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V6 Siblings
Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I believe Burnie's concerns are that having a Mexican descended family, in a Southwestern state, connected to organized crime (even if only vaguely) might carry certain implications. Specifically, he thinks that it brings to mind Mexico's current problems with drug cartels and organized crime.

For those of you who don't know, Mexico in more recent years has serious issues with drug trafficking and violence stemming from organized crime. Any attempts to control it has resulted in it escalating, bringing the death count to absurdly high levels. A large portion of these are civilians, and taking place in massacres. It still persists to this day, with no clear solution in sight. It has also started to become an issue in Southwestern states along the border, including Arizona.

To be honest, I personally didn't make that connection until he brought it up. But the impression I'm getting is that he's worried it might come off as insensitive in light of Mexico's current climate, even if it's Mafia (which to my knowledge isn't involved in the cartels) and only a vague connection.

If you're curious what my stance is, while I do find a Mafia connection interesting (enough to understand why others would want to keep it), I also wouldn't mind seeing it changed in the final product if does end up getting changed. It wouldn't change things with Emma too much, I don't think.

V6 Siblings
I'm actually kinda considering something like that for Emma's parents. My idea was that they got anxious after seeing all the child abductions going on, so they made Ems (and any siblings) take self-defense classes, as well as arranging hiking trips. This admittedly came about after a bit of fridge logic along the lines of "You know, things like self-defense classes or basic survival training for teens seems like it'd be pretty popular in SOTFverse for obvious reasons". So, maybe this fits with the whole prepper idea, at least on Emma's part of the family?

Sounds good, Grim! I can't wait to see info on Lizzy and the Luzs!

V6 Siblings
I'm still considering making a Luz kid. For right now, her name's Emma Aguilar Luz. I might post about her soon in the concepts thread. X3

Resource Thread
Check out this super-huge list of resources posted on Tumblr. Some of the links are dead, but the ones that aren't are generally useful.

I second Writing With Color. I've been following it for a while now, and will say it works as a resource. In addition, I recommend How to Fight Write, which is for, as the title suggests, fight scenes. Like WWC, they have an open question policy, so you can ask them something. They're generally pretty informative and detailed in their responses.

One of my favorite websites for this sort of thing is Springhole.net. It's most well-known for its Mary Sue Litmus Test, but the pages on the site are smart and get you thinking on how to write stuff. There's now a section specifically for roleplaying, but one page I particularly like is "Things About Death, Murder, and Dying a Writer Needs to Know" (useful if you're writing a player or your kid's death scene!). There's many other pages on the site as well, as well as fun stuff, so feel free to click around.

I've been seeing plenty of concepts for ballet dancers. See this resource list for help if you're writing one.

I've posted these links before, and here there are again. If you're having a hard time coming up with names, here is a list of the 1000 most common last names in the states. And if you know the last name but not the first name, why not try this tool? Basically you pick nationalities, gender and such, and it randomizes a name for you.

I think that's all the resources from me. For now, that is. : D

Edit- Oops, I lied. Look at this Photographic Height/Weight Chart, for when you need a visual reference for your kid's height and weight.