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The Place
It had been a while since anyone had seen anything of her.

Within a short period of time after arriving, she had disappeared inside one of the hotel rooms, and didn't come out. She didn't talk to anyone, she didn't even look outside. There was no way she was going to talk to anyone.

Everything she had done was hopeless.

Really, what was she expecting, honestly? It was just an idle dream, that she wanted to see happen. She had an idea of how hard it would be to accomplish something like that, but she didn't know how hopeless it truly was. She had tried to remain stubborn, but it didn't win her anything.

Even when she was injured, she kept going. And to what? She got not only herself killed, but someone who had been trying to help her as well. What was she even trying to do? She was trying to... it was pretty much murder she was attempting.

It was always said that she couldn't quit while she was ahead. Perhaps that was true. And that was why she was here.

When she had first shown up... here, it felt almost like waking up from a dream. Or maybe this was the dream. It was kind of surreal to find out there was an afterlife. There was one thing she hadn't wondered about too much when she was alive. It had always been about the now, or how she was going to spend the rest of her life. What came after that was never something that came across her mind, or at least that she can recall.

But, eventually she found herself opening the door, and peering around to see if anyone was there, she stepped out, her feet gently padding across the floor.

She still didn't feel like talking to anyone, but it still felt like she needed to stretch her legs more than she had been. It was strange, both that your legs would apparently need stretching after you die and having both your legs suddenly back to normal.

Staring down the spiral staircase, she took a deep breath.

And descended.

It was a nice Place, she had to admit. It was a shame she couldn't enjoy it.

She had finally reached the end.

Alexandria Ripley wasn't sure if she wanted to see who was down here with all the screens and pools and what have you. But sometimes, it was easier to just find out for yourself.

She just forced a smile across her face, the kind you make while being caught doing something "naughty" and have no idea how to react.

A lot of things could easily happen now that Alex was down here.