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New Official V5 Away Thread
This is not for me, but for Rocky, who has requested of me to post as Away for him.

Handler: Rocky
Dates Away: Jan 31-Feb 6
Days Away: 6
Reason for Away: His internet's being a butt right now. He keeps disconnecting and he can barely access anything. It'll be a few days until he can be back to full speed.
Characters: Stephanie Chan (v5), Shadi Williams (TV2)

V5 Ninth Rolls

You've got to be kidding me.

Um, hero please? Maybe death ideas?

V5 Fourth Announcement
Well, Ms. Torres was just on...

*puts on shades*

Wheel of fortune.


On a more serious note, some of you may be going "What the fuck just happened?". This is an intentional artistic choice on my part, and you'll get answers very shortly. Shortly as in, as the thread continues. If you need to update the wiki and such, feel free to use a placeholder for the time being.

It Looks Good on Paper
A bed? A kitchen? Things got even better.

She doubted that a stove would work, but maybe it wasn't electric, and perhaps the gas would still somehow heat up. That was a hope, though. In any case. things appeared to be looking up for once. A bed, pen and paper, somewhere indoors, what else would be good? Well, food would be a further step up, actually, but she doubted that if there was food in there, it wouldn't be as good. It would have likely gone bad. But she was sure food wasn't as much of an issue, at least not right now. It steadily disappeared, but maybe later they could go looking again for it.

Sure, it wasn't Disneyland. It was far from Disneyland. But for one moment since she first woke up at the aviary and met with Stephanie and Ilya, things seemed to get better. Ilya wasn't coming back, nor was Mike, or Dave. They never were. She still didn't know what happened to Baxter. There were still many people out there, people she knew from before. There were still people who also would benefit from their deaths. Her hearing aids weren't going to just appear on her ears on a whim. But Lana had a feeling that things had improved, that they were going to only improve a bit more. Something could still happen that wasn't all that good. Could? It was inevitable. But just this once, there were things to smile about.

"Agreed", she wrote back.

She doubted they were going to be rescued. Only a miracle would have that happen. But she had Stephanie, and Stephanie had her. She was feeling lucky today, and Stephanie probably was too. How long it would last, she didn't know. But she knew it would be great if it were to last a while longer. They had been friends for most of their lives, and she didn't know what she'd do if Stephanie were to die first.

How long would their good fortune last? She didn't know. For that matter, how long until their time was up? To be honest, while the thoughts came up in her mind, it wasn't something she tried to dwell on too much right now.

It was the first time in a while Lana felt happy, and she didn't want that to be taken away from her. It was all she wanted. Sometimes she had thought about playing, but she didn't want to give in. It had started to look increasingly appealing, but not anymore.

It was strange how just finding a place to sleep and some writing supplies made her hope. But there it was, just a bit.

She could only hope it continued to be this way for at least

Female Student #039 Lana Torres- ELIMINATED

It Looks Good on Paper
Stephanie thought that it was much better than outside, and Lana agreed. There was a weird smell to the room, from what she could tell from where she stood in the hallway, but not too terrible. The sofa probably wasn't too unbearable to sleep on, and there was most likely a bed. The thoughts of something soft to sleep on cheered Lana up further. The television obviously wasn't going to work, but at least there was a roof over their heads and someplace comfortable to sleep. She could live without television for a while longer, anyways.

After handing the pen and paper back to her, Stephanie stepped into the room a bit more, looking deeper into it. Lana, however, found herself staying in the hallway. It seemed doubtful that someone would be waiting for them inside the room, but she wanted to hear what Stephanie said about it.

Maybe she should step inside, though, see everything for herself. Probably the better option, but Lana found herself wanting to stay in the hallway a bit longer. It couldn't hurt too much, in her opinion.

A quick time later, she came back. Lana had been writing again, and handed it back to her.

From what I can tell, it seems like a major improvement from where we've slept before. A little weird smelling and disused, but we'll be fine. How are the other rooms? There's most likely a bedroom or two.

