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A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks
Once school had gotten out, Lana knew where she was going.

The gymnasium was her favorite hangout, so to say. Well, she was an athlete of sorts, so of course she'd want to hang out there and exercise. It was like expecting to find fish in water, or bears in the woods. A habitat, if you will. And there was a bit of exercising equipment in a segment of it, so what would you expect? Of course she'd be there, and quite frequently at that.

So, like a creature of habit, Lana found her way inside, as what was usual for her.

It was practically close to empty, the weight room. In fact, the only person, as far as she could see, was one of the footballers standing in front of the mirror. Patton, that was his name, right? Lana never particularly liked or hated him. On one hand, he was a fellow athlete and she could respect him for that. On the other... seriously. He was, to put it plainly, a bully. He picked on people for no really good reason, just to make himself feel good apparently. That had to be the only reason. In short? Lana never really cared much for him. To be honest, she barely knew Patton, beyond a few classes here and there.

What was he doing now? Staring at himself in the mirror. She didn't know. Perhaps he was admiring his virility and ability to harass people. Perhaps. Lana was suddenly reminded of a story in Greek mythology they had to read once in... sophomore year, was it? The guy who fell in love with his own reflection. Narcissus. Oh yeah, that was the guy's name. Patton was Narcissus. Kind of humorous, if you ask her.

Anyways, business. Patton can do whatever. He was looking away from it now, but still.

Lana walked deeper into the weight room, and as she passed him she couldn't help but let out a token:

"Hey Patton."

Now what could she do first? It was a good idea to warm up first, of course. Obviously. Lana thought of what she could do. Maybe some light cardio for today? Nothing too extreme to start off. Just enough to... you know. Warm up her muscles a bit. So she made her way to the treadmill. Ten minutes of light treadmill use. Then she could start lightly with the weights and then move up to heavier ones. Lana placed her water bottle and towel gently on the ground, and adjusted the settings on the machine.

Lana Torres
Name: Lana Torres
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Wrestling team, working out, writing, activism, furry fandom, yo-yos, volunteer work

Appearance: Lana has shoulder length dark hair, that is somewhat naturally curly. She usually ties it up in a ponytail or bun due to her active lifestyle, and rarely lets it down when she isn't sleeping or combing it out due to disliking it getting in her face. However, she admittedly is somewhat proud of it, and likes how curly and dark it is.

Her skin color is of a naturally tanned, olive shade, due to her Latina genetics, and tends to be clear of acne. Her nose is slightly wide. Lana has almond shaped dark brown eyes with thick lashes and arched eyebrows. Lana has full lips, and an oval shaped face with a narrow chin, on which she doesn't wear make-up. Hearing aids of the behind-the-ear variety can oftentimes be seen tucked inside her (unpierced) ears due to her condition. As far as facial expressions go, she can easily come off as stoic on most occasions, even though she does have her moments of being emotional.

Lana has a normal height for a teenage girl at 5'4, with a weight of 152 pounds. She tends to have somewhat of a "bulky" looking frame, and while there is an amount of fat on her, she is reasonably fit and muscular, as a result of trying to stay inside her weight class by dieting and exercising. Sometimes she does get bruised or otherwise mildly injured as a result of wrestling, which can sometimes be visible on her body. As far as dress sense goes, she usually goes plainly, with plain T-shirts or tank tops and jeans, though she does wear a few shirts with slogans and/or pictures, usually relating to her interests in some way or another. Lana tries her best to wear things that haven't been made by companies known for child labor, pollution, or similar. In cooler weather she wears a dark red jacket, which was originally her mother's and passed down to her, and a hand-knitted dark blue scarf given to her by a relative the previous Christmas. Lana wears weathered grey tennis shoes most of the time, with plain colored socks. Lana doesn't wear too many accessories, beyond a necklace with a small pendant and occasionally wristbands.

Biography: Lana was born in Seattle, an only child. She is a third-generation Mexican-American, her grandparents on her mother's side having immigrated when they were still young, and both sides of the family are Hispanic. Being born prematurely, Lana was a sickly child and was lucky to have survived past infancy. While she is reasonably healthy as a teenager, to this day she has suffered from partial congenital hearing loss caused by her premature birth, in that while she could hear simple noises and conversations just fine from a reasonable proximity, she has trouble hearing certain pitches and from specific distances. This, along with a mild tendency for her to get sick more easily, made her parents somewhat protective of her, and as a result they often were concerned about her and whether or not she would be safe interacting with her classmates. However, in the end they had ended up putting her in the public school system out of fear that she wouldn't be able to socialize with her peers normally in another school. While they are still protective of her even now, they have lessened their concern somewhat as she got older.

Growing up was somewhat difficult for Lana. Ever since entering school she has had to have special attention directed towards her by teachers to help her with her condition. This has included placing her near the front of the class, taking extra time to help her individually, and her taking special education classes to make sure she was able to get her assignments done. For a while, she did have a mild speech impediment that resulted in her taking speech classes, but nowadays she talks almost clearly, only slurring and mispronouncing words a bit when tired or stressed out. However, she has been taught American Sign Language, and is fairly fluent in it. Naturally, her classmates noticed the attention that she was receiving from teachers, and their reactions ranged from typical childhood curiosity (such as asking to see her hearing aids) to bullying (such as suggesting she was dumb for needing special classes, ignoring her condition). As they grew older, however, they got used to having a classmate with her condition, and soon they started treating her normally.

