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By the River
Thea’s eyes widened in surprise as James went from stock still to kissing her, wrapping his arms around her. Guess it wasn’t as big a deal as they told us, she thought and suddenly she was on her back staring up at the car’s roof.

The surprise continued as James’ mouth suddenly left her lips and continued down her body. She squirmed under his mouth’s attentions and then, then his hand moved. She arched against the renewed sensations. She reached out and ran her fingers through his hair, her hands caressing the outline of his jaw.

WAH WAH “I’m Holden.” BOO HOO “People don’t understand me.”
Samaya looked up as Jimmy addressed her again. She set her pencil at the top of her notebook and gave him her full attention.

“I know what you mean, I was so happy when we finally took that test. I thought I was the only one, like maybe somehow I didn’t get it,” she said her eyes widening at the confession. She didn’t usually like to confess to her classmates that she didn’t understand something.

She offered him a shy half-smile and said, “What’s the essay on?”

Book pick up
Alex perched on the edge of the table swinging her foot absently as she watched the markers and colored pencils come out.

“That’s really cool. Josie’s poster looks great! If she doesn’t get an A on this thing I’ll go talk to the teacher myself! You wanna be an artist when you get out of Bayview?” he asked.

“I’m not sure that’s the right idea. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t supposed to be a group project. It needs to be our little secret,” she said with a smile.

“You have a particular idea about where we’re gonna get pie? ‘Cuz I know an awesome place about a ten minute drive from here. It’s called Rita’s and their pie is awesome. They have like 30 different kinds. I keep meaning to try something different, but I’m totally addicted to the chocolate cream pie.”

She Shook Me Cold

Thea smirked as Lily walked away, slowly, but whatever. That’s right, bitch you so don’t belong here, so just move yourself right along. Thea then forgot her completely and focused on Feo, who had just joined the group.

"You bitches are crazy. Just completely nuts," she said. Her snickering was turning into outright laughing. "Did you really have to throw the Gap in there? What did the Gap ever do to you; you know she did not get that shit from there."

“As if that girl could afford something for the GAP, which would actually require class. That outfit was ghetto for Wal-Mart,” she said after Feo calmed down. “And as for what she did, she decided to walk up and get all up in our business. Asking if we’ve ever skated and shit, then she decided to get uppity with Evelyn, so you know that bitch had to go.”

"And, we planning to get into any more trouble today?"

“We have no problems, we’re stealing Sally away from her application padding and hit up the Starbucks, wanna join us,” Thea said offering her a wide sparking smile.

She Shook Me Cold
Thea snorted as the mouse in front of them snapped at Evelyn. She turned her back to the girl deliberately cutting her off from the rest of the group. “Oh, burn, Evie. This bitch needs to be stopped. Who the hell does she think she is given us history lesson about skating and shit? Oh and Sarah, you’re on break don’t you just want to spend all your time with her,” Thea said her voice dripping with sarcasm and attitude.

Thea threw a glance over her shoulder sizing up the girl with another click of her tongue. “Seriously, I so don’t think so.”

She was about to turn back to the girls when Feo caught her eye. Dismissing Lily as no longer worthy of concern, Thea stepped past her and waved to get Feo’s attention.

“Hey girlfriend, sweet outfit, aren’t you glad summer’s finally on the way,” she greeted Feo.

She Shook Me Cold
Sally reached out to Thea and tugged on one of the belt loops of her jeans. “Nice pants, Thea. Who are we trying to impress, hmmmm?”

Thea offered her a wicked grin. “Bitch, who aren’t we trying to impress. I have a reputation to uphold. When you’ve got it you have to flaunt it. And you know I’ve got it.” Not that James seems to notice. She rolled her eyes and watched Evelyn approach.

“Evie, you whore, why didn’t you tell me you were going shopping. I’m totally up for a new wardrobe. Nice outfit by the way.”

“Taking my break!” Sally yelled to the back of the staff room.

“Yes! White chocolate crème frappuccino here I come,” Thea said enthusiastically.

"Hello." Lily began airily, her accent making her origin quite obvious. "I don't suppose any of you have ever been skating? I must admit to not being a professional on the subject."

It was then that she noticed the mousy Lily attempting to join their little group. Oh no she didn’t just walk up here like were friends and like she doesn’t know who I am. She glanced over at Evie and Sally and amended her thoughts. Who we are. She put her hand on her hip and openly scanned the girl’s outfit. Honestly, you did not walk up in here with that…that outfit. Seriously, that dress is dirty and its spring what the hell are you doing wearing a sweater?!? Course I guess if I was built like you, I’d be trying to hide it too. Maybe you should investigate Victoria’s little secret there. She sucked air through her mouth and created a clicking sound with her tongue.

