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Lean on Me
((Carol Burke continuing in from Missing Those Lost))

She trudged on.

Hermione... why? Why did she have to do that? It made no sense.

Carol could remember it all; the smell of smoke and burnt flesh, the sound of the explosion and her head falling to the ground... she didn't want to remember. But it stayed there, like a dirt stain on a white shirt that would never come out.

It seemed like hours had passed as she wandered. Occasionally she would rest, sometimes dozing off, but soon she would be on her way. And now, she was resting again, sitting on the ground with her head bowed and eyes closed.

She just wanted to go home, and perhaps take a shower or something. Nothing made sense anymore. She just wished that-

Carol lifted her head and looked up.

Was that shouting?

"Awww look at the little fucking love birds. Imagine if I were to just pull the trigger right now. One shot two kills! How very tragic."

It... sounded familiar. Like a voice Carol hadn't heard in a long time. Was it...?

She lifted her gun off the ground and quietly padded over to the source of the sound. Soon, she was introduced to a strange sight farther off down the path.

Reiko was pointing a gun at two different people. One of these people she recognized as... oh god, Kris Hartmann. Reika and Amber's murderer. Carol felt her eyes widen considerably, as her heart beat increased. Oh god, what was she going to do? She knew Reiko had killed people by this point, but Reiko was in the end Reiko, and always will be. And Kris... oh god, what was the right thing to do? And where was Simon, Rein, and Kari? Would they know the right thing to do?

The guy... what was his name? In any case, he was holding something up. Explosives... uh oh. People were going to die here. Reiko. Her friend. Was going to get blown up.

And that's when Carol knew what she had to do. And that was "get Reiko the hell out of there". She wanted to save Reiko, not only from Kris, but from herself. Reiko was still a good person, right? It wasn't as if she wanted to kill... right? She was just upset that Kris... took her sister away. That had to be it. That was the solution.

So, Carol made her choice. Leaving her bags behind, she quietly walked over to the group, gun in hand. Her heart continued to race. Was she doing the right thing? What would happen if they attacked her, or she pulled the trigger?

She stopped, and raised her gun, though making sure not to point it at anyone. Carol took a deep breath, and spoke.

"Guys... I don't want anyone to be hurt here. I think you two should leave. I don't want any more to be killed..."

And that's when a thought occurred to her. She had a gun, and so did Reiko. Kris and this guy was at their mercy. Did this mean... vengeance? If they just let them run away, Amber and Reika would... they would never be punished for Kris's murder of them. Ever.

Carol tried her best to push those thoughts aside. That wasn't the answer, right? Even if the gun gave her a sense of power. She wasn't a murderer, that she knew. Right? She wouldn't actually pull the trigger on them... Carol was the happy girl, the nice, friendly one. She always was there to help her friends. That was all she wanted to do right now; help her friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

Life's a Beach
((Anna Chase continued from So What Do We Do Now? Hurr hurr "chase" scene.))


Her pale hands quickly soared through her remaining bag, pushing aside undergarments, packed clothes, toiletries, and many other miscellaneous objects.

Oh god, where was it? It had to be around here somewhere. She just remembered it was in there, and now... now... she just needed to know where it was.

Ah, there it was.

With trembling hands, Chase lifted the small box out of the bag, and slowly removed the lid. It... was safe. Thank god. She needed it right now. Just to hold it. Just to look at the contents.

Chase lifted the dark colored necklace out of its container, and placed it to her chest.

Like many people on the island, she had heard the announcement. The words echoed in her mind even now.

"Alllllright. Let's get down to the gritty details, shall we? First to die, right after our announcement, in fact, was Dawne Jiang. Miss Jiang decided that she couldn't, wouldn't hold her darling boyfriend Rekka back, and opted instead to stick around in a dangerzone. They say love makes you crazy, I didn't realise that meant 'stupid' too. Next..."

"Next to go down was the one and the only Jonathan Jarocki, who somehow got it into his head that running around and yelling and firing his gun like some kind of cowboy was a good idea. Miss Madelaine Smith proved exactly why that was not the case."

Her best friend. Her boy- her ex.

Gone. Killed. Dead.

She didn't even get to see them or anything. Just like that. Gone.

Dawne had apparently committed suicide. By the sound of things, Rekka was nearby at the time. Did this mean... oh god. If so, Chase knew why she did it. It wasn't rocket science or something.

Something had happened with Jon, and he for some reason was firing his gun and shouting. Someone got him. Madelaine Smith. That was their name. And Chase had no clue who that was.

Dawne's and Jon's faces appeared in her mind. Chase knew that she would never see either of them alive again. Never, ever. She could see them now; Dawne's vibrant blue eyes that sparkled with energy, the look of joy Jon had at prom... with each passing moment they were only memories, nothing more.

A thought passed through in Chase's mind. Could it be her fault?

If she and Dawne had acted more responsibly that night...

If she was a better girlfriend to Jon...

Maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Dawne would be alive. Jon would be alive. Everything would have been fine.


It was her fault...

Chase trembled further, staring at the ground.

She wanted to believe that this was some sort of mistake, that they were still out there. But, there it was, and she had to accept it.

But what did this mean now? Her best friend and ex-boyfriend were gone, having been picked off. What was there to do? She had wanted to find them, but now... she simply couldn't. Rekka was no longer an option, as who knew what had happened between him and Dawne before she... made her choice. So, any number of things could happen if she were to meet up with him, both good and bad. What about Brendan? As far as she could tell, he was safe, or at least alive and hadn't killed yet.

