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Thank You For Being A Friend
"Wh-what's going on...? I don't..."

She could hear that soft murmur.

So someone was nearby! And they heard her. So, they knew she was here, right? It wasn't as if she startled them, didn't she? Their voice seemed quiet, though... like talking was difficult. It came from the bush, didn't it?

And that's when it hit Carol.

She further approached the bush, and looked at the other side.

Carol could remember Rizzo Vitoria. She had heard rumors that he took things out of the dumpster on a regular basis, which she wasn't sure of but was supported by his ratty clothes he always wore. What was he doing though? He was on the ground... was he in pain?

She saw that he was bleeding from the leg.


Did she do that? But... but... she didn't mean to! She was just being clumsy! Holy shit, she just wanted to see if who was there, and scare them off if they attacked them! She wasn't trying to kill him!

Carol quietly placed her gun on the ground, and stepped towards him, trembling.

"Are... are you okay? I mean, I didn't mean to- I was just-"

Reiko stepped beside her.

She began talking, saying things like "It's okay, you won't feel a thing." It reminded Carol of how someone would talk to a dying pet, in a way. Something about the tone was both comforting and unnerving at the same time.

A look towards her, and Carol's eyes widened.

She was pointing a gun at him.

No, she couldn't... she shouldn't... she mustn't...

"Reiko, don't- he might be able to-" Carol began. But a somewhat similar cracking noise interrupted her.

She quickly put her hands to her face, not wishing to see it. And soon after she fell to her knees.

Oh god, she didn't. She couldn't have.

Even without lifting her hands away, she knew what happened. Reiko had essentially mercy-killed him. No, she didn't. She couldn't do that. Right? He was alive, safe and sound... they'd bring him over to the Infirmary and patch him up, just like she had offered to Reiko-

She wasn't supposed to kill anymore. Carol was supposed to protect her. Just because she was injured and so she wouldn't have blood on her hands anymore. That's what friends did, right? They protected each other in times like this. That's why she had gone to investigate, so that she didn't have to worry. Reiko didn't need to do something like this. Rizzo could have made it out okay. They just needed to stop the blood flow and put bandages on it. It was simple. And now she- they- shot someone, it was going to be on the Announcement, and people would view Reiko as some sort of psycho-killer when she wasn't.

Carol burst into sobs, crying into her hands and sleeves.

"Reiko... what are we going to do- what are we- no... I think we-"

She couldn't get the next two words out, but she knew what they were. "Killed" and "him". She wasn't able to say it, going coming out in choked sobs. But she knew it. Oh, she knew it.

Reiko was her friend, this wasn't supposed to happen. They were supposed to escape with all their friends and bring Danya to justice. Nothing like this. She never expected this. This wasn't happening... no...

Thank You For Being A Friend
"Carol... It's okay. I understand."

In spite of herself her smile appeared again.


They were together now. All they needed to do was find everyone else, and find a way out. She was still sure that they were going to be saved. The military knew things by now, and they weren't getting away with this. For Amber, Reika, Paige, Simon, Hermione, and everyone else who had died here, they were going to live. All they needed to do was find a way out.

She was sure they could do it.

They just needed to work together, is all. No problem.

So they should just rest here, then. Go find everyone once morning came.

Simple as that.

A thudding noise came from a distance.

Was that someone else?

Oh god, please be Ben or Jacob or someone else like that. Please!

"Reiko, stay put. I'm going to take a look", she whispered, grabbing her gun off the ground where it lay. Lifting herself off the ground, she went over to where she thought the sound came from.

Was it those bushes?

Okay, see who's there. Then fire on them if they're another attacker.

Now, there are a lot of rules that someone should remember if they are operating a gun, for safety's sake. First, do not keep a loaded gun around without putting the safety on. Second, you must concentrate on where you are pointing it as much as possible. And third? For the love of God, do not place your finger on the trigger unless you are about to shoot something on purpose.

Carol Burke as of right now though, was pretty much breaking all of them right at this moment.

Yes, the gun was loaded. Yes, the safety was off. Yes, Carol was a tired and scared teenage girl, who had been previously shown to have trouble paying attention. And yes, one finger was gently touching the trigger, and with one little pull...

Of course, she didn't know any of this unfortunately.

Her heart started to beat as she held the gun with both hands, one on the handle and the other on the pump. That's how you held it, right? She'd never fired it before, so she had no clue.

As she approached the bush, she pulled the pump back out and in, just in case. Okay, let's just hope she was doing the right thing with this gun.

"Who's there? We have guns, but we mean-"

Her grip was unsteady, and she couldn't concentrate on where to point it. Carol was simply too tired and scared. Oh god, please be someone who could help!

Her trigger finger slipped.

For a second, she heard a loud sound like a small firecracker bursting near her. The gun's recoil pushed it back, causing it to hit Carol's chest and for her to almost drop it. It felt like a large boxer was punching her in the chest!

The good news was that Carol wasn't hurt significantly.

The bad news was that what was on the other side of the bush wasn't so fortunate.

Too Late
Remy was only focused on the act of running. It was like back in baseball. Oftentimes his mind was only focused on the bases, and nothing else. It was in a way exhilarating. And it was funny how he was thinking about that now. He had a feeling Josée was following him, but he didn't pay any attention.

