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I Hate Mustard

That was her response, it turned out. Ah? Ah. That meant it was from... damn, 2013? That long ago? No, 2014. It wasn't that new, definitely. She'd definitely need to catch up. But... ah. Really Junko, that's an "Ah"? Eloquence wasn't her forte today. Maybe talking to someone who is mute isn't something she was good at. She kept trying to tell herself that she was simply mute, not deaf, not blind, not anything. Kimiko couldn't talk, is all. But still. Junko was rarely an awkward person. When was the last time she was this awkward? The crash fest at the pool? That was awkward. Same levels, though?

So they talked about it for the rest of the lunch period. Yeah, she definitely needed to catch up on X-Men comics. It was best for everyone involved. Luckily, she knew on what she could read for the future.

Kimiko was cool, she guessed. It was nice talking to her?

((Junko Kurosawa continued elsewhere))

everyone took all the witty titles
Hey Goosey! Looking over Kizi's profile, do you think that she would have a relationship with Emma? They're both smart, academic people (though Ems is more into science/medicine), and they're both decent people.Thoughts?

V6 Siblings
Bam. Aloha has a list.

Eldest, second eldest, sixth, and eighth is still available. : D

And Meds is correct.

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know
There were plenty of people Emma could work with. Emma liked people, but she also didn’t like the idea of going up to them and asking them to help her put a condom on a banana. That would be the most awkward question she’d ever had to ask. Ever. Why group work, anyways? Maybe because Mrs. Barks didn’t have enough plastic bananas for everyone? Maybe? Who knows?

Maybe she could ask Jeremy? Jeremy was cool. A little sarcastic, maybe, but Emma didn’t mind doing working with him. They had sat at the same table all semester, and they both were part of the orchestra. Though, Danny Brooks was also coming this way. She knew Danny, he was one of the football kids. Receiver, wasn’t he? She heard… stories, about him and girls, but she didn’t think he was a bad person. That might make putting condoms on bananas with him more awkward, though.

However, he asked. Quite awkwardly, too. Well, looks like she had started a group?

“Sure, we can group up,” she said. “What about you, Jeremy?”

It couldn’t hurt to ask.

Then Haley showed up. Banana-condom activities with a cousin had both its advantages and disadvantages in the “awkward” department. But, four was a good number, in her opinion. And Emma liked Haley, as well.

“I… guess I am”, she replied, a small smile on her face.

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know
((Mild content warning: discussion of sexual topics in the context of Health class))

Ever since Health appeared on her schedule for the semester, Emma knew it was coming.

There was a time in everyone’s life where they had to learn about this sort of thing. Emma herself had read a bit about it. How you got pregnant, how the parts worked, why they worked the way they did, what happens during sex, what happens during pregnancy, childbirth, and everything. Being interested in medicine meant that a few of the books she had read covered that topic in detail. It was also kind of expected that a tenth grader would at least have a basic understanding of sex.

And yet, even with that, she couldn’t be prepared for what was scheduled for today. Mrs. Barks had given a warning ahead of time. Multiple times leading up to it. Last class she had even passed around a handout about contraception. Right before that, it was the video on childbirth. That couldn’t prepare her either. Nothing could prepare her for walking into the afternoon Health class and seeing the plastic bananas alongside what was not gum wrappers.

A few of her classmates were already here. Health had always been a mixture of grades, though mostly freshmen and sophomore. As she stepped further into the science classroom, she could hear awkward chuckling and jokes. Perhaps they were as nervous as she was?

She didn’t need to be nervous, Emma kept trying to tell herself. It was just learning about the human body, like usual. Emma liked the subject, after all. It was like learning about another part of the body, like… digestion! Digestion was a good one. Like reproduction, it has its own taboos. What was the difference between Mrs. Barks telling them about eating habits and safe sex?

Okay, a lot of things. For starters, eating doesn’t usually involve fluid exchange between people. Or the chance of… you know, making a baby. Oh, who was she kidding? It was still learning about sex in front of a bunch of people.

Emma sat down at a table, placing her notebook, pencil case, and a smoothie drink in front of her. It wasn’t going to be bad, it was just another part of what human bodies do. Right? Right. Taboos? Sex has taboos. But, it's still a bodily function. It was just... awkward discussing it in class for some reason.

