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Could Have Been Worse
So wait, the girl was a cripple AND crazy, right from the start? And was another person who had killed?

Aileen... didn't know what to make of that.

So apparently, this "Jacquard" girl knew Aaron, and he felt that she was messed up in the membrane and had a personal vendetta against him. Well then. So he did that because he had personal experience with her issues before as well as the fact that he remembered that she and Rob had killed.

Okay, so that didn't completely justify what he did back there. But at least she knew what was going on up there in Aaron's mind. God, this kid was confusing. All the kids at school usually confused her in some way or another, but Aaron had pretty much set a new record for what-the-fuck moments.

But to be honest, now that she thought of it, she probably would have done something similar if she had the gun.

But hey. Aaron immediately changed the subject, saying what they needed to do was scout out the areas, and act out their plan, which was potentially very dangerous. What plan? She guessed it had something to do with the power generator he had mentioned before... well, before the killers decided that their little spot was the best hang-out on the island.

But Milo replied with the most intelligent and sensitive of comments... namely, bursting into laughter and making fun of their pursuer's name and disability. Charming.

"Yes. What a good name for her. How about we call you Mil-ron as well?" Aileen replied back, not even looking at him.

Well, at least she had simmered down enough in the past few minutes. Seriously, as long Aaron didn't randomly shoot at people or run ahead of the group again, she was going to be fine.

Anyways, so whatever Aaron had planned, he was about to enact it. Well, at least it was an improvement over the dilly-dallying they had been doing over the past few days. Heck, they could even find some other people to help them. Weren't there three others back at the gazebo? That girl with the soap, whatever her name was, Other Lily, and... uh... damn, she didn't know that guy's name either. What was his name? Ragga? Rocko? The Rock? And it didn't help she didn't know Soap Girl's name either. Damn, this was possibly the worst time for her fabulous ability to forget names. Anyways, even if Other Lily and Rocko (for lack of a better thing to call him) were out of their gourd like they had first suspected or just didn't want to be part of the group, perhaps they would end up telling them something they didn't know before if they ran into them again. Same went with soap girl. And hey! They were supposed to meet up with Aaron's lady friend and her buddies as well, right? When were they supposed to do that, again? And then... Polanski.

Aileen walked over to her things and unzipped one of the bags, pulling out a water bottle. Damn, she was almost out. Sure, she had tried to be conservative with her water use, but with all the exercise Aaron was putting her through plus the heat... yeah. It was surprising that even just now she was running low. Making sure to take the hammer with her (she wasn't taking any chances after THAT bit of chaos back there), she went back with her water, placing herself on the ground and taking a sip of what was left. Well, at least it felt nice actually sitting for once.

"Anyways... scouting. Right. I've been trying to keep track of how many cameras there are in each place we go to, but I keep forgetting to count. Been distracted" she said once the bottle had been pried from her lips. "So, I guess I'll try doing that again. Meanwhile, hiding spots... no more houses."

It pained her to say it. But there it was. Aileen, like many American teens, had grown accustomed to having a roof over her head. But...

"Remember last time, Aaron? People swarmed the place. It's the first place people will try to go for shelter. We could try something natural instead of man-made here."

There. Her thoughts for now. Hopefully Aaron wouldn't ignore her thoughts, or worse yet, follow her thoughts to the exact letter and do something stupid with them.

And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse
Oh hell.

Although Joshua Krakowski seemed to go along with her plan at first, Spiky Head... saw the corpse falling to the ground as an opportunity. She practically threw herself at their captor!

And suddenly, it got worse.

The two girls wrestled on the ground, punching, hitting, and pulling at each other. She could see that they attempted to get the weapon off each other, using all their might to overpower the other girl.

It was a mess.

It was a mess and Chase couldn't do anything about it.

Could she?

She simply stood there, like a deer in headlights.

She shouldn't be just standing there. She could be doing something. She could pull them off each other. She could grab for the weapon herself. She could run. She could... there were so many things she could be doing.

Dyed-hair girl suddenly came to her feet with the crossbow, and within seconds, a bolt had been shot into Spiky Head's arm, causing her to scream out in pain. Three more shots and...

Dyed-hair fell to the ground.

Oh god, what just happened?

It was all a blur. They were wrestling on the ground at first, then she shot at her, and someone shot at her in return. Who? She couldn't look around right now, all she could focus on right now was the screaming girl and what was left of the person who had tried to kill them all.

Was this really how it had to be? Even after the past few days, she still couldn't believe this had to happen. Yes, those two seemed to dislike each other from the start, but... was this how it had to go?

And if she did something... anything... would it have not happened?

Would it-

Chase was suddenly snapped out of her thoughts by the girl's screaming getting louder and more agonized.

She was still lying there. And the thing was, she could die if she lost too much blood. Even if she didn't die of blood loss, she could still get it infected or something.

Something had to be done.

Could she do something, though?

She had just stood there before. She had to do something. But what? Chase knew nothing about first aid, she knew little about how to take care of someone with a head wound, much less someone with a crossbow bolt in her arm. She knew it had to be disinfected and covered, yes, but what else needed to be done?

But, Chase stepped forward.

