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Food For Thought
Chase heard Lexie mention something about listening to music, and then an idea popped into her head.

Hey, it's noisy in here, so I should listen to music too!

Pulling her iPod out of her pocket, she had decided to mimic Lexie. Placing the buds in her ears, she started listening to the melody, only...

Well hello there little boy.
Now don't be shy.
Step right up, I'm a reasonable guy.
Don't be frightened by the look in my eye.
I'm just your average evil meteor from outta the sky.

Well, I'm just a little shy and scared in this place
I'm just a fish outta water from outer space
You can see that the trip has left me tired and drained
So why don't you be a pal...

Oh dear.

And bring me some BRAINS!

Well, gee thanks, Voltaire, for making the current situation a little more awkward.

Seriously. Although she liked Voltaire, this was a really bad time to start listening to a song about eating brains. About the worst timing, really. And now Chase would have to try her best to avoid singing along, which had long become a habit of hers. If she did, the situation would become much worse. She slightly scrunched up her face at the thought.

And so, she tried her best to finish her homework, and let the music play normally without her singing. And so, the rest of the homework passed through, and by then, the song had finished, and had switched to that Evangelion song, "Komm Susser Todd", which, although slightly better, was still slightly awkward to sing in public. Seriously, she had no idea how many times she had resisted the urge, only to end up singing the lyrics, and cause strange looks. Then again, they probably would have realized that it was a song that she was singing along to, based on the little things in her ears. She was lucky no one worried too much, really.

But, she was done, and so, she pressed stop, and took the little thingies out of her ears.

"All done!"

Food For Thought
Chase stared at the problem a bit, until... wait, it was all so simple. After a bit of doing what needed to be done with the problem, she was coming close to an answer. Was it really that simple?! After all, she had been stuck there for a good portion of lunch, and now... it's easy?!

Lexie was saying something else, something about... Christmas, she guessed.

Was being around her really that uplifting, or was she being sarcastic? Chase wasn't sure this time, either. Dang, Lexie... was an enigma wrapped in seaweed with fish sometimes. That was a bad metaphor, but still. But, if she made Lexie happy, then it might be a good thing.

Eh, best not to put too much thought into it.

And another question. Like Brendan, she had asked if she had needed help. Well, Chase was almost finished with this problem, and the rest, now that she had remembered how to do it, looked easy, too. So, in a way, she probably did not need any help, unless she got stuck again. After briefly looking up, she flashed a grin at Lexie.

"Ah... no need. I think I'm fine now. Thanks, though."

The Questions Game
Question: Are there any pets that you'd like to have sometime in the future that you don't have now? What's your dream pet, basically?

Aileen Borden- Well, back in elementary school I had a tank of sea monkeys. Well, actually they're brine shrimp, but they just call them that for marketing purposes. I don't anymore, but I remember them being... fun. It might be considered too childish for me to start another tank, though. Meh, people...

Carol Burke- Why, I don't need to wish for any more pets! I like my kitty! She's a little black one that loves playing with dangly objects. And she's adorable! But, if I had to pick one, it would be... well, bunnies are cute, are they? I hear they chew a lot, but they are adorable!

Anna Chase- I want... a big dog. A big friendly dog, that looks huge, and will protect me and my friends and family. But, it will be friendly unless y-you are a bad person. It would be big, lovable and hug-worthy. Sure, it would be hard to take care of, but big dogs like that can be quite s-sweet!

Question: Out of anyone at school, who would you give a makeover to?

Food For Thought

Well, that was good, and she was smiling. But, she didn't seem too happy, though, judging by the pause.

Was the brains comment really that bad? Dang.

But, she was smiling. Chase wasn't sure if it was the happy kind, or the nod-and-smile kind, though. Hopefully this won't be one of those things where people joke about it for all of eternity, and no one would shut up about Anna Chase and her fear of Lexie Logan-Price eating her brains like something out of a bad horror movie. Heck, some things she had done were already like that. Those stories had nothing to do with the current conversation, but hey. Sometimes people kept talking about the same things over and over, much to the annoyance of everyone else who didn't want to listen, or who was embarrassed by what happened exactly. Why they did, no one knew.