One thing that had always fascinated Lana was sports and athletics. She always loved watching the athletes play on television, and eventually started playing athletic games with her classmates during breaks, such as soccer. While this did make her parents wary at first, out of concern that she would be hurt as a result of her condition, they decided in the end to let her pursue her interests. When junior highschool came around, Lana joined the wrestling team. Like her parents, some of her classmates were initially concerned for her health when she first joined the team, but once she proved that she could do fine they accepted her on the team. To this day, Lana happens to be a member of Aurora's wrestling team, and is notably dedicated to it. She has kept herself on a diet to make sure she stays in the same weight class and regularly attends practice. She also has been known to work out in her spare time, and she claims it helps her soothe her nerves when she's stressed out. After school she can usually be seen in the gymnasium exercising.

Lana has always been sensitive about how people with conditions similar to hers have been portrayed in the media and to stories about people with disabilities having trouble in their daily lives, for obvious reasons. As she got into high school, she decided to participate in activism and volunteer work. She has been known to do volunteer work involving helping others with disabilities, such as helping at deafness centers. Her fluency with ASL has helped her interact with some of the people with similar conditions that she has volunteered with. However, she has been known to get sensitive about other social justice issues as well, and also has been known to support women's rights, animal rights, and other, similar civil rights movements. As a result, from time to time she has also volunteered in other places such as animal shelters and soup kitchens. And naturally, when Occupy Seattle was established she joined in the protests and meetings. Overall, Lana tends to get sensitive about political and social justice issues easily, and often tries to keep up to date with them.

While on the Internet she has been known to talk about social justice issues, as expected, she also has been known to write short stories. While she doesn't consider herself any good, she feels somewhat happy while writing them. Many of her stories are about animals, due to Lana always having a fondness for them. Soon, Lana found the furry fandom via some online friends, and has been slowly getting into it. While the more adult artwork has caused her to raise an eyebrow, she still enjoys looking at the more clean artwork. After being asked if she had a "fursona", Lana decided to come up with one for laughs. Eventually she decided on "being" a flying fox (as in, the bat), after looking around her room and seeing a plush bat that she had ever since she was a kid. To this day, she has been known to write stories for the fandom, most of which are fairly clean in nature.

Lana has always had a guilty pleasure in playing with yo-yos. When she's bored, she has been known to take one out and play with it. At first it was just the simple up-and-down movement, but as she got better she has been able to do tricks easily. She has admitted to a tendency to show off new tricks she has learned, and sometimes tries to help others with learning the same tricks as well. Lana has joked about becoming a "yo-yo champion", due to her fascination with said toy.

At school, she has been known to be somewhat quiet. This isn't in any way a result of her condition, nor is it because she is shy. Rather, she just has an introverted temperament, and doesn't really talk too much. This, however, does not mean that she is incapable of making friends; while she doesn't try to be friends with everyone, she has made a few friends at school. In regards to learning, she does fairly well, mostly getting Bs in her classes. She has a mild determined streak, in that she always feels that she has to "prove" herself to others. As a result, she can get frustrated if people don't take her seriously. Even though she is disabled, it somewhat annoys her when people consider her "helpless". While she does understand that she needs help in specific areas and is willing to accept it when she needs it, it does get on her nerves when others believe she needs help with tasks she could easily accomplish. She doesn't want to be seen as a "success story" in any way, either, and usually just wants to go about her life rather than be seen as any way "broken". However, her determination has helped her a lot of the time, and she has been described as a "go-getter". As noted, she tends to get sensitive about others with disabilities, and while she doesn't try to force "help" on her classmates with physical disabilities just like what annoys her, she has been known to help them out and be friendly to them.

Lana hasn't officially decided where she wants to go with the rest of her life just yet. While she does currently work at The Castle and does her volunteer work, part of her wants to become a high school P.E. Teacher, or perhaps some other occupation involving physical activity. It's the one thing she knows for certain she would like as a requirement for occupation, and is still trying to figure it out. She knows she would like to still do her activism, however, and tries to keep it up.

Advantages: She is physically fit, and could easily defend herself due to being on the wrestling team. Lana is fluent in sign language, due to her condition and working with others with similar problems, which may turn out to be an advantage in certain scenarios. Throughout her life she has always tried to prove herself to others, which might give her more of a push.
Disadvantages: Obviously, her hearing problems could get in the way, especially if she loses her hearing aids. She also has a slight tendency to get sick more often, which can easily hinder her in the long run. Lana could easily get frustrated, especially if her abilities are doubted, and could react negatively.

Gotta Go Fast!
Miranda continued jogging, her breath coming out in puffs of cold air.

Okay, so she had to finish this lap, at least. She didn't need to make it a chore. Instead, it needed to be... exercising. Fun exercising. God, she didn't know. Either way, she knew not to make this seem like a chore. It would be cliched to call it like an adventure, though, but she guessed it was?

Either way. Get this done. It might never be done if she stopped now, right? So just... yeah. Jogging!

A second pair of footsteps matched beside hers on the trail, and soon another girl from her school had surfaced. Bianca Howard! Now, Miranda didn't mind Bianca too much. They were both on the track team, after all, and they did have similar interests. Of course, Miranda couldn't help but wag her finger a bit at her flirting with all the guys. Guys weren't supposed to be passed around like cheap socks, silly girl! What would people think?