Come on, do the right thing.

She crouched down to get a look at the injury.

Do something.

She didn't know where to go from here. Now that she thought of it, the person who shot that girl might have been Joshua Krakowski or Marty. She hadn't bothered to look at either of them to see if they were holding any weapons. What if they were, though? She... she didn't want to deal with any more killers. She was sick and tired of this. So sick and tired.

The girl was really in pain. It was obvious, really. She was screaming and flailing around still. One thing she needed to do was to be calm, or she'll only make it worse! Both of them needed to be calm, or else...

"Calm down! Please stay calm! It'll... it'll only get worse!" she yelled in return. "Listen, stay still and we'll... we'll... we'll find a f-first aid k-k-kit or someone who knows something ab-about it. O-okay? It's going to be taken care of, don't worry."

Swiftly looking around, she murmured "Gotta find a first aid kit. Gotta find someone who knows what they're doing... oh geez..."

Hopefully the panic would have calmed down enough for her to be fixed up. Oh god, she wasn't sure if she was doing the right thing. But it had to be done, no matter if Spiky Head, Marty, and Joshua Krakowski weren't sane. This was the right thing, right? Someone had to live. There wasn't anything they could do about dyed-hair or that guy who had just fallen from the sky. In fact, she wasn't focused on them at all, only being focused on the girl screaming and flailing in front of her. But someone had to be saved. It was possible, right?

It didn't even completely occur to her that Marty did it.

Alex in Sunderland
The guy just... went on and on.

Apparently he thought he was getting upset because he was trespassing? Bullshit. He was getting upset because there were people killing each other and a bunch of people were dead and his sister was running around with a murderer and there might be someone stalking him and he was just standing there acting weird and-

... Rabbit. The rabbit is not in a good mood.




Okay, this fuckhead was clearly out of his mind. Seriously. He was going on about rabbits and daydreams and reality. What? What was he looking at here? Was this guy seriously telling him a rabbit had been talking to him? Okay, so Cisco was going on about a person named Death who may or may not be stalking him, and now this guy was talking about a rabbit. Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Okay, so now what?

He watched as this Alex guy posed himself in a "Don't fuck with me" manner, as if trying to scare him off. He... he had really lost it. He was too far gone, and... and... oh god.

He was dealing with yet another psycho, yet another delusional fool, yet another potential homicidal maniac. Joy.

Remy scowled. Okay, so he was dealing with someone who might react not-so-well over the next few seconds. Might as well play his game.

"Look, there are plenty of houses around here. I'm sure you could... gee, I dunno, rest in those?" he said, his voice starting to sound paranoid and scared once more.

Oh god, please just go away and not see him again and not turn out to be murderous and just do whatever and let him find someone who wasn't out of their mind and just... please. Go.

Could Have Been Worse
And Aaron responded, going on about how there were killers afoot and they had to do something, anything, to get them out of their way.

And oh look, that Milo guy tagged along, valiantly defending her position and reminding Aaron not to run off and scare everyone like that. Oh wait, that wasn't what happened, he just yelled at her to shut up like she was a dog who had been barking for nine hours straight.

Aileen's fists clenched as she scowled. Yes, Aaron had a point. Yes, they were murderers. Yes, they were probably plotting something. But... you know, the best way to get on anyone's side was to shoot at people and run off in a panic. Obviously. Seriously, what number of things could go wrong? It wasn't like anyone could die, or that the killers now have more of a reason to hunt you down if they weren't shot, or that yet again, people could get lost.

"Aaron..." she shouted. "That doesn't mean you can scare my ass to the moon and back by doing what you did! That girl, whatever the FUCK her name was? She was RUNNING AFTER YOU damn it! You were lucky that her leg seemed hurt! Otherwise... otherwise..."

No more words came to her mind. She wasn't happy, to say the least.

Also, where was Lily? That... that wasn't good. Did they get her, too? Shit, shit shit shit. She didn't want her to die... what if Lily never made it out? What if Rob or What's-Her-Face got her? They might have gotten Richard as well. What if they did? What if they...

Aileen was going to cram that hammer down their throats if they hurt any member of their team. Seriously, they did nothing that horrible to them up until Aaron went trigger happy on everyone. Disgusting! Aileen was hoping to spend a while longer not dealing with killers and such, people who thought that the only way off was by playing by Danya's rules and kill what was once their classmates. And not only that, but were happy to do so. No one on their team, like Tom, deserved someone going psycho and killing them just because they thought that was how they were going to survive.

And then she took a deep breath, still having lost a fair amount of energy from just a few seconds ago shouting. Suddenly she reached her hands up and rubbed her temples with her fingers. Damn... damn this place to hell...

And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse
Joshua Krakowski seemed impatient, like he was waiting for her to say something. But really, her mind was a flurry of things she could be saying, and she couldn't pick one. She wanted to find Ben and Brendan, and get Polanski on their side. She wanted to go home. She wanted to grow up. She wanted everyone to be alive. She wanted food. She wanted someplace to wash herself. She wanted to sleep.

So many wants and needs, and she didn't know where to start.

She could hear Now-Only-Partially-Spiky Head mumble something groggily, as if she had just been woken up. Was she asking what was going on?

