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Idiot Launch
((Junko Kurosawa continued from Bread Suit))

“So… I’d bet the rest of my supplies if it turned out you died because you pissed someone off. Was that it? Was that what happened?”

Darius said nothing.

Junko frowned.

Yeah, she’d gone into this little office area earlier, and, y’know, looked around. The first room she looked in, there wasn’t anything really all that noteworthy. Second time was largely the same, though Junko had looked through one of the photo albums on the self. Purely for shits and giggles, she guessed. It went straight back when she saw a specific picture. “Happy 50th?” 50th what? Eye gouging? That’s what it looked like, at least. What kind of place did their oh-so-lovely captors take them? Was this really one of those mental asylums? Maybe a doctor guy really was going to cut off her fingers. Made sense, really.

Third room had an odd smell. A familiar smell. Yet, like an idiot, she had to look. That’s when she found Darius. Or, at least, what was left of him. She was sure it was Darius, though. Half his face was missing, but she could recognize what’s left and that green streak any day. He’d given her a pretty good jump. Her heart was still pounding from that split second she first saw him.

Junko tilted her head to the side. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Wasn’t a nice smell, either. It seemed “fresh”, like it happened not too long before she got here. For a second, Mr. Graham came back. Those last few moments of struggling, the look on his face when he realized what was about to happen. For another second, Mr. Graham became Darius. He made the same look, made the same struggle, before his life was extinguished. Without realizing it, Junko took a step back.

Once those thoughts left as quickly as they arrived, she smiled. It hurt a little.

“Whatever you did, you probably deserved it.”

That’s the best way of putting it. Darius was living on borrowed time, wasn’t he? He pissed her off first thing, it was only a matter of time before someone shot him. In a way, it was only surprising that it didn’t happen sooner.

Junko stopped smiling, and turned. She didn’t want to stare at Darius’ body anymore. And yet, she had to give him one last look. Her face was like stone, but she had one more thing to say.

“Good riddance.”

It seemed callous to say that, but only for a few seconds. Junko decided not to dwell on that. Darius was dead. He most likely did something. What, she didn’t know, but the announcement was coming… soon. She wasn’t sure when “soon” was, but soon. It was morning already. She still needed to stretch out her limbs a bit more. Sleeping on the floor of the asylum hadn’t been nice. Then again, most sleeping spots here were terrible. Anything for a bed, damn it. But announcements were “soon.” Danya was probably going to confirm or deny it in some way or another.

After she left the room, Junko exhaled. Then, she fished out her sunglasses. There was no bright light, but she felt like she need them. She slid them onto her face, and stepped away from the room.

Next office, perhaps? It didn’t seem like there were any other bodies, other than the one. That room had a bed, and so did the other one, so maybe there was another elsewhere. Which was good, because again, sleeping on the floor sucked. Maybe she’d look at one that was farther away from the smell.

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
Lucilly had left, and still hadn’t come back. Kaitlyn was still conspicuously absent. There were still issues to be solved.

Everything was a mess.

Emma had wondered if it was good for Lucilly to find a buddy, or for them to start a search party. She was currently alone, and it didn’t seem safe. She’d left in a vague way, too, and they had no idea on where she was. The world was dangerous these days. She’d lost enough people to know that.

She wasn’t sure if now was the time to broach that question she’d been thinking about. Or whether there was a right way to broach it. It was a problem, and Emma wanted to see it dealt with. She needed everyone else’s thoughts on it, so that no one does anything rash.

That topic became more urgent when the announcements came back on. She hated the announcements. It was only bad news, of some kind or another. As Danya joked around, Emma tensed up, wondering what awful thing he was going to say this time.

Alongside everything else, it turned out Kaitlyn had lied to them.

It wasn’t a suicide. It was murder. Kaitlyn had killed Mia, in a particularly unpleasant way. She’d subjected her to a long, drawn out death, and for what? Supplies? Like what she did with Tessa’s body? Just injected her, took her things?