The hypocrisy of that thought was completely lost on Miranda.

Eh. Might as well let her hang around. She was a nice enough girl, she thought! You never know, though, since people act a lot differently under different circumstances. But eh, worth it? Sure, why not? They were team mates, after all.

"Sure, go ahead!" she managed to get out as she jogged.

And hey. Perhaps this meant she wasn't the only one who jogged this early and in the cold. Maybe. Perhaps she viewed her as obsessive. But then she was doing the same thing. Perhaps she was jogging with her because she saw her and pitied her. Or perhaps- okay, her thoughts were getting out of line again!

As they jogged, she saw a figure sitting on a bench. Was it some kind of homeless person? God, she couldn't tell right now. But perhaps it was some kind of homeless person. Miranda always had conflicted thoughts about homeless people. She sometimes felt sorry for them, but what if they got that way because they weren't determined enough to get what they wanted? What if they got that way because of drugs? What if it wasn't a homeless person though? Well, he sure looked like one. He looked as if he had been sleeping on the bench. Or at the very least, he looked shifty. Shifty, like a guy who'd eat your children.

The guy took an object out of his jacket. Was it an iPod or phone? Looked like one or the other. Miranda could tell that it was definitely some sort of electronic device. Was he aiming it towards them? A surge of paranoia passed over her. She knew that some iPods and phones had cameras. And he looked shifty to boot. What if... oh god. Maybe she was just being paranoid and that guy was just taking his phone out or whatever, but seriously, it was as if he had been aiming it in their direction. Miranda knew she could get paranoid sometimes, but seriously.

"Hey... uh... Bianca? Did you see that?"

Fashion Club?
I'd be up for that! After all, I did mention it in Miranda's profile, and I would love to do a thread with this in mind!

Oops! Sorry! Somehow I got you two mixed up. I apologize. X_x

Nah. Alex isn't the passive aggressive sort. If anything, if she has a major problem with you, she'd let you know. She's like that, you know. So yeah! Passive aggressive? Probably not Alex's M.O. XD

No problem Teamsleep! I just wasn't sure, is all.

As I said, Alex probably wouldn't mind her that much, as long as she wasn't particularly awful to her. So they could at the very least know of each other, right?

Also, yay! I'm glad we're still doing this. ^_^

While we're posting profiles, Alex's is here for those of you who haven't seen it.

Gotta Go Fast!
Miranda slowly stretched her muscles.

It was early, she had to admit. And it was Sunday. Pretty much everyone would have something to do sometime today. Everyone. Heck, Miranda probably would have something to do later on. Depends on what everyone was up to, really. Right now, though, she needed to exercise a bit. The park was Miranda's favorite place to jog, and the morning was her favorite time to do it. So obviously, she jogged in the park in the morning, of course. Centennial Park had a good jogging trail on it, and it was often very pretty. She wasn't usually around this early, but still.

She slowly lifted herself from stretching forward, and took a deep breath.

Though she had to admit as well, it was chilly. A bit of snow still covered the ground, though by the looks of things they had managed to clear some of it off the trail before she had shown up. Still though. She needed to jog a bit. Just because it was cold didn't mean she couldn't exercise. It gave her no excuse to stay indoors and let her muscles weaken until things warmed up a bit more. After all, it was still January, and it would take a while for the snow and cold to disappear. Thankfully, she had decided to dress appropriately that day, in a warm jacket and such.

Okay, she would do several laps on the trail. Just jogging. Nothing particularly special. Part of her wanted to get something hot after this. Perhaps tea, or even coffee or hot chocolate? Tea. Tea was a bit better. Perhaps Green Tea? Sure. Actually, she knew of several places where she could get something warm. And even then, she could always make something at home. And... oh dear. Miranda had just remembered that she hadn't eaten breakfast yet. Well, that was kind of dumb, wasn't it? If she had to exercise, it was better to get some energy in you first. Breakfast was kind of important, after all. So after this... she needed to eat since she was an idiot and forgot to.

So anyways. Jogging.

Miranda took off on the trail, feeling her muscles get to work.

She knew she had to stay in shape for track. Otherwise, she'd be a laughingstock! Heck, she had already forgotten breakfast, and that was bad enough. If she stopped now, she might have trouble starting again!

This was how she was going to spend her morning, and frankly, she wasn't going to stop for a while, even if it was 6 AM and cold.

As she jogged, she couldn't help but wonder what the others were up to. Like, what about Kat? Or Mara? Or... heck, pretty much everyone? Well, not her. Or him. Especially not her. But you know, the people she would have liked to talk to. Perhaps that was another thing she needed to do after this, see what's going on.

Gah. She needed to make a lot of plans all the time, didn't she?

It's A-MAZE-ing!
Okay, don't go the way Yukiko came from. Sounds good enough to her! So maybe the other way, then? Sure. Why not? It would make it easier to find their way through, after all, since that path was crossed off.

Megan, though... oh boy. They had a handful. Drunk girl running about in the maze, of course. But apparently she didn't think she wasn't fine. She had just complimented her outfit. Was it really that good? Alex didn't know if it was the booze talking or if she was completely serious. Now Alex, she... had a somewhat weird dress sense. To be fair, though, it looked cool, at least to her. What could she say? She was a sucker for cool, kind of silly stuff. But in the end, Alex couldn't help but smile a bit. It was a compliment, after all. Perhaps she should say thanks? But...

Drunk girl. Right. Keep an eye on her-

Oh. Looked like Megan had an eye on something else. Or someone, rather. Namely, good old Jack. Seriously, she was ever so subtly trying to flirt with him. You know, grabbing him, telling him to be a gentleman and help her out... yeah, that kind of flirting. Though, she had revealed that she was supposed to meet up with a friend here. Oh! Perhaps they could call said friends? Could they try that?

But Megan seemed keen on joining the group, and perhaps hanging around until they showed up. And she seemed to agree!

To be honest, Alex couldn't help but giggle at Jack's reaction. She knew she shouldn't have laughed, what with the idea of drunk people hitting on other people who are getting awkward about it, but really. Though, it only told her more that they needed to keep an eye on her. What if some skeevy guy decides to take advantage of her condition? What then? Many crimes were committed against people when they were drunk, after all.

"Sure! The way Yukiko came is out. So maybe... uh... let's go right? Maybe?"

Maybe that would work. She just remembered that if you kept going right, you'd get a bit more help. Or was it left? Either way.

Wait, she should tell Megan that she had a phone. That way, perhaps she could call her friends, presuming at least one of them had a phone?

"Uh... hey Megan. I have a phone. Do you think they'd reply if someone called them? I mean, it's not like we don't want you around or anything! But... do you think it'd work? Since they're probably expecting you and all."

Miranda Millers
Name: Miranda Millers
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Fashion, track, anime, video games, gossip, health and fitness, finances, music

Appearance: Miranda has long wavy chestnut brown hair, that reaches to the middle of her back. It tends to get in her face often, leading to her usually holding it back in a hairband. Occasionally she styles it in other ways, such as in a ponytail, but she generally prefers wearing hairbands of various colors.

Miranda's pretty tall for her age, at 5'9 and weighing 155 pounds. She has always been a little embarrassed at her height, but it hasn't stopped her from often wearing high heels of some kind or another. However, she does own sneakers, thanks to her frequently practicing her running skills. She has an athletic looking body with lean muscle, caused by her being on the track team. Miranda has a heart shaped face, with big brown eyes, a small nose, and slightly bowed lips. She has a light pink skin tone due to her Caucasian ethnicity, and she takes good care of it with anti-acne cream and washing the make-up off before she goes to bed. She's a frequent user of makeup, and usually wears foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, and other forms of it. While she usually follows what makeup trends are common, she's not too afraid to experiment a bit with it on occasion.

Her dress style tends to observe current fashion trends. As of recently, she's been preferring to wear bangle bracelets, long bead necklaces, pastel shades, and vaguely 1960-70s inspired dresses, though a few ruffles and lace have appeared here and there. Miranda has a personal preference for wearing things that show off her legs, such as shorts or skirts, due to her personal belief that her legs are the best thing about her body, though during the winter she makes sure to cover up. As noted, she usually wears high heels unless exercising, or in cooler weather where it would be impractical. Miranda has always loved shades of all kinds and shapes, and frequently has some on her. Her personal favorite would be a pair of cat-eye black lenses with red frames. It's worth noting that despite one would think, Miranda's outfit choices aren't actually overly expensive; instead she always tries to get things at the lowest price and keeps her old clothes in her closet whenever they've gone out of fashion, just in case.

Biography: Miranda was born in Seattle, being an only child. Her father was a businessman, who was wealthy thanks to being successful at the stock market and was fairly high up in his workplace, while her mother was a housewife. From a young age, her father always tried to teach her how to be a "proper" lady and while he wasn't particularly cruel with her, he was fairly strict and had always been brutally honest whenever she had asked him a question. One could say that he was more interested in raising a heiress to his fortune rather than actually raising a daughter. However, Miranda had always been closer to her mother, who she would occasionally ask for advice on various topics, though she doesn't like "bothering" her with her problems in life. Despite this, her mother is one of the few people she is particularly emotionally open with. While her parents did disagree on how to raise her and Miranda has been familiar with the arguments, having heard them many times, she never really agreed or disagreed about one side or the other.

Miranda, when she initially started schooling, was somewhat quiet. She wasn't shy in any sense of the word, but she just didn't talk much at first. As the years went by Miranda was being invited to parties that her classmates were having all the time. Perhaps it was because it was known that she came from a wealthy family, but in the end her classmates were drawn to her. Around this time her personality began to change steadily, and she became more outgoing and charismatic due to being around more people. However, she had ended up following the crowd most of the time, despite how she felt about things. As they got older, her group of friends had started poking fun at the less "popular" of her classmates, and Miranda couldn't help but join in, only at the feeling that if she didn't, she would lose the support of her friends.

Soon she was hiding her interests and personality traits that she knew they would make fun of, even to this day. One of the biggest examples would be her interest in anime and video games. It started with an interest in Pokemon, but as she grew older she started getting into all sorts of anime and video games after looking around and finding some new series. She tends to prefer "cute" things, such as anime of the "moe" genre or games about taking care of some sort of creature (such as Neopets). However, she also tries her hand at watching and playing any kind of anime and game that she could get her hands on, such as first-person shooters or MMORPGs. Miranda tries to hide this interest as much as possible, due to the notion that if someone found out they would never take her seriously again, true or not. In fact, she sometimes hides her interests by poking fun at them publicly, such as saying all those who watch anime are "fat, lazy slobs", despite being into it.

Miranda often found herself pouring over fashion magazines with some of the girls she had befriended, and soon developed an interest in that. While she did love looking at the beautiful clothes, she didn't want to be a model or fashionista as much. Rather, she loved the idea of being the one coming up with trends and outfit choices. Soon she started observing fashion trends, and while her outfit choices did follow whatever trend was in-style at that moment, she also looked into how the clothes were made and the trends were decided. Miranda isn't entirely sure, but she has thought about working in the fashion industry once she graduates, though she hasn't talked about it much in front of others. Fashion remains her main interest in terms of occupation, and she is a member of the Fashion Club. To this day, her father doesn't know that she wants to pursue an interest in fashion. In the hopes that she'd learn ahead of time and follow in his footsteps, he has begun teaching her lessons about financing, stock marketing, saving money, and other similar topics on how to run a business. While these lessons have often confused Miranda, she does remember quite a bit from them.

When she first entered high school, she had decided to join the track team, and soon she was enthusiastic about it. Soon she was practicing daily to make sure she was in shape, would avoid junk food in favor of more healthy options, and at parties she would avoid any drugs being passed out and would only drink on special occasions. Miranda wanted to make sure that she stayed healthy enough to participate. She has ever since has been peculiar about keeping herself physically healthy, and she intends to stay that way.

Miranda has always been a big fan of music. Her tastes in music are of the "silly" pop song variety, but she doesn't mind too much. In fact, she loves them and will defend them if someone pokes fun of them. Much of her music choices are artists who are currently popular, and she tries her best to learn trivia about them and to memorize the lyrics.

Thoughout her high school years, she has had a history of going on dates with various male classmates. Usually they were set up by a friend, or that someone asked her out and she didn't see why not. Usually these relationships didn't last too long, mostly because Miranda had never been interested in her date in a romantic way. While some of them have ended pleasantly, with them still being friends, other times the boy is left with a grudge. This has resulted in her getting a reputation for being somewhat cold-hearted in relationships. It took Miranda a while to figure out why exactly she had trouble with dating, until the start of senior year. She had managed to discover that she had a crush on a female classmate, much to her confusion and embarrassment. It has been on her mind all year for obvious reasons. However, she hasn't told anyone about this, not even her closest friends, though some have noticed she has been acting unusual all year.

Around school, Miranda is known to be part of the "cool crowd". This is in part due to a level of charisma that she has steadily learned over the years, and she's able to easily get people on her side because of it. In addition, she tends to be friends with many of the more popular girls. This doesn't mean that people are not angry at her for things she and her friends have done. She's known to be a gossip, and has made fun of her classmates, occasionally in part because she's felt that she needs to. Regardless, she is known to be somewhat popular among her classmates. While usually very much social, the other side of her personality tends to come out around close friends in private, revealing that she can be somewhat quiet, nervous, and subdued, especially in comparison to her public persona.

In regards to schoolwork, she's often had trouble learning the material. It's not that she's unintelligent. In fact, outside of school she's shown to be somewhat clever, particularly in regards to socializing or anything relating to her interests. Rather, she just has trouble learning in an academic setting, which has impacted her scoring on assignments and grades. She has refused the use of tutors due to the belief that everyone would not take her seriously if she saw any, and instead tries to plow through, only occasionally asking for help among her classmates only if she feels she needs to and telling them not to mention it to anyone. Overall, she has been known to refuse help from others if they ask her directly, even if she needs it.

Despite her extroverted demeanor, she has problems with anxiety, which she tries to cover up as much as possible. This is caused in part by her frequently trying to portray herself as something she isn't. It doesn't help that oftentimes she gets pressure from her classmates or her father to act a specific way, or at least so she feels. To some extent, she is a perfectionist, and if things go out of control she could easily be overwhelmed, especially if she feels she somehow "failed". Miranda has tried simple breathing exercises and other stress-relieving methods to calm herself down more often. However, she still has the habit of making herself look like the "popular girl", while ignoring her actual desires and fears. While she seems fairly normal and happy to most people, she has been known to get quite insecure and defensive.

Advantages: Miranda is somewhat charismatic, so she could potentially get what she wanted from her classmates. She is also athletic and tries to keep herself healthy, lessening risk of exhaustion. While not particularly booksmart, she can be fairly clever if she pushes herself.
Disadvantages: Miranda's behavior has made her many enemies over the years, and some might desire revenge. She has spent much of her life pretending to be something she isn't, and as a result she has the tendency to not react well to stress (especially in regards to failure). Miranda has a noted history of refusing help, which may act against her in-game. Finally, while she does have her moments of brightness, she has always had trouble learning things at school, which may effect her decisions in-game.

Like the two Mikes, my character Lana Torres (not yet submitted) knows ASL, due to suffering from congenital partial deafness herself. She is an activist (mostly feminism and disabled rights), and on the wrestling team. She is also kind of a furry. Much like the other Mike, there's a chance that they would have run into each other at some point at the very least.

She is the third concept down here, if you're interested in doing anything with her!

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: OK, so are you going to ask someone out to the prom or do you wait for someone to ask you?

Alex- Prom? Oh yeah, that thing. Well, I'm not looking for any dates in particular. Heck, I could always show up by myself, right? Or perhaps with some buddies. Either way, dates aren't that critical, though I'd accept if I were asked!

Lana- I... uh... I'm not sure who I'd ask out or who would. To be honest, I'm kinda meh on prom. But you know. I guess I'm going? Maybe not? Probably? I'm still figuring out if I'm going, much less who to go with.

Miranda- *pauses* Uh... yeah. Prom! Perhaps I could get a group of my friends together and go. Gotta find a nice dress, right? There's no one I'm interested in, really! *awkward smile*

Question: Who at school do you think is the most funny, whether intentionally or unintentionally?

It's A-MAZE-ing!
Oh, so he went here out of boredom, then? Huh. Well, the best cure for boredom? Mazes. Mazes with scary ass Minotaur statues. What could she say? It was old fashioned fun, just like in the good old days without new fangled technology. Anyways, he agreed to hang with her for a bit! Yayness! Now, which way to go? Which way-

"Oh hello Hiro!"

She knew Hiro. Hiro was another buddy of hers from school. It seemed she was going through the maze too! Wonderful, and she meant that in a sincere way. Really, why not let her join in as well? Perhaps she was bored as well, and maybe she was stuck. If they stuck together, they could solve this easily.

Before Alex could invite Hiro into the little maze party, a third classmate popped up. Holy cow, just how many of their classmates were in here? It must be like a clown car full of Aurora students or something. This one was Yukiko Sakurai. Good girl, she was. Jack must know her from Anime Club, correct?

"And hey Yukiko!" she waved, a smile on her face.

Woohoo. Maybe they'll hang around as well! The maze party was steadily getting bigger and better. Perhaps they could run around singing David Bowie songs and quoting Labyrinth. Did any of them watch Labyrinth, though? That might be a problem if no one had seen it. But she could try quoting it to see, really.

Now presuming another classmate didn't pop up-

Oh hell. She just heard a storm of cursing, didn't she?

The source of the cursing turned the corner, revealing it to be Megan Collins. From what Alex knew of her, she was very much a "bad girl" type. Rumors abound of her going with various guys, or drinking and partying. But to be honest? Whenever she had talked to her, they were pretty friendly, surprisingly enough. Though, she couldn't help but frown a bit at the stagger. Alex knew the laws about underage drinking pretty well, and if she was in public where everyone could see her... yeah. She could get in trouble! And heaven forbid if she was driving. Seriously, Alex had heard about how many car accidents were caused by drinking, and the idea of seeing one of her classmates dying behind the wheel wasn't a pretty image she'd like to linger on. Hopefully she had a friend to bring her home before she got into too much trouble. It sounded like she did, based on the cursing.

A ping of concern passed over her. Really, drunk in public?

"Are... do you need any help Megan? It's just that... you know..."

It's A-MAZE-ing!
Alex heard someone calling out to her, and turned around.

Good old Jack McDonald! He was a good friend of hers from school. What could she say? They were kindred spirits, in a way. Fancy seeing him here! Perhaps he was with friends, or maybe he was off by himself. Either way. She wasn't alone right now, which meant that she had something to do with someone else. Which was good! It could get lonely, looking through the maze all by herself, after all. What could she say? More people equals more fun. That was obvious. Of course it would be.

"Jack!" Alex called out.

She jogged towards him.

"How are you doing, mate? I suppose you're stuck in here too, right?"

Really, it was strange how sometimes, her classmates would pop up at the most unexpected moments. But Alex was not going to complain about that either. In fact, it was kind of nice to know that everyone always ended up at the same spots, oddly enough, and that there was a chance she wouldn't go through it alone. Like some sort of force, or destiny perhaps. Or David Bowie. Alex didn't believe too much in higher powers, but sometimes you had to wonder. Anyways, now to figure out how to get through the maze. And without walking into that scary-ass Minotaur statue of course.

"Perhaps we could solve this one together?"

It's A-MAZE-ing!
The maze.

The maze!

Alex remembered this maze. She remembered it all too well. When she was younger and at a friend's birthday party, she and her friends went inside. The thing was, she remembered screaming and running away from the Minotaur. Sure, the thing was just a statue, but tell any kid that. That thing was horrifying! Maybe it wouldn't be as horrifying now that she was in highschool, but really. And it was supposed to be family friendly? Really?

As she stared at the entrance, a wave of nostalgia came over her. Scary statues aside, she remembered how fun it was. The group had bounded through the maze gleefully, up until meeting the Minotaur.

It was kind of cool though, that they made a maze based off the myth of Theseus! She remembered that from school. It was the story about how King Minos would send people who Athens had to sacrifice into the labyrinth to get eaten. But then Theseus went inside with an unbreakable string, and killed the monster. Really, it was awesome that they thought of this idea, though it did scare small children.

What brought Alex here on this late Friday afternoon was simple; she was bored out of her wits. Then she remembered that the Castle still existed, and had wandered out, purely out of nostalgia. It was awfully dreary, being alone for at least right now, though! Maybe she'd run into someone. Maybe! Perhaps one of her classmates would decide to show up as well. Heck, even silly old Cody Patton. She couldn't help but smile at the idea of him scoffing and saying he wouldn't go into the maze because it was "geeky", only to pee his pants at the Minotaur once he decided to go in. Let's face it, she would pay good money for that. Who wouldn't? She could even take a picture on her phone or something!

Well, enough staring. Might as well go in.

A few minutes later, she had made it past the entrance, and was immediately faced with two directions. Right or left? God, it had been a while since she had been in this maze. Which direction worked? Which one lead to the Minotaur? How about... left!

Alex went that way, and steadily went deeper and deeper into the maze.

Hey, know what this reminded her of? No, not Theseus. Labyrinth, that movie with David Bowie. The one where Jennifer Connelly wished her baby brother away and she had to go through the maze to stop Bowie from turning him into a goblin. That one! It also had a bunch of Jim Henson puppets and stuff. Maybe she'd be less scared of the Minotaur if she just pretended that David Bowie was lurking the maze instead. After all, what girl didn't want to be visited by the Goblin King? Alex had to admit, David Bowie in that movie was a childhood crush of hers. And apparently, he was to everyone else as well. That crotch... yeah. Why oh why did they have to emphasize that thing, and then make him all smooth? Just... why? Not like she was complaining, though.

"You remind of a babe" she mumbled, a small smile on her face. "A babe with a power."

Ah, nostalgia. Alex was being pretty nostalgic right now, needless to say. David Bowie, scary Minotaur statues... really. A lot of things seemed... simpler back then. Heck, just because she was in her last year of high school didn't mean she had to stop having her moments of acting like a kid, right? Even if it was just for the evening.

My people need homies!
So! Now that v5 pregame has started I think I shall bump this back up.

I went ahead and added a few more people to the list, though I need to look at the Bitch Squad thread again to see who suggested being part of the group as well.

Also, here is Alex's profile, in case you guys haven't seen. So yeah! So far, she's the only character of mine who's in right now, for obvious reasons.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Anything!

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Miss Torres is still interested in the tournament. >:3

Alexandria "Alex" Ripley
Name: Alexandria "Alex" Ripley
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora Highschool
Hobbies and Interests: Science fiction, crime procedural shows, steampunk, law enforcement, online roleplaying, band (plays saxophone)

Appearance: Alex has her blonde hair cut into a chin-length bob, and very often she tries to keep it well-combed and clean. Her eyebrows are slightly darker in shade and mildly thick, due to her not trimming them very often due to sensitive skin. Alex's eyes are a shade of blue, and fairly large and round. Her lips are somewhat thin, while her nose is small and round in shape. She is a pale skinned Caucasian, with a few freckles dotting her face. Alex has an oval shaped face, with slight cheekbones and a mildly pointed chin. Alex never wears makeup on her face, though she does have her ears pierced. Usually they are small studs, though she has gone for earrings that slightly dangle with some sort of small pendant from time to time.

Alex stands at 5'5 and weighs 126 pounds, putting her at a normal height and weight of someone of her age. She doesn't look particularly muscular, though she does have a normal level of fitness for a senior in high school. As far as dress goes, she dresses fairly casually in blue jeans and T-shirt (usually either plain, or has some sort of slogan and/or picture relating to her interests such as a shirt with Star Trek characters on them), though she has been noted to get somewhat eccentric with accessories. Occasionally she wears things that are clearly inspired by "geek culture" in some way or another. The best example would be that for a while she wore motorcycle goggles as a headband. While she does wear them nowadays on occasion, she always wears them off-campus when she does due to a mixture of mischievous classmates playfully snatching them off her head and teachers pointing out it was distracting. There have been other, more mild incidents relating to this as well, though she tries to keep it within school dress codes and not too distracting. In cooler weather she tends to wear a long brown jacket and a red scarf. Her shoes are slightly beaten up white sneakers, with black shoelaces and plain socks. She has a slight habit to paint her finger and toe nails colors when she's bored, and as of right now they are her favorite color, orange, though it's steadily chipping away. On her wrists she tends to wear simple woven bracelets.

Biography: Alex Ripley was born in Seattle, the second child of her family after her older brother by four years, Bill. In her junior year they were joined by Nathan, her younger brother. Both of Alex's parents were musicians as a hobby, and encouraged her and Bill to be into music as young as possible. Alex has always remembered how her parents would play on the piano in the living room, occasionally letting her press a few keys. They always told her how music made the soul more calm and relaxed, and that it was good for all people to understand it. When she got a bit older, they enrolled her in music classes, and to this day Alex plays the saxophone at her parents' insistence, even joining the school band. While it isn't her main interest in life, she still practices to this day. Her attitude towards her role in the band tends to be of a humorously self-deprecating nature, such as poking fun at the outfits in marching bands. Her relationship with her family is mostly normal; like all teenagers she tends to argue with her parents and older brother, but in the end they are fairly loving. While her mother being pregnant with and giving birth to Nathan did put stress on the family, they have tried their best to take care of him, and Alex and Bill have been known to babysit him when their parents are out.