Marty went outside for some fresh air, and she watched as he hurried outside. Turning back to Joshua Krakowski, she saw that he was fiddling around with his crossbow. Marty seemed to be in shock this entire time, as if he had seen something extremely horrible.

Chase put the necklace back into her bra, and fidgeted on the spot, her head bowed to the ground. As a child, she once heard some good advice for when she was stuttering particularly badly or just was having a word block; just take a deep breath and try to stay calm.

So deep breath.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Hey, you know what this reminded her of, now that she was finally in a building for the first time in days? A zombie movie. Hiding out in an abandoned building with a bunch of weapons... that feeling that you could die any minute... the death-like feeling surrounding everything... yeah, zombie movie. It was a strange thought, especially the timing, but there that was. Personally, she'd prefer zombies over this anyday. Zombies were slow, unless they were fast. And you just needed to damage the head to kill them. Not only that, but she could set them on fire and watch them run around in flames! But that wouldn't do, they'd set things on fire, like other zombies, or buildings, or people, or houseplants.

But, zombies would have been better. At least she could easily deal with zombies. Heck, she even got that survival plan book and had a basic plan on what to do if there was a zombie infestation nearby her house. She'd be definitely having more fun if it were zombies rather than deranged versions of her classmates.

Wait a second, was that screaming? Oh god, what if she willed zombies to show up on the island?

Like everyone else, Chase glanced at the doorway, to see it was not zombies, but rather, Marty screaming and banging his fists to the ground. Hey, wasn't insanity an early symptom of zombie infection, though?

But, no more zombie comments in her head. Joshua Krakowski whispered to them one of the reasons why he would be freaking out. A girl he liked died. And suddenly, it made sense. Chase knew the feeling. She knew it all too well. She sympathized with him completely. Heck, if he had been calm, Chase would have walked outside and given him a hug. The urge was there to just try to comfort him, but she wasn't sure if he needed it.

But Marty soon started focusing his attention on a camera, shouting at it to stop looking at him. Joshua Krakowski had asked him to calm down, but he did not listen. Would he listen? No. Just kept shouting.

And when he seemed to pick up a rock and prepare to throw it at the camera... everything was in chaos once more.

It seemed that within a few seconds, everyone hurried outside to stop him. Joshua Krakowski and one of the girls got there before she did, grabbing him by the arms and shouting. Chase had ran outside with them, and was now preparing to grab him as well in case that he needed to be restrained a bit more. Her heart pounded as he struggled within his grasp.

Oh god, what the hell was he doing?! Did he really just try to throw a rock at the camera? That was going to get him killed! Not only that, but who was to say that Danya wouldn't kill the rest of them for simply being there, as well? But oh god, she didn't want him to die too! Please don't actually go through with it!

But, after a bit of getting shouted at by the two people holding him back, Marty started to calm down. They didn't need additional restraining. But... they let him go and from where Chase was standing a small feet away, she could see tears on his face. Suddenly, he collapsed to the ground, curling up into the fetal position.

Poor guy. Really, what could she say? She was surprised that she hadn't acted similarly so far herself. To be honest, she couldn't blame him. Sure, he just attempted suicide, but really, poor guy wasn't taking it so well. Heck, Chase felt tempted to like... put a hand on his shoulder or something. And yet, she couldn't do anything. She wasn't sure what she could do here. It was like she was just there, here to watch all of this.

And suddenly, there was a mention of the crossbow, then...

Chase spun around to see a most frightening sight.

In many of the movies she watched, there wasn't only zombies and such you had to worry about. There would always be some psycho in your party, who would suddenly lose their shit and start attacking others. When she first started hanging around this group, she'd suspect that it would be either Spiky-Head or Dyed-Hair Girl to play this role, if we wanted to apply the same roles here.

Well, dyed hair, you proved her suspicions correct.

She had the crossbow. That wasn't good. She started mumbling about them staying still and getting shot in front of the camera. Chase's heart started to race faster.

Oh god, this wasn't happening! They were just trying to get Marty to not kill himself, did this really seem to be a good time to go into psycho la-la-ville? And oh god, where was that crowbar? She left it back in the building, didn't she? It was lying there, and she was out here, about to get a bolt to the face! Why didn't she think of bringing it out with her? God damn it, and they were all going to die. Die die die.

But, one thing was certain. At least she was doing the time-honored tradition of stalling and trying to gloat. That wasn't exactly a smart thing to do. Someone could interrupt her by attacking her mid-sentence or something. In a way, she was clearly stalling for time.

Well, might as well keep her stalling.

As that surreal feeling sunk in again, she took a deep breath, and...

"No you aren't. Listen. Just... put the thing down. What use will y-you have, killing us all with it?", she started slightly unconfidently. "I mean, would it m-make Mommy and Daddy proud or something? I don't get it."

She glanced around at her three fellow hostages. Okay, so, they only had a rock with them, as far as she could tell. Whoopee. And that girl might not be so happy after what she just said.

What happened next... she wasn't sure if it was a sign from god, a blessing, a curse, or even a mixture of all three. All she knew was, it happened.