Lana was sure it would be a fine place to sleep. Just a little odd, nothing really all that dangerous or unpleasant, especially in comparison to what they had dealt with before.

It Looks Good on Paper
Locked? That was unusual. It seemed as if the people who lived here before were in a rush. Lana shuddered to think of what could be hiding behind that door, then. The papers on the street spoke of an evacuation, as if something happened. What if people had decided to lock themselves in before, and once they opened they would see... what was left? That was a morbid thought. As if the bodies of their classmates weren't bad enough. Hopefully the knobs and hinges were just rusted shut or something like that. The other option wasn't all that good.

Lana smiled at the second note from Stephanie. She agreed, the pen and paper were definitely a boon. It was highly fortunate to find both in a short period of time. It was really honestly what she had hoped for, that they didn't clear out all the paper and writing utensils. It would have been impossible for them to.

Stephanie motioned that she was going down the hallway, and Lana nodded. Maybe she could help with that?

Lana walked over to the entrance, picking up her bag from where she left it, just in case. And slowly, she made her way down the hallway. As she fumbled with the doors, she couldn't help but notice the other option was true: at least part of the doors were rusted shut. Even if Lana were one of the stronger students, she couldn't pull the hinges open. It didn't help that there were a few flies hovering in the air, but she couldn't figure out where they were coming from.

Eventually, though, the knob to one door turned. Not easily, and Lana had to put a bit more strength into it. But like a magic word, the door opened with a loud creak, revealing a living room. From what she could tell, there was a ratted sofa, a coffee table, and what appeared to be a likely outdated television.

Lana smiled again.

It Looks Good on Paper
Stephanie seemed to be at a loss as well. All of them seemed good and yet not so good. Really, each had its benefits and setbacks, which was the problem. They had enough pen and paper for the time being, and the lobby was more than a little open. Maybe deeper into the apartments, or another building, that was safer. They hadn't checked the state of the rooms yet. She imagined they smelled musty, like unwashed sheets. It would be far from the best place to sleep, but honestly it was a step up from... pretty much everywhere they had slept since they woke up on the island.

A bed. That would be nice.

Lana bit her lip, thinking some more. As she took the pen back from Stephanie, she thought a bit more about what she wanted to do.

"Sleeping in a bed would be nice. Did you see anything in the hallways that would be a nice place to spend the night? Rooms and such? Beds would be just as much an improvement."

What else could she say? She thought of something else to write down.

"If we don't pick this building, there are others that might be good. But we might need to take a further look."

… Into the Fire
((Miranda Millers continued from Waking Up To Ash and Dust))

Yesterday had been a bit of a pain.

It wasn't just the little trick that the terrorists pulled on them. It wasn't just them having to leave the offices. It wasn't just her head feeling like a drill was slowly piercing the side of her skull. It was all that, and the fact that it had decided to rain later that day. Miranda brushed a bit of mud off her clothes. It hadn't been that bad, and living in Seattle had made her used to rain. And frankly.... she had dealt with worse.

Finding a bit of shelter for the evening had been quite a chore, however. The rain eventually stopped for the time being, though there was a good chance that there would be another go. Needless to say, the second the town stopped being a dangerzone it didn't take long for them to make their way into town.

Miranda had realized that it was the same town where she had seen Mara, Veronica, and Mike. It still looked like something after the apocalypse, even more so in fact. The northern part, though, looked a bit more cleaned up. It must have been where the richer people lived, based on the size of the houses. In fact, the house they were in was pretty much a mansion.

If she were to describe it, it would be something between "Ace Ventura's nightmare", "metaphor for current situation", and "kind of creepy". Animal trophies still hung on the wall, but they clearly hadn't been well cared for, as the skin had peeled back revealing bone. Whoever lived here really had a fascination with hunting. Well, that fascination wasn't helping either of them now.

