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The Song Game
I'm usually not good at this, but....

Admit it. This is totally Alex Ripley.

I'll think up a serious answer later, including ones for the others and possibly a better song for Alex. XD

Final Fates
Well, I'm not sure whether or not I'll have a thread detailing it, but I might as well post here in case I don't write a scene featuring it.

Chase? In the end, actually does become a teacher. To be specific, she currently teaches at Bayview Secondary itself, if that's all right and okay. To be honest, I haven't decided which subject she teaches and such exactly just yet. But, there's our confirmation on this. Sorry if you wanted Chase to be a hooker or something. As weirdly funny as that would be... no. No Chase hooker. Chase high school teacher, more like.

So, yeah. Long story short. As I said, I may or may not make a thread elaborating on this, going into further detail about the rest of her life than I have written here. We'll... just wait and see!

In which our characters are giant nerds.
Oh oh!

I have Alex Ripley. She is a massive nerd. She is also an online roleplayer. Currently she's involved in SOTFception, but she could easily RP with Aidan and Riley if you'd like.

I've also toyed with her being a bit of an MSPA fan. It's not one of her main interests (at least not enough to be mentioned in her profile), but she does like it. Heck, I decided, for some reason, that if I ever reveal her screen name, it will be a Homestuck reference (as in, the general way that chumhandles are written). So, confirmed; she likes Homestuck!

Not an official away message, but... same as Toben. I won't be around much today. I have a family thing to go to in Sacramento. If there's anything urgent that you need me for today, such as an urgent shipping emergency, just PM me and I'll get to it!

Also, an apology for any slow posting or grumpiness/depression/not paying attention on my part. Recently I've been feeling sick and depressed on and off, as I've mentioned before. I keep getting serious head- and stomachaches, I have sinus problems, and I've actually felt like crying over very little things over the past... two weeks or so? But yeah. If I seem grumpy, depressed, out of it, or anything like that, or if it's taking me a long time to post, that's why. Just so you guys know! Don't worry, I'm probably fine, and I'm starting to feel better. No need to worry.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: What's your go-to story if you want to break the ice?

Alex- "Do you want to know how I got these scars? My father was... a drinker. And a fiend. One night he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend himself. He didn't like that. Not. One. Bit-" *is punted over the head* Eep. Sorry! Erm, the story about the Na'vi. Everyone knows what I'm talking about!

Lana- Uh... talk to them about wrestling or activism or something? I'm not an expert on ice-breaking.

Miranda- Nothing breaks the ice like good ol' gossip in general. Everyone wants to talk about current stuff, right? And if it's about people they know of? They will talk. Trust me. So not one specific story, but it's a good idea to talk about something current. ;)

Question: What username do you usually use for websites?

Hey Ioco!

Unfortunately, the group itself is close off in regards to actual members. However! This does not mean you can't be friends with the people in it, or perhaps even just one member! After all, they'd probably have connections outside the group, right? There's also a bit of an "orbiting group" going on.

In addition, there are two girls in the group in addition to the boys. One (Naomi) is a female football player. The other (Alex Ripley) is a science fiction geek. So, not all of them are male. So the question here is, how would she react to them? Would they be "exceptions"? Speaking as Alex's handler, she probably wouldn't mind her as long as she wasn't awful to her. What do you think?

Oh, speaking of Alex! Some time ago I composed a list of characters who were connected to mine. It is here. While it'll probably be difficult to get all her connections onto the chart itself, however, the list exists for those who want to read!

And finally. I'm cool with the same neighborhood/school idea! : D

The Questions Game - V5 Edition

Alex- I like Avatar the Last Airbender. : D

Lana- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yes, I am a brony. Or... whatever the female equivalent is. But yes, I like it.

Miranda- Urgh, I stopped watching kids' shows when I, you know, stopped being a kid? Fine then. Powerpuff Girls.

Question: Do you have a job? What is it?

Need a Track Team here!
So it just occurred to me. We have threads for basketball teams, school bands, school newspapers, asian gangs, anime clubs, bitch squads, cooking clubs, soccer teams, wrestling teams, football teams, tennis team, equestrians, field hockey... and yet none for track. ):

So it's here now. Yayness! That way if anyone has a character on the track team, we can keep track easily. : D

I myself have Miranda Millers on the track team. I'm sure there are others!

But yes. Any handlers with characters on the track team that want to speak up?

First SOTF - Only Character for Now

You might wanna change the name a bit. XD

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Who would you switch bodies with for a day and why?

Alex- Cody Patton. Then I'd announce to the entire school about things like being a fan of My Little Pony and anime. When he gets back into his body... *snickers*

Lana- Hmmm... some kind of animal, actually. I wouldn't mind being a cat. Then again, everyone would wonder why my actual body is meowing.

Miranda- God I dunno. Rebecca Black. Just for laughs and to see what it would be like.

Question: What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
You're on death row. What is your crime, and what is your last meal?

Alex- ... What. Why am I on death row? Do you realize what kind of legal issues there are for the death penalty? Surely someone would have protested by now. And it'd have to be something like terrorism or murder, which I don't see my- oh, want me to answer? Fine. I got tricked into killing someone, and now they're killing me for it. It sucks. My last meal is chocolate cake.