And suddenly, he saw another person.

Cisco Vasquez.

Wasn't he that attention whore kid?

In any case... it was him who did that. Wasn't it? God fucking damn it, Cisco. Remy always thought that he had some sort of issues. Now it was pretty much flat-out confirmed.

"Hey-" he heard the guy say, but before either of them knew it...

Remy felt himself collide with the soccer player and falling to the ground stomach first. His knife fell out of his hands, landing just a bit away from him, not even set straight.

Oh god, he literally ran into him.

Not only that, but he dropped his fucking knife.

Remy quickly looked around. Oh god, where was it? Cisco was going to kill him too. And not only that, but Remy wanted to make sure that he didn't get away with it.

Someone was running away, but he couldn't tell who it was. Deal with Cisco first, then go after him.

Suddenly, he found the blade's handle, and quickly grabbed it. After quickly sitting back up on his knees, he pressed the button on its side, causing the blade to extend.

Breathing heavily, he pointed the blade towards Cisco.

"Asshole!" he spat out.

Tears were once again running down his face, and along with the dirt stung his eyes. Remy was so pissed off right now, it wasn't even funny. Seriously, Cisco was probably showing off or something, and thought it would be a good idea to lie to people and throw lethal objects at them. Son of a bitch! He was probably going to deserve what came to him.

Thank You For Being A Friend
At her question Reiko rose to her feet, and started speaking, saying she was fine.

And, to prove her point, she started doing jumping jacks.

Carol couldn't help but give a sad smile. Oh Reiko. Really, what was there to expect from her? In a way, it was kind of entertaining to see her do jumping jacks like this in spite of her condition.

And yet...

Carol couldn't help but think that Reiko didn't trust her.

This entire time, it was as if she was trying to avoid her. Why? They were friends... right? There was nothing for them to be worried about. It wasn't as if she was just some random stranger off the street. She was Carol Burke. They knew each other from school. They hung out together all the time.

Plus, Reiko needed her rest. There was no need for her to tire herself out further. Though, it was nice to see she was in better condition, of course.

She wanted to say something to her. Carol obviously knew that Reiko had killed. But that wasn't her Reiko, or Ben's Reiko, or Jacob's Reiko, or Reika's Reiko, or Paige's Reiko, or Amber's Reiko, or Sarah's Reiko. Reiko was most probably scared, like everyone else was. They probably attacked her, for whatever reason. She knew Reiko to be a good person, there was no reason for her to kill in cold blood. Carol always had good things to say about her to her friends back home. She didn't want Reiko to think she hated her, did she?

"Reiko..." she started.

What would get Reiko to stop distrusting her?

"I'm sorry."

Her smile remained.

"I just want you to know... you're a good friend of mine. I've never had anything bad to say about you that I can think of."

A pause. Deep breath.

"You don't have to... you know... if someone attacks us, I can fight them off. You don't have to fight, not... not any..."

Carol looked down on the ground. Damn it, none of them deserved to be here. They could have been at the campsite, talking as normal. The worse thing that would've happened was that they got bug bites. Everyone would have been friends again. Reika, Paige, and Amber would have still been alive. So would have been Simon and Hermione. It wasn't fair. Not only was Danya responsible for her friends' and classmates' deaths, but he was tearing them apart emotionally as well.

A tremble passed through her body as her smiled faded.

"I'm sorry."

She had no clue was she was apologizing so much. If she didn't know any better, she would have stood up and hugged Reiko, right at this moment. She knew she couldn't, shouldn't do that.

Wind in the Willow
The girl with dyed hair began telling her side of the story, pointing out that the other girl had been waving her gun around saying that she was going to live because she had a weapon. It was starting again, they were going to go into the "You suck, no you suck" mentality once more.

Sighing, Chase placed her head against the willow tree again. Retro-Guy seemed unsure, not knowing the answer to whether or not Marty was going to be okay. Just before she placed her head against the bark she could see Spiky-Head looking over him, moving his head around for a better look. Retro-Guy was rambling on about torture and killing and how people wouldn't do that back at Bayview.

A voice.

Chase lifted her head off the bark once more. Australian accent? That could be either Brendan... oh god, was he here? No, it didn't sound like him that much. She couldn't help but feel a small pang of disappointment once she quickly realized it. But, after looking at the source of the noise, she saw that it was that guy she met the other day. Ben, that was his name, right? He made it out okay. That was a relief. Though she was going to have to be just as careful with him like she was with the others now. She never actually saw him hurt anyone, but let's face it, a guy pointing a paintball gun at you isn't exactly a good way to meet someone.

But, she smiled at him. Just to be friendly. And the fact that he was still alive was, to be fair, actually kind of a relief.

However, those few seconds of relief quickly came to an end.

A new voice.

Oh no. She recognized that voice.

Chase turned her head and saw that her fears had been confirmed.

Rachel Gettys.

Now, Chase never knew her that well, but she knew one thing; she wasn't at all a nice person. She wasn't simply just cruel, either; she used God as an excuse to be cruel. Her so-called religion and the fact that she was wealthy made her see everyone else as lowly, apparently.

She was pretty sure that she had killed too, didn't she? Her name had been on the announcements, that she could vaguely remember. Obviously, if she wasn't dead and talking to them, that meant one other possibility, and it wasn't good.

