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On the Waterfront
A classmate jogging towards her caught Kaliska’s attention. It was David something. She’d seen him in the halls, but they hadn’t had much chance to interact. The only reason she remembered his name, was because he was one of the newer faces on campus. Kaliska couldn’t even imagine what that was like. She’d lived in Seattle all her life, and had known some of her classmates since elementary school. To have to pick up and move, especially in high school seemed like some for of cruel and unusual punishment to her.

“Hi,” she greeted him with a warm smile. “Isn’t today a beautiful day? I couldn’t bear to spend it inside, so I thought I’d come down here and do some window shopping. Maybe even some actual shopping though that defeats the purpose of spending the day outside.” She smiled again at her own joke.

Not the kind of drink I wanted
((Logan Cadagon continued from League of Lunchtime))

Logan walked into the food court with a medium sized Sephora bag on his arm. He’d finally decided on a perfume assortment for his mom’s birthday. Now all he had to do was walk across the mall to the Hallmark to pick up a card and wrapping paper. Since he had to make his way through the food court anyway, he was thinking of picking up a pretzel from Pretzelmaker. He began to wind his way through the tables when he spotted a member of the football team looking utterly dejected.

“Rough day Frank,” he asked walking over to his classmate.

Fashion Changes, But Style Endures
Logan smiled. “My mom loves to scrapbook, so she always wants to make sure she has the best pictures,” he explained sliding into the driver’s seat and fastening his seatbelt.

“We shall away, my sugar belle,” he said. And just like that hey were on their way to prom.

((Logan Cadagon and Rebecca Kiesling continued in prom))

Sweethearts, skirts, and small talk
Bianca stood back and eyed her friend critically. “Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but you know with your coloring I think it works great,” she said. She stepped into the room so that she could see herself in the mirror. She debated again about the three colors she’d chosen. Finally, settling on a color that was actually more peach than pink, she leaned forward and applied the lip gloss.

Once her lip gloss was applied she moved back into the bedroom. Slipping into her black flats, she stepped back to get a look at the complete outfit. Her smile widened and suddenly she couldn’t wait for Joshua to see her. Bianca glanced over to the alarm clock and was happy to see that she was on time and the Joshua would be here to pick her up shortly.

“You ready for some pictures,” she asked coming back into to stand next to the bathroom.

Sweethearts, skirts, and small talk
Bianca raised an eyebrow at Jacqui’s statement. “Easy girl, what has got you all riled up today? I mean apart from prom of course,” she asked applying a light pink shadow just under her eyebrows. She pulled out three different shades of pink lip gloss, each one slightly darker than the other. “I’m torn as to which one to wear. I’m going to put my dress on and then you have to help me decide.”

Bianca stepped past Jacqui and into the bedroom. She slid her shorts down her nylon clad legs, she stepped out of them and then into her dress. Bianca pulled the dress up and held it against her chest with one hand, while zipping it with the other. She unbuttoned the shirt she’d been warning to prevent her dress from getting make-up or hair products on it. She used the mirror in the bedroom to readjust her hair so that most of it dangled behind her left shoulder, she didn’t want it to get caught in the beading and crystals that adorned the top of her dress.

“Actually I’m pretty sure Joshua wouldn’t be too pleased about the dancing,” she said bringing them back to Jacqui’s earlier dirty dancing comment as she came back to stand in the bathroom doorway. She motioned to the dress which was black on the top and got progressively lighter as it traveled down her torso, until her knee-length skirt was a solid white.

“So, which lip gloss do you think works best,” she said holding them up to her lips in turn.

Sweethearts, skirts, and small talk
Bianca finished applying her foundation and laughed at Jacqui’s play on words. She reached for the eye shadow she’d selected before when she noticed Jacqui had put on her dress. Sighing, she pulled a towel from where it hung behind her on the towel rack. Moving forward she wrapped the towel around her best friend. “That Zubin must be something amazing, you can’t even remember how to get ready,” she teased gently. “You’re going to get powder all over your dress, if you’re not careful.”

She turned back to her make up selections, frowned and dug three other colors out instead, deciding to add just a little more drama. She leaned forward over the counter and began to apply a light silvery gray to her lids. “And yes, Josh and I are pretty exclusive. We’ve been dating since right around Valentine’s Day. He’ll actually be picking me up pretty soon. I insisted that he make it up to me since he locked his keys in the car after asking me to prom. I hope he knows I’m just teasing him. Besides, what do you need a wingman for, are you and Zubin just going as friends? He’s not bad looking, if you could get him to part with that mustache of his.”

Biance turned her attention back to the mirror, this time choosing a dark blue. Keeping her eyes open, she applied this darker color just to the crease her eyelids formed when open.

On the Waterfront
((Kaliska Day continued from The Only Sacred Ground ))

Kaliska stood for a moment watching the waters in the Sound crash onto the shore. She’d set today aside to finish up on her homework and had been surprised when she’d finished it all this morning. Nothing at home had caught her interest and the idea of visiting her mom at work was unappealing. Instead, she decided to get out of the house for a while. She’d driven without a direction at first, but had eventually wound up at the Waterfront.