As Mrs. Barks started class, Emma watched her, fiddling with her drink absentmindedly. She was getting used to hearing her talk about the topic, but not enough. Today was the day they had to learn how to put on a condom. Emma had picked up on that long before Mrs. Barks said it. The bananas and condoms were a pretty good sign.

Now it was time to group up. Emma slid upwards and stretched her muscles for a few seconds. She usually liked group-work. What wasn’t there to like? People just learning and working on a project together. Emma loved it. But this time… she wasn’t so sure.

Emma reached for her drink, and frowned. Mrs. Barks didn’t mind her eating in class, as long as she wasn’t disruptive. She understood that Emma needed all the energy she could get to stay alert, and was willing to help her any way she could with studying and lectures. Right now, she didn’t feel too tired. It helped that she had P.E. before this. Exercising and getting her blood flowing helped with her drowsiness. The smoothie was a treat for the day, but only just after P.E. had she been sipping away at it.

She just wished she didn’t pick the strawberry-banana.

Suddenly, a Relationship Thread
Hey Corey! Sorry for the wait.

Emma- I like the idea of someone looking up to her, so I'm down for what you've suggested with Lani. I think Ems would appreciate that she's a good student as well, come to think of it, especially since she likes Biology. They also both receive tutoring! And Sabrina's a dancer type too (ballet, not hip hop, though), so there's a chance that, if Lani would know Brina, she would know Ems. Overall, I think they might know each other on a passing basis, but Ems would like her. : D

Juniper, I recall that, growing up, band/orchestra/what have you would have perfomances scheduled together with choir. For example, choir would be scheduled earlier in the evening, and orchestra later. So! There's totally a chance that they'd work together at some point. Also, relatedly: while I haven't alluded to it much, Emma loves Frozen. Sure, it has a few flaws here and there, but she absolutely adores it. It wouldn't be out of character for her to end up in a "Let It Go" singalong with someone, really, at least not too much. I also just noticed that, according to her profile, Juniper considered running for Senior President but dropped out eventually. Perhaps we could play around with that?

Jennifer- As mentioned in an earlier post, Jennifer is a senior! Which is good, because I can actually see stuff between her and Juniper, believe it or not. I'm thinking they might have an odd friendship that doesn't seem that weird the more you think about it, or at the very least, they're on better terms than you'd think. While Jennifer is more tomboyish than you'd think at first glance, she's very much a cosmetic user. In fact, for a while I debated whether or not she'd use perfume or similar, but then I realized that she probably smells like coffee no matter what. She's probably stopped by the store a few times (also, not sure if I should bring this up, but Jennifer is multiracial, specifically Black/Filipino on her dad's and Native American/European on her mom's. If the store turns out to have things that would be nice for people with tanner skin tones and curlier hair, she'd definitely approve). As to how she feels about Juniper personally, Jennifer's a bit more quiet and introverted, so Juniper's perkiness and clinginess might overwhelm her at times. But! I'd imagine that Jennifer would have, at the least, positive feelings about her. Also, this may be my strange sense of humor talking, but I think it would be funny if people got their names mixed up because they're similar.

She might know Lani, too. I'm debating whether or not Jennifer tutors with the club, but if she does, then there's a chance that she might know Lani from it. Jennifer's also fairly skilled with social media, since she has a blog (to help with her journalism skills), and she probably is familiar with things like Pinterest, Instagram, and so on due to her interest in photography. They're in different grades, though, so they might not be super-close.

Junko- Sadly, Junko is about as butch as it gets, so I don't see her being super into, say, scented body lotion, at least beyond the basic skin care stuff. But, I have an idea that she might have come into the store a few times to get her moms something for their birthdays or similar. I think she'd be neutral towards Juniper, though.

Lani, though... I think Junko would actually kind of dislike her, though not hugely. I think she'd see her as "fake", due to her desire to seem normal. Also, if Lani would make her dislike of her known, Junko would probably get annoyed. After all, the procrastination sucks, yeah, but she likes being impulsive, damn it, and screw anyone who doesn't. So, guess they dislike each other? ^_^;

Your thoughts?

