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The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
“Is that Rosa? Wow talk about a downward spiral,” Alex said softly from behind Ray. She looked around hoping that no one had actually heard her and stepped back into the house. She wasn’t actually trying to antagonize anyone, not when they had guns and were covered in blood.

“Guess we better get our stuff together,” she announced to no one in particular. “I guess Little Lord Crazy Pants can’t figure out this is a residential area and wants our house. Apparently he’s decided to play the Napoleon of the island and conquer all he sees. Although come to think of it, Napoleon didn’t have the greatest track records with islands.”

Alex stopped talking abruptly realizing she was rambling. Instead, she busied herself with gathering her duffle bag from the floor. So much for the shower she’d been debating about taking.

The Use of Common Sense is Authorized
Thea glanced down at her friend and shook her head, maybe all the thinking before had been a waste of time. This definitely was the Charlene she knew. Take a break from this crazy game to sunbathe, because whether they died here or managed to survive they had to look good doing it. She laughed and copied Charlie’s actions shaking out a towel of her own.

She sat down and began searching through her bag. With a satisfied smile Thea found what she was looking for, pulling out a hairbrush and a small mirror that had managed to stay intact. She frowned as she held the mirror up and got a glimpse of herself for the first time in almost a week. She attacked her hair with a sense of purpose; she’d deal with the dirt trails her tears had left later.

“You know after we’re done here, we should go find some fresh water. I could really use a bath. Well, at least getting some of this dirt off of me,” she said. After several minutes of effort she had her hair smooth and pulled back into a bun, then lowered herself onto her stomach, gazing out into the water.

Aching Chest and Blurry Sight
Gracie frowned at Teo’s instructions. She didn’t really want to approach the others, but Teo was still holding his crossbow on them. Gracie glanced over to Cisco who looked…scared…no guilty she decided. Would Teo do it, kill him while he was standing here? Could she sit by and let him?

Both of the boys had killed someone, but so far there had been nothing she could have done to stop them. Both were adamant that they needed to start playing the game. Gracie wasn’t so sure, this was how to go about, just killing random students as they went. Although Teo at least seemed to have decided on a standard. Of course by his own logic then he should be turning his weapon on himself and Nick sometime soon.

She circled around Teo and approached Pandora as she began spouting nonsense about signing her stupid book.

She glanced back at Nick and rolled her eyes, the girl couldn’t possibly be serious. Gracie decided not to point out the little flaw in her I don’t want your violence but I’ll follow you. However, it did give her rather an easy way to get the notebook from her. She looked at Pandora expectantly saying, “Yeah sure we’ll sign it. Just hand it on over.” She stepped forward and held out her hand, unsure if she really wanted to have that kind of power. If Cisco’s name was in the book, what should she do then?

Mitadake High/Pryce High
I'm up for a game. Usually I'm on after 7:30, but I'm going on spring break in 20 minutes, so I'll be available more often.
I'm cmdramc in AIM if you wanna get a hold of me.

The Use of Common Sense is Authorized
((Thea Kairos continued from Anthem for Doomed Youth ))

Thea walked silently as the announcements came again. She tuned them out for the most part. The list of names just kept getting longer, and everyday there was someone that she knew. Besides nothing could hurt as much as hearing James’ name on the announcements a few days ago. She sighed, and thought about what she’d gone through so far. Not much probably in the grand scheme of things. But she hadn’t really had time to mourn, for James. She’d taken on the leader of their little group when no one else would. Then had to deal with people that thought they knew her and could tell her what to do. As if!

She glanced over to Charlie as her name was called over the announcements. If there was one thing to come from this, it was that she didn’t know her best friend at all. From the moment they’d met up Charlie had acted totally out of character. Honestly, she didn’t know what to do about her. So for now she’d decided to keep her opinions to herself and stay with the small group she’d found and hopefully stay safe. Of course how safe she actually was now that Charlie was a murder she didn’t know.

Blowing out a long breath, as Charlie muttered something about a tan. She laughed; she had to as she looked over at her best friend. “Maybe for you, my dear, what with you being the whitest of the white people and all. But I don’t have to get a tan, mine comes built in.”

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Alex flashed Ray a grateful smile and was more than happy to accept the offer. However, she had trouble believing what came out of Isabel’s mouth. She was actually looking for Hayley! Had she just missed the part about the random shooting? On second thought maybe she should give her the information, and then she could experience Hayley psychosis first hand. Before she could make any kind of comment things suddenly got serious. While she didn’t believe there were actual zombies outside someone was coming.