Miranda leaned back into the back of the sofa she was sitting on, still feeling a bit nauseous. Her head had improved a bit since yesterday. Of course, an ache still remained, but sometimes she felt more like throwing up or sleeping rather than doing anything else. Well, that was another plus to finding somewhere indoors: it made it easier for her and Kat to rest a bit. The office was... okay, she guessed. It was good for that one night, and was much better than outside. But the lodge, as creepy as it was, was better in that regard. No one else seemed to had hid out here, but then again, you never know.

The only real problem, aside from the creepiness, was that it was cold. There was a fireplace, with a big creepy deer head watching over it, but she wasn't sure if it would still work. The sofa was a bit warmer against her skin, even if it had a musty smell. It wasn't an unbearable cold, but it was uncomfortable.

Her spear had been leaned against the armrest of the sofa, still waiting patiently.

Mara had killed again, this time Ray Gilbert. What's more, she won something. Pizza sounded good, just like cheeseburgers, or donuts, or ice cream and sausages. There was a lot of food going around that prior to the island, she would have avoided due to how awful for your body to eat. Now though, she would give her right pinkie for any of that. Even just a bite she would do it.

Miranda slid forward, picking up her bag by the straps. What she had, though, were the extra bars from Kaitlyn. And those... didn't taste very good, from the few bites she had. Sure, they were filling. But they tasted like the bizarre mixture of a shortbread cookie and a piece of cardboard. Very sweet, though with an odd texture. They were far from the most appetizing thing ever. At least they did the job, though, and weren't that bad. The label said "Datrex", and it noted that it had a decent amount of calories attached for just a quick bite. Not the best, but not the worst, in her opinion.

Unzipping it and pulling one out, she paused. Miranda looked at Kat.

"Do you want some?" she asked. "They're not particularly tasty, but it's... uh... it does the trick."

It Looks Good on Paper
Within a few seconds, Stephanie had come back, a smile on her face after seeing the pen in her hand. It was really a lucky break that they had found these supplies.

Once Lana had shown her the paper, she giggled a bit at what had been written down, and started writing back. When she had the notebook and pen again, she read the response.

A pause. What could they do? She didn't feel like sticking around in the apartments that much. There might still be a bit of extra food laying around, but would any of it last for that long out in the open? Lana doubted it. There could possibly be other supplies that could be good. Extra pens, more paper, maybe something that could be used as an extra weapon. However, Lana still was a little creeped out by this place. It was exactly the sort of place where people got shot, in her opinion. Well, not in apartment front lobbies normally, but you never know, especially on an island filled with killers.. On the other hand, it was a little better to be indoors for the first time since... what? The hotel? Yeah, that was probably it.

Really, there were a lot of advantages to staying inside, come to think of it. It could rain again, for example. While things seemed to have cleared up a bit, there still seemed to be another chance of rain. If it did, at least there would be a way to stay out of the weather. Looking for shelter before it rained yesterday hadn't exactly been pleasant.

Lana thought for a few seconds, and began writing.

"The way I see it, there are several options. Option A would be to keep looking since there is possibly something else in here that we might need. Option B is to head on out of the buiilding and find someplace to lay low. Option C, we stay in here and hope no one finds us. Ideas?"

To be honest, she was tapped out of ideas herself, and those were the only ones that came to mind.

It Looks Good on Paper
((Lana Torres continued from The Sound a Sloth Makes))

The weather had cleared up since yesterday. Not by much, but enough where it didn't look as dreary as before. Ever since this morning, the sun had peeked out a bit, making things a little brighter. It was definitely a step-up from yesterday. As Lana looked out the window of the store she was in, she felt a little better than she was before. Not by much, of course, but something much more pleasant. If she had to guess, it was afternoon now, and hopefully the weather would still be that good until nighttime.

But they had to keep looking. There had to be something inside these buildings.

