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After Practice
Kathryn was half tempted to texting Lauren just to be obnoxious. Not that she'd even get the text, if her earlier excuse was anything to go on.

Kathryn glanced at her watch and was surprised at the time, she'd have to ask Iselle to drop her off first if she was going to make it back when she'd told her mom she would. She grabbed the last couple of fries off her plate as she slid from the booth.

"Không nên vội vă tôi," she said to Iselle sticking her tongue out at her. Kathryn could switch languages as well.

Kathryn pulled out her wallet and dropped a $20 on the table, picking up the five that Lauren had left. "Bye girls, make sure you check your phones for the next practice," she said as she followed Iselle to her car.

((Kathryn Nguyen continued elsewhere))

On the Waterfront
"My thoughts exactly," said Kaliska with a smile. She waved to the the employee and led the group towards Starbucks. "Any ideas what your in the mood for," she asked as they walked. Traffic seemed to have picked up since they'd gone in, there was more people walking along the storefronts. She weaved through a few more people and then arrived at the door. "I'm thinking that I'm more in the mood for tea than coffee right now."