Oh, and for bonus points? Chase was pretty much everything that her so-called "God" would have nightmares over.

She clenched one hand as her heart started to race again.

And it wasn't as if Rachel was alone, either. She could see some guy... crawling on the ground like an army commando for some reason? At first she thought he was with Rachel, but he honestly didn't look like the type to hang around her. Wait a second... wasn't it that Jake Crimson guy? That sounded like a silly name, but what the hell was he doing? He definitely wasn't with Rachel, though.

Chase opened and closed her mouth, trying to figure out what to say. Oh god, what were Rachel and Jake doing here? Were they attracted by the noise?

Retro-Guy and Spiky-Head seemed to attempt to handle it, though, mostly by saying he was just hurt. Then again, Rachel might react by putting a bullet in his head like in those old war movies. Chase furrowed her brow, trying to figure out what to do.

Spiky-Head started to whisper to them. Saying that Rachel was most definitely psycho. Saying that she wasn't crazy. Saying that she and the other girl didn't seem like someone who could defend themselves.

So that was it.

She was pathetic.

She didn't have any weapons, or any survival skills, or charisma, or intelligence. She was just... a crybaby. That's it. All she did while she was on the island was cry. Crying made her look weak, and she didn't like it. When Nancy showed up? All she did was cry and struggle as she was being dragged away. And when Rasputin showed up? Crying and hiding, both times. She only sat there when they were having that argument on the beach, too. She wasn't a hero. She couldn't defend herself. She was quite literally worthless. She couldn't even do something about Rachel.

Could she?

What could she do, though?

What answers were there?

It wasn't as if she had any ways to help...

But she had to do something. She wasn't going to be weak once more. Now was her chance, if ever, to actually be strong. She could do something if she really could, wasn't she? She wasn't that useless, right?

That's when it hit her. She could easily find a reason for them to leave the area without Rachel and Jake suspecting anything. Just have them come up with a reason to leave quietly, and move on to someplace safer. No fighting was necessary now. Sure, it was still running away, but it was something at the very least.

And finally, Chase found out what she wanted to say.

"Hey guys..." she spoke, her voice coming out hesitantly. "Maybe we could like... put water over his head or something? There's a str-stream nearby, so perhaps... maybe we could go further upstream and... I dunno, put water on him? Perhaps that would wake him up."

She turned to walk in the other direction, but looked over her shoulder. "It's worth a shot?"

God, she hoped they got the cue to leave. That girl made it pretty clear, after all, that it wasn't a good idea to stay around Rachel. She just gave them an excuse to leave without raising any eyebrows.

But what if Rachel followed them?

What to do then?

Well, deal with leaving first.

Thank You For Being A Friend
((Carol Burke continued from Lean On Me))

Resting. She should be calm.

And yet, she wasn't.

She heard the gunshots. Simon was most likely gone. That person got him. Carol knew she wasn't particularly bright, but even she knew that there wasn't a good chance he got out alive. She tried to keep her hopes up with things that she would tell herself, like "Maybe he managed to escape. Maybe he fought them off and is looking for us. Maybe he's safe". But her thoughts would loop back to the idea that he was... no more.

And it seemed as if their attacker had gone after them as well. She was sure that she heard gunshots in their direction. They weren't satisfied with just Simon. They wanted to kill them, too. Whoever it was, it wasn't someone who was simply scared. It was a truly bad person. Carol kept thinking that it was Kris or that guy that was with her, but was it really?

Simon... he was really gone, wasn't he? He just simply decided to die, right then and there. Died fighting. It was for them. He just wanted them to be saved, right? He didn't have to just let himself die! He could have made it out. They could have made it out, all three of them. And that person killed him, for no apparent reason.

Carol was too tired to cry. Her tears had only dried up some time ago, and now she was all worn out. As she sat on the ground of what appeared to be an outdoor sports area, resting after they came here just a few minutes ago, she couldn't help but think. Where was Jacob and Ben? They were doing well, she hoped. She had lost Rein and Kari, didn't she? They didn't get killed, did they? She and Simon had lost them around... the time Hermione showed up? She guessed so.

Hermione was gone too. She saw it happen, even cradled her head in her hands for a few seconds. Her smile had long since been etched into her mind. And yet Carol spent the last few minutes of her life being angry at her.

She shuddered on the spot.

God, did she really just let Hermione die? Hermione and Simon... they both died and she did nothing about it. All she did was run away.

What was worse was, she didn't even say "Thank you" to Simon. He had tolerated her all those days, and pretty much died in the hopes of stalling their attacker. She did nothing to help. All she did was scream and cry...

But, she saved Reiko, didn't she?

Reiko was clearly hurt, and she was in the middle of a fight when they found her. She could've died. Plus, now that she was here she had no reason to kill anymore, right? If it came time to defend themselves, Carol had a shotgun. She could just scare them all away with it. Reiko shouldn't have to kill, after all. Reiko, deep down, wasn't the type to kill. There was no reason for her to be forced to kill.

She'd protect her. Keep her from harm.

That's what friends do, right?

And Reiko was too hurt...

So, she needed help.