And they’d talked to her. Trusted her. Sure, Emma had found her suspicious, but still, there was an element of trust. Even let her have a weapon. Emma had dozed off with her in the room. And this entire time, she’d killed someone.

After the announcement, Emma was quiet. Yet, her features were tight and hard. Her arms and legs were shaking.

How. Dare. She.

After what seemed like both an eternity and yet not long enough, Amanda spoke up. Kaitlyn needed to be discussed. Emma couldn’t agree more. That was just one thing they needed to talk about.

“I agree,” she said. “There’s some other stuff we need to talk over, too, but… I feel like I should let you talk first.”

Even though she was still processing that information, one thing was clear to Emma. They needed a plan for things like this in the future. Kaitlyn was just acting suspicious around them, but what if it’s someone like Kimiko? Alvaro? Or even… those two? Those two had been on her mind for a while.

But it was good to let Amanda speak first. See what she had to say, you know? She could even be thinking the exact same thing she was.

V6 Reduced Activity Notices
I'm sorry I have to post in here again, but I started class again last week. In addition, my anxiety's been through the roof the past few days. I'm hoping I feel better soon, but it's been delaying me a bit. Apologies for the slowness on my end.

Bread Suit
Hannah left. For a few minutes, Junko stared out the door she’d shown up at, then had left through. Well, that was a thing? It wasn’t particularly weird like Darius or Tara, but it was a thing. “A thing” seemed unspecific and yet not? On the whole issue, y’know.

Then, Junko went back to her daypack. Sat down. Picked up the bread. Attempted another bite. Attempted to swallow.

Maybe something else would happen soon. Maybe?

Junko had spent the night in the gym. It only got darker, but it beat staying out in the rain, obvs. If anything, the complaint was that it was boring. Some of the equipment still worked, or at least some semblance of it. Others, though, had rusted shut. Which sucked! Junko would have loved using those old-timey exercise bikes, but they wouldn’t budge. Any of them. Maybe she was using them wrong, but maybe rust is a jerk. Maybe both were it. There were weightlifting benches here too, but don’t you need a spotter for those? But it wasn’t like that even if she had one that she could do it. The weights had gone mysteriously missing. If the terrorists did it, there’s something kind of funny about that. Oh, we’re taking away those weights because someone might hurt themselves. Now go beat someone with that bat.

She’d also gotten hopeful when she saw that there were showers. She kind of stunk, and a nice hot shower would do the trick. When she tried, though, it made this horrific squealing sound. Junko’s response was “fuck that,” and put her clothes back on.

So yeah. To make a long story short, the worst thing she had to say was that even though there were exercise equipment, she was bored out of her mind.

Sometimes her thoughts still wandered. Sometimes she still thought about Danny, or Bradley, or Jerry. Sometimes she wondered about their last moments. But every single time, she pushed those thoughts away. Maybe it wasn’t worth it to dwell, right? Thoughts like that weren’t good to spend time on.

Anyways, she did come up with a bit of a game that evening. You see, Junko had found a punching bag in the corner. One of those heavy ones, to be specific. It smelled weird, but it seemed workable. Junko at first tried, y’know, punching it? But her hands ached quickly. Punching things are hard. Guess that meant no Oldboy style “punch the wall to make your fingers stronger” things for her, then? Eh, maybe. But she came up with a solution. Junko had remembered that you can practice batting on punching bags. To be honest, she didn’t remember where she heard that. Maybe Cris brought it up? Maybe it was one of the other baseball team people? Maybe she saw a Youtube video about it? Maybe was just imagining it? Whatever it was, the thought popped into her head. So, she did just that. Hit the bag with the bat. It knocked some dust out, and after a while there was a softer spot in the bag, but hey, it worked. After a while, the bag fell to the floor because the chain was rusty and fragile. But even that didn’t necessarily end the game. She just propped it up against the wall, and went at it like that. Junko even threw in some punches and kicks afterwards, despite her poor experiences with punching it earlier.