She heard a faraway scream from somewhere, and within a few seconds, something landed with a thud several feet to her right. Chase instinctively turned her head and...

Did a dead body just fall out of the sky?

Well, it looked a tiny bit like a person, that was for certain. She wasn't sure though. Even from here, she could tell that if it was a person, it definitely wasn't getting back up. Oh shit, so that person was dead? What the hell happened? This wasn't exactly the best of omens right now, to say the least.

And things just kept getting weirder and weirder. Not better, though. Weirder.

Alright! Since Clu asked me this.

There isn't much that I would have trouble writing. Just nothing involving genitals being mutilated (other forms of guro/torture are fine by me, though). I really don't want to write about someone ripping off a certain male body part or anything like that.

I can't think of anything else that I don't want to write, so fire away. Just keep in mind I'm using a shared computer right now, so I'll have to hide what I'm writing from others. XD

Alex in Sunderland
The guy introduced himself as Alexander Seymour. Alexander Seymour? That name sounded familiar, but he didn't know how. Maybe they shared a class or something? He couldn't quite recall.

But that paled in comparison to the question he was asked immediately after.

Was he just a figment of his imagination? Was he real?


Of course he was real. He was standing here, wasn't he? He was here, alive, and real. Unfortunately, he was still on this island. Why would he be fake? That was an odd question. Then again, this island was full of odd questions like this.

He had no clue how to reply to this. Really, what was he supposed to say? "Yes, I am a figment of your imagination, and my name is Remy Kim, I'm just a delusion?". The fuck? Really. Really.

The guy seemed to stare down to the ground, as if something was there. But nothing was. What was going on? What was he doing? It was really freaking him out, and he didn't know why. Maybe it was because he was feeling so paranoid right now.

And suddenly, this Alexander Seymour turned around and looked startled for some reason, greeting him again, like he hadn't noticed him before. It was as if he was talking to someone else and hadn't noticed him! Seriously, the hell? Was he out of his mind? He probably was. God damn, couldn't he encounter someone sane here? At least someone who knew what was going on?

Remy was somewhat taken back by this, and blinked.

Okay? Could he just... walk away from all this? Go back to his attic, and hide out there until he goes away? He seemed out of it, but he also seemed harmless. Remy, in spite of his nervousness, took a few steps forward, knife still in hand.

"Uh... what are you doing here?" he asked, starting to seem just a tiny bit more like the Remy of the past.

If he did something suspicious, he would run the hell away. Simple. It was that simple, right? Hopefully he'd at least notice he was armed. What if he did attack though? He'll deal with that.

The Waiting Room Bar and Grill
And in walked Carol Burke, looking the same as ever.

You'd expect her to freak out, asking, or rather, screaming as she did so, why Reiko did that, or why she was taken so soon. You'd expect her to want to get vengeance on Reiko from the grave. And you'd expect her to be pissed off about being dead.

However, her only thoughts was that being killed fucking hurt.

Carol, ever since she had been killed, had developed a habit of rubbing her neck. It didn't even ache now, but the memory of what it felt like was there. And she still had no clue why she did it! Was it something she said? But... but... she didn't mean to insult her or anything! She just wanted things to be alright. That's all. Was it because she was leaving? But she was just about to change her mind, she didn't want to leave her in the end.

But, here she was. Who knew the afterlife was a bar? A bar where people her age shouldn't be consuming alcohol, but are. Funny. She didn't expect this. If she were to expect something out of the afterlife, it would be becoming an angel and floating around in the sky playing harps and trumpets for the rest of time. Not getting hammered.

Well, might as well take a seat!

Carol found a spot at the bar, staring intently at the bartender, who was... doing something. Was he putting a red X over that picture of her face? So he was trying to figure out who had died so far apparently.

But, she needed a drink. And not just any drink!

"Uh... excuse me sir? May I please have some Mountain Dew?"

There. She was going to drown her sorrows in caffeine and sugar. And no one was going to stop her. When she had enough, she had enough, and no one could tell her when she had enough!

And suddenly, a few shouts filled the room. Carol turned around, to see a guy (Ethan, was that his name?) screaming something nearby a projector. What that was, though, she couldn't quite get. Something about metal and radio waves. Seriously, it was as if he had gone crazy!

Carol was suddenly filled with curiosity. What was he talking about? Sure, a better question at this point would be "Why did my friend strangle me?" or "Am I going to be in this bar for all eternity?", but she couldn't help but wonder what was going on. Why was he shouting technobabble at that screen? Why was he so upset? Seriously, what was he doing?

Should she get out of her seat and see what the matter was? Or should she let him... do whatever? But he might need comforting or something. But he might need to be left alone.

Bah. Her Mountain Dew would have to wait.

Carol slid herself out of her seat, and went over to the projector. Even just for a look to satisfy her curiosity. Wait a tic... was that that goth girl? Liz Pol-whatever? She had heard of her before. What was she doing? And there was a crowd of people around her, as well. Huh?

She tilted her head to one side like a curious puppy. Was this what he was freaking out over? She didn't really get what was happening, all that she knew was that Liz was on the screen, and for some reason that caused that guy to flip.