Ah well. Might as well continue the conversation, right?

"Ah. I'm good myself. Had a bad night's rest, but..."

Chase stopped herself before saying anything else, and steered course.

"But I think I'm in a good mood today, right?"

She gave Lexie another awkward, and somewhat forced, smile, and then just as quickly frowned when she remembered something. Wait, she still had that problem to solve! Glancing down at her notebook, she stared at what she had down for the problem so far. Wow, how long was she talking with Brendan and Lexie? Would she be able to solve it during lunch? If not, it was okay; she had after school to do it, too.

Food For Thought
Lexie had stopped smiling, and made a face that pretty much read "The heck?".

Oh dear. Lexie did not appreciate that, and was now wondering what was going on. What would Chase explain to her? After all, all those zombie thoughts were mostly going on in her head, but only just now did she make that vocal. Hmmm... could she explain it in full detail? Like... "Hey Lexie, that facial expression earlier reminded me of a zombie!"? No. That would be dumb, and she might get upset. Besides, it seemed as though things like this happened often, with various people. She really needed to understand the set-up of a joke, didn't she?

That vegetarian comment made it seem even more so like she wasn't appreciating that comment, at all.

"Ah... ignore that. Was just thinking in my h-head, and started blurting things out related to it. Sorry"

Lifting herself off the ground, Chase dusted off her clothes, and slid herself back in her seat. She felt the need to bring the conversation elsewhere, and started listing things in her head. Boys? Nah. Anime? Does she even watch that? How the teacher kept rambling on? No. How her day was? Well....

That could work, surprisingly. A little less awkward, at least. Chase forced another smile, and spoke again.

"So... anyways... how have things been? Well?"

Chase kind of fidgeted, feeling how awkward things had become. Dang it, she shouldn't just blurt little things out like that. It was... awkward, to say the least.

Food For Thought
Chase scrambled a bit more on the floor, looking for anything else. Dang, is there anything else he could have dropped? It would be sad if he lost something important, really.

But, it would seem as if he had found everything, as he stopped looking, and thanked them. Huh. And now... he was leaving? Well, he was a busy man, after all, and had to talk to a teacher about... something involving an assignment. Well, everyone was busy eventually. And it was getting to be that time of year, so everyone had plenty of reason to be busy. And, she might see him tomorrow, so that might be good, right?

She smiled as he left, waving. "Okay! See you!"

And then she turned towards Lexie, and suddenly her smile faded.

Lexie... was smiling in a way that creeped her out. Seriously, if she was an anime character, or someone from another visual medium, someone off the Internet would screenshot it, and make it into a macro with something like "It's RAPE TIME!", or something similar. Maybe she was right a couple of seconds ago, and zombies did eat her brains. And just now... she had turned into a zombie too, and was about to eat a bunch of people's grey matter.

Her comment about it just being two people now didn't make things any better, either.

But, of course Lexie wasn't a zombie. Zombies didn't go to high school and make ominous sounding comments. They just shambled around, biting people and infecting them so they became zombies, too. Lexie did not do any of those things. At least, Chase couldn't remember her biting someone.

Chase felt she needed to comment on it, though, as she said (aloud, for some reason) in a quiet, yet oddly enough, joking voice "Please don't eat my brains".

Food For Thought
Chase watched as he went to take out an assignment calendar, and starting jotting down the details she gave him. Ah! That was a good idea. After all, it would be hard to forget something if he had it written down. After all, if it was written down, then he could just open it and take a look to remember. And stuff.

"Ah. Good idea..." she mumbled, as she watched him write it down.

What seemed like couple of minutes went by, until...

Brendan had dropped his bag, and everything in it, on the ground, causing all its contents to shatter like marbles. Wait, more like textbooks and junk. But, it was spilled to the ground, and he was now scrambling to pick it all up for dear life. Should she... help him? It would be nice if she helped him, but what if he didn't want or need any? What then? Well, it would still be helpful, right? What if he lost an important assignment, and didn't realize it until later?