At least that buzzing feeling had subsided for a while. She did have something to do, something to take some emotions out on.

That morning, Junko played a few more rounds of that game, then jogged a few laps around the gym. The gym wasn’t bad for jogging, really. It was just big enough for her. Hardwood floor wasn’t anything unlike what the school had in the gymnasium. The other kind of gym, yeah.

She had started some sit-ups when the announcements came back on. Junko sat back up, her legs folded underneath her. Was there anything noteworthy this time around?

Well, Wayne Cox died. Junko searched her mind a bit, before remembering. Oh yeah, he’d shown up to the party she hosted. The Anti-SH one, where Darius was drunk and a weeb. Yeah, he and Raina kinda ran off because of that. Cris had seemed concerned about that, didn’t he? Weren’t they still off? She’d ask him, or her, but death games weren’t the best place to ask about people’s relationships. Suicide, it sounded like? Huh.

Jasper died too. This time, it sounded like Alvaro had gotten him. You know, that nervous guy who kept popping up on the announcements alongside Kimiko, Isabel, and Nancy. Junko did have a biased opinion on him to begin with. His parents ran a restaurant, her mom ran a restaurant. It was kinda natural that she’d somewhat side-eye a competitor. Anyways, Jasper. She remembered what he said earlier.

Can’t we all just get along?

Well, say that to Alvaro then. See how it goes. Didn’t work out? Too bad, she guessed.

It was so weird, though, knowing that he was now dead. Junko had sat in thought a few minutes after the announcement ended. Then she remembered what Danya had said about Wayne.

Oh well, he's made sure you're all one step closer to winning.

It was something she’d been telling herself all along. Each announcement meant that she was still alive. That she was here for another day. She was still living off that mantra of “Survive until something happens.”

Junko still wasn’t sure what that “something” was. But it was “something.” Each announcement, each morning, meant that she made it ahead. She’d survived where others didn’t. She’d made it. Each day wasn’t an excuse to be sad. It was an excuse to be happy. Happy that you made it. That you didn’t break to pressure, or that someone didn’t kill you, or something else didn’t happen. Wasn’t it easier to view it like that?

She stood up. Junko stretched her shoulders for a few seconds, and then picked up her bag and bat. Bag was still heavy, but eh, maybe she could manage. The weather outside didn’t seem as bad, so maybe she’d step outside. Go for a walk, or another jog. Some air that wasn’t dusty would be nice.

Junko slid to the door, and after opening it, briefly looked behind her. The same dead smell had drifted through the open door. But she looked forward. Walked outside.

However, she never realized that Bradley was in the bush just outside the exit. Not even once. She never did look into the smell.

((Junko Kurosawa continued in Idiot Launch))

Bread Suit
“Oh, those two?”

Junko raked through her memory, frowning. There was Darius, who was, again, a douche. There was Jasmine Reed, who killed someone. There was Jasper, who sobbed that they should just “get along”. There was an eerily quiet Leslie. There was Tara, who was so odd Junko had no idea where to start. So…

“Nah. Haven’t seen Irene or Olivia.”

She knew them, though. Irene was another skater type, and she was alright. Cool, even. Olivia, wasn’t she a robotics club person and kind of jittery? Okay, some frame of reference, there.

“I also saw Tara Behzad acting weird and burning herself, though, if that means anything?

Bread Suit
“Oh, girl from my grade with a saw. That’s… helpful, I guess,” Junko said.

