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Horrors From Beyond
Melissa seemed as if she had found something she had liked, but had decided that it was better to continue looking. What a shame, too. Aileen didn't know much about how to make clothes look good on people, but the one she picked out... might have looked good on her. It wouldn't have looked too bad, at the very least. Ah well. It's her choice, right? It wasn't as if Aileen was dictator over people's fashion choices, always preaching through propaganda about how not to wear white after Labor Day or something, after all. But, that was a strange analogy, she had to admit. In any case, she hoped something would look good on each of them.

And so, Aileen turned back to what she was doing. Well, she had a start, right? Go for purple, because purple was... something. Actually, it was just her favorite color, nothing special. But, it might mean something, seeing as... well, a lot of colors had "symbolism" that people attached to them. Some were obvious, like red for violence and anger, or blue for sadness. Maybe could do a bit of research on that? Perhaps.

Aileen continued to look, her thoughts starting to wonder. Perhaps she was... spacing out? She seemed to be doing that a lot today. No... not today. Recently, in general. Let's face it, she was... kind of a moron lately.

As she flipped through the different dresses on the rack, she kept scanning what she had seen. Hmmm... too small... too large... too boring... and that one was too gaudy. God, she was being picky today, as well. Couldn't she just find something, go check out, and be happy? But, on the other hand, perhaps being picky was a good thing. After all, she didn't want some random dress off the shelf, and not care how it looks, right? So, guess it was still time to keep looking.

At that moment, she found a nice, dark purple dress, with no sleeves, but it looked... kind of charming. Around the collar, it had a design on it, made of beads. It looked... cute? Was that the right word to describe it? Aileen guessed so. Was this it, then? Was this the one she would be wearing? Well, first she needed to try it on, and then check the price, so, you know, it wouldn't turn out to be not the right size, or much more pricier than she expected.

But, Aileen did in fact find something she liked. And that was something.


The Questions Game
Life's got you down: kids are screaming; bills are piling up; spouse is cheating on you; and your fired from your job for the other guys' mistakes. How do you react?

Aileen- ... I'm way too young to be dealing with a spouse and kids. How many highschool students have those? Exactly. Only a few. I think I'll wait until I'm older to get married and then let said person get me pregnant. So, just mope a bit about the other two, I guess.

Carol- Uh... throw a fit? Go crazy because my husband is cheating on me and I don't have a job? I don't really know, actually. Never really thought about that. But, I have had a few stressful days, I admit!

Chase- ... God, I wish someone would l-like me enough to propose to me in the first place... on the other hand, if they're cheating on me, th-they probably don't care about me... but, a girl can dream of getting married, right? Nice cake... big poofy gown... the "I do"s.... ah. I... I think it would be nice to have a traditional wedding, don't you think? I know it's j-just a daydream, but...

Wait, you were asking about something else?!

What do you think is the most annoying song in the world?

I'm kind of busy right now. It's time to do the book report again. ^_^;

Hopefully I'll be back by the weekend. I might pop into Chatzy or check the forum, but only to check. I need to finish this.

See you guys soon!

The Throwdown
No Rock Paper Scissors?

Well, fine by her! Again, Carol was willing to go with whatever, and this idea seemed better! It was more fair, and made more sense. Who's to say that the same person would end up going over... and over...

It was silly of her to not think of that, really!

"Alright, that works!" she agreed, turning her attentions to the machine.

And so, Dom dramatically (or so it looked to Carol) removed his jacket, and started up the machine, and soon enough, picked his character. Today, it seemed he was playing as Eddy Gordo. As in, the Brazilian guy. And now it was time for Carol to pick!

And so, she quickly glanced at the screen, and made her choice. How about Nina Williams this time around? That could work. Either way, the clock was ticking, and she couldn't hesitate. At that, she confirmed her decision.

Now was the time for the fight to begin! Carol vs. Dom? Nina vs. Eddy? Who would win? Was Dom the kind of guy who just pressed buttons at random, hoping they would connect? Or was he the "tricky" type? Or even a mixture of the two? Well, she was about to find out the fastest way possible, that was for certain.

Who would win this battle? Who was the more powerful in this match? Carol wanted to figure out how exactly this match will play out.

Well, let's find out, yes?

SOTF Sims!
Gah! I'm sorry I forgot to reply to this thread!

But yeah. They look good. Aileen looks a lot like how I pictured her, really. And Carol looks really cute and cuddly to me. XD

Happy New Year, guys!

Nothing big is happening over here, I'm afraid. I honestly don't have big things happening on holidays anymore. XD

But, a new year? Hope it goes well.