. Lana opened her mouth to offer, but Cammy piped up, saying that she wanted to go with her. And off the two went.

Kat, Miranda's friend, asked what they should do.

"They're coming back with firewood in a little bit, I think", she said.

Some time later, Lana looked up from where she had seated herself on the ground to see Cassandra and Cammy came back with firewood and fruit.

Lana had to admit, it was a marvel. Cammy was clearly exhausted. And yet, she was still as cheerful as ever. Lana knew that when she personally was exhausted, she could barely even smile. It was kind of impressive really.

Thought, it seemed as if she had gone for a beeline straight for her, as she started barraging her with a series of questions. First it started with asking her about survivor, then asking her about sports and so on. She just kept going on and on.


Lana tried to figure out how to answer all these questions. Really, how do you.

"I... wrestle", she offered.


Miranda, still feeling surly, watched as Cassandra asked about firewood. Of course, Cammy jumped to the offer, and they ran off.

There was something fishy about Cassandra. Was it just her, or was she bossing everyone around? It looked as if she was trying to position herself as leader of the tribe or whatever. It gave Miranda a weird feeling. Something told her that under the right circumstances, Cassandra could be a problem.

She glanced over at Kat once the two left, trying to see if she was noticing the same things she was. The topic of firewood came up, but wrestler girl had just said that the other two were coming back with firewood.

It made Miranda wonder if Cassandra was discussing something with Cammy while they were away.

And sure enough, they came back.

Cammy's attention was immediately drawn to a clearly confused Lana. That was all fine and good, as long as she wasn't bothering Miranda. But she had bigger fish to fry.

She had to talk to Cassandra. Perhaps get on her good side, or find something that she could use to her advantage. Either way, it was probably a good idea to talk to her.

Miranda walked up to her, and smiled as best as she could.

"Hey Cassandra. Quest for wood successful, I see?" she asked, attempting to start off simply.

V5 Area Sneak Preview
Top killer in v5: THIS IS THE SKIN OF A KILLER. *sparkle*

Admit it. You want to see this. :3

Also, death by someone getting hit over the head with the kettle. Calling it.

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Varna Tribe Camp
Miranda's facial features seemed to had been glazed over with an odd expression.

Well, what did they want her to do, then? She tried her hardest, didn't she? And yet... her performance was weak. She was admittedly a little confused by the challenge at first, but she wasn't... you know, bad. That she knew. But here they were. Even if they got in second place, there was still that line travelling in and out of her head.

"Miranda's not doing anything for her tribe!"

Yeah, that.

That was what made Miranda feel uncomfortable.

Miranda wasn't really the competitive sort most of the time. What she was, though, was the perfectionist sort. If anyone else acted the way she'd been acting, she would have probably flipped. And now she was flipping at herself.

They won second place, didn't they? But then, she couldn't help but look at her tribe mates. They were judging her, weren't they? They seemed more focused on the fire, but she could feel the scorn. Maybe she was exaggerating a bit, but you know. Miranda didn't do so well with even perceived failure or rejection. It was a good thing they had immunity; she probably would have been a goner otherwise.

For the moment, she was completely quiet.


Lana came back in good spirits.

They had won second place. That wasn't so bad, actually. Sure, they didn't have a tarp, but what they did have was immunity and a fire making kit. Despite the weak performance at the start, they got a pretty good result. If it did rain, they could come up with something to make their lives a little better, yes? Possibly reinforcing the shelter a bit, or something like that. It wasn't so bad, in Lana's opinion. No one in their group was going home tonight, and they had much more easy access to fire.

Though, if anyone had to be voted off tonight, it had to be Millers. Seriously, Millers? What was she even doing back there? Lana had no idea. Did she want to know? Luckily for her, she had enough time to redeem herself before Tribal Council, since, after all, they had immunity. For her sake, she hoped that she would do something to help.

Of course, once they got back they discussed making the fire. Cammy, of course, jumped at the opportunity. For a beat, she had opened the container, only to frown as if she had found something she didn't get.

Oh. She didn't know, did she?

"Want help?", Lana asked, peering to get a look at the kit herself. "I don't know much about fire, but..."

Lana barely knew anything about fire-making, actually. But really, it could be easier if multiple people worked on it and figured it out.