Though Kaitlyn and Alan? That seemed genuinely so. “Odd” wasn’t detailed, but in a conversation about other people’s fuckery? Gave an idea, at least? “Odd” could mean a lot of things. Tara Behzad “odd”, Darius van Dyke “odd”, or Isabel Ramirez “odd”? The distinction needed to be made, damn it. Though wasn’t Alan like, this senior guy who’s interested in “Discordianism”, whatever the hell that meant? Still a good striker, from what she’d seen, but… well, he was just as bad as Bradley in the “pissing people off” department. For a moment, Junko pushed away one thought, and pursued another. Anyways, Kaitlyn was this roller derby girl. She could respect that, too. Thing was, could she picture Kaitlyn doing something? She totally could.

Well. That did form an idea, at least, of how they could be “odd.”

“Anyways. I don’t mind you sticking here a bit. Not too much, really, unless you do decided to be terrible. I’ve got a twitchy bat finger if you do.”

Did that make any sense? Probably not. But eh. At least Junko wasn’t… batshit right now. That was better, she decided.

Hannah, though, was currently edging away towards the door. Maybe she’d scared her too much? Maybe. Junko had calmed down some, but the energy still fizzed and popped under her skin. But Junko felt herself take a step forward. A small step, but a step.

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
Kaitlyn, Jaime, and Amanda had taken Mabes outside. Emma and Lucilly, however, had stayed behind. Emma looked at Mabes before they took her through the door, but tore her eyes away. Something occurred to her, and it was that it was most likely the last time she’d see Mabes at all. Not as a living person, but as a… thing. A thing that dripped blood out of its neck. No, she shouldn’t think of it like that. But a shudder ran up and down her spine as they passed her with the body.

When they came back, Amanda just had to comment about Mabes being stuck in the rain. Emma didn’t say anything, not at first. Couldn’t. Instead, she looked to the floor, again touching her arm. She didn’t like that mental image.

But maybe they could bury her in the morning? Emma wasn’t sure how. Digging a hole without a shovel would be difficult, though. And a big enough one for an entire person? Even more so.

Even so, Emma still wasn’t sure about leaving Mabes out in the rain to rot.

That night, Emma dreamed.

She was in a shadowy void, the only light coming from a fire in from of her. It only lit up about three feet, before the darkness swallowed up everything beyond it. The flames crackled, and even though she couldn’t see anything in front of her, she knew she was being hunted.

Emma stared into the darkness.

The darkness stared back.

At first, a single yellow moon appeared in the sky. With it came stars, gently floating nearby. There was a strange beauty to it, and yet, the sight gave Emma goosebumps. One moon became two, with a dark pupil on each. The stars moved to form sharp, needle-like teeth. The animal’s face gave a hungry smile. Emma sat frozen.

The flames went out.

Emma woke up on the floor of the pub, just behind the bar. But she couldn’t move. Her limbs and back were stuck, as if glued to the wood. Her eyes flicked around, only landing on the ceiling. A strange breathing noise filled the air, filled her ears. A sense of overwhelming horror filled her.

She closed her eyes, opened them again.

A pressure was on top of her. It looked like a creature, made of pure blackness. It lowered its snout just an inch from her face, sniffing her. Then it grinned. Something like it, at least. Its teeth were bared, almost as if prepared. Its four feet kept her pinned. Claws dug deep into her flesh.


Her heart beat like a drum. It was just as loud as the breathing noises. She couldn’t move, nor did she want to.

Are you scared?

She closed her eyes. Opened them another time.

It was over. Nothing was on top of her. There was no sign of anything wrong, not that she could see. She moved her arms, and it came without much difficultly. Emma let out a sigh, and slid to her side. She gently moved her bag under her head. It wasn’t a good pillow, but it’d do for the time being.

As she laid, she stared at the wall in thought. She was used to episodes like that. Years of it happening meant that it’d become a normal thing. And yet, even now, especially now, it was still something unpleasant. She closed her eyes again, and focused on her breathing while wiggling her toes some.

Sometime later, maybe an hour or two, Emma decided to sit up. Sunlight had started to poke through the pub, brightening it up a little. Her hand reached up to the counter, and grabbed her glasses from where she put them. After cleaning them, she put them back on. Her shoes had been taken off too, but she didn’t think to put them back on.

