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What if you wound up in SOTF?
I would wake up, decide to play, and then threaten a girl with my gun, only to run away when she yells at me. Then I would come across a drunk person, and shoot them in the face. I then shoot another girl in the face when she interrupts my sleep. And then I get yelled at some more. And then I get into an argument. And then I get my guts spilled out by gunfire, making people mercy kill me.


Oh, wait.

Obligatory joke aside, I honestly see myself as playing. I don't mean that in a crazy killer sort of way, but more that if in the scenario I don't really see myself not deciding to play. It would suck, obviously, but I still see myself doing it. Would I be good at it, though? Of course not. I'm kind of a silly person, as we all know; I can't even make my way out of a plastic bag sometimes.

So basically, my self-insert is actually pretty accurate. O_O

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot

Still doing Julian. ;)

Aurora Twitter feed?
Thank you. I'm now picturing a group of people on Twitter just throwing increasingly absurd threats at each other, and Miranda typing things like "Hey (twitter name), fuck you. <3" at like... everyone.

But yeah. I would be up for this!

Concerning everyone in pregame (necroed from V4)
Looking at this again is kind of surreal. It's amazing how much Chase and Aileen had evolved by the end, and how I myself evolved as a writer.

((I'm only doing Aileen and Chase right now, as I think some handlers want to do joint responses for Carol and Remy))

Aileen- Best memory? Well... best memory... I know it sounds cruel, but when I found out Pondsworth got suspended? I laughed. Seriously. Bastard got what's coming to him. If you go around acting like he does, be prepared to suffer the consequences. I mean, I'm surprised he's even still at the school, and not... you know, expelled? Aside from that... prom was nice, I guess. I kind of liked learning all the stuff I did. And the trip will be fun, as long as people don't prank others while they're sleeping or something. And graduation... well, I've been looking forward to it since freshmen year, since I just want to get things over with. I guess school was kind of... well, I'll remember it. You know what I mean? I'll remember quite a bit... trust me... I will.

Chase- Best memory? Uh... I liked p-prom... had fun... and Halloween at Bayview, though the teachers didn't like the costume I wore to school this year, and confiscated parts of it... so Mom had to come and pick them up after school... but it was fun! I got to have all sorts of people at school over the years, t-too. Like Brendan and Dawne and Lexie and Jon and a whole bunch of other p-people who are downright amazing in m-many ways. Seriously guys. I love this school. I love all of you people out there. Once a Husky, always a Husky, right guys? She then makes a peace sign and smiles. Y-You're all awesome. Stay that way for me, alright?

Summary: Aileen's a bitch, one of Chase's best memories was getting in trouble because she was wearing a Halloween costume at school, and Carol and Remy didn't get one because I was supposed to do joint responses with them and other handler's characters, so that they'd answer together.

Yup. Revel in my shitty early writing! : D

Scarlet Darlings
"Thank you".

Miranda half-jokingly curtsied, though only a shallow one. Really, it was nice to get compliments on outfits. She worked hard on finding the right one, and she was sure she found the best. This only confirmed it.

As Naomi undressed, Miranda looked away, towards the others.

When the question came up, she paused.

She... honestly didn't know what she wanted to do after school. Well, okay, she kind of wanted to pursue her interest in fashion. But she hadn't entirely dedicated herself to it just yet. She had applied to college, certainly, in minor part because her dad would have killed her if she didn't continue her education. Mom too, but that was besides the point. Anyways, she hadn't gotten word from them just yet.

Miranda had done a bit of research on getting a job in fashion design. There were internships, and there were schools and classes she could take to learn more. And, well, the industry did need all sorts of people. People with graphics design. People who can blog. People who can get coffee. People who can draw, or sew, or, well, close to anything could help.

Her dad had been pushing for her to get a Business degree of some sort, though. She supposed that could be helpful. After all, business skills were kind of important. In her research, business degrees did have their place in... plenty of jobs, actually. So maybe dad had a point. Maybe.

"Uh... not sure yet. I've applied, but I'm thinking about seeing if I can get a job in the fashion industry", she said.

Oh, wait, she shouldn't just stand, could she?

"Mind if I sit down?"

A beat later, Kat came up the stairs and to the door.

"Kat! Nice to see you."

Happy new year from Cali. :3

I'm celebrating by taking care of some RP stuff I've been delaying (such as Prom. Sorry folks who're in that thread. X_X), eating pasta, drinking chilled coffee, and listening to my neighbors freak out with fireworks. All of which I'm enjoying. : D

Congrats on surviving the apocalypse, everyone!