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Challenges for V6
Write a A-type personality baseball player dude, who feels like he could be a ladies-man if it weren't for a cripplingly devastating stage fright that sneaks up on him whenever he feels like things are going too well. Bonus points if the stage fright doesn't manifest in stuttering.

I like this. Thanks. : D

Challenges for V6

*shifty look*

*slooooooowly scooches in*


If you've been talking to me lately, or even just look at my social networking things, you'll know that I love Halloween and get obsessed with it each time it draws near. And look! It's the 31st! : D

What are you all doing? I mentioned in Random Thoughts that I'm making food and stuff. I'm also probably going to put on some spooky scary movies. I also carved up some pumpkins, and on Wednesday the school had a Halloween event that I went to. They played Hocus Pocus and gave out free pizza and pumpkin pie. They also had a costume contest, but I didn't participate. I did, however, wear a werewolf mask and gloves.

I don't know if I'll head out somewhere this evening, but I think I'm enjoying Halloween so far.

What about you folks?

Trope Game
Eh, why not.

Have a 'Randa.

Wiki Tropes
In for it!

Wiki Tropes
Oh, speaking as a longtime troper, figuring out tropes for your kids is fun. I honestly do have word docs on my computer with what tropes I feel my kids fit.

However, I don't get the feeling a lot of handlers would approve. TV tropes is its own thing, and many handlers, in my experience, would like to keep the two separate beyond keeping the actual SOTF page active. Technically, though, you could add said tropes to their "Other/Trivia" page, since that's for miscellaneous stuff. And to be honest, I wouldn't mind reading a thread where we figure out what tropes are our kids, simply because it'll be interesting seeing the handlers' impressions of them based on where they put them.

Otherwise, though, probably not the wiki page.