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V7 Questions Game!
Question: What is one thing that you would like to change about the world?

Roxie- If you ask me? I think most problems in the world come from simply not accepting things that are different. Like, most of my leg is gone, my idea of a nice Christmas is less "wait for Santa" and more "let's go eat at the Asian buffet," I like spooky stuff, I chow down on waffles like a pro, and I think retro 80s and 90s stuff is cool. Am I harming anyone? No! It sucks, because that's how stupid prejudice happens. Like, "I hate dogs so people who like dogs suck," or even worse, something like, say, racism or sexism. Not cool, yeah? And then people think they're weird or uncool or whatever, and they feel bad. If people were even just, like, ten percent more accepting of harmless differences that don't effect them? I think we'd eliminate a ton of pain in the world. Just me, though.

Bree- So, animal abuse. People abuse is bad, too, but in a way, animal abuse can be worse. I think it's because half of the time, they don't even have a good way of fighting back that we can't do something about. I already mentioned the super-gross cook-and-eat-fish alive thing, but let's face it, animals deserve better. Again, I'm not PETA, I eat meat, but we need to do better. And it's pretty bad, because we put whales into giant fishtanks where they lose their shit just so we can be entertained, we pollute, and all this nasty nasty crap, and yeah, I'm glad we're dealing with all that. But what I also hate is that we only care when they're cute. Do you know what's happening with coral? It's been depleting rapidly, and many habitats are going away. It's awful. So, I guess that's my answer? People caring more about animals in general, and not just the ones we like or the ones we can use, basically.

Question: Happy Halloween! What did you do for it last year?

Club/Team Masterpost
Roxanne "Roxie" Borowski is:
- A member of the drama club! She both acts and does backstage stuff.
- A member of the film club!
- A member of the anti-bullying club!

Bree Jones is:
- A member of the swim team! I'll have to think about what event(s) she does.

Future Corpses in Need of Friends
Dude, my Roxie and Lucas might have some kind of relationship together. She's a bit like him, in that she's in the drama club (she does both backstage and occasionally onstage stuff), likes horror media, and is interested in film. She's an aspiring makeup effects artist, with her own YouTube channel on how to do makeup effects (and probably other effects) at home. Maybe they've helped each other out on projects from time to time? O: