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Food For Thought

Chase slowly lifted her head, looking at the person who spoke.

It was a guy, much bigger than her, with red hair. And he wanted to sit here. Of course he could! Chase wasn't the kind of person who went "No! You're a dork! You cannot sit down and eat!". At least, she hoped she wasn't. If it turned out she was, that would make her sad. Very sad, indeed!

With a grin slowly growing on her face, she replied "Not at all! Sit, sit!".

She gestured at the seat while she did so. Although the sound was bothering her, she had someone to talk to. Chase still had to finish that math problem, but at least there was someone there for her to have a little talk?

Her mind started to play a song, that she heard in a musical a while back. Sweeney Todd, was it? There was this part where the woman making the pies was introduced, and upon when the throat-slitting guy arrived, started singing about not having a customer in weeks. For some reason, that song was now playing in her head. Chase had no idea why of all things, this conversation reminded her of it. Perhaps it was because of what she said? After all, she was pretty sure that the woman asks the man to sit during the song, and try some of her pies, which were apparently the worst in London. Chase remembered that bugs were crawling in and out of the pies during said musical number, so they had to be pretty bad. Unless the customer was into eating bugs, of course. Well, there were people who did in fact eat bugs, actually. But, this thought process had absolutely nothing to do with lunch.

And, oh look! There is someone else! Someone else had sat down with them! And was opening a water bottle, if somewhat messily!

"Hello hello!" Chase said, continuing to smile.

Turning to the guy who had asked, she nodded and said "Well! We've got more company, right? And that's always fun, right?"

And then her body turned to the girl who had sat down and cheerfully mentioned, as if she didn't notice "He'll be sitting here today, too. More people, more fun?"

Food For Thought
((Anna Chase pre-game debut))

Chase walked into the cafeteria, and, upon seeing a large group of students already there, almost turned and left.

However, that would be silly. Chase wouldn't leave because of all the people there. It was the sound that was bothering her, really. She was more a fan of arriving just before everyone else. But, class sometimes didn't allow that. Today was an example; the teacher had kept them in a few extra minutes, to talk about... something. Chase couldn't remember. All she remembered was that the teacher was saying something about "responsibility". Huh.

Placing her lunchbag on the table, she took out a juicebox, stuck a straw in, and started sipping. Sure, people always told her that drinking out of juiceboxes was very childish, but they were easy to pack, at least. Besides, juice box juice had that taste that no other juice had. This one was apple for example, and one of the better apple juices that she'd ever had. Chase didn't understand why that is. Maybe it was the "100% Real Juice" on the packaging?

After a few seconds, Chase took the straw out of her mouth, and took out her math homework. It was due tomorrow, but Chase had better do it now. Or else... she would forget. Chase always got into the habit of finishing her homework at lunch, and today was no exception. Taking out a mechanical pencil, she worked on the problems a bit until...

She was stuck. This problem... how was she supposed to complete it? It was a little too difficult for her to do. And, it wasn't as if she had a calculator to use, since hers broke a while ago.

After a few minutes of stewing over the problem, she placed her head on the homework as if in despair. Argh, math. She hated math. Sure, she could do the problems most of the time, but... argh!

With her head still down, Chase started to think about the problem a bit more. She wondered if sitting like this made her think better. It might. Who knew? Some things worked for people, oddly enough. Like how some people have strange fetishes for anything you can imagine, and some have fears, some people learned in odd ways.


Why oh why was math difficult, sometimes? Sometimes it was easy... and sometimes it was this.

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales
Aileen got the feeling that they might have to go down there with loads of caution, but it was there, and would always be there. It would be upsetting if she and Melissa gave up so soon, really. It would make all their efforts... well, pointless. And no one wanted to make their own goals hit a dead end, right?

"Alright, I have the feeling we might have to bring swords and shields with us before we go there, but let's go. No use giving up now" she replied, heading to her left towards the elevator.

Heck, swords and shields? Aileen had the feeling they needed tanks.

If they had to encounter what you would usually expect from the tween level... well, they'd just quickly find the store, grab dresses, and move on out quickly like little ninjas. Or something. Aileen wasn't sure what other things were stealthy. Spies, perhaps? Cats? Anyways, they'd have to find it quickly, before someone spotted them. If they were spotted, they would head out of there as if escaping from a mountain lion, that was both hungry and trying to protect its young.

Turning to her left, she found the elevator, and started slowly stepping towards it, as if they were going off to war, and were going to attempt winning it all with only an army of two people. To her, it was. Who knew what kind of abominations that they had to go through on this level? Well, probably the normal abominations, actually. Nothing like Cthulhu or his friends. If there were, that would be... worrying, to say the least. But, nothing like that. She hoped. It was just the tween level, after all. No use getting nervous over small children, right? They were children, after all, and although Aileen could never actually see herself being a good parent, they were not to be mistreated in any way, shape, or form.

"I guess we'll have to use this thing, then, to get there", she said, in regards to the elevator.

V4 Character Relationships
Alright! New character got approved, and she needs someone to play with too!

Anna Chase

Known as Chase to most students, she is a bit of an oddball that likes horror movies and anime. One of the ways that she expresses love for the latter is that she cosplays whenever it's con time, and enjoys it. She also is highly prone to having crushes on some of the male students, and often talks about them with her friends. And finally, she is also prone to taking out her iPod and listening to it, singing along much to some student's annoyance. However, there has been some problems in her household in recent history, that she doesn't really want to talk about with her friends. Chase also really hates working at Jack-in-the-Box, but feels she shouldn't leave.

What Chase needs is, of course, at least one male student that she has a bit of a crush on. After all, it's Chase. She needs friends, as well. Anyone who shares her interests could do the trick, as long as they are the kind of person who would be friends with her. I can see someone hating or be annoyed by her for being a little odd at times, if you want to go the enemy route, too.

So yeah. Contact me if you have any ideas!

Anna Chase
Name: Anna Chase
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Anime/manga, cosplay, horror media, listening to music, boys

Appearance: Chase has long dark hair, that has grown down to the middle of her back, and with a straightly cut bang line. She usually wears it down, but on occasion wears it in different ways, such as in pigtails, a messy ponytail, or with a headband. Her eyebrows are about the same color, and neatly trimmed.

She has a rounded, childish face, with huge, wide bright grey eyes. She has a small, pointed nose, and a wide mouth with thin lips. Both of her ears are pierced, and she often wears earrings. Chase tends to wear make-up, such as lipstick, eyeliner, and foundation. However, a few indications of sleep loss, such as lines under her eyes, can be seen in her facial features.

She stands at a 5’0, and weighs 100 pounds; just 2 pounds underweight. Chase is somewhat pale, due to the fact that she does not go outside as much as her classmates. Due to her facial features, her figure, and some of her personality traits, other classmates often mistake her for a freshman, or on rare occasions younger, even though she appears to be developing normally.

Many of her outfits tend to be on the dark side, though not necessarily entirely black. She seems to like wearing casual dresses and skirts, although occasionally with a small amount of lace. On occasion, her outfit has a tattered look to it, caused by her modifying it for a certain appearance. It’s worth noting that she usually shops at the thrift store for her clothes, although she does wear some store-bought new clothes. She also tends to wear black fingerless gloves, and doesn’t feel right without them on. Chase also sometimes wears chained jewelry that she found at the thrift store for cheap. However, on her neck she tends to wear simple chokers or ties whenever she feels that it requires an accessory there.

Biography: Anna Chase (known mostly by her last name among her fellow students) was born in St. Paul, the only child to her parents.

Chase was a fairly unremarkable child once she entered school. She was a bit of a “crybaby” very early on in schooling, however, and would cry much more often than other students. However, aside from this, Chase was a happy child, and eventually grew out of her “crybaby” status by the time her third grade year was over.

At nine, it was discovered that Chase was nearsighted, and as a result, she got prescription lens to help her see well. She still wears her glasses, but occasionally wears contacts.

However, there was another minor problem; often, there were other girls at her school with the same first name as her. Sometimes, it got confusing when one student would be referring to one Anna, and Chase herself would answer. In addition, she hated being referred to as “Anna C.” each time she went to school. Eventually, around 4th grade, she decided to go by her last name whenever she was talking among her fellow students. To this day, it has stuck, and most of her classmates refer to her by her surname instead of her given name. However, most family members, some teachers, and the occasional student sometimes use her first name to refer to her.

As she grew older, she grew an interest in horror media. Chase would often find a slasher movie to watch whenever she and her parents went out to the video rental store. Each time this happened, her father would often try to remind her that the movie was scary, and he should watch it before her, to see if “it got too frightening”. However, as the years went by he allowed her to watch them all by herself, as long as she wouldn’t stay up all night or have nightmares. In the present, she still likes horror media, and currently owns a modestly sized collection of various media with fairly dark themes. Her tastes in horror seems to be more in the dark and psychological themes nowadays, however, she shows appreciation for slasher movies, zombie films, vampire movies, and so on. Chase happens to be a fan of Hitchcock’s work in particular. However, she also shows a fondness of the Bela Lugosi version of Dracula.

She also developed an interest in anime and manga, towards the end of freshman year. Her first anime was The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which an online stream had been linked to her by a friend from school. Soon, she was watching anime by herself, and reading online manga. The following year, she made plans to go to an anime convention. Chase found out about a hobby known as “cosplaying”, in which people would dress up like their favorite characters. Chase came up with a costume ahead of time, and once she arrived at the con, enjoyed being dressed up and seeing what everyone else had to wear. As a result, around convention time she can be seen working on a new cosplay for the next one, using various supplies that she had found in multiple ways, including her favorite thrift store, old hand-me-downs, occasionally things she bought off the web, and other methods. Most pictures and videos she has uploaded online show her in some kind of costume, and often in character as to who has dressed up as. Chase also spends a fair amount of time online looking at pictures and videos of other people’s cosplays, sometimes commenting on them. As for her tastes in anime and manga, although her tastes match those she shows in other media, she also happens to be a fan of things like Lucky Star, the aforementioned Haruhi Suzumiya, and similar shows.

She also happens to listen to music fairly frequently. On her iPod, she has such things as Voltaire, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Switchblade Symphony, various songs from her favorite anime, Duran Duran, Daft Punk, and others. Chase often pulls it out when bored, and has a habit of attempting to sing along to some of the songs. However, some of the songs are outside of her vocal abilities, much to other student’s displeasure.

Others have described Chase as a little “boy crazy”, as she is often discusses the male students at her school when among her friends. She is particularly prone to becoming infatuated with people she knows at Bayview, and often has a “crush of the month”, as others have described it. She has been known to have an infatuation on one person for a period of time, and then eventually move on, only to be infatuated with someone else all over again. Despite this, she has not dated in any way, shape, or form, as she is often too shy to actually ask her objects of affection out. However, a change of behavior has been observed when she around a crush of hers, leading some people to catch on whenever she has a new one.

At school, her fellow students consider her a little eccentric, to the point where some students are actually afraid of her. She can have a particularly dark sense of humor at times, sometimes referencing shows or otherwise that she likes. In addition, she has some idiosyncrasies, such as referring to objects and people with nicknames that she thought up at the top of her head, or asking random questions that have little to do with a conversation, and no apparent indication of how she came to ask it. However, she has managed to find a few good friends, and has been known to be quite friendly, if a little timid in new social situations. In class, she overall tends to get Bs.

Overall, she tries not to make a decision unless she feels certain it is the best choice of action, and although it sometimes takes a while for her to make a decision, she tries her best to make wise choices in her actions, so that things won’t get worse. In short, she plans out her actions, and makes sure that she feels it is a good idea. She can also be somewhat observant, and pay attention to minor details, such as someone’s body language. This helps her with her hobby of cosplaying, seeing as detail in the costume is often considered important among cosplayers.

However, she has been known to react to stress. When things get rough, she has a tendency to get emotional, and react to her situation dramatically. As a result, she often becomes ill when under stress, such as when a test is coming up. Although she has mostly grown out of her “crybaby” tendencies from her childhood, she still has been known to cry while upset. However, she tries to keep a calm and cheerful expression, out of fear that she would be seen as a weak individual, based on other people’s reactions to such behavior, and only nowadays cries when she is alone.

Lately, however, there has been a bit of drama in her household. Namely, her father had fallen ill with a heart disease, and was only just recently released from the hospital. He had been discovered to have it around 8 months ago, and it has been rough on both Chase and her family. As a result of this, Chase has shown signs of stress, including some indication of sleep loss. She tries not to talk about it with other students, for the same reason as to why she doesn’t cry around others; she does not want to come off as “weak”, even if she has legitimate reasons to be upset. Deep down, she is still concerned about her father, and often attends his check-ups with him, to see if he is all right. Chase also tries to remind him to not stress himself out, and tries to do tasks for him, such as making dinner or keeping the house clean whenever her mother is away.

Chase has a stubborn side, however. Whenever she feels that she needs to say or do something, there is a good chance she will act on it. She has been known to keep a belief despite evidence to the contrary, and it can be hard to shake her off a thought process once she is started. This has annoyed others on occasion.

Chase currently works at a local Jack-in-the-Box. Very often, she comes home annoyed with the job, often referring to it by not so loving terms. However, she keeps the job out of fear that her family might become low on money as a result of her father’s medical care, and has considered not going to the convention next year for the same reason, though she has not officially decided. However, she dreams of one day not having to work at Jack-in-the-box, and getting a more serious job, though she has not officially settled on one. Chase has considered being an elementary schoolteacher, however, based on what she feels she could personally do.

Advantages: Chase is ridiculously stubborn, and if she feels that something needs to be done or if she has a viewpoint that needs to be expressed, she will act on it. In addition, she tends to think things over before actually going out and doing them. Chase can also be somewhat observant, as well.
Disadvantages: She is mostly seen as a little odd by most of the student body, and therefore may have problems getting people to trust her, no matter how exactly she treats them. She also has bad eyesight, which could very well be a hindrance. Finally, she has been known to get emotional and let stress effect her, and the fact that she tries not to let said emotions out might harm her in the long run.

The Gameplan
My question is...

Is there anything we, the average users of SOTF, can do to help? If there is anything, let us know. ^_^;

But, good luck setting things up! I hope that everything turns out amazing. Which it probably will. :3

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales
".... Right."

Nodding, Aileen placed her finger on the spot that said "You are here", and moved it along, trying to figure out where it was. Well, now that they had a map, they could find it, of course. After all, that's what maps were for; helping you find where something is.

"Hmmm... we started here, and then we could move in this direction..."

Her fingertip moved in random directions, stopping a bit whenever she had to look at the key on the bottom. Eventually, it stopped on one store, as she looked at the key to find the number it matched.

"Well, this one says "Formal" in the title, so it could be it. Unless it is referring to methylal, it has to be it. Now, what level is that?"

Aileen couldn't believe it. All she needed to do was just find the map, and she would have an idea where things were. Why didn't she think of it earlier?! Perhaps she was thinking of something else each time she passed one, or perhaps she just didn't even consider it. But, she was still human, and prone to making errors. Still though...

She looked to see what level it was, only to see it was done... a little oddly. It took her a while to figure out, but she did... or so she thought.

"Alright, judging by what the map says, it's on Level one. I'm not sure whether it can be trusted on that though, based on how confusing this thing is about levels."

Turning to Melissa, she spoke again.

"What do you think?"

Level one... wasn't that where all the "tween" stuff was? Like Hot Topic or whatever it's called, and Claire's? Would there really be what they're looking for? Aileen honestly doubted it. But, strange things popped up in strange places, of course. But, still! She could be wrong, or she could be right!

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales
Aileen remembered to grab her bag and book, and to put the cup in the garbage, before going along. Didn't want to leave things behind, or to leave garbage out, right?

"Let's see... store... store... where is the..."

Her mind went to remember such stores. One had to be here, right? It wasn't as if such things were hiding, right? There's no way a store could be hiding, unless it was like the ones in the stories, that moved around and sold magic items so that some poor person could buy something, and then experience the consequences in some way. And those did not exist. Why would it be a formal wear store, anyways? Would the dresses be enchanted or something?

Wait. Melissa... was asking about her favorite songs? Huh. Why was she asking? Aileen liked 90s music, of course. Spice Girls in particular. But, was it necessary to mention such things? After all, most people assumed that Spice Girl fans were pre-teen girls or your stereotypical teenage boy, who lusted upon anything that had certain organs originally meant for feeding young. It was sad that people thought that, but it was true. The stereotypical Spice Girls fan... wasn't really portrayed positively.

So, should she have to lie, or just give a half truth, or flat out state-

"Spice Girls." she found herself stating in a quiet voice.

And soon enough, her head spun to the side again. Damn it, she shouldn't just blurt things out! Spice Girls was a bit of a guilty pleasure for her, even though she did genuinely like them. So, what if Melissa laughed?! However, this actually turned out to be a convenience, as she noticed something she didn't notice the last time she was here, and just now realized could have helped a long time ago.

There was a sign, with a map on it. Aileen almost made the "palm to face" gesture when she realized it. After all this time... she just now noticed?!

Pointing to it, and starting to step in that direction, she said "Well, we could see what the map says. It's there for a reason, and yet I didn't even..."

Her voice trailed off, as if she didn't know what to say.

Board Mafia Fallout Thread
You know, if you people hadn't hit me that night, I would have told you guys my role the next in-game day, the minute the announcement went up. Sucks for me to not pay attention at times, eh? I only noticed the suspicion on my behalf when the night began, for some reason. ^_^;

Don't worry though. When Vole came up innocent, I made a "O_O" face, and wondered if I should bring it up to you guys. I had been checking to see if he was telling the truth, and apparently, he wasn't, according to what came up. So, that was what I was doing half the time; wondering whether I should tell you guys that Vole was either lying or that I can't be trusted as a deputy. I finally got my answer when Vole was cured, the same update that I got killed.

Ah well. I'll try better next time. Please don't hurt me? ^_^;

I won't be able to post later today. I've got an assignment due tomorrow that I still need to finish.

I might be able to pop up in Chatzy for a few minutes, or check around the forums for a bit, but I'll not to, unless I'm done.

Hopefully, I'll be officially back tomorrow. I apologize.

The Throwdown

Carol's lips formed into a big grin. Now she could show off her skills! Hopefully she could whup their butts at it, and show no mercy while doing so.

"Alright!" she shouted cheerfully. "I'm game! I will be willing to play in your tournament! I won't mind waiting at all!"

One of the boys -not the one from the alley- however, wanted it to be small and tiny, but wanted to hear what the rest of them had to say. Well, Carol just stated her opinion, didn't she? To be honest, though, she was ready for anything, so it didn't really matter in the end how they would play. It was a game, after all! She could have fun no matter if she won or lost, as long as the other person played fairly. And, if they cheated, most of the methods she could think of involved things that a judge would notice, and immediately take care of, like distracting the other player just at the right moment, with shiny things, asking a random question while it was going on, or having an attractive person do something that made them look away from the screen. There were probably more methods, but Carol couldn't think of any. It wasn't like she was going to cheat, after all.

Besides, the women in many games wore very little clothing themselves, thus providing enough of a distraction for anyone into that anyways.

Carol also noticed that the alley person was holding his ears from the noise, but laughing. Huh. She had to admit, the announcement from the girl was indeed loud. But, louder meant that more people knew about it, right? And if more people knew... the more fun she could have.

However, a question was on her mind. Turning to the other girl, she decided to ask it, and see if she'd answer. She probably would, seeing as she was the one hosting it.

"So... what is the grand prize? Is it a surprise prize?"

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales
"... I see."

Biggest mall? Well, it was huge, that is for certain. Aileen hadn't been to any other malls, at all, in her life, but she was aware it was a huge place. Of course it was huge. Anyone could see that. If they couldn't see that it was big... well, she pitied them. A lot.

"I... guess we could go for one last try. I don't expect to find anything this time, but you never know. Perhaps there is something here of note."

Aileen lifted herself out of her seat, smoothing out her skirt once both feet were on the floor.

"Where shall we start, then? There aren't any popular chain stores that sell such things, are there?"

Aileen did not know such things, at least, that she was aware of. For all she knew, there was one that she knew about, but forgot. The mall had lots of things, though, so maybe Melissa was right; such a store was somewhere, just waiting for them to come in. Perhaps even with cheap prices! Formal wear didn't usually come cheap, but you never know, right?

She waited to see if the other girl would stand up, as well. Then again, she probably didn't have to wait.

The Throwdown
((Carol Burke continued from Test of Courage))


Carol had been to many arcades in her lifetime. For example, there was one back in Carson City, with many of the machines that came in such a place. Everything was there, from Pac-Man to Tekken. And, it was amazing.

And here she was, at another arcade. She had never been to this one before, for some reason. She had heard a lot about this place, but never actually went here. The reason why wasn't clear. However, even though it was a year ago, she still moved here fairly recently compared to most of her classmates. So, she might have just still learning about the various sites here in St. Paul.

And this one... was pretty good, too.

Like the one back home, it had everything. Sure, it was different, but it was still an arcade, that she could play in. Carol hadn't played in an arcade for a while, but she knew she would return multiple times over.

Ringing some of the quarters in the pocket of her jeans, Carol walked around, searching for a game to play. Having decided she wanted to play a fighting game, she walked to where she saw a couple of them standing nearby. However, one thing she noticed was that a group of three seemed to have crowded around the Tekken 5: DR machine, for whatever reason. She noticed that one of them was the guy who popped up in the alleyway, most likely due to her screaming.

Should I apologize, or should I...?

Without warning, Carol found herself walking towards the group, partly to apologize to the guy, and partly because... well, she wanted to see what was going on. After all, why were they crowding around a machine? Most likely, a fight was starting. The alley guy might have been their friend, or someone curious enough to watch. Perhaps he was waiting for the machine for himself, as well. The other two people, she recognized as students also from Bayview. The guy was also probably from the same school, and... well, it couldn't hurt to talk to your fellow students, right?

As she got closer, she confirmed to herself that the fight was indeed just starting, between a girl and another guy. They were in the character select screen, actually.

"Hey..." Carol began. "Do you mind if I stay here and watch? Heck... I could play with one of you guys once this one is over!"

She had seen them around a couple of times, after all. And, hey, it was nice to talk to your fellow students, right? If they didn't want her to watch, then she would leave to find another game. If they let her, she might make some new friends. Either way, things would work out.

Test of Courage
((Alright, I'm going to have Carol leave too, since she is expected elsewhere. I apologize, but I really want to develop her a bit more. ^_^;))

Suddenly, a guy came running in at full blast.

Carol did not know who he was, but she knew one thing: her scream was loud enough for him to hear, and he was probably expecting to save some poor damsel in distress. But, Carol wasn't in any danger. She was just... surprised. Walking behind someone when they are in a dark alleyway would do that, after all.

However, the boy left after a few seconds. Carol couldn't blame him; he was carrying a box after all. Plus, it was getting dark...

"Well, that was... an interesting moment! I think I scared him."

She gave off an awkward smile, still kind of embarrassed by the fact that someone thought that she was being hurt. Carol's throat still kind of hurt from that scream, as well. Geez, how many people were terrified by that?!

Okay Carol, let's face it; this place will only become more creepy once night completely falls. And you need to be able to see.

"Ah! I really don't think a dark alleyway is a good place to talk! And my father... he's expecting me home any minute now!"

Carol fidgeted on the spot a bit more, and turned, looking over her shoulder.

"I'm sorry. But, I'll see you at school, Laur. As always! I assure you!"

As she walked towards the alley's exit, Carol couldn't help but wonder if Laurence got out safely. But, he seemed to be the kind of person to not have to worry about. She was a big fan of being friendly with others, but hopefully Laur had a cell. Plus, they weren't too far from where they came, right? If he got lost, it would be easy for him to turn back and find his way from the mall. Still though...

((Carol Burke continued in The Throwdown))

Guess who's back?
Welcome back!

How have things been?

Pre-game's well underway. Feel free to sign up a character. ^_^

Ice Cream, Kit Kats, and Whales

Shop... together? Aileen knew that in teen dramas, movies, and books, teenage girls would often shop with each other, giggling over which boys were cute and which were not. Could Aileen... do that? She wasn't sure. After all, she was... well, she was herself.

Were there any stores in here that sold those things anyways, even if Aileen hadn't noticed? She wasn't sure. All she knew was that she looked and looked, and there were no stores in sight. Perhaps she could use one of her more casual dresses for the prom, but... would that work? After all, the key word here was casual.

"Well, I've looked and looked, but I don't think any stores sell things like that. Unless one were to magically pop up... I guess that..."

Her voice trailed off as she glanced at the girl in front of her. Well, was she bothering her? On one hand, it was... a little odd that she would suddenly pop up and have a conversation with her, especially with Aileen. It still left her suspicious. On the other, was it nice to have someone to talk to? That was something she was definitely unsure of.

"Yeah.... do these sort of places even carry that sort of thing? I mean... I did look. Twice now. Over and over..."

How many times did she need to look? Did Melissa have an idea on this sort of thing? She might. Who knew?

Oooh... that could work.

Slam, feel free to make the arcade thread if the thread Carol's currently in still doesn't budge. It may take a while, depending on the next post.

I kind of like the idea of it being in chat, and then posted. But, isn't in-universe chat for other things? Can it be used for such a purpose? Huuuh. O_o;

It may be possible to go with both the arcade and the chat actually... hmmm... you know, like separate things? The arcade could go as a normal thread while the chat is going on, for example.

Also Slam... let's just say that I don't have a Y chromosome. Just so you know. XD

Slam- Ah! So, arcade works better for my purposes than I expected. So, that's one person for the arcade. I didn't even think of the people watching the folks that play it well. Arcade's starting to sound good, now. It works well, and better than I expected.

James- Thank you. Now I picture people masturbating while playing video games. Nooo... D:

... Though! Some people do that. There's a reason some people like the vibrating function on controllers....

Stopping. Now.

Any more opinions on anything suggested in this thread?

The Board Conversion
I can say that the original was horrible, myself. Bright white, with blue and orange features. It hurt my eyes. T__T

This one is going to take a while to get used to, but at least my eyes aren't bleeding, no? XD

I kind of like this new version, actually. Is it just me, or does it seem faster? If it is loading faster, yay! Plus, it looks kind of stylish, once you start getting used to it. O:

I see.

Well, I was thinking it would go into elaboration on what kind of interactions she has with others. You know... go a bit into her character a bit more? But, as I said, it would be difficult to pull off, and perhaps they could talk about other things besides the game. It would just be character interaction in a different format, is all.

But, if everyone else thinks it's a bad idea, then let's scrap it. I'm going to wait until I hear what everyone else has to say, though. ^__^;

EDIT- NEW IDEA! We don't have to have it in a MMORPG format. It could take place in one character's house, with a game that requires actually being there for multiplayer play. Or... it could take place in a local arcade, instead, that would be posted in either memories (as long as it's in the past) or events, if those are the proper places for such interactions. Another way we can have it is that the characters are talking in voice chat on Skype or something, and focus more on the conversations then the actual game (which would still be difficult). But, arcade sounds the best now, at least for me, just because it gives more interaction, and non-gamer characters can easily enter and interact.

Any thoughts? Ideas on how to solve this?