They had found themselves inside some kind of town again. This time, though, it looked run-down. Well, a lot more run-down than when they last visited a set of buildings. Lana had seen a fair amount of buildings that seriously needed upkeep before, but not to this level. The streets had been littered with strips of paper, and cars had been permanently parked and broken down alongside the roads. The streetlights weren't better, either, with the shattered glass that remained of bulbs. They had decided to look inside the stores to see if anything was there. So far, they hadn't found much, but it was worth a shot. As much a shot as the fish were, at least.

Lana gently gripped the notebook they had found. No pen, unfortunately, but it was a step up. It had been laying inside one of the shops, inside a drawer in the front desk, and while it was a little water-logged and warped, it seemed to still be feasible. If anything, it seemed to be embarrassingly girly. The pages were a faded pink, and on the hard cover a pegasus was in mid-flight. Lana had found herself recalling the notebooks and stationary girls used to have when she went to elementary, with their vibrant colors and rainbow animals. It was something she would normally not be caught dead with unless it were something like the current My Little Pony, but it would do for the time being.

If anything, it was an improvement. Lana had thought multiple times how she would have liked to have some pen and paper. Sometimes it was hard for her and Stephanie to talk, since the terrorists had taken her hearing aids. Words couldn't describe the relief she had when she had found it, girlish appearance and all. The only real problem was obvious: finding a pen or something similar.

They searched through the shops a bit more, and eventually stumbled on what appeared to be a set of apartments. She had been hesitant to go in, but it was at least a look. The graffiti on the walls didn't comfort her much, nor did the cement walls. But eventually, she couldn't help it. They had to go inside. Just a quick look, and they'll go. She didn't like how the outsides looked, but just a peek at them wouldn't hurt.

The two of them were currently now in some kind of reception area, probably where the landlords and such worked. There had to be an answer to the pen question in there, make no mistake about that. Lana found herself pulling at drawers again, looking for something to write with. So far, though, no luck.

Light from the entrance still beamed in, giving them plenty of light to work with. The sounds of them moving around objects filled the air. It was close to impossible for the terrorists to-

Just as she opened that one bottom drawer, she saw a long thin black object. It was very unmistakable, but Lana had to pick it up to be absolutely certain.

A pen.

She placed the notebook on the desk, eyes filled with hope. It had to be tested, to see if it would actually work. Her hands flipped open to the nearest blank page. With the pen, she swiftly shook it and drew a scribbling motion on the page. Lana felt further relief. The pen took only a moment to work.

She decided to write something down for Stephanie to say something to her.

"It's not Rainbow Dash, but it'll do", she wrote.

After lifting the notebook and pen, Lana looked up, and said aloud "Steph?"

It was a little louder than what she intended. But she didn't care. Really, she was smiling right now. At least things were looking up for now. They hadn't found food or such, but they found something to write with. That was a pretty good improvement, all things considered.

Waking Up To Ash and Dust
((GMing approved))

The tension only builded from there. Kat said that they were only across the way, but it still disturbed her how long they must had been there. Miranda felt herself grow even more and more taut in each muscle, at the idea of what could happen. They were across from them and apparently only one person, not someone they knew, but who was to say that they wouldn't find their way here? Who was to say they didn't spot them, either just as they got here or just now?

The mental images piled up. She imagined someone setting up a sniper rifle, waiting for them to lower their guard. Just before they knew it, their heads would cave in like smashed watermelons. Or maybe they had a bomb set up, and they would set it off the second they left the building, leaving it behind in a blaze like some action hero. Heck, maybe they even set up a trap, and the two of them would fall into a pit or something.

One person. That was all it took.

Miranda took a breath, not feeling any better because of it. Then her eyes laid on her bag, still laying just outside the cubicle. They could make a run for it. Who knew if they were plotting something even if they were far away? Miranda was willing to fight, but she wasn't in the mood for a confrontation. Hiding would only be a waiting game, to see how long until they shrugged their shoulders and looked elsewhere.

Before she knew it, she walked over to the bag, scooping it up.

"Let's head out", she said.

Miranda swiftly walked past the cubicle, her head still pounding. While she still felt sick, she would easily-

"Hey wait!"