“Uh yeah I skate,” Thea said as if Lily had proposed something ludicrous. This was Minnesota, who hadn’t been ice skating?

WAH WAH “I’m Holden.” BOO HOO “People don’t understand me.”
"Uh, sorry what? Me? No uh, fuck, I didn't say anything. No, that wasn't me," He glanced back down towards his paper.

Samaya’s eyes widened at his stuttered response. What was the big deal? She shrugged as he suddenly found the paper before him interesting. He was busy scribbling across the page. Well, so much for small talk.

“Okay, if you’re sure? I was just checking you didn’t need anything,” she said quietly. She went back to looking for the answer in her science notebook. Jeez, no wonder nobody hangs around with him. What an attitude! All I was doing was being polite.

She Shook Me Cold
((Thea Kairos continued from A Few Administration Issues ))

Thea stopped at the entrance of the skating room and tapped her sandal-clad foot as she scanned the room for her friend. She knew Sally was working today and since it was a day she didn’t actually have practice or a meeting, she figured she’d come and keep her company. Spotting Sally she made a face at the outfit she was forced to wear, black and red so boring, and then started weaving her way around the rink. There was no way she was going across the ice, not in her sandals.

She made her way slowly enjoying the looks that were thrown her way. Yep, this outfit definitely works, she thought. She’d chosen a tight fit, low rise pair of jeans. Coupled with a short sleeved, pink, button-down shirt and black cardigan, that showed just a hint of skin around her waist. Yes, I’ve definitely still got it, she thought pausing as she walked past a mirrored surface.

She’d made her way over to Sally by then; so she turned and gave the guys who were still watching her, a wink and a wave. What James didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him? Besides it was just flirting, not like she was actually gonna do anything. If they wanted to think that, they were welcome to.

“Hey girl,” she greeted her friend. “Figured I’d keep you company today.”

White noise and Titration
Marion watched as her partners began to move efficiently. Will seemed content to play with the acids and bases in the experiment. Well, I stopped him from getting in trouble, this time he's on his own. She sighed and continued to pack her stuff up. She was just pulling her backpack over her shoulder when the bell rang. Sliding back onto her lab stool, she waited patiently for the teacher to dismiss them.

Ms. Heys looked over the lab stations to make sure they were clean as she required. She then dismissed them reminding them that their lab write ups were do the next day. She waved a hand towards her partners and took off to her next class.

((Marion Summers continued elsewhere.))

A Trip to the Lake
Alex rolled her eyes at the impatience coming from the backseat. She also decided to ignore Cisco’s obvious discomfort as he slid into the car. Whatever! Damn right there is nothing wrong with my car. It purrs like a kitten and is one of only 121,538 EVER made. She smiled at Jessica’s compliment and gave her ponytail a little extra flip. Her normally brown hair was dyed a deep auburn at the roots and then graduated down to a strawberry blonde. She was proud of it though the layers weren’t as blended as she would have liked. She pushed the seat back to its proper place and slid in.

“Okay, we all ready? Everyone have their seatbelts on and know everyone,” she said turning the engine over and pulling away from the curb. “Great! Let’s rock!”

She grinned as the music changed she tapped on the steering wheel in time with the drum beat. “I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?”

Book pick up
Nick smiled and clapped his hands together and Alex had to smile at his enthusiasm over pie. She put her finger over her lips to remind him that they were still in the library. She was surprised the librarian hadn't kicked them out already.

“Go ahead and call your brother to make sure he knows where you’re going, Alex. The last thing we want is someone worrying about you.”

Alex nodded and gathered the few things she’d pulled out and shoved them into her backpack. She pulled out her cell phone and turned it on before slipping into the stacks of books to call home.

“If any of you need a ride home after pie, I’d be happy to take you. If you’ve got to be home at a certain time, tell me that too. I don’t want anyone getting home to late,” she heard Nick say as she moved away.

She returned to the group a few minutes later having let Roman know he didn’t need to come and get her. “A ride home would be great,” she said rejoining the conversation.

She then turned to Jessica and asked, “So any ideas about what you should be drawing?”

White noise and Titration
Marion carefully set the beakers on the counter in the back of the room. The last thing she needed today was to be responsible for replacing lab equipment. She made her way back, avoiding other students with the same intention, her eyes focused on her partners who seemed to be getting along famously. I missed something here I know it. Somehow I’ve been sucked into an alternate reality. Deciding not to curse a good thing se put a wide smile on her face and rejoined them at the lab station.

"Twenty point two." she said to Marion, "Guess this means we won't need a third."

It took Marion a second to process what was going on, then she glanced at the flask that had once again begun to change colors. She nodded and reclaimed her notebook, jotting down the information again.

“Well, that’s good since we don’t have much time before the end of the period,” she commented. “You guys okay to clean up the rest of the equipment,” she asked, flipping her notebook closed and sliding it into her backpack.