"What... is this?" she asked, to nobody in particular.


Can I join in? : D

Oh! Just so you guys know, I'm trying to get school-related things done this week, and I'm having computer problems. I will still be around, but I may not show up as much.

Just so you know.

And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse
((Anna Chase continued from Wind In The Willow))

If you looked at the small girl currently sitting inside one of the many buildings scattered nearby the mines, you wouldn't recognize her at this point.

Once upon a time, she had a pretty good life. She wasn't popular, but she made a fair amount of friends. People found her the odd one, but she never minded. At one point she even had a boyfriend.

But, things change. And at this point, Anna Chase looked and felt like shit. Maybe even shit at this point was an understatement.

And she still couldn't believe it.

Maybe she really did fall asleep on the bus, and someone would wake her up. And everything would be alright. Heck, maybe everything with Jon didn't happen, and they were still together! And then everything with Dawne and Lexie and all those people never happened, and everything was sound. Everyone was sound and everyone was still there, and there was no stabbing or shooting or people getting beaten or insane Christian zealots or anything like that. Everything was fine. Just plain peachy!

Maybe she'd soon get off the bus, and go talk with Brendan. Just chat. And then she'd go eat lunch with Dawne. Maybe Rekka too. Or Jon! Heck, maybe she and Jon would cuddle up to each other near the campfire. And then they'd all go home. That Dark Knight movie looked good. Maybe she'd bring someone to watch it with her. It had killer clowns and everything in it!

And then they'd all graduate! They'd all graduate, and go on to become successful. And then they'd all meet again, right? As adults at a reunion.

And Survival of the Fittest would only be a term relating to evolution to them, and nothing more.

Yes. Everything was going to be okay. Wasn't it? Everything always turned out for the better. Always-

She lifted up her own hand and hit herself across the cheek.

It was all wrong. Everything was wrong. Jon and Dawne were dead. She had just found out that Dawne's boyfriend had been beaten to death. Ben had ran away, and she had yelled out his name enough times once they had left the dangerzone that her throat was hoarse. Brendan was god knows where, probably fearful for his life. And her group... at the same time, she worried about their safety and was scared of them.

Those two girls could come running up to her any second to demand the crowbar back, or start arguing again. Maybe they would tear it out of her hands, just after attacking her to the point where she'd be knocked out just like Marty was. Perhaps with the crowbar itself, while she was at it.

Marty and this Joshua Krakowski person, though, were somewhat more reliable than those two. Well, Josh was. She had no clue about Marty. Marty was still injured, and could do absolutely anything at this point, to be honest. He seemed particularly frightened of her and those two girls back at the beach.

And that's all she had. The only people right now she could stay with.

Chase had told herself that she was only going to stay until Marty got better. But, she ended up sticking with them after he had woken up. She guessed she was just that desperate.

And yet, she couldn't help but think about Brendan.

Where was he? Was he alright?

Please be alright.

Please. Please please please please.

She didn't know what she'd do if he was gone too. Everyone else was gone. All gone. Either crazy or dead. He had to be the only sane, living person, right? She didn't want to know whether or not him and Erik would become... different.

Chase missed everyone. Brendan, Dawne, Jon, Rekka, Erik. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't help but think of them. She knew she would never chat with Dawne again, or cuddle up to Jon, or watch movies with Brendan ever again. It was all gone now. Everything was gone. It was over.


She could find Brendan, right? Just find him, make sure he's okay. She didn't know what she could do after that, though. She was helpless, and stuck with a group that could implode on itself any minute. She... she couldn't protect him or anything. Could she?

She had the crowbar. She could defend herself with it.

But what then?

She didn't know what to do... oh god... what was there to do...

Chase suddenly reached inside her bra to pull out the necklace from earlier. She missed him, so much. What would have done? Or anyone else, for that matter?

And all the death around her wasn't the only thing for her to ponder, either. There was Polanski, as well. No, not the director of Rosemary's Baby. Someone by that name got her collar off, and Danya was on the warpath over it. People got their collar blown over it, apparently. It was possible to get your collar off, but they were on even closer scrutiny right now. If someone tried it now, he'd set the collar off to kill them.

Could they find Polanski, though?

Find Polanski. Find Ben. Find Brendan.

Could she do that?

She was too late to find Jon, Dawne, and Rekka. Much too late. Polanski had a bounty on her head, and Ben could be halfway across the island at this point. And Brendan... she didn't want to think about what he could be going through right at this moment.

And there was the issue of the fact that Polanski had let those people die. What if Polanski turned out to be yet another psycho? Even if she wasn't, would she help them? She knew how to get it off. Even if they didn't escape, having the collar off would help. They could simply hide out in a dangerzone without fear, and not have to run into other people. It was a bit like when she was younger, when her class played Capture The Flag, there was always someone who hid in the safe spot. Could that work here?

And even if she helped them... Danya could just simply kill them if he noticed it. He would press the button, and boom. Who's up for Chunky Salsa Anna Chase Style brand? Sorry, no refunds, the movie is over, go home. She went out with a bang, shades, The Who.

Was it even worth a shot?