"Ah... here... letmehelpyouwiththat!" Chase found herself shouting, as she got out of her seat.

Placing herself on her hands and knees, she went to look for things he might have dropped. She could see a couple of pencils, and reached to scoop them up.

Glancing up to see Lexie staring off into space as if zombies had come and eaten her brains, she started to wonder why she wasn't helping. It was as if she didn't want to help the poor guy, whose things were now all over the floor. Chase wondered if she should say something to her, maybe try to convince her that she should help. But, shouldn't force someone to do such things, right? It's their will. And if they have a free will, they aren't zombies. Unless zombies really did come and eat Lexie's brains, after all.

Candy Corn & Alcopops
Carol Burke stood just on the sidewalk, as she glanced over her invite one more time.

Was she at the right place? Well, she had looked at the street signs over and over, and found that she was indeed getting close. But, what if she misinterpreted? Or what if... it was all a ruse? After all, she was still seen as "that new kid from Nevada" to some, and there might be some people out there who would try to torment someone from out of state, by throwing a fake party.

But, everyone had received an invite, so it would be working way too hard, just to prank one person. So... yeah. And now here she was, wearing a Dracula costume, with her recently dyed black hair slicked back with gel, and with a paper shopping bag full of drinks and a bunch of cupcakes she had made. The Dracula costume she had bought from a store, and it looked really good on her. Only problem with it was that people would mistake her for a male again, but Carol wasn't concerned about that. In a way, it was hilarious whenever people thought she was a boy, which she didn't really understand why they did it.

Looking across the street, she saw that the house across from where she was had the same number as the invite said. Carol could see that there were people there, and the house was decorated. So... was this it, then? From where she was standing, she could see a witch, someone in a bloody white dress, and someone covered in bandages. Bandage-girl and witch were just entering, so that would mean White Dress is the host?

Folding her invite and placing it in her costume's pocket, Carol lifted her bag, and, after looking both ways for cars, crossed the street, heading towards the house.

After a few seconds pause, she stopped only a couple of feet from the door and tried to say something. She was feeling a little shy, and she had trouble saying anything. Carol knew what she wanted to say, but somehow, she had trouble getting it out. Dang, she had no idea meeting new people in new places could be difficult sometimes! But, she'd probably calm down, once she got in.

"Excuse me... is this the-"

Carol placed her bag down, took out her invite again, and read it out loud.

"-Daramour household?"

She prayed to god she didn't look like an idiot, and this was it. She hoped. What was there to do, then?

The Throwdown
"Just four people, huh?"

Carol looked around, and saw it was just the four of them. Only four... on one hand, no one else was interested. On the other, things should go by quickly, so Carol, knowing her, wouldn't wander off partway through. In a way, it was both good and bad.

Wait, bad?

Carol smiled. It was all good. There were lot of good things in life if you just looked at it the right way, and this was one of them. Just the four of them, kicking each others' butts at Tekken. Simple, really.

The prize, though, was a secret. Carol had the slight feeling the other girl didn't know what it was just yet, but she shrugged it off. Eh, maybe it was just a surprise, and she didn't feel like sharing. Maybe. Who knew? This girl seemed rather... chaotic, she had to admit. But, she didn't seem to be that bad a person, right?

And now the ponytail guy made a suggestion for scoring; everyone plays everyone. Sounded like a great idea, really! In fact, it could have solved all remaining problems! She hoped that the other girl and the alley-man would be receptive to the idea, but... time to add what she thought about it.

"Got it! Sounds good!" she cheerfully shouted, as he and the girl picked their characters and other settings.

As the match started, she briefly glanced at the alley-man. The last time she saw him, he was running around with a box full of things, and before anyone could say anything, had left in a rush. To be fair, she had screamed like something out of hell, and he had probably run off to save someone who he thought was being hurt.

After a few seconds pause, she said "... Aren't you that guy from the alley? With a box?"

