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So cute!

*hugs Feli*

Thank you. <3

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Varna Tribe Camp
Lana Torres took off her jacket, feeling the heat beat down on her like a fist.

Well, she managed to get roped into this by twists and turns of fate. Might as well make it count. She hadn't seen too much Survivor; she wasn't a big reality TV fan. But she'd seen a few episodes here and there. And really, it wasn't a bad experience, being here. Who didn't want to be on a reality TV show? No one, actually. Sure, they could get silly and ridiculous, but she was pretty sure that was the point of reality TV.

Tying it around her waist and securing it with a firm tug, she stared up at Cammy, who was doing a similar action. Cammy Davidson, she remembered, was an insanely good member of the track team. She was also insanely peppy. Right now she was asking about... oh, shelter. That's right; they had to make it.

Lana looked around at her team mates.


Kat Tolstoff. Wasn't she that popular basketball star? Wasn't she friends with Millers?

On that note, Miranda Millers. Yeah, not much of a comment. Millers seemed kind of... well, she wasn't the nicest person around certainly.

And finally, Cassandra Black. Lana... didn't really know her that well, to be honest. She kind of came off as the studious type, based on the few glimpses of her she'd seen.

For the first time, Lana realized that their group was all female. Funny how that worked. Well, she guessed that it was time to show the other tribes the meaning of girl power.

And with that, Lana smiled.

Miranda Millers' arms were crossed, looking at the group in front of her.

Summary: Kat was a godsend and a lucky moment, Cammy could go to hell, and the other two... who were they again? Oh, right, the wrestling team captain and... Cassandra.

Long version: Miranda didn't like Cammy too much. Too peppy. And to be honest, she had always been a little jealous over how Cammy was able to be such a good track star. Seriously, was she taking steroids or something? Well, she must be on something, since she seemed so... happy about everything. Needless to say, Miranda was both envious and weirded out when it came to her.

Kat, thank god Kat was here. Really. It was so lucky they ended up in the same Tribe. The thoughts of an alliance still bubbled in her mind. It almost made up for having to deal with Cammy for a while, even! Seriously. She still was beaming a little inside at that.

The other two, Lana and Cassandra? Wasn't Lana deaf or something like that? But wasn't she also somewhat strong at least? Cassandra, meanwhile, came off as uptight based on what she knew of her. She really had no idea if they'd be in any way competent. Would they?

Cammy, of course, was practically bouncing in place once Kat had spotted the camp and they had made their way over. Soon enough, it turned to a discussion of shelter. Miranda agreed, shelter was important, though... she felt dumb for thinking this, but how would they get shelter up? She'd seen Survivor with some of her friends, certainly, but she was currently blanking on how to make a shelter. Wait, she remembered a bit now. First you make a frame, then you put leaves or something over them. Miranda wasn't particularly clear on this, but she could always ask the others, right?

"Well, yeah. Shelter's kind of important", Miranda said, a small smile forming on her face.

Cassandra began to suggest everyone split off; three on shelter, one on fire, and one for food. Something about magnifying glasses.

"Would that work, though?" she asked. "I know it works on ants. But does it work on wood?"

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
Oh hey! Found a picture of Mr. McCreery online!

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You may now kill me.

v5 Survivor
Name: Lana Torres
Luxury item - cannot be directly useful for surviving: Plush bat
Opening confessional: "Oh... uh, hey there. Guess I should say something? Okay... I may not be the most charismatic, but trust me, I do have my advantages. Don't understatement me. ... That's it, really."
Name of one person whom your character would like to see on the family visit: Lea Rivera-Torres (mother)
Clothing: dark grey tank top, dark khaki capris, dark red jacket , white socks, hearing aids

Name: Miranda Millers
Luxury item - cannot be directly useful for surviving: small make-up kit
Opening confessional: "Well, how hard could this be, really? I've seen Survivor before and I'm pretty good at social things. I can see myself winning. Just be warned. I won't go easy on everyone. I won't use that cliched line, but it won't be easy with me."
Name of one person whom your character would like to see on the family visit: Olivia Millers (aunt)
Clothes: white sleeveless knee-length sun dress with red dot pattern, red hairband, red bikini (underneath clothes), sandals

How I Spent My Suspension
Alex couldn't help but feel...

What was the correct emotion for this? She just randomly asked her why exactly she stood up for people, and then said that good people were hard to find and that Alex was a good person? What was the correct response for this? Pride, amusement, confusion? None of the above? All of the above? Confusion was the one she picked, but she wasn't even sure if that was the correct reaction.

"Thanks, I guess. See you too", she said quizzically, as Sharon returned to her game.

Really. There was something nice about standing up for others. Sometimes bullies needed to be talked to. Alex knew she wasn't a bad girl. A little temperamental? Certainly. Perhaps a bit blunt as well. What could she say? She was a little too passionate about things at times, by her admission. Sometimes she got the feeling that those traits would get her in trouble some day, but then she brushed it aside when those times came up. Being passionate wasn't a bad trait, not if you're standing up against people like Alba, or anyone who needed to be... well, taken care of. Someone had to, and if no one else was...

Alba, however, had returned to his game as well, now minding his own business. A smile came across Alex's face, and she turned back to the other two.

"Well, we were just going to play some games", Alex said, in response to Genie's question. "It's a pretty good game-y afternoon, in my opinion. But we could go up with you, if you'd like!"

v5 Survivor
Okay, I shall toss Miranda in, then!

Alex gets plenty of attention anyways. Stupid Alex.

v5 Survivor
I'd be interested in this, actually.

Tossing in Lana, since she's the one girl out of mine that needs more love from me.

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
The one who really drew her attention for more than a cursory glance, though—the one who was different from the others, who was unexpected—was a petite woman in a knee-length black skirt and a long-sleeved white blouse. She had square-framed glasses, and she was very clearly Vietnamese. For a few seconds, Kimberly thought they'd grabbed her mother for some reason she'd never be able to understand, because the woman was nearly her spitting image. Squinting, partially to correct for her own nearsightedness and partially in the futile hope that it would help her make out details through the darkness, Kimberly noticed that this woman seemed a little bit too young, a little too beautiful in a detached sort of way.

Oh I see what you did there. : D