Well, she needed to find Ben and Brendan as well. Why... why didn't she go after him? She was so stunned, and had almost no clue what was going on. She should have followed him, made sure he was safe. He had to be safe, right? Chase could have simply ran with him despite his wishes. She... she was a coward, wasn't she? She could have like... ran after him.

She had to find him. Not only him, but Brendan and Polanski.

It was the right thing to do.

The necklace hung in her hands, glinting in the small amount of light.

And suddenly, she snapped out of her thoughts. Marty! Was he alright? He seemed to be improving, but he had to be dragged out of the dangerzone. And not only that, but those girls... they were still there! They could-

Wait. They might know something about Ben, Brendan, and Polanski, right? Maybe they saw where Ben ran exactly, or had seen Brendan and Polanski before. It wasn't that unlikely.

She had to talk to them. Even just a few words.

Chase lifted herself off the ground, still feeling unsteady thanks to the amount of stress and lack of nutrients in her body. Just a few words. That's all she needed.

She searched for what to say. No words came to mind. Her mind was a sea of words of what she could possibly say.

But only a few came out.

"Guys..." she began, looking around her. "We should... I dunno..."

Could Have Been Worse
((Aileen Borden continued from When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open))

Okay, where was Aaron?

She needed to have a word with him. Now.

Aileen's breath came in hoarse gasps as she searched for him. Seriously, she was angry, scared, and worrying her butt off. Jesus Christ almighty, he was demonstrating to her more and more what it was like to be a babysitter each and every single minute. And what's more, once again he had ran away from the fucking group, being chased from behind by that Jacquard person and god knew what else. Seriously, was he trying to get them all killed back there? Was he trying to die? Fuck, and he shot at that guy. Rob Jenkins was a murderer, correct? What if it didn't hit him? What if he was following them? And what if Aaron had shot him? Oh god, a number of horrible things could happen!

And as if it couldn't get any oh-so-better?

Those announcements.

Was that really him? But... they would have done something to him by now. Aileen hadn't really thought about the teachers ever since the beginning. But Kwong was alive. Kwong was being held hostage. Apparently, he was now a bargaining chip for the terrorists.

Liz something-or-other. That was her name. According to the announcements, she had managed to get her collar off. How did she do that? She had no clue that was even that possible! And then they... they... made him kill someone. Daisuke Nagasawa? Three more were killed, as well.

Kwong wasn't a bad teacher. He was strict, but he genuinely cared about his students. He... he didn't deserve this! He didn't deserve to be forced to kill someone! Or tell people not to escape! Or be imprisoned like that! It wasn't fair... it wasn't fair...

And suddenly, she could see Aaron. Her blood began to boil again when she saw what he was doing. Sitting on the ground, writing in his notebook. As usual.

God damn it.

Aileen immediately dropped her things, and started stomping over.

"AARON!" she yelled. "Don't ever scare me like that again! Got it?"

She was furious. Oh god, he really needed to stop running ahead of the group! People were going to get lost! And he just ran away after shooting his gun at someone. Oh man, this was really starting to annoy her.

Alex in Sunderland
((Remy Kim continued from Too Late))

Two days now.

Two days now he had been separated from Cisco and Josée.

He had just went off to look for the bag thief, and when he saw no trace of anyone, went back only to see they had left without him. They just literally ran off! Those bastards! Josée was making a big deal about both of them living when they first met up on the island, and yet, she didn't keep her word. She didn't keep it, and what's more, she was being buddy bud with Cisco. Cisco, fucking Cisco, who had killed Katelyn and was out of his mind. And Josée saw him as oh-so-innocent, being manipulated by "Death". Who was most likely their bag thief and was probably following them around this entire time. Heck, "Death" might have even followed him here, right where he was hiding, and was waiting for him to come out.

Maybe that was paranoia. But a bit of paranoia never hurt anyone, right? Of course, Remy didn't realize that to Josée and Cisco, it probably looked like he ran away from them.

Remy opened the attic door, peering downwards with weary, tired eyes. This is where he had been sleeping for the past few nights. It was lucky he found proper shelter, really. Of course, sometimes he would come down to look around for a bit, to see if anyone is out there and whether or not it was still a good hiding spot. However, he had not encountered anyone so far ever since the incident with Cisco.

A chill went down his spine as he remembered. Her scream, the blood flowing from her neck... he was pretty sure it popped up again in the few hours of sleep he had received. And Josée still thought he was perfectly sane? Really?

Could he go back down there right now?

He had his knife... but what if someone only a few steps away had a gun?

What if Kris was out there?

Or Death?

Well, he told himself that if he found Kris, he would avenge Reika. And Death... Death... that was the one he was worried about.

What if Kris and Death were the same?

A mental image once again popped into his mind, this time of some psycho repeatedly shooting Reika, smiling, and nicknaming himself Death after the act. Cisco said his name was Joe or something like that, but for all he knew it was some kind of alias. Yes! That was what a smart killer would do! Not give out his real name! And maybe Josée was right, and Death/Kris/Joe was taking advantage of Cisco's insanity and making him kill people without realizing it! It made perfect sense! Death was after him specifically! He wasn't satisfied with Reika, so he was going after him and Josée next!