Should she take a look at Reiko's wounds? They might get infected or something! And she might be really hurt. Kris and that other guy, they seemed to have done quite a number on her. Carol could see a bunch of scratch and bruise marks on her face and she seemed to have trouble walking, and there seemed to be more problems she couldn't see. It was a good idea to at least patch her up for the time being.

A look at the tiny Asian nearby her. Yes, she definitely needed help. Why didn't she take care of that sooner, even if they just got here? She was going to be hurt even more! What if her leg had been sliced open? She heard that it was real easy to get gangrene out in the wilderness, what if it got it? She didn't know what to do then!

A deep breath, and Carol spoke again to her.

"Hey Reiko? I think we have first aid kits put in our bags. Do you need... y'know... patching up? I think they mentioned an Infirmary as well, maybe we could head on over like... I dunno... tomorrow morning?"

A look up at the sky told her it was getting much too late to do any more traveling. It was already starting to become dusk, and frankly Carol was too tired already. Plus, Reiko needed her rest. That was going to help her get better, right? Carol didn't know much about first aid, but she was sure she could learn.

November Mid-Monthly Rolls - with bonus fluff!
Alas, poor Carol. We knew ye well.

Death rights have been claimed.

Where Do You Go From Here?
Aaron had agreed, saying that it was a good idea to get out of the area. So where to, then? Before Aileen could make a suggestion or Aaron could make one, Richard popped up again, and asked where Tom was.

Oh, he had got to be fucking kidding.

Aileen clenched her fist. Did he not hear the announcement? Was he so busy with his "I'm a ninja warrior who kicks ass" routine that he missed it? Seriously, how could he fucking miss it? It was being blared throughout the island! Tom Guthrie was beaten to death by some guy named Nick Reid! It was right there!

Everything that was on her mind was about to spill out like some sort of tidal wave. Was she going to explain to him where exactly Tom was? You bet. Oh, you bet.

But, thankfully Lily stepped in from looking for her map before she could say anything inappropriate. Really, if she hadn't said that Aileen would have yelled at him for hours on end, now that she thought of it.

This Bounce person really wanted to find her friends, didn't she? Aaron said that they were going to meet up someplace in the woods. And then... the sawmill? God, Aileen needed to check her map again. Where was this sawmill? Well, Aaron apparently knew.

Aaron stepped inside the house, saying he needed to do something. Like what? Get his bags and things?

Oh, right. Her things were still in there, too.

Aileen started to step in once Aaron had completely stepped inside, doing god knows what. As she opened the door, she saw to her satisfaction that her things were left right beside the door, just where she left them. She lifted the bags, noticing from the sounds that Aaron was off moving things around off in the kitchen, she was guessing. A thudding noise came from above. What was that? Oh god, she hoped that there wasn't more people upstairs. Otherwise, she didn't think too much about the noises, being focused on getting her things.

Aileen stepped back outside without thinking to check what Aaron was up to. The last thing she heard as she left was another thudding noise, though this time different in nature. That better be coming from Aaron, or the person who made that noise was toast.

As she placed her things on the ground and placed her hammer back into the bag after what seemed to be a minute, Aaron popped back out from whatever the hell he was doing.

So now it was time to leave,

Aileen nodded, and followed Aaron.

He'd better had actually come up with something. Or else she was going to shove that hammer in a place where it would hurt. Okay, not literally, but still.

((Aileen Borden continued elsewhere))

Lean on Me
"I'm fine!" Reiko yelled, as she attempted to crawl towards them.

Carol felt a pang of guilt, watching her crawl alongside the ground. Some part of her wanted to run out and get her, and drag her back. That would be dangerous, would it? But what if the attacker shot her? She couldn't leave Reiko lying there out in the open, dragging herself along! Carol could hardly look.

Simon ran out, and soon he got her, pulling her behind the truck as well. "You...you can kill, so you can...you can take care of yourself, right? G-get her...get..." he started to ask, but suddenly cried out in pain.

A look down at his leg, and Carol stated the obvious. "You're bleeding."

And indeed he was. A stream of blood was coming from his thigh, flowing like a river. Carol stared wide-eyed, wondering what to do. Oh god, Simon was bleeding. He needed to get some kind of help. They shot him. He might get infected, or bleed to death or-


Was he serious?

Just run off without him?

They could do something about his injury. Lots of people lived with gunshot wounds, didn't they? They could patch him up and get him going again. It wasn't that hard, was it? He could live!

Footsteps. Someone was approaching.


He said he'd only slow them down.

He insisted on staying, dealing with their attacker. There was no way to talk him out of it.

With tears in her eyes, Carol grabbed Reiko and slung her arm to her shoulder. She lifted Reiko up, hoping she was able to get away. It was going to be difficult, carrying her in addition to their supplies.

"C'mon Reiko..."

She gave one last look to Simon.

And that's when they fled.

The sound of further gunshots told her more than she wanted to know.

((Carol Burke continued Thank You For Being A Friend))

Wind in the Willow
((Anna Chase continued from Life's A Beach))

Why was she doing this...

Chase had been sluggish this entire time, partly due to being tired and hungry, and because of all the drama she had been put through lately. She tried her best to persevere, but sometimes she would kind of trip on her own feet, only to hoist herself back up again.