Another morning in the same place, she guessed. Other than the problems going on elsewhere, they’d been alright. No danger, except maybe for Kaitlyn. Emma still wasn’t sure about her. She still didn’t seem very... trustworthy? Some part of her, as horrible as it sounded, thought that she was going to steal their things while they slept, or something terrible like that. But then, what would be the point of dividing up the supplies with them? Maybe it was paranoid. Maybe it paid to be a little cautious.

There were some other things Emma needed to discuss with the others too, of course, but she’d dozed off before she could say anything. The first one was simple, but no less important: water. They got some extra, even if it was somewhat unsavory how, but they needed to discuss ways to get more ahead of time. The second, well… Emma needed to talk about something that’d been on her mind lately. It was something that had been gnawing at her ever since they’d left the wards, she’d guessed. It did feel like a bit of an elephant in the living room, but she needed to address that elephant.

Emma pulled herself up to her feet, and placed her bag onto the counter. Emma didn’t immediately notice something was different until she had grabbed her medication and a water bottle, but when she did, it felt off.

There were five people here earlier. Amanda, Lucilly, Kaitlyn, Jaime, and her. Now there was only four. It clicked.


Emma turned her head, to see if she was just somewhere out of sight. No such luck. Did she leave, or just go into another room? She wasn’t so sure what to think if she did. Not a word, really? There was something about that, that made Emma uncomfortable.

She walked out from behind the bar, looking around the room.

“Hey, is anyone else awake?”

V6 Third Announcement
BREAKING NEWS: Tragedy strikes at the Radio Tower. One casualty has been confirmed. More information coming as the situation unfolds.

If It Bleeds, It Leads
The gun.

Jennifer realized within a heartbeat. When she’d tackled Nancy, she hadn’t let go. She still had it. Jennifer’s failure to realize this was compounded by another pain to her head, another cry from her lips accompanying it.

Somewhere, she heard more shouting. The sound of someone being dragged away, the sound of someone running away. But she didn’t pay attention. Couldn’t pay attention. Her vision continued to blur and darken around the edges, adrenaline being the main thing keeping her awake, energized.

Another fist pounded against Nancy’s face. She didn’t want to stop here, she didn’t want to die, she didn’t want Nancy to murder the others, she didn’t want-

She heard Nancy scream, and a second later, another crack.

Jennifer’s eyes widened for a second. She dimly felt something wet and warm, dripping from just below her collar. Another second, and a small, choked rasping noise came from her mouth. Two more, and she slumped down onto Nancy, her body limp, blood dripping out from her neck.

Just a few seconds ago, Jennifer’s face had been twisted with determination, anger, hatred. But now, it’d been replaced with a shocked look. Her eyes remained open.

But they were unthinking.


Female Student #055 Jennifer Wallace- ELIMINATED

Bread Suit
Junko’s smile only got bigger.


She moved the flashlight towards Hannah’s feet.

Okay, so Hannah wasn’t going to douche the place up. It did seem a little… anticlimactic again. But honestly, she had to be glad, sorta. That she wasn’t the killing type, y’know? Eh, at least she was a decent person to have a conversation with. Maybe. It depends. What would they talk about? Shakespeare, so Hannah could correct her on which plays she was referencing? Nah. Other douches? Like who?

“Eh… I’ve ran into douches here. Like, earlier, well, you know Darius, right? Kind of weeby guy with a green streak? Yeah…”

Junko replayed the memory in her head. Darius wasting her water, how they fought about it. Not just “yelling” fought, “actually beating each other” fought.

“He was a douche, but I dealt with it, y’know? What about you? Any douche tales of your own?”

She didn’t feel it was necessary to go into details.

If It Bleeds, It Leads
((GMing also approved))

They fell.

Jennifer felt a pair of fists slamming into her face. Each hit, each burst of pain, came in a rhythm. Nancy seemed focused, determined. Ready to get the job done. For a moment, Jennifer felt a feeling of dread.