... Well, if he said that thought out loud, people would think he was crazy for his logic. But to him, in his state of paranoia and exhaustion, it was excellent logic.

In any case, though, he had to get out of the building. Slinging the one bag over his shoulder, he made his way down, and headed out of the building.

No one in sight so far. Maybe he could head back to his old attic, which was starting to be as close to him as home at this point. Heck! He could stay there as long as the area wasn't declared a dangerzone! It was a nice hiding spot, after all. No one would think to look up there.

All so far, so good-

His heart started to race.

Someone was here.

Someone was out here, waiting for him.

Remy was currently staring at his back, as he did something he couldn't quite comprehend. Who was it? Who was here? Why was here? Were they just coming in all of the sudden? Oh god, they could be a player. Or... you-know-who. Why was he here?

His thoughts continued to race as he watched the guy. Remy's hand instinctively reached for the knife in his pocket for the first time in a few days. He was going to have to defend himself, right? Defend himself... in case he... you know... turns out to be playing and attacks him.

"Who's there..." he started in a quiet voice, but it soon turned louder. "WHO'S THERE?"

Immediately he fished his knife out of his pocket, and flipped it open. He... he wouldn't attack someone with a knife, right? He'd back the fuck away. That's what he'd do if he was smart, right? Smart AND sane! He needed more sane people here. Sane people would react normally to the knife, obviously.

When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open
Suddenly, Aaron spoke up again.

He said that Rob was a known murderer according to the announcements, and that she shouldn't even bother. Oh shit, really? They were not only dealing with some angry athletic guy with a gun, but an angry athletic guy who had killed. That was far from good news. Seriously, how did Aileen miss the name "Rob Jenkins" on the announcements? She had been listening to them and attempting to keep track of who was killed and who were the ones killing! How did she not make that connection? It should have clicked with her!

And to make matters worse, there was someone else there. Aileen turned to head to see a girl. She looked vaguely familiar. Was she in one of her classes? Actually, it seemed like she had seen her for two seconds or something at one point. Something starting with "J". She remembered something about pens, as well. God, her memory was foggy.

But, judging by Aaron's reaction, she was also bad news. He seemed to think that this "Jacquard" person was working with Rob, and that they were trying to pick them off one by one. And suddenly, it hit her; what if they had already gotten Richard? What if they did? Those fuckheads! If they killed Richard she was going to rip their heads off! It would have been cruel of them to just kill someone like him without remorse! He probably did nothing to them! They had no reason to gang up on him, and... and...

Aileen's facial expression contorted even more as Aaron continued to talk, saying that they lost their chance and he could have helped him.

And suddenly, gunshots.

Aileen simply stood in shock as she heard the cracking noises and Aaron began running away. What just happened? Oh god, what just happened? Someone fired their weapon, who was it? Aileen looked around, seeing that the Jacquard girl was running after Aaron.

Wait, was Aaron the one who fired the weapon?

God damn it! He was acting even more impulsive than her right now! And being quite the coward, to boot. Sure, running away was really the best thing he could have done, but in all honesty. Did he really just fire his weapon at them?

In which case, should she follow him?

On one hand, Aaron just attacked someone. On the other...

"AARON, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" she yelled, quickly grabbing her things and moving as fast as she could even with all the factors making her slower.

Aileen.... was, of course, being Aileen.

She better follow him. He might do something dumb and impulsive again, and god knows what else next time. And god knows she didn't want that to happen, at all. Fuck, they had already had Tom killed off, and a bunch of their group run off. The last thing they needed was for him to do something that could get him or others killed. Sure, he was most likely scared. But this was straight out of nowhere!

And plus, she didn't want this Jacquard person to stab his ass or something.

So Aileen ran.

((Aileen Borden continued elsewhere))

Wind in the Willow
So, she and the dyed hair girl put Marty down.

Within minutes, he had brought himself to the world of awareness. It seemed like a hard struggle at first, but soon his eyes were open and he was trying to say something. Retro Guy- Joshua Krakowski apparently, god why did it take this long to learn his name- immediately reacted with relief that Marty was awake. He seemed confused, but he was starting to get a bit better, right? He seemed to not know where he was or what happened, but the girl with the spiky hair- or rather, the distant remains of spiky hair by this point- explained it to him. Lord knew that she and the strawberries and cream girl were going to go into another spat about who sucks and who doesn't.

However, she ended her speech by referring to her as "goth girl" and throwing something at her feet. Chase yelped as she jumped back in shock, the object falling several inches from her feet with a thud. Wait, that was the crowbar, wasn't it? Sliding the bag finally off her shoulder, she bent over to pick it up. As she lifted her upper body back up, she hugged the crowbar like it was a teddy, a huge grin on her face. Yes! Finally! She had a weapon! She could defend herself now! And now that she had a weapon, she could do all sorts of things. What could you do with a crowbar, though? Go crowbar hunting? Just find that bear and jump it, bashing its brains out like a pinata? Man, that would be badass, wouldn't it? A tiny little girl, beating a bear to death with a crowbar and only a crowbar! Or maybe a deer! Deer should sit long enough to be hunted! That's all they did! That was their purpose in life! They were food, not friends or Bambi or anything like that! Their biological purpose was to be prey! That's the point of them being part of the eco-system!