She didn't even know why she kept following them. They were probably batshit and would kill each other at a moment's notice. God, she really couldn't trust anyone here, could she? She was probably alone. Dawne and Jon were dead. Rekka was probably scared out of his wits at best, and Brendan was probably spazzing out elsewhere. Come to think of it, what about Erik? Oh god, she didn't want to have to fight him too. She didn't want Erik to die too. She didn't even remember about him. And yet he was here. He was here, and she didn't even know him that well, so she couldn't even picture how he'd react or what he was going through. She knew Brendan would be upset if one day he... was gone. Brendan didn't deserve that. Erik was a good man from what she could tell, and they seemed happy together. She hoped they found each other, or maybe if they found her.

Did she want them to find her, though? Did she want to have to deal with that one big question that would inevitably come up if she ever found them? She wanted to know if they were safe, but then there was the issue of...

No, don't think about that.

Erik and Brendan were fine. They had to be. Maybe they would have better luck than her. Maybe.

Ever since the beach, Chase had become particularly jumpy. Ever since she realized just how many people were stressed out and most likely crazy, even the sound of her own footsteps made her nervous. For the longest time, she would stare at Marty and Retro-Guy, and then back at the two other girls. To be honest, she was surprised they lasted this long without violence erupting again. It seemed mostly quiet, melancholy even. Like death. Or what happens when a machine is turned off for the first time in a while. Or an abandoned library. Or an abandoned schoolyard.

A stream. A stream? Yes, a stream. Nearby them. It babbled so noisily. Now that she thought of it, there was something soothing about water. She hadn't been able to enjoy the beach, that she just remembered. But hearing the soft murmurs of the stream slightly comforted her.

Retro Guy found a place to put Marty, it seemed. As of right now, they were under what appeared to be a willow tree. Here? Well, willow trees grew by water, that she knew. Just where in the world were they, though? An island, yes, but a fairground? Bears? Willow trees?

As he beckoned to them, Chase ran forward, hoping to get to them before the other two did. Dear god, who knew what those two would do in particular. Sure, Spiky Head took the other girl's weapon, but that meant she had two now.

She didn't expect to stay with the group for much longer. Just to check on Marty, see if he's alright, and go on her way. Who knew what Retro-Guy and Marty would do if they attacked her? She was more worried about the other two, but she was still paranoid about the girls.

As she stepped towards the boys, she could see the girl with the spiky hair approaching. Though it wasn't as spiky as before. It seemed wet... what the hell was she doing? Taking her head for a nice little dunk? To be honest, that only reminded her that she hadn't even changed her clothes in days, and they were starting to itch.

She babbled on about being angry and doing stupid things. Then again, this was the same girl who said she was going to live because she had a gun. That wasn't anger, was it? That was insanity, even if temporary. And that other girl was bad news, too. If she really wanted the argument to end, she could have just gone for Spiky Head.

And yet, because of her words, she knew that the other girl wasn't going to react so well. She didn't have a weapon this time, but who knew?

Chase stepped towards the willow tree and ran her hand against the bark, then knocked on it with her knuckles. She gazed at it, looking at it like she had never seen a tree before. After a while, she buried her head against it. But as the other girl rambled on about how he might not wake up and how she should inspect him for bruises, Chase lifted her head off the bark and said what was on her mind just a few seconds ago.

"Hey... doesn't willow bark contain a major ingredient of aspirin? If he wakes up and has head pain and no one has painkillers we could..."

She paused.

"Actually, it sounds stupid..." she muttered, mostly to herself.

Seriously, scrapping random trees for medicinal effects that could do anything, including poison? Yeah, that was stupid. Chase was no expert on plants and how they work on the body. So she shouldn't try that.

Crouching down to get a better look at Marty, she asked "Do you think he's... he's alright?"

As the other girl had pointed out, unconsciousness usually meant brain damage. There was a chance he was a goner. All to shut him up... that girl might have killed him!

Too Late
Katelyn and the other people started communicating. Yes! They were getting along just fine. It wasn't as if they had some sort of weapon, right? Apparently one of them did, but they said it wasn't very good. In fact, they were going to toss it over to show them.

And what happened next was like something out of a bad Japanese cartoon.

Remy wasn't sure what had happened next. But a shiny gleam brushed past Katelyn's neck, and he could see a red splotch on it. Oh jesus, what was happening? They attacked her, didn't they?

"Katelyn!" Remy shouted, as she put her hand to her neck, apparently realizing what had happened.

And that's when she screamed.

Remy felt a chill down his spine watching her on the ground and sobbing. Before he and his sister could do anything, she laid completely still, her blood pooling from her neck.

They killed her.

Those two. Murdered her. Liars. Psychopaths.

Just like Kris.

They were bad people.

Remy felt his heart race and his eyes began to tear up again. Assholes. Something had to be done... they lied to them. They attacked her. Attacked them. Remy didn't even know what had been thrown at them, but whatever it was, it got her.

He reached into his pocket, and without warning pulled out his switchblade.

"Josée, stay back. Let me deal with this", he said quietly.

Remy slowly walked towards where the voices came from. But after a few seconds, he stopped and took a deep breath.

Then he ran towards the source at full blast.

They weren't getting away with this. Not them. Not Kris. Not Danya. Not anyone.

Tears ran down his face as he ran.