Food For Thought
Chase stared at Lexie, with an eyebrow raised. What was it exactly she remembered? It couldn't have had anything to do with the current conversation, could it? There was nothing funny about trying to find a job, after all. Unless it was for clowns. But, that could be more frightening than funny for some people, due to coulrophobia. But, even if it were for clowns, she didn't see the humor. But, then again, maybe it was an event involving job-searching that she just recalled.

Or maybe she was remembering something that Chase did or said, like trip over a rock, or said a comment that somehow made everyone laugh, and no one would explain why they're laughing. God, she hated those moments. So embarrassing! Or maybe... Chase had something on her face, and Lexie didn't want to tell her? She instinctively moved her hand up to her face, to check to see if she had yogurt on the corner or her mouth or something. But, upon moving it away, she saw nothing. Huh. That couldn't have been it, then.

Brendan had made a comment about Lexie choking, and how she should breathe. In a way, it kind of made her feel even more stupid, due to the fact that she had seriously thought Lexie was choking, and that he was using it as a joke, even if he didn't know that she had that thought for a couple of seconds. Chase almost put her head down in shame, but... things had to go on normally. Lexie said to forget it, after all. Still didn't make it somewhat embarrassing, after all. Thank goodness she didn't actually say something about it, eh?

"Anyways..." she found herself starting.

And now she remembered Brendan had said something else. Apparently his parents used to own a coffee shop of their own? Huh! That could definitely help! After all, if he needed help on something, he could ask his parents for advice! Or maybe they could help out the owner a bit if any help was needed in that area, too? Overall, it would help.

"Of course! I bet if you needed to know something, they could help you with whatever was the matter" Chase mentioned, trying to get back on track after that... little moment.

Food For Thought
A pause.

Uh oh. Did she screw up?

Looked like it. After all, the silence was... awkward, to say the least. It was as if she had declared that she killed women and kept them in her closet after she was done, or something. Chase's smile faded into a small, somewhat guilty expression.

At that moment, though, Brendan asked another question. Something about... jobs. And there was also a hint of Japanese there, as well. Why there was Japanese, Chase wasn't sure.


Chase's lips turned into a small frown.

"I... really don't recommend working at mine. I swear to god, if they decided to add another circle of Hell, Jack-in-the-Box would be it. I mean, that's not a job, that's something that..."

A pause. She was ranting about that place again, wasn't she? Dang, she really needed to stop herself each time someone mentioned her work. But, it was the truth. She worked at Jack-in-the-Box, and she probably will for a while longer. Better not to rant about it in front of others like that, though.

"... Yeah. I really don't recommend working at mine. It's the devil. Heh heh..."

Trying her best to smile again after that... little episode, her mind went through other options.

"Well, I believe the l-little coffee shop across from the J-Jack-in-the-Box I work at is hiring, though. I'm sure that if you send out a resume, they might h-hire you."

Opening the notebook in front of her, she flipped to a completely blank page, and wrote down the name and other details that she could remember. After a few seconds, Chase ripped out the page, and held it out for him to take.

However, she heard a small sound, and turned her gaze to the source. Lexie looked as if... as if... she was choking?! Chase prayed to god that she wasn't choking. She only knew the basic facts about the Heimlich maneuver, but could she really be trusted in performing it?

One thing was certain, though, was that Chase was freezing up. She had no idea what to do in the case she was. Heck, Chase didn't want to lose Lexie, not like this!

However, after a few seconds, she realized that she wasn't choking. Rather, she was... laughing?! It just sounded like something else for a few beats, is all. But, what is there to laugh about finding a job? He was looking for one, and thought of where he could go. Simple, really. Where was the humor in that? Everyone had to have a job eventually, even if it was at cruddy Jack-in-the-Boxes.

After a few seconds of staring at her, she made a face that looked... somewhat surprised.

"What's so funny? Is... is there a j-job story you want to share?"