She loved the Waterfront. She loved the combination of old shops that she’d visited as a little girl and the modern stores like Starbucks that had come later. Kaliska parked at one end, intending to buy Starbucks, if nothing else, to get her parking validated. She raised her face to the sun and allowed it to warm her face momentarily. With a sigh of contentment and after another glance out at the water, she began to walk down the Waterfront.

Sweethearts, skirts, and small talk
“I’m covered. Button up shirts come in handy for dances,” Bianca said with a laugh wrinkling her nose as the smell of Jacqui’s perm preceded her into the room. She got her hair permed the day of prom? Bianca couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for Zubin, he’d either be overwhelmed by perm chemical fumes or by the amount of perfume Jacqui was going to put on to cover it. “What do you think,” she asked again shrugging her shoulders to make the loose curls bounce.

“You look great,” she said and scooted over to give her friend room in the bathroom. “Sorry I didn’t mean to hog the bathroom. You ready for make-up?”

She reached over to dig through her assorted colors and finishes. She’d decided to go for something very simple. She selected a foundation that matched her skin tone perfectly and began to apply it with a sponge. Bianca had decided to go mostly natural with just a hint of make-up to accentuate her eyes and lips.

She relayed this information to Jacqui as she searched for her black eye shadow. “What are you thinking for your make up,” she asked. “Your dress is all black, right? I think I’d go with…well it depends on what you’re going for I guess. If you want more drama I’d go with a green, but if you want more natural you could do a smoky eye.”

Fashion Changes, But Style Endures
“Nonsense, darling,” he said reaching out and fluffing Rebecca’s curls dragging some of them over her shoulder. “You look exquisite.”

He followed her down the stairs and offered her a wide smile as she called him on his nickname. “And just what would you prefer, my apple blossom?”

When they reached the bottom of the stairs he smiled as his parents and sister came to meet them. He probably should have warned Rebecca about this, they’d done the same last year when he’d gone to prom with Ben. They’d done it any time he and Ben had gone to a dance. Ben had been unable to attend prom with Logan this year, the UDUB team was in Arizona for a three game series. They’d lost the first game in the series. Logan silently wished them well and then turned his attention to smiling and posing for the pictures.

Fifteen minutes later he managed to get Rebecca out the door. “Sorry about that, they both get over enthusiastic. My older brothers never let them do anything like that," he said opening the car door for her and offering her a hand to step into the vehicle.

Fashion Changes, But Style Endures
Logan tucked the tie he’d just tied into his black vest. He pulled the vest down, smoothing out any hint of a wrinkle. He viewed the addition to his outfit with a critical eye. The tie which had alternating diagonal stripes of blue, white, gray, and black, added just enough of an accent to prevent his outfit from looking like it matched to well with Rebecca. He grabbed some gel and ran it through his hair.

Finished, Logan reached for his black suit jacket just as a knock sounded on the door. He sighed and opened the door at Rebecca’s statement. “Patience, my little cabbage blossom, you want to show up with the absolute best in arm candy do you not?” He slipped his jacket on and buttoned it, checking his appearance in the mirror one last time. “Besides, it was ten minutes at the most. We still have plenty of time.”

Sweethearts, skirts, and small talk
Bianca walked from the bedroom into the bathroom and began to remove the curlers from the bottom of the ponytail. She’d already pulled her hair into a side ponytail and was now adding the finishing touches to her look. Bianca smiled at her reflection as the curls cascaded down her left shoulder.

“Spraying hairspray,” she called out, hoping to prevent Jacqui from walking into the fog that was inevitably created by hairspray. She picked up Jacqui’s bottle and putting one hand up to protect her face began spraying. Spraying for a few seconds she stopped and fluffed her curls. She wanted the curls to stay, but didn’t want helmet hair. That would not only look unattractive, but would make it exceptionally hard to slip a tiara on. Bianca applied a little more hairspray then returned the bottle to the counter.

“What do you think,” she called to Jacqui.

Watch the Birdie
Bianca explained the situation to her mom, who found the whole situation cute and promised to be their shortly. She rolled her eyes as she hung up the phone. “My mom’s on the way. I apologize in advance for the embarrassment we’re both going to have to endure,” she said slipping the phone back into her pocket. “My mom’s decided that this whole situation is terribly cute and will want all the details so she can share it with her colleagues.” She reached over and looped her arm through his, lacing her fingers through his. “Don’t worry about dinner, maybe we can try again around prom.”

Bianca peered into the car looking at the abandoned flowers. “They’re beautiful. You can make it up to me by bringing me a corsage for prom. My dress is black and white, in case you wanted to bring something to match or accentuate it. Although that doesn’t solve the problem that fairly soon your car’s going to smell like dead flowers.” She made a face. “I hope someone can get out and unlock it soon for you.”

She took a step forward and waved with her free hand as a silver sedan entered the parking lot. “There’s my mom,” she said pulling him gently towards the car.

((Bianca Howard continued elsewhere))

Track Team Thread
Bianca would be up for something. She's in a thread that should be wrapping
up soon.