Fuck them. Fuck those two. He was going to get them. Get them both. Make sure they suffer. They deserved to suffer. They were murderers.

Life's a Beach
Drop your weapon. No, you drop it.

That was essentially what the conversation had devolved into.

Spiky Head seemed to tense up even more, even calling the crowbar a rock, of all things. It was clear that she was out of her mind, waving the gun around like it was no one's business, pointing it at the other girl. The girl complied, placing the metal object on the ground.

But, that's when Chase had a revelation.

Everyone here was probably out of their minds. Not just Marty, Spiky Head, strawberries and cream hair, or Retro guy, but literally close to everyone on this island was some kind of nutjob or another. Sanity had become a forgotten word a long time ago. Of course it would, that's what Danya wanted. It wasn't as if people would be friendly to one another, or at least civil. People wanted to win. People wanted to live. That meant losing your mind and killing.

So, every single person here had a good chance of being a psychopath that would kill. Hell, good chance? An almost definite chance. She looked down at Marty. He seemed to be calmly resting, who's to say that if he woke up, he would attack someone? She knew how much of a spaz he could be at school, and how much he freaked out just at a question. He probably would attack someone if given the chance. It wasn't like he had a reason to keep her around, did he?

Chase couldn't help but sigh, watching the scene in front of her. It still seemed like some sort of bizarre movie, about kicking over tents and such.

But soon, it ended. People were running off. And Chase had to make another choice.

Spiky Head had invited her over. Retro Guy had taken Marty off, in tears after seeing him alive. Strawberries and cream hair soon ran after them.

She saw the scene at the beach. She saw what Spiky Head and Strawberries and Cream were capable of. She saw what weapons they had. But she had no clue what to do now.

But there had to be a choice.

Wait... she could remember the look on Marty's face. That wasn't insanity, that was fear, was it? He was scared of those two... oh god. What if they were going to do something to him? They already knocked him unconscious, they could flat out kill him.

But, she made her choice once more.

She was going to do the right thing, even if all of them were messed up in the membrane.

Chase went to her bag and lifted it up over her shoulder. She was going to follow them, even if it meant her death. There was no where else for her to go. Plus, Marty was probably close to death.

Besides. She refused to join in on the madness. Just like how she had repeatedly told herself that she refused to die here. Come to think of it, she probably looked just as insane as well.

And so, Anna Chase followed them, hoping that Marty was alright.

((Anna Chase continued in Wind In The Willows. Thread is closed))

Lean on Me
Yes! They were leaving!

The two walked off, one chattering to them about the luck of the Irish and all that. Reiko was safe. Carol didn't have to hurt anyone after all. They were so close, though. But it wasn't as if Carol wanted to shoot anyone, even if they were her friends' murderer.

Did she?

Carol's grip on the gun tightened for a few seconds, before loosening. Lowering her gun, she went to take a look at Reiko.

"Hey, you alright-"

Her eyes widened. Although Carol had not noticed it before, Reiko... was a mess. In a way, she reminded her of an alley cat, that had been in many, many fights. Oh god, they had to do something about those.

"Oh god, Reiko! You're hurt! Did they do that to you? I mean-"

Simon added his thoughts.

"Ishida! Hope I'm not bein' an asshole, but your name's come up a few times, so I'd prefer it if ya held tight for a moment."

Oh god, what if he was going to hurt her? She already was hurt, for crying out loud. How was he going to explain to him that she was far from a bad person once you got to know her? Carol tensed up again. He might hurt her. He might decide she didn't deserve to live. What would she have to say to stop him if he thought that?

"Carol. She's a friend of yours, right? You, uh...you think we can trust-"

And suddenly, everything was a blur.

A few noises cracked, and suddenly she felt something tackle her to the ground. Were those gunshots? Was someone shooting at them? What if Kris and whoever that guy was had attacked them after all? What if they were- what was going on? She had no clue. She was being dragged and pulled around while the deafening sound of a gun played over and over.

And soon she was lifted from behind and dragged away behind some kind of object she couldn't process what right now. She heard Simon call out to Reiko directly behind her. So it was Simon who had pulled her along. But what about Reiko? Oh god, Reiko. She had spent all this time looking for her friends, she wasn't going to lose another one! Reiko, Reiko, oh god, did she make it out okay? Reiko!

"Reeeeeeeeeiko!" Carol called out, hoping she was alright.

Her head whipped around, feeling her eyes starting to tear up. She wasn't aware of anything right now, to be honest. Who was it who attacked them? Where were they? She couldn't tell.

Life's a Beach
They weren't listening to her. However, Chase got a very good answer on "Spiky-Head"'s mental health. And boy, did they ever.

And suddenly, it all went to shit once more.

Spiky-Head went on a tirade of her own. Yelling, screaming, getting up in Marty's face, pointing.

Chase opened her mouth to make another comment, but she continued, telling him about metalhead chicks and people being set on fire. Seriously, what was going on now? Were things so close to blowing up before she got here?

She could only watch what happened next.

Zip. A gun was removed. Spiky Head was telling them she was going to live longer than all of them because she had it. It was being waved around like a baton.

Kick. The girl's foot connected with the tent, causing it to topple over with Marty still inside.

Splash. A bag landed in the water, getting soaked and laying there in the shallow water.