Food For Thought
((Hope you feel better soon, Incrobe. D:))

Chase noticed that Brendan seemed... kind of down when discussing the house parties. It seemed as if he was the kind of person who got picked on, and didn't like the idea of alcohol, based on what it could do to people. It could be something personal, or something not. Chase felt she shouldn't ask, though, as maybe it was based on things hard to talk about. Even if it wasn't, it was better to be on the safe side, right? Maybe if the topic came up again, but only maybe...

And now she was being asked about if there was a film store. Apparently, Brendan's DVDs didn't work anymore. Well, of course there was! It really did have everything that sprung to mind. So, why not tell him? He should be able to watch movies too. After all, everyone had a favorite movie, that they had to watch over and over. Everyone, regardless of who they were. It didn't matter, most people were the same, in many ways. At least, so she thought.

Ripping the spoon out of her mouth, she spoke again, while trying to keep a smile.

"Of course! It's a nice one, too. They have a good collection of movies, anime, music, you name it. It's awesome, really."

Ah, the video store. Chase mostly used rentals and online viewing, but in the past she used to like to go there. She hadn't been in a while, due to various circumstances, but it... was pretty nice. Chase had gotten a few anime DVDs from there in the past, actually. Fairly decent, working DVDs, too, and brand new, at a good price as far as they went. So, yeah. It was a nice store, in many ways. Pretty much every way she could think of, actually.

"So, there is one. Plenty of good food court stuff, too. Think of something, and they have it at the mall. Anything! It's there!"

Chase found herself smiling for real this time, as she scooped up another bite of yogurt. Somehow, just saying that kind of made her feel a bit more cheerful, for some reason. Perhaps she was just in a good mood today? Probably. Most likely, actually. It had been a while since she was truly in a good mood, really.

Food For Thought
Chase kind of perked up at the brief mention of anime. Ah, something she could discuss with him! Apparently they had that in common, right? And if they had something in common, they'd have something to connect with. And if they had something that could be connected with, they could be on good terms, right?

However, he had asked about what people do here. Well, she could wait to ask him about anime. It wasn't the end of the world if she couldn't discuss it with him right now. Lunch had just started, after all. Perhaps if he brought it up again?

Lexie was now rattling off the basics of what other students did in their spare time; mall, bowling alley, house parties, cinema-

Wait, house parties? Chase didn't know whether to put her hand to her face or start laughing again. After all, she just encouraged Brendan to find a rich kid's house and start drinking the minute they had a party. It was kind of funny, in a way. But, it was probably serious. Probably? Actually, most likely. Still though, it was still funny in its own little way.

At this point, Lexie gave her a look that said that she should say something, and then Chase opened her mouth again.

"Ah... the mall has plenty of fun stuff. There's a huge ice skating rink, you see. I've only been there once, but it's really big, and they have classes. They also have pretty much every store you can possibly dream up, too. And then the Cinema... has nice snacks. Haven't been there in a while, though. And then there's the Varsity. Haven't been there, but apparently it's a sports lounge. And... uh... St. Paul has a lotta fun places, so there are a lot of places you can find. Those are the main hangouts among the... student body base, though. Heh."

After a few seconds pause from her, she tilted her head down again, only to raise it again. Wait, she had other food besides the juice, too! She should be eating that... or else she will forget, and who knows what will happen once she got home and found it? It might be all smushed up, for example.

Pulling out a small container of yogurt from her bag, she ripped off the cover, and started sticking a plastic spoon in. She always had yogurt for lunch, instead of a sandwich. A little non-traditional, but Chase liked it. After sticking the spoon in her mouth, she left it hanging there, as she listened for further conversation.

Food For Thought
When Brendan said that he was new to the whole socializing thing, Chase kind of smiled. Sometimes, she couldn't blame him. Socializing could be a difficult task, right? After all, people were... people. They were more complex than anything you could imagine, really. More complex than a computer program, or organs.

"Ah... don't worry, Brendan. I think that-"

Chase noticed that Lexie seemed to be holding back laughter, and, as a result, found herself close to laughing as well. Why? She did not know. Somehow, her grins were forcing her to laugh along. Dang it. She didn't want to laugh, but here she was, close to bursting out in laughter, herself. Dang dang dang dang!