This is it, she thought.

No. It wasn’t.

Jennifer’s face twisted underneath all the pain. Her eyebrows furrowed. Her lips tightened around her bare teeth. She wasn’t going to let it end here. Not like this.

Her right hand reached up, and took a swing towards Nancy’s neck. Another hand pushed up, and within the next second, Jennifer felt the weight on her body vanish. Nancy fell onto her rear.

She sat up in one swift motion. A metallic taste, almost like copper, was inside her mouth. With it, a red streak had dripped from the corner of her lips. Her breathing became ragged, and she tasted the blood in her mouth each time her breath touched it. But, even with all the pain, she saw Nancy lift her gun again, and-

Jennifer screamed.

A hand touched her right shoulder, only to feel a warm wetness and pain. Blood. She’d… she’d been shot. Her heart was going faster and faster. Her vision blurred and got dark around the edges. She wasn’t sure if that was fear or blood loss. Her skin shook under her hand. For a second, Jennifer’s face looked shocked, almost pained. But then, her eyes glared. Her lips curled. Her hand tightened around the bloody fabric.

She didn’t want Nancy to know how scared she was.

Jennifer made another decision. If Nancy was distracted, it would mean that Bart, Kiziah, and Clarice were safe. They could run or hide. If Nancy was focused only on her, they wouldn’t be in any danger. If Jennifer was still alive, still kicking.

In a split second, she summoned up as much adrenaline as possible, and lunged forward. Once again, they were on the ground. But this time, Jennifer was on top of it. Her fists swung into Nancy’s chest and shoulders, once, twice, three times, four. The pain in her shoulder faded in the adrenaline, the panic, and the anger.

If It Bleeds, It Leads
Everything was a blur.

Jennifer’s foot connected. Nancy dropped the gun, clutching the spot she’d hit. Somewhere in the background Jennifer heard shouting, but it was distant, muddled. Nancy looked up, and growled under her breath.

She froze, wondering what to do next. But Nancy decided for her.

In one swift moment, she lunged forward, her arms outstretched. Jennifer’s heart skipped a beat. Nancy wasn’t going to stop there. Intuitively, Jennifer raised her arms, trying to swat her hands out of the way. But one foot lost balance as she stepped back, causing Jennifer’s leg to sway.


Bart, Kiziah, and Clarice. She was sure they were still here. Nancy was distracted, meaning that they could do anything. They could run. They could hide. They could choose to attack Nancy while all of energy was focused on her. Something. Anything.

“-Do something!” she yelled.

Jennifer wasn’t sure what. She didn’t want the others to die.

She didn’t want to die.

If It Bleeds, It Leads
((Skipping ahead to get this death going. If there are any issues, please let me know))

Someone was coming. Jennifer could hear footsteps, just outside. Her head flicked towards the door. She was standing close to it to begin with, but she stepped closer. But, that someone had already decided to show up. The door slammed open, revealing who it was. And unfortunately, Jennifer knew exactly who it was.

While keeping track of who was killing was somewhat difficult without writing everything down, there was one name that had consistently come up time and time again. That was Nancy Kyle. Scarlett was one of her victims, so was Sanford. Unlike Kimiko, it didn’t sound like Nancy had any excuses. Maybe there were other factors that she didn’t know about, but she didn’t want to take any chances.

What was worse was, Nancy had a gun, pointed directly at them.

Once again, Jennifer had to think fast. If Nancy opened fire, it would mean up to four people could die here. Bart, Clarice, Kiziah, and her personally. All four, gone, with just a few shots.

Jennifer didn’t even think. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew what she was going to do wasn't good, but it quickly slipped away. Instead she stepped forward, her heart pounding. Her lips curled, her fists clenched. She wasn’t going to let Nancy do that.

She swung a foot towards Nancy’s shin.

If It Bleeds, It Leads
((Jennifer Wallace continued from Why We Fight))

Kimiko Kao had killed again. First of the day, too. By the sound of things, it was a boyfriend, or at least something similar. Not even love could withstand the island. So, friendships? They were probably even less sturdy. Maybe, Jennifer thought, it wasn’t a good idea for Clarice to look for Kimiko anymore, based off what had happened?

But, after the announcements, they’d headed to the radio tower. It was somewhat of a foregone conclusion that it would no longer work, though. Obviously, the terrorists had thought of deactivating it so that it couldn’t be used by them. Maybe there was a way of making it active again, but Jennifer couldn’t think of anything.

It was worth a shot, though, at least? Just to see what’s in there. She doubted that there was a generator nearby. The terrorists would think of removing or deactivating it, too. And hey, at least they wouldn’t be in the rain anymore.

After she had reached down to adjust a shoe for a few seconds, she slid back up to see Clarice numbly fiddling with the control panel. Of course, nothing budged. Again, the terrorists most likely deactivated it a long time ago. However, Jennifer noticed Clarice seemed… dazed.

Finding out your friend had killed more would probably make you feel terrible. The blood they’d seen on Kimiko, come to think of it, must have been Caleb’s. It was the first announced, which meant that it was likely earlier in the day. She tried to remember who Caleb was. He was kind of a slobby looking boy, if she recalled correctly. Also, he seemed to insult people on a regular basis. Another possible case of provocation of some sort? Maybe he baited Kimiko somehow, which led to her killing him. However, if they were in a relationship of some sort, as Danya suggested, how and why could it happen? Maybe, again, you could just never trust anyone regardless of what your relationship was before.

Did that mean it was a good idea to stay with the group?

Jennifer shook that thought out of her head.

“Hey, Clarice…”

Again, Jennifer was at a loss. Sometimes, connecting with others was difficult. Her social skills weren’t the worst by far, and she wasn’t unemphatic. It was just that when it came to comforting people, especially in situations like this, she had no idea how to broach it. She remembered when she talked to Bart at the museum, about his health problems. He’d picked up on what she was thinking, that she didn’t like the way he smelled. It wasn’t the first time she didn’t know what the correct thing to say to someone was, and it wasn’t the last.

Sometimes, though, things were easier with information. It was a reason why she wanted to become a journalist. It was easy to come to conclusions based off vague details and emotions. But the more facts you knew about a situation, the easier it was to knowing the truth and making a good interpretation. Some part of her wanted to tell people the truth, to help them understand those facts. Some naïve part of her, one that could even still exist, had dreamed of finding some cover-up or conspiracy, and expose it to the world. She guessed that facts made things easier.

And right now, it was a fact that Clarice had a dazed look on her face.

Sometimes a simple question helped to get more facts.

“Are you feeling okay?”

Jennifer really needed a cup of coffee. Maybe that would make her head more clear.

V6 Reduced Activity Notices
Just so you guys know, this week I'm reviewing math with a program at school. My location is also having serious weather problems, to the point where they issued a flash flood warning today (I'm somewhere safe, so don't worry). I don't think either will get in the way of me posting, but it's good to bring up, just in case I'm unable to get on or the power is out.

Why We Fight
“Sorry, it’s just…”

Jennifer bit her lip. Then:

“I was scared that someone could pick it up, and… use it. On us. It was just sitting there, and I wasn’t sure if Kimiko would even try.”

Jennifer looked around her. Bart was always terrified, but now? He looked even more unsure, worried. Clarice had a temper, and even if she and Kiziah were friends with Kimiko, how long do friendships last here? For a moment, Jennifer pictured Blake. Her best friend, her ex. He was a good person, and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. She knew he wasn’t here, though. She was almost certain he wasn’t here. They had different classes. But, even if he was… what would he do? Probably keep the peace a bit better. He might know how to deal with someone like Kimiko, better than she could.