Everything, once again, seemed like a surreal movie. Chase could only watch all of this, her forced smile having been replaced with an expression of fear. She looked to Marty. Strawberries and cream hair was approaching him, and suddenly...

Thunk. Marty fell to the ground without a word. Oh god, did she... oh no... she might have flat out killed him. Sure, strawberries and cream hair had said that it was to shut him up, but Chase knew that it could potentially mean death if he got knocked out. Someone rushed from behind her. It was that retro-guy she had noticed, clearly reacting to Marty's apparent death. He pointed a gun at the two girls, telling them to drop their weapons and to stay away from him. A quick look at his face told her that he was crying as he pointed what turned out to be a crossbow.

Chase stood on the spot for a few seconds, wondering what she could do. She could run. Just grab her bag and run as fast as she could in the other direction. They were busy playing soccer with tents and pointing weapons at each other, they wouldn't notice her.

But was this going to be sorted out soon enough?

No. None of this was going to be sorted out.

Even if Marty didn't die, someone was getting to get killed right here, right now. There was nothing she could do. Was there? She had to make a decision right now.

And she made it.

"Guys..." she began.

She looked at the new guy. Then Spiky Head. Then strawberries and cream hair. Then Marty. Deep breath.

"I agree with her. Let's put our w... our weapons down. Down. Not inside people, or over their heads, or... you know. Let's just talk this through."

She looked at Marty, and suddenly bounded over on the sand to him, crouching down to get a better look. What if that blow really was going to kill him, if it didn't already? He seemed unconscious right now, though. He was probably going to need medical attention soon, obviously.

"Hey... Marty?" she asked, using his actual name this time.

Where Do You Go From Here?
Lily quickly appeared right beside her, and soon reprimanded Aileen for her tactics, saying that it was "uncalled for". And so she talked to the boy herself, asking that if he was friendly, they meant no harm. Apparently, Lily was taking the "lost puppy out in the snow" tactic for dealing with him. Aaron, meanwhile, told them to stay where they were, and went directly outside.

Aileen looked back at the boy, who seemed... confused, to say the least. He just stood there. Shaking his head. Giving them an odd look, like they were aliens that had beamed down from Mars.

After a while, he spoke.

"On second thought, I'm just gonna go. I have somewhere that I need to be. Maybe it's not too late."

And suddenly, he ran in the other direction.

"Hey wait-" Aileen shouted as he went straight outside.

And soon everything was even more of a mess.

She chased after the guy who had ran out, opening the door to see two more people. Accomplices? Well, they were also backing off. A guy and a girl... who were they? The guy appeared to have some sort of weapon, and seemed scared of Aaron. For obvious reasons, since Aaron was holding a gun too. Slowly they stepped backwards, and suddenly... they ran.

Oh god, what was going on? What were they doing? Who were those people? Oh god, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. This place was far from secure. Once again, people had appeared out of nowhere, and disappeared just as quickly. It meant that if, let's say, that Kris person, came across this place, said person could easily enter the building and kill them all with a smile.

"Aaron... I really don't think this place is secure", Aileen mumbled. "Also, what the hell just happened-"

As she stepped out, she felt something odd on the ground beneath her feet. Aileen looked down, and saw the word "STAY" written in the dirt, slightly messed up by her foot, but pretty much intact.

"Stay"? Okay, either Aaron REALLY wants us to stay in the house, or someone else put that there, Aileen thought to herself, a frown forming on her face.

"Look. Maybe just a different house? There are tons of them here. Or just... I dunno..." Aileen looked up. "I think we each got a map. We should look at that, of course. And... maybe we could help find that girl's friends?"

A thought had popped into her head. Was she responsible for all the chaos that had occurred just a few seconds ago? After all, she was running around with a hammer asking people what the hell they were doing this entire time. But, Aileen tried her best to push that thought out of her head. Figure out if they are not an attacker to them first, then be polite. However, she could hear her mother now; "Now Aileen, be nice and make some friends!"

Oh god, Mom. She... she probably did find out what had happened to her. Was she watching now? Watching her daughter running around scaring people with a carpenter's hammer? This entire time, she had been wrapped up so completely in the whole classmates dying and escape thing that she completely forgot about her. It had just been the two of them since Dad passed away, and she had always mostly had a positive relationship with her mother... if Aileen died, that meant she... wouldn't be happy, to say the least.

And the thought appeared again, like it did around where they found Richard and Lily. What if those were good people? What if they were going to die soon? It wasn't a good idea to worry so much about people who you were either never going to see again or might kill you, though. Right?

Aileen looked back at where she saw the boy and girl run off, and as she stared, for a few seconds she had the look of not a cynical young woman, but a frightened little girl.

Maybe it was a good idea to just be a tad bit nicer to people? Even if they were potential psychos?

Too Late
Katelyn fished the megaphone out of the bag quickly, and nodded. Remy found himself glaring at a giggling Josée, before looking back at Katelyn. God damn it, he really wasn't in the mood for Josée's antics right now. Again, it was her idea to team up, but that didn't mean he liked hanging around her most of the time. But, at least she had her club-thingy out, so she at least was going to be helpful, rather than going "my brother is an idiot" this entire time. That, at least, was a good sign, since it meant that she was going to... well, do something with herself if they got attacked.