After scrunching up her face from her forced in laughter a bit, she then, as calmly as she possibly could, said "Uh... I apologize. It's just that..."

Suddenly feeling a little shy, Chase looked down towards the book in front of her. Dang. She might have screwed up a bit. Now how was she going to leave a good impression on Brendan? It would suck if he found her an idiot or something, really.

And then she heard Lexie make a comment about first impressions, and how, as far as they go, his was "shitty".

Looking up a bit, she frowned and said "Lexie-"

But, Lexie had figured out what she said was a little... harsh, and changed course right away. Chase made another awkward smile, and picked up her juicebox and sipped a bit more. Well, first impressions weren't everything after all, she guessed. There was still the second impression, which, if you passed the first, would turn out to mean more. After all, they had more opportunities to learn about you, and what you're really like. If you turned out to be a jerk and they didn't realize it the first time, they would know. If you were a nice person, but just had a bad day, they would know the second time. People weren't stupid. At least, not that stupid.

From the corner of her eye, she could see Lexie drinking more out of her water bottle, and giving off an awkward smile of her own. She had asked about how things were, presumably aimed at Brendan. Ah, an opportunity to learn a bit more about him. How fun.

Food For Thought

Brendan Wallace? Like Brendan Fraiser or William Wallace? Huh. What a name. Sounded nice, in a way.

And he was Australian? Huh. Aussies had such nice accents... quite underrated, really. If she had to pick an accent for her own voice, it would be Australian. And he had an accent, himself. How fun!

And now he was asking about Lexie. Well, Lexie was... Lexie. Who was now ripping the iPod earplugs from her ears, and poking the everloving heck out of that water bottle. Why would you need to poke a water bottle? It already had a hole at the top, after all. And for some reason, she seemed... upset about something. Perhaps she wanted to introduce herself? Well, she had her iPod on, so maybe Brendan didn't want to bother her? That must be it. After all, very few people wanted to be bothered while listening to music. It would be hard to listen to both it and the conversation. Chase knew her own head would explode from the sheer pressure of having too much going on in her head, and to process. But, it was probably something that could be done. People did it all the time. Just not very often, right? It was quite rude, after all.

"Oh... her? That is Lexie. And we do know each other. She needs to say hello. Now."

Chase turned to her, and then, very cheerfully, she said "Now, say 'hello', Lexie! I bet he want to talk to you, too!"

They could have a nice little chat, as well. After all, she had a nice chat with Brendan, didn't she? Lexie couldn't hurt anyone, as well, so...

Food For Thought
Chase took a sip of her drink, and then decided to reply to the guy's question. He had asked her if she needed any help? Well, not really. She hoped. After all, she could figure out this problem, it was just that... well, she needed to figure out how to do it without a calculator. Thing was though, it somehow stumped her. Was she paying attention during the lesson? Or was she underestimating the problem? If she was, then she needed to think it over. If it turned out to be quite easy, then Chase could solve it. All it needed to do was just click in her head, and it would be done. Now, to make it click... that was a problem. Perhaps she could remember PEMDAS, or Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally? That could work. After all, it was drilled into people's heads all the time, since the minute you got into algebra.

"Ah... I'm fine. It-it's just that this problem has me stumped, but I think it can be solved. My calc-y broke a while ago, and I should find a new one, if they're c-cheap. I think I'm fine though. I'm pretty sure I have math tomorrow, so... p-plenty of time?"

Chase's lips formed into an awkward smile, as she turned to Lexie. At this very moment, she was eating fries, and pulling out her iPod. Why didn't she want to talk to him? He didn't seem like the type to hurt a fly. Okay, maybe he would. Flies were annoying, after all. But, anyways, he wasn't going to hurt her. At least, she hoped. If he did, Chase wouldn't be happy. Not. One. Bit. People shouldn't hurt others, unless they are a slasher villain. And they still got punished by the end, right?

Turning back to the guy, she cheerfully announced "Well! I believe we have names! Mine is Anna Chase. Only call me Chase, though. And you?"