WAH WAH “I’m Holden.” BOO HOO “People don’t understand me.”
((Samaya continued from Dear Agony, Love Hatred ))

Samaya jumped and looked up from her science notebook. She had a final exam tomorrow and she really needed to study. She looked around to find that Jimmy Brennan had found his way to the other end of her table. He didn’t seem to notice that she was here, as he glanced to look at the other table, his face turning red. Well, that’s weird. Samaya thought. I wonder what’s going on there. She continued to watch him unnoticed; he appeared to be totally lost in thought.

As he pulled out a book and she thought about what she knew about him. He had a tendency to fly off the handle at any little thing. The jocks and in-crowd called taken to calling him a crybaby after that fight at hockey tryouts. Samaya’d never learned all the details, choir and sports didn’t mix all the much. Technically, Jimmy wasn’t even on a sport team. Not that there were many sports open to someone of their heights. Jimmy was maybe an inch taller than her, which was unusual at Bayview. Samaya was used to living in the land of the giants. Of course Samaya had the advantage of the platform sandals she wore with her black knee length camo-print skirt, and green v-neck shirt. She loved the end of the school year, no one worried much about dress code, especially from graduating seniors.

“Well they missed out…” He murmured to himself, barely intelligible. His voice cracked slightly.

Samaya flinched again afraid that he’d caught her staring, but on further inspection it seemed he was still buried in his book.

“I’m sorry did you say something,” she said keeping her tone low. She tucked an errant stand of her short blond hair behind her ear, waiting cautiously for his response.

White noise and Titration
“The first one’s kind of screwed up,” Marion mocked her voice barely audible as she bent her head over Sarah’s abandoned notebook. Gee I can’t imagine whose fault that is. Maybe if you hadn’t so busy with your drawings. She rolled her eyes, and picked up her pencil to copy the equations into her notebook, tuning out Sarah’s eager puppy routine. She’d listened carefully to Sarah’s broken explanation and the math didn’t seem as complicated as she first thought, finding averages were easy enough. She jotted 20.3 under the equation, she had just copied. That accomplished she turned her head towards her two lab partners, who had apparently finally found a work ethic.

She watched, content to simply record the information for the time being. Hey, we might actually get one of these things accomplished.

“You have ten minutes before the end of the period,” Ms. Heys announced loud enough for the whole class to hear. “Finish up whatever stage of the experiment you’re working on and start cleaning up.”

Marion groaned softly, of course now it would be time for the period to end. “If you guys wanna finish up with that one,” she said sliding her notebook over to them. “Just write down the numbers for me, ‘k. I’ll start taking care of the other three here.” She grabbed the three earlier flasks and carefully made her way across the classroom.

By the River
Thea coughed as the cum filled her mouth sending it back out across James’ lap. She blinked up at James with wide surprised eyes. She smiled at the embarrassed, shocked expression on his face and knew that she must be wearing a similar one. Okay maybe I didn’t give him enough time, her brain came up with stating the obvious. Damn, I’m good.

She smirked at the less than helpful information that was running through her brain, mostly bits and pieces from health class. Like she needed Mr. Manning running through her head at this moment. He’d made them memorize the human reproductive system and talked them through practicing safe sex, but never once had this come up. She bit her lip and stared down into James’ eyes. He seemed very tightly strung and she knew that how she reacted would be important to their relationship. She sighed looking down at him; he was so hesitant when it came to this personal stuff. She’d been the one to initiate this, to push him; she didn’t want to let his shyness get the best of them.

Making a least the beginning of a decision, Thea raised her, leaned forward, and captured James’ mouth with hers. However, this had the opposite effect she was hoping for. Her body was still keyed up and she wanted more. Although how she was going to ask him for it when he was apparently finished, she had no idea.

Book pick up
"Oh... Hi Alex..." Jessica blinked, slumping. "Sorry, I didn't realize it was you. It's nice to see you again..."

Alex smiled at Jessica. “Hey Jessica haven’t seen you in a while. We should totally hang out some time. Maybe I can finally convince you of the wonders of hair dye.” She said motioning to her own purple and blue highlights. “Come to think of it, it may just be time for another change. What do you think of pink, maybe just around the bottom?”

“Oh hey!” Nick exclaimed, earning another exasperated look from the librarian. “Why don’t I take you girls out for pie after Josie’s all done? I’m really in the mood for pie and it’d be a good way to wind down. Pie for everyone, my treat,” he said.

“So what da ya say?”

Alex put her copy of Hamlet down, while Josie was quickly finishing her assignment Alex had read little more than stanza about the woes of Hamlet and Ophelia. She considered Nick’s offer. She had another scene to read before tomorrow, but there wasn’t an actually assignment. She flipped through the play counting the number of pages. Alex made a quick decision.