Oh god, what if they were those kind of people? Would they be attracting some sort of psychopath to them? Not one, but two?

It was better to just talk to them, though. See if they would be willing to be friendly.

"Okay, Katelyn..." he started to say, and then took a deep breath.

"Just say to them... uh... you know. We're armed, but we're not willing to attack anyone. Or if you want I could... you know, say it myself?"

His hands wandered back to the knife in his pocket. What would happen if he had to use it? Again, at least two of them had weapons, right? There seemed to be two of the people, based on the voices. Two against two. Well, actually, three against two, depending on Katelyn's abilities. Hopefully it was indeed two people there, and not... well, more.

"Hey, anyone out there?"

Well, they seemed to notice them too, at least.

Okay, Katelyn, you know what to do. Just call out to them, and well... communicate. Remy took a deep breath.

Life's a Beach
They... seemed startled, to say the least. It didn't help that one of them was talking about slasher villains and such, now that she thought of it. However, the other girl gave out her own "hello", and asked if she was alright.

Alright? Well... she was tired, thirsty, hungry, and depressed. Chase wasn't in tip-top shape, to say the least, and she knew it. But, she decided to answer that question.

"Ah... fine. Tired and thirsty, but I think I'm fine. Don't worry about me, though, I'm not the type to-" she started, staring down at the ground. She didn't want to give out too many details, simply because she was never the type to tell her life story when asked, and didn't really want to talk about Dawne and Jon right now.

But, the voice that cut her off showed how this wasn't the case with others.

The tent suddenly unzipped, revealing a male student she recognized. Was that Marty Lovett? The guy who hung around the other guy who was obsessed with retro things or something? She didn't know him very well, but she did know that judging by the times she saw him around, he... seemed to be a bit of a "spaz", shall we say.

Chase could only stand there as he went on his tirade, the hand resting on her bag's strap suddenly tightening. Of course she heard the god damn fucking announcement. Of course she heard who had died. Of course she had heard the names, that fuckhead laughing about every single one of them... it wasn't like she didn't have people she fucking cared about die or something. Bah.

A look of anger passed over her features for a few seconds, before her face rested.

He was just scared, is all.


Just... scared...

Maybe if someone showed that if they were friendly, he could calm the hell down. That had to be it.

Chase slowly and hesitantly walked over, to get a closer look at the situation. She stared at the ranting boy for a few seconds, before a smile appeared on her face. Not the happy kind, though; one could tell in Chase's eyes that she was still upset. In a way, the look on her face looked slightly deranged and forced in appearance. It was pretty clear she was only smiling to look friendly to Marty. And, taking a deep breath, she spoke up.

"D... don't worry, Pie Man. I think I'm not a slasher villain or something. I'm not the type to... you know... slice someone's skin off... wear it as a hat... grind someone's bones to... uh... do something with... rape someone with a knife... that sort of thing, y'know?"

She looked around at the other two, and looked back at Marty.

"I don't r-really know about strawberries 'n cream h-hair or uh... spiky head, but I assure you, I'm... ah..."

Chase lifted her arms to form an "S" shape with them.

"... Safe?"

She looked back at the other two.

"I think we should put our things down. Y'know, so he doesn't freak out over the weapons 'n stuff? I think he would calm down, at least..."

As a sign of faith, she placed her remaining bag on the ground, and lifted her hands in the air. Hopefully they would do the same, and not turn out to be psycho killers too. What then though, if they were? Well, Chase would grab her bag and head out of there.

What if they were like Ben, though? She could remember Ben's own rant from yesterday almost word for word.

"Well. I just had my best friend's girlfriend killed before my very eyes, my best friend's run off into the wilderness with a fucked up leg, my ex-girlfriend's is one of the top killers on the island, another friend who I cared for died, I've slept for about 6 hours on and off trying to convince myself that no-one was going to kill me in my sleep, and I've got about two days worth of water left before I'm empty. I've... I spent an hour yesterday wondering whether I should kill myself to save the trouble. And you know what? I couldn't think of one reason why I shouldn't pull this fucking collar and blow my head off! I actually thought about committing suicide and it was an actual logical choice!. I... I never thought I would ever try to fucking kill myself! And... and you know what I wanted to do on this trip? All I wanted to do is to sit down with my friends and play fucking UNO! ...that's what I forgot. The uno cards. Of course. Fuck."

Well, okay, the UNO part was kind of weird, she had to admit.

But, the point remained. What if they didn't want to put down their things for similar reasons? Plus, she had considered taking Ben's gun before. What if those urges popped up again? She knew "strawberries and cream hair" had a crowbar on her, but who knew what "Spiky Head" had? Probably something in that bag...

But, hopefully they would be the nice, non-killing type of classmates, at the very least? Right? There had to be someone out there who wasn't at all psycho, right? She wasn't the only sane one remaining... right? She was always an oddball and proud of it, but that didn't mean she was one of the crazy ones. Hopefully it would be same with the others.

It had to be. What would happen if they weren't?

Chase looked around, and saw someone else heading on over from the woods. It was distant, but still visible enough. Oh great, more people. And this one seemed to have a weapon as well. A gun, or a crossbow? She really couldn't tell from here.

Wait a tic...

"Is that your friend?" Chase asked Marty quietly, while still staring at the distant figure.