But no matter what, she was glad he wasn’t here. That he wasn’t suffering, or that he had to make moral decisions.

Even then, though, she had no idea what Kiziah and Clarice were feeling right now.

Clarice had torn herself away from the group, saying that she was going to look out for Kimiko. It wasn’t safe. Kimiko, even if she hadn’t hurt them, was still a murderer.

Jennifer watched Clarice’s back as it slowly withdrew away. Bart spoke up, asking if they could look around. That was the point of this venture, wasn’t it? Find paper, find proper clothes, find anything else they needed. Looking for supplies, that was the entire reason they’d come here to begin with. And yet, Jennifer had to give another look at the storehouse. It was positively full of things that could be useful. But, she had to decide.

She slowly turned towards the direction Clarice went. Each step ached and rubbed against forming blisters, but she gritted her teeth through it.

Jennifer had to say it.

“Want to follow her?”

((Jennifer Wallace continued in If It Bleeds, It Leads))

V6 Third Announcement
It's getting late, and I've made my decision.

Swapping Junko for Jennifer.

I'm still looking for killers, so feel free to send me ideas.

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
Emma flinched as Jaime snarled. However, Amanda played along. Thank god for that. If it became an argument… well, Kaitlyn had a gun and a bomb. Though, Emma looked again at Amanda. Her heart rate went up more when she realized that her own gun had been raised.

It was only a matter of time before it went off.

Emma shook her head, trying to dismiss that thought. Practical. She had to be practical here, right? Maybe. Her hands were still up, showing that she wasn’t a killer.

Thankfully, Kaitlyn was backing down. Nerves, apparently. She had a run-in with Alan Banks, and it sounded like he tried to steal her things. Soccer team, right? Yeah, he was. He… was a bit of a baiter. Alan wasn’t someone Emma usually went out of her way to talk to, but him stealing a gun? That was a new low, if it was true.

Was it?

Emma slowly lowered her arms. Kaitlyn had put the bag closer to them, so that was good. Water and food were what they were looking for, weren’t they? Emma leaned down, gently touching the strap. Her head felt heavy. But she turned her head back towards Mabes, and felt her skin shake and crawl. A numbness slid inside her arms and legs.

“I… agree,” Emma said. “Keeping her here wouldn’t be… wouldn’t be hygienic, y’know? Dead bodies… they rot and stink. Might be good to… yeah.”

It was an appeal to logic. To make the others understand why it was a good idea to move Mabes elsewhere. Logic wasn’t the reason why she agreed, though. Emma tore her head away, and raised her hand to her face. She pinched her nose slightly, pushing her glasses up. Her skin continued to shake.

So much had happened recently. It kind of felt like the world was collapsing around her. Emma slid her hand to her mouth. It just…

It just was so hard to stay practical sometimes.

V6 Third Announcement
*looks at rolls, does an exact copy of a FNAF jumpscare screech*

... Um, yeah. Anyways. I'd absolutely love a hero. People seem to love Junko the best. If not, feel free to send me ideas! I might use my swap, too, likely on Jennifer, but it's not official yet. So feel free to send me ideas about her too. : D

Bread Suit
“Don’t what?”

Junko pointed the flashlight’s beam back at Hannah. She seemed nervous. For a moment, Junko’s face was expressionless, serious. Then she smiled.

“Hannah… you think I’m gonna hit you with it?”

She had to chuckle again at that. Seriously? Nah, not really. Well, maybe. It depended on what Hannah did. Junko still felt a little primed, in a way. Still willing to do the whole convo thing, but still. Still.

“No, probably not. Unless you turn out to be, like, a douche or something. You’re not a douche, right?”

She drummed her fingers along the bat’s handle. Hannah hadn’t been a douche yet. However, emphasis on “yet.” She did have a board, after all. If Hannah wanted to, she could just run up and hit her. Junko could defend herself from that, but y’know.