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Resource Thread
I just came across an interesting infographic that tells you what happens to your body after you die. I thought to bring it here, since it would be useful to know in case people want to write scenes with dead bodies.

Here it is. Note that it goes into detail, so... probably not a good idea to read it if you're planning to eat or are squeamish.

V6 Facemaker!
Emma's adorable. And Jennifer still looks awesome. Thank you. <3

(sorry about the glasses)

V6 Facemaker!
I would like my kids, please.

I think you already did Jennifer back when she was a PAHL kid, so no need to do her. I'll put up Junko and what I'm going for with Ems, though.



Thanks. I love seeing other people's interpretation of my characters. X3

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Vincent looks like a badass.

(I don't think I've mentioned how awesome these are, by the way, so here it is: these are awesome!)

Suddenly, a Relationship Thread
Which one do you see being buddy bud, Coy? O:

We discussed Sabrina and Ems (can I call her "'Brina" as a nickname? Just to go with "Ems", is all) over PM, yes. It's possible that Jaime and Ems might have taking the same first aid classes, especially since they both are interested in medical careers. She might know Junko, too, since Junko's super athletic (which would go well with Jaime's archery and swimming). Maybe Jennifer as well, since she likes artsy things and is also pretty snarky and opinionated.


(sorry this is brief, I just woke up. X_X)

I Hate Mustard
((Junko Kurosawa continued from Pool Slingshot))

Oh, thank god for lunchtime. Junko really couldn't listen to another Brown rant about people's behavior and responsibility for too long, or else she'd start... dunno, beating people left, right, and center. Okay, that probably wouldn't happen, but you know.

But someone just had to keep talking during her class. Loudly. During lecture math time. And with Brown, that's a big no-no. So the last few minutes were about how they needed to be responsible and whatever. Greaaat. The entire time she went on, Junko had rested her chin on her hand, and occasionally she tried to command the clock to inch ever so closely to lunchtime with her brain. She was hungry, and listening to Brown rants while hungry was such a big joy, wasn't it? Didn't help that Brown was probably the one teacher she came close to hating. Junko didn't like math to begin with, and with her teaching it... she probably wasn't going to start any time soon.

But she was out now.

Junko's lips pressed as she stepped into the cafeteria. It was a good thing she decided to bring lunch today, because she wouldn't want to stand in line only to look around for a seat, not after the B.S. last class. Maybe she was getting too upset over Brown being Brown. Maybe she wasn't. Who cares, at least she had food now.

Junko placed her lunch bag in front of her at an empty table close to the window, before making a screech as she pulled out the chair and sat down.

The sandwich she had almost made up for it. Her reward for listening to Brown talk about being responsible for several minutes? Salami, beef, Swiss cheese, lettuce, mayo, pickles, and hot sauce, all on sourdough. She didn't have anything else. She didn't need anything else. She was fine with her delicious, delicious sandwich.

Junko took a huge bite, savoring it. Damn good hot sauce. Damn good salami and beef. Damn good bread. Let's rephrase that, damn good bread. It needed more emphasis.

Suddenly, a Relationship Thread
Bumping this again. The reason why is because I have a third person now.

Some of you may remember Jennifer, my PAHL girl. I was thinking recently, and I decided that I want to bring her back for v6! Yay!

She'll be revamped for setting reasons, of course. But for the most part, the core of her character will be the same. She just won't have pica this time. : D

I updated my first post, so take a look to see if there's anything you can see her doing for your kids!

(by the way, she'll most probs be a senior)

Student Council

My student council girl isn't up yet, but I'd love to once she's ready. : D

Kingman info thread
Looky looky what I found, and just in time for Halloween too.

Kingman urban legends, for if your kid is the type into that. : D

Pool Slingshot
The puns got a good reaction out of them, she saw. Too bad Junko’s name wasn’t that punnable, at least in the English language. Was “punnable” a word? She had no idea, but it should be. She’d support every step of it getting into the English dictionary. It had a nice sound, and if… whatever that volcanic ash lung thing was there, along with “swag”, “punnable” should be there too. Anyways. You’d have to go into the Japanese language to get a good pun off “Junko” or “Kurosawa”. And she didn’t think Mia or Jerry was too familiar with that.

Anyways, no more puns, or else Parkinson will have her swamped after school. And she didn’t want that. She had things to do, like… skating. And homework. And games- yeah, not too much, actually. But she didn’t want to spend the afternoon in detention because of crashing and puns and god knows what else.

Let’s just hope the rest of the class goes normally.

((Junko Kurosawa continued in I Hate Mustard))

V6 Questions Game
Question: If you could punch any one person in the face with a guarantee of no consequences, who would it be and why?

Junko- Fred Phelps' body. Yeah, yeah, I know, don't speak ill of the dead, yadda yadda. He still had it coming, though. And if dead people don't count... Caedyn? Because fuck h- uh, she also has it coming.

Emma- *frowns* I don't believe in punching people, at least not in self-defense. Can I change it to something like... a stern talking to? Because I would like to give one to Jenny McCarthy. It's no secret that the whole anti-vax thing irks me to no end, and I know other celebs are part of that movement, but... you know...

Question: What kind of things do you use to wash up when you take baths or showers? As in, what kind of soaps or shampoos?