But, her dreams of crowbar hunting were cut to a stop as she realized Marty was still there, and although he was awake, he was still probably in bad enough shape to need help. Crouching down to get a look at him, she stared. Simply stared. What could she say here? "I got the crowbar"? "Are you feeling alright"? "How does it feel to be here-" NO. Don't even try that one.

Before she could come up with something, the loudspeakers cracked to life once more. She could feel a chill going up and down her spine as it screeched, and suddenly, she was on her back, having fallen with crowbar and all. Lifting herself into a sitting position, she felt as if her heart was about to leap out and cause mayhem of its own.

Names were listed once more. At first she couldn't recognize any of the names, until...

She couldn't believe it.

What the fuck.

What the hell.

Him too?

But... but... Dawne wanted him to live, right? It was a given. She would have wanted him to live and go on and... and... and...

Not be lying somewhere because some mute shit-faced asshole beat him to death.

Chase suddenly stood up, and quickly realized just how unsteady she was feeling. The announcement continued on, but Chase wasn't able to pay attention to it. It was just a jumble of words at this point.

"-made Chris Carlson the star-"

"-orth tried to strangle herself or something, but she put a lit-"

"-Then Raidon Naoko went ahead and shot Alison Walworth and Madison Stone in rapid succ-"

"-After a day of inactivity, Rei-"

Only fragments. That was the only thing she could get. Everything was just a blur. That's all it was. Her head was spinning. Was she dizzy? She put her one free hand to her head to steady herself as she closed her eyes. She must be dizzy, she had only been drinking water sporadically and from the stream which had lots of nasty things in it but was the only option she had right now, and she hadn't eaten much in a while. And with all that walking, of course she would be feeling a little off! It was simple! Simple, right?

Lifting her hand away and opening her eyes, she could see a group of people nearby her. Who were they? Why were they here? They didn't look familiar for a few seconds. Wait, they met at the beach, right? Chase squinted behind her glasses as the announcement ended and she could hear one of them ask a question about the woods in an Australian accent.




What the hell was that?

The Australian boy ran up to her and started speaking. Ben! That was his name! She remembered now! But... he was leaving...?

Just leaving the group, or...?

It hit her. They were in a dangerzone. She had managed to avoid ending up being in one before, but the beeping was coming from their collars, and that wasn't a good sign. They had to get out of here, now.

But Ben... Ben... he was leaving the group. Not just the area, the group. He had to be alone, he had to be away from the group, he couldn't do anything to protect her, or maybe Marty. He was just going to run off like that.

And suddenly, Chase snapped out of her stupor.

"Ben!" she yelled at his back. "Don't leave us! DON'T LEAVE US TO-"

The collar continued to beep. Ben was gone.

"... Don't leave me..." she murmured quietly.

Shit, was she crying? Her eyes felt wet again.

But she had to get out of here. Lifting her bag over her shoulder, she addressed the rest of the group.

"We... we have to get out of here. Let's... just get a move on, okay?"

And suddenly, Chase bolted for it, hoping that the others would make it out okay. Why did she care about them so much? Why was she crying over Ben? They were just people. People attacked each other. Like they did.

Maybe because it was her only option right now to stay with them.

((Anna Chase continued in And As If it Couldn't Get Any Worse))

Too Late
((Guys, we should wrap this one up. It's gone on too long, and it's a dangerzone. XD))

As he approached the bush, he could continue to hear Josée and Cisco talking. She continued to insult him behind his back, but asked Cisco again about "Death". She was still on this? She really wanted to know, didn't she?

Cisco rambled on, answering that "Death" was apparently named "Joe" or at least in the form of someone named Joe. But, he had no clue where Death/Joe went.

Suddenly, he could hear Cisco offering to help them, and as Remy turned his head towards, everything started to make sense.

Cisco had removed the "record" from its sleeve, but it was definitely not a record like he first thought when he first saw something in the sleeve. Was that a fucking sawblade? Jesus. Christ. He didn't know that was even possible. At least it made more sense than a record.

"Shit..." he mumbled, staring at the record.


Remy suddenly turned his head.

Someone was nearby. They dropped something? Or maybe they fell to the ground?

It came from the bush.

Remy looked back at the other two, put his finger to his lips to indicate silence, and then peeked over the bush.

Would he find someone? Something did make a noise here. But what? Maybe it was the bag thief or both. Or maybe, as he thought, they were one and the same. Or maybe it was someone or something else? The announcements did say something about bears, after all.

Suddenly, he ran.

He ran deeper into the woods, his heart racing.

Come on, show yourselves!

But suddenly, Remy was tossed to the ground, landing face first. Oh god, he tripped on something! What was it? A quick look behind them and... was that someone's bag? He lifted it up. Huh. That must have been one of theirs. Lifting himself off the ground, he looked around frantically as he lifted the bag over his shoulder.

And without telling the others, went searching for the bag thief again. After a while, Remy had wandered off, to the point where he was fairly far off from Cisco and Josée.

((Remy Kim continued in Alex In Sunderland))