To be honest, some part of Chase did want to die right there on the spot, though. Maybe by pulling her collar, or plunging herself into the ocean. There was no good reason for her to live. Maybe? Well, she didn't have very much food, the only water she was able to find were from the stream and the ocean, the stream only being a slightly better choice, two people she cared about were dead, and it was only a matter of time before... well, she met up with one of the psychos and wouldn't make it out alive.

But was that really the best option?

Probably not, she thought to herself.

Despite all that she had been through so far, she had to admit; she didn't actually want to die. Deep down, the survival instinct was still there. She had been telling herself since the day before yesterday that she refused to die, and in the end, she still refused, even now.

Even if it was her fault they were gone.

Chase went to take another look at the necklace. Oh god, she could remember this. Just before she left him, he... gave her it. Now, she lifted it by the chain, letting it hang and shine in the light. Onyx... how much did he spend on it? He really didn't have to do it. She hadn't exactly been nice to him, and had broken up with him, and... he gave her it. For her birthday. He didn't have to. He didn't need to... heck, Chase had forgotten that day that it was her birthday, and only a bit earlier did she remember it was when they... well, got sent here.


Her eyes started to water again.

She was sorry. That was what she wanted to say to Jon and Dawne above all else. Just "I'm sorry". But then what after it? That, she had no clue.

But, she had to figure out where to go next. Where was Ben? She looked up, and looked around her. Nowhere in sight. Did... did Rasputin get to him? No, he couldn't have...

Right now, though, it was a good idea to keep moving.

Chase was about to put the necklace back in the box, and the box back into the bag, until she realized something. What if there was another Nancy situation? She didn't want to lose it so easily...

And with that, Chase had an idea. She put the box inside her bag, and unbuttoned the top of her dress just a tiny bit. Once it was loose enough, she slid the necklace inside her bra, and buttoned back up. She had never been particularly "big", but it fit in there quite nicely, and looked natural. And it meant that if she got robbed again, she wouldn't lose it. The last thing she wanted was to lose it. It was all she had left of Jon right now.

Zipping back up, she stood up and sighed to herself. God, this had been the first time she had been to a beach... was it? She couldn't remember. She might have been to the beach before, but Chase had always been one of the "city folk", having spent pretty much her entire life in the Twin Cities. She could remember the river, though.

Chase hoisted the bag over her shoulder, and so walked along the beach, the moist sand clinging to her clothes and boots. She had rested long enough, and it was a good idea to keep moving, right? Even if her legs ached from all that walking she did yesterday.

Soon she noticed what appeared to be a bright pink camo-patterned tent on a rock formation, with a girl looking at it and talking to it. Someone was inside it, obviously, but from here it sounded... male? God, things just kept getting weirder and weirder, didn't they? Some part of her wanted to continue believing that this was some sort of dream, and the fact that things were starting to become surreal supported this. And to make matters more surreal for Chase's stressed out mind, another girl, this time with dyed streaks in her hair and holding a crowbar, was approaching the tent as well.

God, to be honest, she felt like Alice in Wonderland with all this weirdness she kept running into. Of course, Alice didn't have to deal with Russian hockey players disemboweling people with chainsaws, guys running around with paintball guns, hipster chicks that mug people, and many other things she probably missed. In fact, that was actually a really bad analogy, now that she thought of it.

Chase padded over to the tent, wondering why people were crowding around it. Was it such a good idea to come so close? Some part of her told her to stay away, but well... curiosity killed the cat, as they said. The person in the tent seemed scared, almost as if he thought the people outside were going to kill him.

Chase kept a fair distance away, but spoke up.

"Hello?" she asked quietly.

Where Do You Go From Here?
((Sorry guys, but I need to save Aileen))

"Aaron I have a rendevous to meet. I can't linger for too long."

Was she leaving already?

But Aaron seemed so... determined that they would find her. And he had so much faith in her, apparently.

In which case, should they prevent her from leaving? Was it a good idea? What if she ran into yet another psycho, and... no. No more death. No more killing. She was sick of this. Someone had to live.

Sure, Bounce had been giving her the stink eye this entire time, but it didn't mean that... well, she didn't deserve to die, didn't she? People annoyed Aileen, of course, but never would she wish death on them. Bounce was an example of this. Plus, as noted, Aaron really wanted to find her, and it would be a shame to lose her so quickly.

Oh god, what should they do? She was going to disappear again, and have god-knows what happen to her. They couldn't let her go like this!

And that's when Aileen spoke up.

"Who are you looking for? I mean, we could help you-"

Noises. Outside. Uh oh.

That meant trouble, obviously.

Aaron, as usual, took charge. He obviously had noticed, and was asking who was out there and that they weren't going to attack. And that's when Aileen decided what she needed to do. She went over to her daypack on the ground, and took out the hammer she had placed in there previously.

"Guys, I'm going to investigate", she whispered, looking around.

And she padded towards the nearest exit, hammer in hand. Her heart was racing as she quietly stepped along, looking around the house. Who was out there? Why? She thought she heard a gentle creaking noise from above her, but she had no idea where it was coming from.

And suddenly, the back door opened, and Aileen spun around, raising her hammer in defense.