Lana-... Killing a corrupt dictator of some kind. Take your pick. I regret nothing. As for last meal... uh.... a mountain of grilled cheese sandwiches. It's my favorite food I guess, can't really get enough of it.

Miranda- I dunno. White collar crime? Can they kill you for that? And food... screw it! I demand all the sweets they could possibly give me. Can't really care about how I look when I'm about to die, right?

Question: What do you think of the My Little Pony craze lately?

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

Alex- Wait, is the question about whether we want to wake up as someone else or if it's possible to wake up as someone else? Of course, it isn't possible to wake up as someone else in a non-metaphor sense. That'd be weird! And kinda awesome, if it was like some celebrity or such. It'd be like Being John Malkovich or something, though. Huh.

Lana- ... Sure, I guess? It'd be kind of nice if I woke up as some famous athlete...

Miranda- .......... I'm pretty sure I'm happy the way I am!

Question: Any guilty pleasures?

Fashion Club?
Hmmmm... I'm kinda vaguely toying with Miranda Millers being into fashion as well. Not just in a "look at these shoes I bought this weekend!" sort of way as stereotypical of bitchy alpha bitches like her, but also in fashion design and observing trends sense as well. In addition, fashion design isn't one of those things, believe it or not, that she hides her like or tries to pretend to like. So, yeah! Perhaps she could be a member?

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
Wait, postal worker?

Where did you get that idea, twirling troll butt? Did I miss something? O_o

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
Oh, this is the part where I defend myself?


Three things!

1) Guys... I always lurk in Mafia. I'm not really all that good at debating, I'm afraid. Always come up with fallacies and I'm not really all that smart in general when it comes to debating. I generally add my own commentary if I see something to comment on. It's nothing new, actually. XD

2) I have said a lot more than voting for Fullcircle. A lot. No kidding. Take a look if you want. But it's true. I am not joking. I just haven't said much this round

3) I... just haven't been able to say much this time around. I was kinda sick for the past few days, you know? And no inspiration has come to me this time.

Alright, want my thoughts though?

I'll give you them. : D

Well, has anyone seen Mimi? She's even more lurky than I am I think. Not an expert and I don't pay attention, but I haven't seen her around that much, but maybe I'm wrong. But mostly she says something at random intervals, and ends it with "text styles are for suckers" or something like that. Perhaps she's worried that it'll give away her role, and she's using the text styles as an excuse? Even if she hasn't read Homestuck, maybe she's worried that somehow her character will give things away. After all, John was the Innocent Kid, correct? Again, I'm an idiot when it comes to this game, so don't judge!

Those are my thoughts for now. I need to drink water. Lots and lots of ironic water. And maybe Tylenol. Ironic Tylenol.

*throws puppets at you all and flashsteps off into lurkyland*

Have It Your Way
Chase was geared.

No, pumped.

She was born ready, dang it. She was going to guzzle down all these shots. Oh yes, she would. But what about her competitors? They were probably ready as well. But, that just meant that she had to be more ready than ready. Beyond ready. Ready before she was born. Ready while she was in the womb. Ready before she reincarnated into this life and when she was someone other than Anna Chase, if that sort of thing even existed. Alternately, ready when she was just a soul before it was born. Either way.

Chase was going to try to be more ready than these folks.

Wait was Sarah...?

The small Asian girl's hand reached out to grab Brendan's burger. An odd feeling came over her for a few seconds. Annoyance? That was her only guess. She had no idea why. Sarah was scared and must have been hungry. And suddenly, the feeling went away just as quickly. Yes, she was just sad, lonely, and hungry. Plus, Brendan didn't seem to mind. Perhaps she could offer to get them more food if they wanted it-

Oh right. Eating contest.

Chase's eyes went back to the McFlurry shots, staring intently at the shots.

Jay's voice counted down.





Chase's hands reached forward, only focusing on the ice cream. Like Jay and Brendan, she had tried the two at a time technique. Drink one, toss the cup aside and drink the other while grabbing another cup as quickly as possible. Another part of her strategy involved not letting it hit the roof of her mouth. Hard, but it had to be done; it was the number one cause of brainfreeze, having cold objects against the roof. And when it did touch, her tongue swiftly reached to soothe it. It helped, right?


She did this all as quickly as possible. One cup. Drink. Another cup. Drink. It was all reaction. She wasn't paying attention to what anyone was saying, or what was happening around her.

Her last cup touched the table. Chase looked up. Despite her techniques, she still managed to get brainfreeze. A small dribble of ice cream remained on her face. But she was happy. She had no idea who won, but she was happy.

"AlrightI'mdonewhowonIwannaknow!" she shouted.

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
Gah! Haven't really been paying attention to this thread, what with the Halloween festivities. Sorry.

Alright, in response to Terezi a few pages back. It was more a joke/observation, with the cupcakes thing. I mean, T-Fox said he was freaking out over the mere mention of cupcakes, but failed to notice that Slam had a picture of a psychotic Pinkie Pie as his avatar. It just really amused me that he freaked out over the former while not seeing the latter, is all.

That said? I also think we should go after the people who haven't really done much so far. We haven't seen much of Fullcircle, so I'll be a sheeple and vote for him too.


Sorry mate. We just haven't seen you around much. If you speak up, we just may change our votes, you know?