From a young age, Alex had found that she was interested in science fiction. Rather than watching cartoons, she always found herself changing the channel to classic science fiction shows such as Star Trek and Doctor Who. It started while casually channel surfing and coming across a channel showing the classic Star Trek, and soon she fell in love with it. She watched these shows with a passion, and many of her childhood fantasies involved joining the Enterprise or going on an adventure with the Doctor. Her taste in childhood books were the same, in that they always involved science fiction elements. This taste in media followed her to her teenage years, where she remained fond of Star Trek and Doctor Who, but also gained an interest in new media as well, such as Firefly. She often talks about them, and grows excited whenever they come up in conversation. Lately, she's been getting into the subgenre of science fiction known as steampunk, which was about technology run by steam-power. She finds this genre interesting, and has been getting into it steadily.

Alex was one of those people who knew what kind of job she wanted as a kid and stuck with it throughout her teenage years. It started when a police officer came to her elementary school for a presentation to talk about such things as 911 and similar. Alex was fascinated about how the officers did their job, and decided that one day, she was going to be in law enforcement. As she grew older, she started watching shows and movies about cops, and learning about what kind of things police get to do. The exact job she wanted alternated, with her wanting to be a judge, a police officer, or a lawyer, but in the end she decided on wanting to be a detective when she grew up. Starting from middle school she started reading about various laws and information on the job she wanted. As a result of this interest, Alex has always found it hard to deliberately break major rules, and feels she always has to do "the right thing". Her idea of law enforcement is slightly more idealistic than she thinks it is, and she has become rather passionate about it. It has resulted in her thinking about law enforcement being more "black and white" than she is aware of.

At school, Alex is known to be fairly friendly. While she has been the target of bullies from time to time, mostly relating to either her more weird moments of dress sense or her interests (which has annoyed some of her classmates, particularly her openness about liking science fiction), she tends to snark them off and stand up for her classmates if they are being harassed as well. As noted, she tends to follow rules well. As far as grades go, what surprises people who only know her on a passing basis is that she tends to get pretty good grades and remember the material long after the lesson is over. There have been a few times where Alex has gotten into arguments with her classmates, due to the fact that she tends to get passionate about things easily and as a result can get rather short-tempered if someone disagrees with her. While it does cause her to do things that she feels needs to be done, it has gotten on the nerves of her classmates from time to time. It doesn't help that Alex has been known to blurt things out without thinking, often leading to a misunderstanding if she worded it incorrectly. Otherwise, however, she is known to be remarkably friendly and able to make friends with her classmates easily. Oftentimes she becomes playful and energetic around her classmates, cracking jokes and playfully teasing those around her. All around, she's known to be cheerful and friendly.

Lately Alex has been getting into online roleplaying after casually surfing around on the internet one evening and coming across a site. She has since joined multiple sites, and while she doesn't consider herself any good, she feels it's more important to have fun with it. While she usually participates in roleplays relating to her interests, both with original characters and writing as characters from various media, she tends to pull out a character named Jackie Ripper, who she has all but admitted is a self-insert (similar interests, similar appearance, and the last name all indicate this). While she does allow herself to receive criticism as long as it's constructive, in the end she's just having fun writing about various characters.

Alex is still looking into learning about law when she's graduated, and has already been approved into a good school to learn about the trade. She tries her best to keep her grades up, and to look into classes, jobs, and volunteer work to learn more about her desired occupation. This has included participating in Seattle's teen court and in the "police explorers" program, as well as looking into courses she could take in college.

Advantages: Despite initial appearances, she can be quite intelligent and well-read. Alex tends to become passionate about things easily, and as a result can get quite determined if she feels she has to do something. She is noted to be mostly friendly among her classmates, lessening the chance of someone killing her out of a grudge. Due to her tendency to do "the right thing" as much as possible, she might not rush into killing or doing anything that could be risky to her health.
Disadvantages: Alex tends to get passionate about things she cares about easily, and may get into an argument if someone disagrees with her. Her openness about her interests has in the past caused some of her classmates to be annoyed. Given her temperament, her attitude towards morally objectionable behavior may cause her not to play, or to lash out against those who are. Alex also has a tendency to blurt things out, potentially causing a misunderstanding.

Drawn Pictures
Oooh, nice!

I shall refrain from requesting v5 folks, since I keep switching appearances around. Instead, could you please do Virtua's Katie Tanaka? I'd appreciate it!

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Question: Your arm now has three gadgets inside of it, kind of like Inspector Gadget. What are they, and why?

Alex- Gun, grappling hook, and cellphone. All excellent accessories to have when you're out fighting crime. Yes, of course crime fighting would be the first thing on my mind! I mean, that would be an awesome superhero. Plus, if the phone has other stuff on it, I could like... play Angry Birds or something stupid like that, or have a calculator, or heck, maybe I could call Patton's parents and tell them that he wants to punch an "uppity geek" for making jokes about ponies. Hey, he struck first this time!

Lana- What happened to my arm? Usually that implies it got severed or something. Unless I got this sci fi thing wrong? Erm... arm needs to work first. No gadgets in the world make up for having an arm that doesn't do... what arms do. Other two... silly string and streamers. Because.

Miranda- Dagger, smoke bombs, and the best shade of lipstick possible. Because robo femme fatale is best femme fatale. Wait, oh god, did I just geek out? Argh.

Question: What's your favorite kind of pizza?

Happy New Year (2012)!
Happy Year of the Apocalypse, everyone!

Hope you enjoy your fire and brimstone! I know I'll enjoy mine. : D