Emma Luz
I think I'm ready for one more look. Hopefully it's not too late.

Thanks for bearing with me.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Psh. I've read all 276 students in one hour. Surely you can read the entirety of v4 quickly. : D

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
If you want my thoughts?

Personally, I'm not a super-huge fan of unsolicited reviews, in all honesty. What I mean by that is, while I'm perfectly fine with having my kids' profiles critiqued by a staffer or someone telling me what they think of a character after I ask them, I find things like people leaving comments on their wiki pages or getting them for read-a-thons slightly awkward for me. I'm fine with criticism, but, contrary to popular belief, I'm actually a pretty shy person. It's more obvious in real life, but it's harder to notice online. I guess that when I'm getting an unexpected or unasked for review I tend to tense up a bit for that reason. It's a large part of the reason why I've requested that my characters cannot be rolled for read-a-thon these days. That said, though, I'm totes fine with other people getting things like that. Heck, I've left stuff on wiki pages before! And Toben's v4 commenting spree was fun to read, of course.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you may have to skip over my kids, but otherwise I approve. ^_^;

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
MW, I did a cursory research on ration bars and peanuts out of curiosity, and so far, based off what I've found, it depends on the brand? One I found definitely uses peanuts and has a peanut butter flavor. Datrex (the brand Miranda had after taking it from Kaitlyn) doesn't have peanuts, as far as I can tell, but it does have coconut, which can also be an allergen. It's also processed in a factory that uses nuts, which can be an issue. MayDay, another brand, also doesn't use any nuts. Of course, it could be other types of bars that aren't ration, such as Clif brands, which have nut ingredients and are processed in factories that use them. I think the long and short of it is "depends on what exactly the terrorists are giving them", which could be any brand. Though, it may be interesting to see someone address that.

Of course, there's also gluten allergies, which can be an issue. After all, that means that they probably can't eat the bread or crackers, and maybe the ration bars. If I'm remembering correctly, I think this was addressed early in v4 with Harun Kemal (looking up the thread I'm thinking of right now).

Also, there needs to be more silly AU threads. I wanna see someone make another dating or zombie thread for V6, or the superhero AU becoming a thing. : D

To answer Yugi's question, I like Caedyn. Admittedly, she has traits that have annoyed me with other characters in the past. But! Those traits actually work very well in her favor. I think it's because as nasty, attention whorish, and just plain awful she is, she's not generically so. Whenever I see a new Caedyn post, I start smiling because I know some chaos is about to go down, and I like it. The thread she's in right now (My Friends are Assholes) is a good example of her awfulness, and is a fun thread all around. Bradley is another fun character for the same reasons as Caedyn, by the way: could have been obnoxious to the reader if done incorrectly, but he's done correctly so he's obnoxious to the characters only. I guess I like them because they're good, well-written, and fun awful people, if that makes sense?

Oh! And Jeremy's been a blast as well. He's not an awful person like the previous two, but I will always remember his steaming cock. It will become what he's known for, long after his death. The snark fight with BB was a fun read.

Also, Alvaro and Lily are adorable. I ship it.

I also like Noah's oneshots. His creative process is actually really cool to read, for some reason. I just really like it.

And, the snowball fight! Just a bunch of guys, trying to hit Darius. I remember liking that thread.

That's just at the top of my head, of course. I might think of more later.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I know there's still things I need to reply to, but I'm going to jump in on this.

Admittedly, Ems' profile is super long because I had a feeling certain elements of her backstory (specifically her narcolepsy and her prepper background) had the potential to become iffy, so I tried to elaborate and put as much detail as I could possibly put about both those elements and... well, everything else. As you can see by Turtle's critique, I overcompensated and it did NOT end well. XD

To me, it's a "put what you need to" thing. Some details are important, while others aren't. I honestly feel that yes, there is such a thing as "too detailed". I think it's less a length thing and more of a flexibility thing. While I often have an idea of minor background bits ahead of time, I like to have enough room to be able to flesh out characterization, why and why not they like things, what they are and are not good at in their particular hobbies, who are their best buddies in the whole wide world, and so on. I think while certain bits of those types do need to be elaborated on in the profile, I feel like it's good to keep some of those details "headcanon" or flesh it out as the game progresses.