Some guy had wandered in inelegantly, and shouted out that he wasn't looking for trouble. She had absolutely no clue who he was, but he had just... wandered in. No rhyme or reason, just wandered in. She raised an eyebrow, and took a deep breath.

"Okay, who the hell are you, and why the fuck are you here?" she asked. "Was it you making those noises?"

God, it was like they were all hiding out some place. They just popped out of the woodwork like little termites, and asked what was going on. She had no clue why it had to be them, though. Did they attract all sorts of strange people or something?

Too Late
And soon the others popped up.

First came Katelyn, who gave him a relieved smile, which Remy returned. Thank goodness she was safe. Now what about Josée?

"Well... I think I can safely say that that is definitely a forest out there. So what have you contributed to the team so far this morning Remy?"

He span around, to see the little she-devil talking to him.

Remy clenched his fist. Sure, it was her idea to team up. Sure, she had said that she wanted one of them to get off the island safely to Mom. Sure, he wanted to keep her around. But, that didn't mean that everything was perfect between them and they could tolerate each other easily. God, sometimes he wished he could just smack her right across the face. But that wouldn't do, would it?

But, none the less, Remy was irritated.

"Josée, how about you just-" he started to snap, but-

Noises. Muffled noises. It sounded like... someone else was shouting? What the hell...

Remy sighed. Well, it had to be sometime that they ran into someone. The fact that they hadn't encountered anyone yesterday meant that they were probably going to encounter someone today. Remy wasn't in the best of moods, and Josée was being particularly irritating right now. So, this new event was starting to get on his nerves too.

He looked around at the other two. Josée had that club thing, while Katelyn had a megaphone. He had the knife. So, two of them could probably defend themselves. A megaphone... maybe they could talk to however was there?

But, what if it was one of the players?

What if it was Kris?

Remy took a deep breath, and turned to Katelyn. "Do you think it's a good idea to try talking to them with that... you know... uh... megaphone?"

He didn't even bother asking Josée. He really wasn't in the mood.

Where Do You Go From Here?
Aaron and Bounce ushered themselves in quickly, and soon Aaron was quickly writing things down in a notebook, saying he did have a plan. Well, that was good. He just needed to write it down, it seemed.

Though, this Bounce person was currently giving her the stink eye, as if Aileen was some sort of stain on her shirt. Seriously, what was she giving her that look for? She wasn't being serious with that girlfriend comment, after all. This entire time she had been raising her eyebrow at her.

But, before Aileen could make a quip about this, the announcement started.

"Do you kids know what makes Uncle Danya happy? Things like... fine cigars, roast dinners, quiet nights in with Mrs. Danya... those things make Uncle Danya happy. But what also makes Uncle Danya happy is when his beloved students are game for the competition."

Aaron continued talking, and so Aileen had to listen to both him and the announcement. He went on, telling them that escape was possible, that Bounce knew a lot about the show.

But, after a while, there a mention of someone named Tom Guthrie. Was it... him? Aileen froze on the spot, listening to Danya.

"MUCH more entertaining was our next kill, with Nick Reid doing the honours by smashing Tom Guthrie's face into a fine paste using a rock wall, so for those of you keeping count, that's two for Mr. Reid."

Aaron had paused at this point, and began explaining his side of the story. By the sound of things, Tom had died in some sort of suicide attack, or had been in some way injured and told Aaron to leave. So... that meant he was... gone too.

"Fuck... Tom... why did he have to..." Aileen murmured quietly, looking down at the ground. "I mean-"

Another name got her attention.

"Twentieth to go down was Trevor Duncan, taking a shot to the collar from William Hearst and finding himself ever so slightly deceased."

Trevor... oh god. She remembered him. That was the guy who she helped with Spanish, wasn't he? Someone shot him. William Hearst shot him. It wasn't just Tom and Reika too. Trevor was gone, and she knew more would go. It wasn't fair. Why did it have to be Bayview? Why did it have to be anyone? Why... why...

Aileen stared at the ground, feeling a chill over her body.

She just wanted to go home and be safe. She wanted everyone to be safe. There was no reason why they had to be here. Each of them had a life.

A voice piped up, saying that she was sorry, and asked what exactly Tom said. Aileen slowly looked up, and saw that it was Lily. A small relief passed over her. She was safe. Now the only remaining member of their team they needed to find was-

"My mop is the mop that shall pierce the heavens! My mop is my SOUL! It will bring JUSTICE and PEACE to this isle! BELIEVE IT!"


And there he was. Richard, with what appeared to be said mop over his shoulders, and doing some strange hand gestures.

"Welcometothegroup no jutsu!"

What... was that? Was that some Karate Kid impersonation or something? She had absolutely no clue what it was. She guessed he was acting out some martial arts film, but whatever it was, now definitely wasn't the time for it.

But, as of right now, Aileen wasn't even able to make some sort of comment about this. However, the look on her face said it all; it pretty much said in a piercing tone, to put it mildly, "What the hell is wrong with you?".

At least he was safe too though, or at least safe enough to reference what appeared to be a kung fu movie and make jokes. That was a relief, obviously.

Missing Those Lost
Simon had tried to defuse the situation, by saying that there was no way they could be happy after what had happened to them so far, and there wasn't much they can do. Soon, candy bars were being handed out. As they flew about, Hermione had asked about whether she can have one.

But, something had appeared in Hermione's eyes for a brief second. Carol didn't know what. All she knew was that she was smiling. What for, Carol didn't know. However, it unnerved her. That wasn't a smile of happiness. It just looked... wrong.

After a while, Carol noticed that she was touching her collar, as if she had realized it was there. The odd look remained on her face. That's when Carol realized she had remembered what had happened, and was currently deep in thought.

A few seconds passed, and then she spoke.


Hermione's hands reached to grab the collar... oh god. She was going to do it. Someone had to stop her.

"Hermione no-!" Carol screamed.

But it was too late. The next few moments were a blur to her. Someone rushing in front of her, Simon shouting, the loud blasting noise only a few feet away, an object landing just in front of her...

Oh god, she did it. She actually did it.

Hermione Miller had just died in front of them, and they could've done nothing to stop her. Could they? They had no warning, and it was too quick. But still, she blew up only a few feet away from them. They could have helped her, they could have done something for her...

Carol had fallen on her rear as the explosion happened, and it seemed to only hurt Hermione. So, she was safe and uninjured. But, something was touching her shoe. A look towards her feet, and she saw what it was. She couldn't believe it, but there it was. Despite better judgement, she crawled right over to the object, and with shaking hands, hesitantly lifted the object up.

The explosion had crudely decapitated Hermione, throwing her head right in Carol and Rein's direction. What she was holding was what was left of her skull, still smiling even after death. Carol dropped the thing with a loud scream. Oh god, why did she have to pick it up? It just made things worse. She put her hands to her head, trembling and once again on the verge of tears. Someone just died in front of them! And there was nothing they could do...

They had to get out of here. She looked around very quickly. Rein and Simon were talking to... someone who had been here? It looked to be one of Rein's friends, at the very least. Simon seemed suspicious of him, of course, judging by the gun pointing at the other guy. Simon seemed ill, but Rein seemed relieved at finding his friend. But...

"Guys! I really think that it's a good idea to uh... leave..." she started, looking off into the distance. "I really don't think I could..."

She wasn't able to finish that sentence. The past few minutes had stayed with her, and she didn't want to stay with what was once Hermione any longer. Carol turned around, and after grabbing her things, ran as fast as she could. She hoped that the others would follow.

Anything to get away from Hermione.

((Carol Burke continued elsewhere))

Too Late
((Remy Kim continued from Ishida Hunting))

Wandering. Wandering. Wandering.

That's all they had been doing since the first announcement.

They had managed to fall asleep nearby the mines just before that dreadful first announcement. Sure, the rickety buildings weren't very stable, but it was shelter none the less. The next morning, however, was the unbearable part. When he heard it, he cried like a baby. Reika... was gone, and Reiko had become a murderer twice over. He was too late, and he couldn't find or save either of them.

And now they were pretty much gone...

The announcement still rang in his ears even now.

"Fifth wasted was, uh... hold on, let me make sure I get this one right. Reika Ishida, you heard that kids? Reika, the one nobody really cared about. She made the mistake of startling Kris Hartmann, who took her out like a pro. Moving right along, the next of our femme fatales..."

But... he cared about Reika. Reika just wasn't some statistic. She was a person. His friend. Heck, maybe she was something more to him. And now this Kris person had simply shot her. But why? Reika was most likely minding her own business... it wasn't fair...

He knew Josée wouldn't take his crying well. Of course, what was he supposed to do? Kris fucking killed Reika, and Reiko was apparently running around killing people! Not to mention Sarah was out there, and god knows what was happening to her right at this moment (fortunately, unlike the twins, her name hadn't been mentioned yet. Yet).

But, Remy knew what he had to do. It sounded repulsive when it first popped into his head, but after a while, he couldn't resist the urge. He didn't tell Josée or Katelyn just yet, but the thought had repeatedly shown up in his mind since the announcement. Remy had a switchblade, and he was fairly strong. He could just sneak up on Kris and...

It was a dreadful thought, but it was what he honestly wanted to do right now, aside from finding Sarah and maybe even Reiko. The thing is, though, he didn't even know who Kris was. Maybe Josée knew, since she was a little more versed in the social scene, as far as he could tell. The only things he knew about this Kris was one, "he" had a gun, and two, "he" had also killed Amber Whimsy, who was infamous around the school. That was the only information Remy had, and frankly, it wasn't very good.

The rest of the second day had passed by calmly for them. Most of the time they just wandered the island, without any real aim. They didn't even see anyone. But, soon night fell, and they were in the woods once again. Since shelter didn't seem to be in store like the previous evening, they soon took shifts keeping watch while the other two slept.

Remy was woken up the next morning by the second announcement.

"Do you kids know what makes Uncle Danya happy? Things like... fine cigars, roast dinners, quiet nights in with Mrs. Danya... those things make Uncle Danya happy. But what also makes Uncle Danya happy is when his beloved students are game for the competition."

He rubbed his eyes, placing himself in the sitting position. Yeah, nice to know that, asshole, he fumed to himself in his head. And so, he blathered on about who was dead and alive. Reiko had killed again. Raina Morales and Tobias Elwin, those were the names of her victims. No information about Kris, though. A few other names he recognized. Trevor Duncan, he was a guy in his drama class. He and Remy had always been on good terms whenever they talked. Damn, him too?

And that's when Remy started to tremble.

It wasn't just Reika. Everyone he talked to at school was dying, and for pointless reasons. But, Remy knew he must one day kill. And not just Kris, either. There were a lot of people playing, it seemed. But he wasn't like them. But, why Trevor? And why Reika? Reiko had become a player as well...

His eyes started to water again, but he wiped them away. Remy really had no clue where Josée was, but he was aware that she wouldn't be happy with his crying. Besides, he made his choice, so he shouldn't be crying. He knew that if he ever saw Kris, he would stab "him" as many times as possible. It was the right thing to do, to be honest. Reika would be able to rest in peace, and wherever she was, she would be happy to find out her murderer received justice, right? Maybe he could go after this Hearst guy too, if he ever came across him.

But still. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to die...

Remy stared at the ground.

He didn't want to actually kill someone either, now that he thought of it.

How would Mom think if he actually did kill someone?

And suddenly, killing Kris didn't seem so appealing. But, the thought of trying to get vengeance remained, just smaller.

He looked around him. Where was the other two? Katelyn and Josée were most likely nearby, that was to be certain. How was Josée holding up, anyways? He always had trouble trying to peek into that woman's mind. Yes, they were twins. No, that didn't mean he could read it. To him, Josée may as well be an alien creature from planet Mars, or possibly further out in the universe. Remy still wondered if she was concerned about that OC guy of hers. Would she act the same way as he was if OC got killed? Did she care about him? Did she care about the Ishidas at all?

And Katelyn. She probably had friends out here, too.

Remy sighed. Oh god. How many people were going to die here? Only one was supposed to survive, apparently.

"Hey guys?" he asked quietly, hoping at least one of the two girls were nearby.

They had to be nearby. They just simply had to.

So What Do We Do Now?
A quick glance at Ben told her that he was also starting to tense up, to the point of taking the safety off his paint gun. He must had realized what she did; this was more than likely this Alex Rasputin. He and Ben had a weapon, she didn't. Which meant she was... oh god... going to have to get out of here as quickly as possible. She couldn't leave Ben behind, though. She knew what that was like. But what could she do? She couldn't fight someone like Rasputin, especially if he had a chainsaw.

Chase, stay calm. Try to act normal.

Ben seemed to have it under control, however. He- seemingly sarcastically- asked Rasputin (?) how his day one went. And soon enough, she was asked if she wanted to leave.

Leave? To where? Chase had no clue. All she knew was that where they were currently in a forest that seemed endless, and that she was scared out of her wits. Oh, and there was a guy with a paintball gun and a guy with a chainsaw. God, this has been a weird month. Maybe there was shelter nearby. Proper shelter, like an actual building. But, one thing that her mind was focused on was that she had to get away from Rasputin, or at least someone who she thought was him.


She turned and jogged away for a few feet, but then spun around. "This way, Ben!" she shouted behind her, though unintentionally in a panicked manner.

And so, she turned back and ran, hoping Ben was indeed following and not Rasputin. But what if Rasputin did follow? What would they do? What if he got Ben? What if Ben ended up staying where he was and they ended up separated? But could she trust Ben? Just a few minutes ago he was pointing a gun at her! He had frightened her when they first met up. The only reason why she wasn't scared of him now was because admittedly she was worried about him. But what if he was... you know... just trying to get her trust? But for now, she had to get the hell away.

She wasn't going to be another Robert Lerger.

The memory of the chainsaw's roar seemed stronger than ever. So was Robert's face and those dull, lifeless eyes. It was a reminder of what she could become if she let Rasputin catch up to her. But was it really Rasputin? In her state of mind, Chase wasn't going to take any chances here. It was better to get the hell out rather than stick around to see if it really was him.

And so Chase ran, praying to god that Ben was following, and that Chainsaw Guy would leave them alone.

((Anna Chase continued in Life is a Beach))

Where Do You Go From Here?
Aaron seemed startled, but slowly turned around. And so, Aileen sighed in relief.

Yup, he was alright. But again, where was Tom? It really wasn't a good sign that he wasn't around, after all. Hopefully, wherever he was, he was alright. She was still shaken up by the announcement, but at least one of the group was alright. Where was Lily, Richard, and that other girl, anyways? Lily and that one girl had disappeared around the same time, she could recall. And when she was walking away, she could vaguely remember the new girl saying that she didn't want to slow them down. So... did Lily...?

Aileen sighed, this time of sorrow.

So much death. And people were coming and leaving in this group. People were wandering off, and people were... dying out there as well. Poor Reika. She was such a sweet girl, Aileen had to admit. She clenched her fist. No more. No more death. They had to get as many people out of here as possible. But what would happen if she encountered this Kris person? Aileen knew just how upset she was by the announcement when Reika's name came up. And it wasn't just Reika, either. Those nineteen and counting did not deserve this. No one, maybe not even Pondsworth, deserved being here. So what would happen if Aileen... gave in? She had always been the angry sort, the girl who always acted sarcastic, but could she do it, even if to defend herself?

No, she couldn't.

The right thing to do was to save whoever she can. She couldn't save Reika, as much as she would have wanted to. But, she could save other people. She wasn't sure if she could save her sister, since she had also killed two people, but maybe...

Aileen looked around, and saw someone approaching. Who was that? Short... small... female... was she armed? No sign of it. But, she was an intruder, and god knows what could happen. For all they knew, she could be armed in some way.

"Aaron, stay back. Let me deal with her-" Aileen blurted out.

However, it turned out this girl and Aaron apparently knew each other. Just quiet "Aaron"s and "Bounce"s. Wait, Bounce? Was that the person he had been talking about at the gazebo? Apparently. It was surprising Aileen remembered the name used. She wasn't sure what kind of name "Bounce" was, but it was probably a nickname.

And that's when Aaron spun around again and asked Aileen who just wandered in excitedly.

"... Your girlfriend?" Aileen offered, looking up and down the newcomer.

As she scanned the area for a few seconds, she said "Alright, kiddies, get inside. Aaron, you better have a plan. That announcement didn't look good. And also... where the fuck is Tom?"

However, she stepped aside, allowing the two to enter.

Could Bounce be trusted? Well, could she? She didn't know this "Bounce" person, at all. Was she useful? Apparently to Aaron she was. Didn't he say something about her being a fan of the show or something? God, it was one of those people. If she started raving about being on the program or something, Aileen was going to bang her head against the wall several times. The concept of being a fan of SOTF had always bothered her at school, and being here wasn't going to improve her viewpoint.

Josée Trembley
Please note that she is connected to Remy Kim (twin brother/rival) and Orpheus Campbell (right-hand man).

Missing Those Lost
Was it really so hopeless?

She had just realized Ben and Jacob were still out there, after all. Could she save them too? She failed to save Reika, Amber, and Paige, though. And Reiko was out there... doing god knows what. Reiko was still a good person, at least in Carol's eyes. And she remembered that she was Ben's ex, while how much Paige and Jacob were in love. How were they holding up? Not very good, she could imagine. If she could find them and just simply be there for them, it would be a miracle. But, it wasn't as if she wasn't feeling bad too, though... all she wanted on this trip was for her group to hang out and do things camp-related. Not this.

Carol stared back down at the ground again. Did Kari, Simon, and Rein recognize anyone in the announcements, she wondered? Was it just her who had lost friends?

Maybe they should continue walking now. It would prevent people from trying to comfort her more, at least, and let Carol think a bit more.

A loud shout suddenly burst out of nowhere.

"Heeeey! Heeeeeey!"

Oh god, who was it now?

She looked at the source of the sound.

Hermione Miller. Carol had talked to her a few times in the past. Nice girl, as far as she could tell. Unfortunately, she also wasn't known to be particularly bright (though to be honest, that might have sounded hypocritical coming from "Cadet Carol". She seemed... disturbingly cheerful right now.

Carol could only stare as Simon told her to quiet down, but Hermione continued on, rambling about... camp food. Carol clenched her fist. Did she not know where she was?! She was just running around asking about breakfast and even just after the announcement, she was happy and cheerful and bright-eyed and-

That's when Carol gritted her teeth.

It took a lot to get her upset at other people. Normally, when Carol got upset, it was at a game, not an actual, physical person. But Hermione was really pushing it. How could she be so happy? And she even thought they were playing hide and seek. She was starting to get on her nerves, to be honest. Now was definitely not the best time. Maybe earlier or later, she would have been nicer to her, helping her out, and explaining things to her.

But now? She really wasn't in the mood.

"Hermione... I'm really not in a good mood right now. We don't have any breakfast food aside from bread and water, and... did you even hear the announcement? Really?" she snapped.

She placed her face in her hands again, wiping her eyes a bit. The tears had stopped for the moment, but she clearly wasn't in the best shape. Her eyes had become tinged with red from all the crying that she did, for starters, and was just starting to sting.

What was she going to do now?

Maybe they should go back to walking. Maybe they should look for Ben and Jacob, or possibly even Reiko, and anyone Simon, Rein, and Kari wanted to look for. She really had no clue. Should they continue talking to Hermione? But then what?

So What Do We Do Now?
Chase could only sit there, watching and listening as the boy rambled on about ex-girlfriends and friends and Uno and things like that.

Really, what was the right thing to say here?

All Chase had to deal with was the fact that she hadn't exactly been on good terms with her friends for a variety of reasons, getting robbed, and then the Russian monk person doing... that. Here, this guy had to deal with his friends dying in front of him and his ex being a murderer.

And suddenly, the numb feeling of fear was replaced with awkwardness.

Chase never saw herself as being good at consoling people. Really, there were too many things that could go wrong here, especially since he was holding a gun. A "paintball gun", apparently. Chase didn't know what that meant exactly or what it was capable of. To her, paintball was something she only heard about at school from time to time, but had little to no idea what it actually was. Could a "bullet" still kill someone? It would probably hurt somewhat, at the very least. It only made things more awkward, knowing that he had a weapon, even if it was just paint, and she didn't. Chase was going to have to improvise a weapon, and fast.

But, in any case, she really had no clue what exactly to say. It wasn't like she didn't care about him. In fact, some part of her wanted to say something, especially since he was apparently considering suicide. But, what? What would make him feel better?

"I'm... I'm sorry. I had no clue... and... uh..."

She could only stare at Ben.

What was it like, having someone close to you die only a few feet away?

Chase did not want to experience that. Heck, if Jon, Dawne, Brendan, and Rekka all managed to survive, that would be peachy. The last thing she wanted was the death of her friends. But this guy had watched his own friends get attacked and die. And his ex... god, no wonder he was acting so weird just a few seconds ago.

She frowned, and looked towards the ground.

"I'm not sure w-what is the right thing to say. I mean, I kinda got mugged and... uh... that guy on the announcement who got attacked by a chainsaw? I was kinda... well, I was there. T-trust me, I didn't get to see the murder, but... I saw the body... but... uh... nothing like..."

She gulped a bit of air, then looked up.

"Look. If you want, I c-could stay with you. You know, help each other out? I mean... we're in this together, right? It's probably a good idea to... y'know... uh... safety in numbers? So we won't get killed or lose our minds as easy?"

Chase placed herself on the ground next to Ben, staring at him like he was some mysterious new life form. One thing she couldn't help but wonder was if he needed a hug or something like that. In most cases it would be considered weird to randomly hug people you barely knew, but this guy was clearly distressed. In fact, she was already feeling kind of bad that she was seriously considering taking his weapon only just recently, even if in an attempt to get away from a psychopath.

And once more, she stared at the ground again, and softly sighed as she placed the bag to her left.

God, she wasn't sure what was worse. Dealing with a complete psycho like Rasputin apparently was, or dealing with someone as frightened as Ben or... herself. Fighting a psychopath with no redeeming factors was one thing, but fighting someone just as scared as she was another. Things with Ben seemed awkward as of this moment, but what if she had to fight him after knowing this?

And what if he just left her to die, just like what Kitty did? Would he do that?

It didn't help that she had been woken up, either. Otherwise she would have said something smart, or be able to figure things out a bit more.

Chase looked up, and saw someone approaching. Whoever it was, they looked huge and athletic even from here. She could only once more stare at the man approached, clearly lost in his thoughts. Who was it now? Another scared student, or one of the sickos? Eventually he stopped, and gave them both a confused expression and a quiet greeting. This guy here looked vaguely familiar. Chase might had seen him around at school a couple of times. Heck, she might had shared a class with him.

Her eyes quickly looked over his body. Yup, he was definitely huge and muscular. Probably on a sports team of some kind. He still had two bags, so he still had the majority of his supplies. There was something attached to the straps of one of his bag, as well. What was that? Was that his weapon? Chase looked at it for a few seconds, before noticing what it was.

Right at that moment, the memory of the sounds she heard at the Fun Fair kicked in. Inside her mind, she could almost hear the chainsaw's roar again, and Robert's face the morning after.

Oh god.... hehasachainsawhehasachainsawhehasaCHAINSAWHEHASACHAINSAW.

Chase started to tremble again, and found herself frozen to the ground once more. What could she do? He was huge! She couldn't fight against this man! What if he used it? What was left of Robert kept coming up in her mind insistently, and wouldn't go away.

"N-no..." she mumbled quietly.

She kept telling herself that she wouldn't end up like Robert. But, here was someone with a chainsaw. Multiple people could have had one here, but what if it was... oh god.

Should she run?

Her legs had turned to jello once more, and she couldn't move. Oh god, please not be him! Out of here, she needed to run now. Ben had something closer to a weapon, but would it stop him? It was paint apparently, but if chainsaw guy thought it was a gun with actual bullets, he could be scared away. But what if he wasn't?

Ishida Hunting
((Alright, since it's still Day 1 in here, it's probably a good idea to wrap this one up))

But, Remy thought it was probably a good idea to get a move on.

The Ishidas and Sarah could be anywhere, and frankly, he would be upset if anything happened to them. So, he had to remind them. Maybe he should speak up?

Plus, it was probably a good idea to find shelter soon. It was getting dark, and god know what could happen.

"Hey guys? We should find some sort of shelter. You know... find someplace to go to sleep? Protection from the elements? That sort of thing? I don't think the tunnels are the best place, though. Hopefully there's a good place to rest nearby..."

He turned, but looked behind him for a few seconds.

"Well? What do you say? I really don't want to die here..."

And then he picked up his things, hoping Josée and Katelyn would follow. They were really the closest things he had to allies right now, and frankly, he didn't want to lose them. Yes, even Josée.

He just had to hope the Ishidas and Sarah were okay.

((Remy Kim continued in Too Late))

Where Do You Go From Here?
((Aileen Borden continued from My Kingdom For A Plan!))

Aileen paced the inside of one of the houses, occasionally rubbing her neck.

The last time she felt like this, it was when her dad died. Aileen had never been much of a crying type; she had heard stories from her mother that she was actually a pretty quiet baby in comparison to other ones, and she could count on her fingers the times when she had actually cried in her life. But, she was... unwell, to say the least. Unwell? Hell, she was extremely on edge, and not in the least happy. In short, Aileen was in a pretty bad mood.

She had managed to doze off near the door of the house, having placed a chair there. However, she had been woken up by the announcement. Dear god, the announcement.

Nineteen people dead. A new record.

And the fucker just joked and laughed throughout, like it was the funniest joke ever told.

What's more is that she knew one of the people who had apparently been killed. Reika Ishida... fuck, why did it have to be her? She had started trembling when she heard her name on the announcement, and clenched her fist at the memory. Reika was a nice person, in fact, one of the nicest Aileen had ever met. They had met at peer tutoring, along with Sarah Xu. And now some fuckhead has killed her. She wasn't sure what to think, now that Reika was dead. Really, a mixture of emotions were there. And some part of her wanted to track down this "Kris" person, and treat them exactly how they treated Reika. Because there is no way in hell Reika would attack someone, so the self-defense excuse couldn't be used. But why Reika? She was one of the truly nice people at school! And now she was gone...

