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Love and Marriage
Kathryn shivered. “I think I’d rather sleep out here. Leave Ian to rest in the gazebo.” Kathryn stated. She really, really didn’t want to see let alone touch another dead body.

Looking up at the sky she added, “I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about the rain, at least for today.” She laughed. “Now I sound like Sean. Don’t quote me on that. The only experience I have with judging the weather is the countless hours at practices and games.”

“I’m not super sleepy, so if you want to nap first, I’ll stay awake. Then we can switch off,” Kathryn offered. She wasn’t sure how much she trusted them, but for now she’d do her best to watch over them. Hopefully, they would return the favor and they’d make it through another day.

Love and Marriage
((Kathryn Nguyen continued from Tragedy + Time))

Kathryn straggled after the boys. She’d traveled to a lot of different places on the island, but she’d never been here before. A chill ran down her spine when Sean mentioned that Ian’s dead body was in the gazebo. She wanted to object, but didn’t want to call more attention to killers and victims. Kathryn wasn’t happy about staying here, but they were rapidly running out of options. If she remembered correctly, at least half of the island was now a danger zone.

She decided to focus instead on the fact that somehow Sean knew the time from the sun. “Really, six thirty, huh, and you can tell that by looking,” she was unconvinced of his accuracy. Although she couldn’t disprove him, it wasn’t like she had a clock on her. And by now all the days had started to blend into one, she wasn’t sure she could tell you exactly how long they’d been here.

Kathryn took note of the gun exchange and wondered again just how in control Sean was and if Gray could reign him in again.

Tragedy + Time
Kathryn returned Gray's shrug but followed Sean as well. Kathryn debated for only a moment before deciding to follow the boys. She wondered briefly how they would feel about her sanity if they heard about Iselle and Carlos. Would they believe her that they'd both been accidents.

"Great, more walking," she muttered to herself as she walked away from the school.

((Kathryn Nguyen continued in Love and Marriage))

Tragedy + Time
Kathryn’s eyes snapped to Sean the moment he stepped from the building. She stopped herself from jumping up. So far he wasn’t threatening in any way, just coming towards them. It didn’t look like he had a weapon. Kathryn was a little surprised when Sean answered the question that she’d asked Gray. She wondered if he’d been standing somewhere watching and listening to them.

Not a bad strategy Kathryn thought, one that would allow you to get the drop on your enemy. Hide your numbers, and determine the threat level first. Of course if she’d been one of the killers roaming, poor Gray would probably have been dead before Sean could do anything about it.

She didn’t say anything as she was curious about the answer to Gray’s question as well.

Tragedy + Time
When Gray smiled at her, Kathryn realized she hadn’t messed up that badly. Her mouth had been getting her in trouble a lot lately. Kathryn smiled back when Gray said he was managing. Managing seemed like the best anyone could do at this point. When he continued, she realized that she still hadn’t seen Sean. Kathryn glanced around starting to get a little nervous. Where was Sean? And what was he thinking?

Gray had said that Sean was in a bad place. What did that mean? They were all in a bad place. Having to listen to their classmates names being called either as killers or victims. It wasn’t exactly a good situation for everyone. “What kind of bad place,” she asked hesitantly. “And where did you say he went again?”

Tragedy + Time
Kathryn sank to the bench with a sigh of relief and her eyes widened in surprise as Gray continued to talk to her as if they were in a normal situation. Not that she minded, it’d just been a while since she heard a calm voice. She shifted, resting the walking stick and the gun behind her.

“Not long, just today,” she answered simply. “And all I’ve been doing today is wandering. Actually first I ran into Virgil, who’s decided that he’s going to kill people if they don’t agree to let the terrorists blow our collars. Then I took a nap in the mall. Now I’m here.”

She looked around for Sean. “How long have you and Sean been together?” She paused thinking about what she said. “Wait, I didn’t mean it that way. I meant, when did you find each other? No, that's not right either, you know what I'm just going to stop talking now.”