A sound behind her of picking up a second bag, and a loud sigh. Miranda stopped for a moment. As a third noise of Kat catching up was behind her, she briefly felt herself tense up again, but let it go.

((Miranda Millers and Kat Tolstoff continued elsewhere))

V5 Fourth Announcement
I have something planned now.

Thanks to all who sent ideas!

The Sound a Sloth Makes
Lana nodded, reeling up the line. The float swiftly pulled to the pole, going as far as it could go.

It was unfortunate that they didn't catch anything. Lana was somewhat disappointed at that. Though, to be honest, it would have been somewhat difficult to clean and prepare the fish for actually eating. Not impossible, just a bit harder. But that was alright. They still had a bit of food left, and it wasn't worth it to stick out in the rain. Maybe there was somewhere to hide, to keep dry and safe. She still wasn't sure if the caves were safe, and the lighthouse might not be ideal. But at the end of the day, they had to find someplace dry, and not at all filled with people who wanted to kill them.

Hopefully when the weather cleared up that they could try again. Presuming they survived that long, of course.

Lana gathered up the fishing supplies as well as her things, and followed Stephanie away from the water.

The thought that they were alone still remained with her. Lana felt lonely, scared, and still without a clue about what they could do. She hated a lot of things about this place, but maybe that was what she hated the most. There wasn't a clear answer about anything.

She decided to just focus on finding someplace dry for the time being.

((Lana Torres continued in It Looks Good on Paper))

V5 Fourth Announcement
Feel free to hero if you'd like.

I don't have anything planned on how to send off Lana, so if you have any ideas, send them. X3

Edit- One condition I've just been given: if you send me any plans, don't make her ditch Steph. She must be there. That is all. ^_^;

Waking Up To Ash and Dust
Of course she was awake.

Kat pulled herself up, and Miranda couldn't help but notice she had a bit of a limp. She couldn't help but wonder if she was more injured than she had previously realized, or she simply slept on that leg wrong. Hopefully it was the latter. There was at least that hope. A small look of concern passed over her face as Kat hobbled to the window to inspect herself. As nervous about her Miranda was, she was still a friend.

She couldn't dwell for too long, though, since what Kat said next alarmed her.

"People?" she echoed.

Miranda felt herself freeze, a familiar feeling at that point.

Who were they? How many? Kat must had realized something. Were they visible from outside? Somewhere in the building? Right behind them? People. People generally weren't a good thing. And it wasn't "someone", either. People, as in plural. One person was bad enough. Two, three, even four? Wasn't something she was looking forward to. Miranda pictured herself swinging her spear around in fear, as four classmates circled around her and Kat with guns and knives. What could they do then?

"Where?" she asked.

Could she do it again, even with Kat here? Hopefully it didn't come down to that. But maybe they would just disappear, or move on, or not notice them. Maybe Kat was just seeing things, or something. Miranda felt a pressure in her throat, hoping that it was something they didn't have to worry about. Should they check it out?

The Sound a Sloth Makes

Scared was... something Lana was used to, herself. Kind of a given, really. It was still somewhat eerie how she got used to the feeling, of being on edge, of feeling yourself jump at every noise. Scared was a good response. It was probably one of the best. For Lana, it felt like every feeling she could possible feel had been replaced by fear. Fear and grief, actually, now that she thought about it.

The two of them were murderers. The one person who would be concerned about, they just left behind. And what if they ran into Ruby again? What if someone else were to find them and kill them in some kind of revenge? They were alone, and she knew it. Both of them did. Things were never going to go back to the way they were. Not without Dave, Mike, or possibly Baxter. Not without Ilya, and not without Venice and Brian. There was probably going to never be a time where she would not be scared. She would never see her family again, or see most of her classmates alive.

That was reality.

Lana bit her lip, trying to think of something else. This sort of thing wasn't something she liked to dwell on. She knew that they both were scared, no doubt.

Looking up, she saw the darkening clouds.

"It's going to rain soon", she said.

It was all that came to mind.