Other names she barely recognized. For example, she had the feeling she knew a Daniel Vaughan, but she had to search her memory for it. God, this was a bad time for her not to remember names, wasn't it? She was somewhat familiar with Ivan and Amber, from what she heard about them.

All in all, a mess.

Aileen stopped at the door, and leaned her head against it.

Why did so many have to die? Including someone like Reika.

She had managed to write the names down during the announcement, but that only made things worse for her emotionally. It only drove the impact of the deaths. Reika's death and the announcement alone was bad enough, but to get a visual reference really brought it home.

They needed to get out of here so that no one else would die. But how? Aaron said he had a plan, didn't he? But he had refused to actually tell them what it was. Sure, Danya said they would kill them if they tried, but he could at least write it down and show them. Prior to the announcement, Aileen had also gotten the idea to go scouting out for camera locations in each area they visited, to see where exactly everything is being filmed for the mass entertainment of Americans everywhere. It would show what exactly they were dealing with, after all. She hadn't told Aaron yet, though. But, hopefully he would agree. Rather than... well, putting everyone on a wild goose chase like he had earlier.

She hoped he and Tom made it out okay, though. Aaron had said for them to wait here, but she couldn't help but worry for their safety. Nineteen people were gone already, and that meant that people were playing. And now Tom had just wandered off in a huff. That was not good for team morale, and if people wandered off alone, they were easy pickings. Aileen hoped that by some miracle of god, Tom and Aaron would come back safely in one piece. Because she was getting tired of this god damn killer bullshit already.

Wait, were those noises outside?

Aileen lifted her head from the door, and opened it just a crack. There he was, Aaron Hughes, looking upset. And not a Tom in sight. That sent up a very bad signal. Either Tom was wandering around the island alone, or...

He had to be fine. He just had to.

Aileen opened the door all the way.

"Aaron..." her voice came out low.

He was safe. That was good. But what about Tom? What about anyone else that would show up? No one needed to die. She hoped something would be come up with soon. Aaron better share his plans soon. Aileen wanted off, and for no more people to die. Was that so much to ask for?

So What Do We Do Now?
Chase could vaguely hear some mumblings. "Shut up brain"? God, and people always went on about how she was weird.

But, it seemed as if time slowed down as the speaker approached. At first it was just the crunching of twigs, branches, and god knows what else. But, the footsteps got louder. It seemed as if they were trying to quietly pad along, but every sense seemed to be amplified for her once more. It was like back at the carnival. It seemed as if she had separated from her body again, and was only watching what was happening, unable to act.

The figure grew closer, and soon Chase could tell it was a male. A skinny male, but threatening all the less. The gun he was holding was pointed straight at her. A gun. Oh great, another whackjob. Why were they always attracted to her? Was this some sort of karma here or something?

But, she just stood still.

Chase, run. He's going to attack you.

Her legs did not respond, despite the fact that she wanted to run. Oh, how she wanted to run.

MOVE IT! Moveitmoveitmoveitmoveitmoveit!

The boy continued to approach, gun still in tow. But, he stopped, and lowered the gun. Saying he wasn't going to play.

Chase continued to stare, clutching the bag to her chest. Everything seemed so surreal right now, like a dream or nightmare. It was just like yesterday, as she had remembered. Blood was pounding in her ears, and for all the world, she looked like a scared mouse just an inch away from a cat.

The gun boy's name was Ben Powell, apparently. She could somewhat remember that name and face, now that she thought of it.

Again, he wasn't playing, or at least he claimed. Was this some sort of lie? He was the one going around shouting things, muttering to himself, and pointing guns at people! Chase had the feeling there was something completely and utterly wrong with him.

And then he had the nerve to say that she was the one who scared him. Again, this was a guy who was shouting things at the top of his lungs, pointing guns at people, and talking to himself. That usually wasn't a good indicator of mental health, from what she knew of the topic.

After he asked if he could sit down, Chase tried her best to smile and answer as best as she could. "Uh... sure. But, could you mind... y'know... keeping the g... the gun on the ground? Because you kind of frightened me there..."

If he left his gun on the ground in plain view, it would help significantly. One, he would have to reach for it, giving Chase enough time to escape. Two, she could grab it if he did indeed get violent. Three, she could end up with a weapon if she did indeed grab it. It would be stealing, of course (she was the first person to know what that was like), but if he was like Rasputin, it was better than getting shot and having god knows what happen to her. She had no clue what type of gun it was, but she was sure it would be a help. And if he turned out to be nice, heck, she just might have an ally. Sure, he had frightened her, but maybe he knew something she didn't. And maybe she could get supplies off of him that she lost in the scuffle with Nancy.

So, for right now she was going to try to be civil with him. Be polite, ask him questions, make light conversation, see if he didn't think he was Hannibal Lecter or something, you know, interact with him like she would at school. Okay, so she didn't interact with Ben much at school. But, just talk to him like they had been paired up for a project or bumped into each other in the hallways, spilling paper and things everywhere. God, that was like some romantic comedy, was it? But now wasn't the time to think about movies and such.

"Hey... uh... Ben?" she looked at the new person. "Are you... y'know... alright?"

Mental health check is go! It wouldn't right away tell her if he was some sort of sicko that would skin her alive, but hey. If he was indeed a psychotic maniac, he would probably answer in a way that clearly indicated that. But, what then? How would she get away from someone like that? Just run and hide?

Oh, what a mess, what a mess.