Long profiles can be both a good and bad thing, in my opinion. Good, because the person is thinking things through and has a lot of things to say about their kids! Bad, because things might get too lengthy. Of course, some profiles can be shorter or longer depending on what actually needs to be explained. Using another one of my kids, Alex's is actually one of my shorter profiles. This is largely because, to use a phrase I had used during V5 final regs at one point, "Alex's life hasn't been particularly exciting". While she's supposed to be a quirky person, she's lived a pretty normal life outside of that, and there wasn't anything huge to address beyond her personality, hobbies, and other info that is necessary no matter what.

I think it also has to do with the fallacy that "longer equals better" that comes up from time to time, which can also be an issue with actual IC posts (again, guilty as charged X_X). Learning to keep things as brief as possible is a good skill to teach yourself when writing at all, and it's something I've been trying to exercise more often. Like profiles, some posts can be long by their very nature, while some can be shorter. To me, how long exactly a post or profile needs to be really depends on the circumstances/context in the end. Sometimes you need a short post, while other times you will need to put a lot of stuff in. I guess my opinion is that it isn't really as much as a magic number for how long a profile needs to be as it is a proofreading and going "Hmmm... is this necessary? Is there anything I need to add, or something I could trim out?" thing.

But yeah! My two cents, sorry if it's a little confusing. ^_^;

And thanks RC! That was a fun speech to write. And I liked Josh's speech too, and how awkward Conrad was for not having his speech. X3

V6 Pregame Alignment Thread - Double Nothing is Still Nothing Edition
My turn!

Junko Kurosawa is Chaotic Neutral. She does, in fact, have some sense of morality, such as her being super pro-LGBT. For the most part, though, Junko cares about being the best at sports, and... well, being the adrenaline junkie she is above all else. She isn't the biggest dick, but she likes screwing with people. There's just limits on who she'd screw with and how. Really, "being Junko" is a bigger priority to her than "being a good person". Morality is something she cares about, definitely. But if you put it on a scale between "living an exciting life" and "being moral", she'd probably lean more towards the former.

Emma Luz is Lawful Good, as you may have guessed. She's kind-hearted and wants the best for everyone! But, she not only plays by the rules, but she's also the Senior President. You really can't get more Lawful and Good, really.

Jennifer Wallace is a bit trickier. So far, I'd go with Lawful Neutral. She can get a little cold and aloof, and I picture her as someone who highly values her academic success. So, she sets standards for herself, hence "lawful". Neutral, she can get a little snarky, but she's also pretty polite. She isn't a huge jerk, but she has her moments. Maybe once I'm finished fixing up her profile and post it we'll get a more clear picture, but that's my answer for now.

Feel free to disagree!

V6 Questions Game
Next Question: Your life is going to be made into a movie, and you have final creative veto; what would your movie be called?

Junko- Fast Times at Cochise High? Wait, no, too plagiarize-y. Uh... Junko Kurosawa is the Best! That's a good one. Or, or or or... damn, not good with titles. Junko Kurosawa: Ass-Kicker! There we go. It better be an awesome action movie.

Emma- ... You Snooze You Luz? *smiles awkwardly*

Jennifer- Well, my first question would be why someone would make a movie about me. But this is a hypothetical, so I guess that's unimportant. Hm. Jennifer. Just... Jennifer. Is there a movie called that? Probably. Huh, then we should go for something a bit more creative. I guess it would be about my accomplishments as a journalist, if I end up having any. So... I think Death-Knock would be a good title for some kind of thriller about a reporter. Don't you think?

Question: If you are a part of any clubs or teams at school, what made you want to join them? If not, what clubs or teams would you join, if things like ability, time, or energy weren't an issue?

Emma Luz
Alright, I think I may be ready for another go. I've Ctrl+F everything to make sure I got them, but if there's anything else I need to fix, or something I missed, lemme know.

Track Team Captain Election
Junko Kurosawa votes for Junko Kurosawa, because Junko Kurosawa feels that Junko Kurosawa is the best choice. : D