Watch the Birdie
“Lighten up, drama king,” Bianca said, nudging him with her shoulder. “Tonight is totally fine. I mean, you got beat in miniature golf, but you totally scored a date with one of the candidates from prom queen. And the night isn’t even over yet. You are so not getting rid of me that easily. What’s up with the grumpy face,” she beamed at him.

“Let me call Mom and see what she’s cool with and we’ll go from there.” She punched the speed dial for home and as she listened to it ring she was thought of something. “Just where were you planning on taking me to dinner tonight, that we can’t show up fashionably late?”

As the home phone continued to ring, she hung up with a sigh and punched in her mom’s cell.

After Practice
(Text in blue is a text message.)

Kathryn rolled her eyes as she lowered her glass. She glanced over that now there were two of her M.I.A. teammates approaching the table. Kathryn really wanted to declare a new rule. No practice, no food. What’s the point in being on a team, if you’re not going to take pride and put the work in to make it the best. Seriously, if all you were interested in is socializing, join a club. Then she wouldn’t have to deal with them. Being a co-captain was turning out to be more of an annoyance than she thought it would.

She lost her opportunity to voice her opinion before the slackers joined them. She scooted over to make room and pulled out her phone. Kathryn knew from Iselle’s comments that they were most likely on the same page in their thinking. “I say we let prac. slide this time, if happens during the again they get 2 warm benches for a while.”

The text sent, Kathryn set her phone on the edge of the table and turned her attention to the food. “I second that idea and totally support Susan’s idea to get both, especially since I was going to vote for spinach and artichoke dip.”

Handler: Arscapi
Dates Away: July 9-July 12
Days Away: 4
Reason for Away: Going to Vegas to crash a conference, internet access is questionable
Characters: Kathryn Nguyen, Logan Cadagon, Bianca Howard, and Kaliska Day

League of Lunchtime
Logan looked up as Rebecca’s mood changed dramatically. “What,” he asked then glanced over to where Geo was sitting. “She’s not, is she,” he asked looking closer.

He stood and by the time he’d collected his things Rebecca was halfway to the door. “I’ll be right there,” he called. “I need to do something first.” He picked up his backpack, slipping his pencil into the side pouch and walked around the table towards the gamer nerds.

As Logan walked past them, he stopped, bent slightly, and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Just a little bit of friendly advice, Geo sweetie, you’re wasting those marvelous skills on this one. He isn’t interested in your type of wiles.”

With a friendly smile he straightened and followed Rebecca out of the cafeteria.

((Logan Cadagon continued in Not the kind of drink I wanted)

Watch the Birdie
Bianca smiled as Josh kissed her cheek and made a mental note that she needed to wear flats to prom. If he ever got around to asking. She walked with him out to the car and watched with concern when he started searching his pockets for keys. She took a step forward, thinking he had found them, and caught a glimpse of them sitting in the car.

Bianca was going to tell him it was okay and moved to pull her own cell phone out of the small bag she was carrying. Before she could offer it to him, he rushed on. Bianca’s eyes widened at Josh’s uncharacteristic chattiness. A second later she got her explanation.

“Yes, I will,” she said simply. “I’ll make sure to remind you about your keys,” she teased gently pulling him into a hug.

Releasing him, she stepped back and produced her phone. “Now about getting us out of the current situation, should we call my mom or yours?”

The Only Sacred Ground
Kaliska nodded her agreement with Janie, after listening carefully to Ramble’s explanation. “I’d be willing to forgo naptime if we’d start a little later. Honestly, most of the time I’m barely awake for first period.”

After adding her two cents, Kaliska made a concerted effort to meditate. She didn’t think that she made much progress. Her mind continued to wander from topic to topic, focusing on everything but the stone in front of her. Kaliska opened her eyes after a few minutes to see if Ramble and Janie were more successful then she was. Glancing at her watch she realized she really needed to be on her way. Standing, she stretched and then turned and looked down at Ramble and Janie. "This was interesting, thanks for the lessons Ramble. I'll try and practice more. At the moment however I have errands that need to be finished."

((Kaliska Day continued in On the Waterfront))

After Practice
Kathryn smirked at Iselle's melodramatic statement of the facts, but raised her water glass to join the toast of the awesomeness that was the small group. Kathryn thought back to Iselle’s earlier statements about auto-failing. She probably would have as well, had Sam not warned her of the trick the examiners liked to play. With his tips and her dad’s patient guidance, she’d passed the driving test the first time she took it. Not that it did her much good as she seldom had the opportunity to use her skills.

Kathryn was about to put in her two cents about the choice of appetizers, she was leaning towards spinach and artichoke dip, when she out of the corner of her eye she caught another teammate. What is happening to our team? We have one who is so wrapped up in her baby drama she can’t be bothered to practice and another who can’t even be bothered to show up to practice. Granted, the season hadn’t officially started so she supposed she should cut them some slack, but honestly why was softball not their priority.

“Wow, look who managed to show up after practice was over,” she said softly altering the other girls with a nod of her head to Lauren’s presence.