“I’d need to call my brother and tell him the change of plans, but I’m up for pie,” Alex said looking at the other girls expectantly.

A Trip to the Lake
“Jessica,” he said slowly. “Another lovely lady? Does she like guys who can build a trebuchet? You wanna put in a good word for me? You know, during girl time. All you have to do is talk me up, I’ll do the rest,” he pleaded. "Too late, my time has come. Sends shivers down my spine. Body's aching all the time," he sang along.

“You know I’d love to Ethan, but I can think of a couple of reasons why that’s not gonna work. One you already agreed to be my king. Two Jessica’s sweet and all, but she’s way to shy for her own good. I’ve known her forever and I can barely get her to talk to me. Can you believe it?”

By then Alex had made followed the cul-de-sac around making a lazy U-turn.

"Ah, um, h-hi." She said with a thousand butterflies in her chest. "H-Haven't seen Cisco at all, I don't know if he's coming."

She offered Jessica a wide smile. “Hey Jess,” she greeted her with a wave. “Well, we’ll wait a sec or two more and if he’s a no show then I guess it’s his loss.” She opened her door and slid out, after putting the car in park. She hit the small lever and reclined the seat. “Scoot over Roland,” she ordered. “Make room.”

She was about to put the seat back when she heard Cisco’s voice. “Hey, Wait Up,” he called. She turned around and waved at him as he came down the sidewalk. She shook her head at the backpack that he carried apparently stuffed to the brim. It’s only a daytrip people. Alex took the opportunity to check out Cisco’s outfit as he approached the car. She raised an eyebrow in amusement. It was definitely a style of some kind.

“Just in time,” she said with a smile as he approached the car.

"We're...we're going in that?" Cisco asked, rather timidly.

The smile slipped from Alex face, replaced by an indignant expression. “What exactly is wrong with it,” she asked.

White noise and Titration
Marion sighed as she watched Will reluctantly repack his lunch, but leave it on top of his things. Let's just hope nobody is clutzy today. She turned back towards Sarah who was trying to explain her own notes, and apparently failing. This was the Sarah she was used to working with. She was distracted, but at least she was distracted by the experiment. She noticed that Will had taken over the monitoring of the experiment. Will wonders never cease, we’re actually all working.

"Right! Sorry. This goes here and that goes there. Not the other way around. Got all that?" she asked cheerfully, "Maybe I should make it so that all the same things are represented by the same symbol? So you know where to plug numbers when copying?"

“Nope you’ve lost me completely,” Marion confessed go over it one more time. “I have these figures,” she said motioning to her notebook. “Where do they go?”

Sarah glanced over at William when he took the beaker, "Hey hey. Did you get the first two readings yet? Or are we still guesstimating?"

Marion turned expectant eyes on Will, figuring once they got his answer Sarah would be able to explain the equations in more detail.

A Trip to the Lake

“I’m a civilized person. If I’m going somewhere that means I bring the civilization with me. I’ve got clothes and a laptop with a lithium battery in there. That’s my baby. You don’t leave a baby at home, do you?”

Alex tossed him an appalled look. “Laptop? I may have to take back your crown. There’s way too much to do to waste time with a laptop.” She was going to say more when Roland joined the conversation.

"Ahhh so much better. Are we there yet?" He said.

Alex rolled her eyes at Roland’s question. I don’t know do you see any water, was the first thought that popped into Alex’s head. She bit back the reply. Seriously, they hadn’t even finished picking everybody up yet and he was already starting. Maybe he was right and this would turn in to the longest trip ever.

“Actually we’ve got one more stop to make and then we’ll finally be on our way. Jessica called me yesterday and said that she wanted to come. Once we pick her up we’ll be on our way. You know what would make the time go faster,” she said glancing behind her a wicked smile on her lips. She reached out and turned the radio up a little higher. “Mama, ooo, ooo, ooo, Didn’t mean to make you cry. If I’m not back again this time tomorrow, carry on, carry on," she sang as she drove to Jessica's house.

By the River
Thea’s strokes slowed the minute James said something. She glanced up at him a seductive smile. “What’s the matter, too much for you,” she teased him. “C’mon it’s my turn to torture you for a while, after what you did with those wonderful fingers of yours.”

She captured his hands in hers and bent down to kiss each finger. Her tongue flicked across the tips of each finger. She looked up seeing the desire in his eyes, and decided that he’d had enough time to cool down. She dropped a last kiss on his hands before hovering above him; she let her eyes rake over him, taking a long, hungry look at him.

Inspired by his earlier reactions she grinned at him evilly. She held his gaze as she lowered her mouth to continue where her hand had left off moments before. Hesitantly, she covered his erection with her mouth, her tongue flicking over the tip. Pausing for a moment to taste him, she held his gaze, and then dipped her head lower.