She got up to see who it was that Annaliese had seen out the windows, but Isabel beat her to it. Alex made a face, like most of the senior class she had had little time for Jimmy Brennan. She was more surprised to find Rosa in his company. Alex stepped close enough to hear Jimmy’s threat and to see the shotgun he held.

“Ummm, I vote for doing what he says. It’s not like we’re super attached to this house, and I’d like to avoid getting shot at again. If we still want to hang out around here, there’s not exactly a shortage of houses we can invade.”

Aching Chest and Blurry Sight
“So much for keeping a low profile,” Gracie muttered under her breath. Honestly, she couldn’t figure out what the boys had been thinking. First Nick and now Teo. She decided that at least what Teo needed was some target practice. She hadn’t heard Maxwell’s name in the announcements that she could remember anyway. So she was assuming that he hadn’t been the intended target. Although honestly why was he just shooting at people. Nick had killed someone just last night, and yet they were letting him hang around.

Gracie decided it was the game getting to them. Hell, it was getting to all of them; she’d spent so much time fantasizing about getting home on the trip that she’d failed to notice she was climbing a mountain until it was too late to change her mind. However she was still doing her best to keep the crazy on the inside, unlike her two companions it appeared.

She stepped back towards the boys not sure what Cisco’s next reaction would be. Pandora it seemed was just upset that the murder had interrupted her plans. Yep, I think if we stay here long enough we’ll just all go insane. I wonder if I started a poll if people would vote. What could I do? Who goes crazy first? How long will it take for people to go crazy? What’s the definition of crazy?

Gracie shook her head, okay focus. But focus on what, what do you say. Umm…sorry I think he was aiming for that other guy? So should stood still next to the two boys waiting to see what would happen next.

Anthem for Doomed Youth
((Skipping post order because I probably won’t have access to a computer tomorrow until after the deadline.))

Thea shook her head at Ricky’s behavior, how did he not get the message. Well, Thea had definitely had enough. I had no idea what Ricky was thinking, but she was thinking that it was time to get out of here. She debated for a moment whether she should just shot him to get him out of the way, then had a much better idea. Shoving the gun back into her bag, she offered him her most flirtatious smile.

“You know what Ricky, you’re right,” she said playing into his delusion. “What was I thinking? Of course I want to see James.”

She moved past him trying her best not to make contact. Once she was clear of him, she turned back to face the other girls. “C’mon ladies aren’t you in a hurry to see them,” she said and nodded towards the entrance of the tunnels. She hoped the other girls would pick up on her idea.

“Thanks for the message Ricky, but you understand how it would look if we showed up with a boy in our midst. We’ll take it from here,” she said then spun on her heel and exited the tunnels.

((Thea Kairos continued in The Use of Common Sense is Authorized))

Book Thread!
Seeing this thread made me stop and count the number of books I've started recently. Six is a new total for me. I've also come to the conclusion I have an eclectic taste in books. In no particular order:

Re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (J.K. Rowling)

Slowly attempting Les Miserables (Victor Hugo) and A letter of Mary (Laurie R. King)

Book 3 of the Deltora Quest - The City of the Rats

Another One Bites the Dust (Jennifer Rardin)

truly, madly (Heather Webber)

Tagabasa - nice to see someone else enjoyed the book too. I also had to read it in school. My group was tasked with going through and finding all the Catch 22's in the book. It was fun.

Outfoxd - I highly recommend Jim Butcher at least Dresden. I haven't started his other series yet, though I keep meaning too. My only advice don't read any of the short stories, until you know what books they fall between. They contain spoilers.

Anthem for Doomed Youth
"I agree with Charlie," Thea said then turned her attention back to Ricky. "For the time being. Why don't you just continue on your way. Just because I'm not firing now, doesn't mean I won't change my mind. Especially if you try to disrespect James' memory or more importantly us."

Thea pulled her weapon clear of her bag for the first time. "I'm giving you fair warning, I'm a pretty good shot. Clear out."

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
"I already got it out of Isabel here. Tell us 'bout what you been doing before you got here. We can ki....we can burn a little time." He headed in, leaving the door open so he could hear.

Alex shook her head at Isabel’s comment and looked between her and Annaliese. Between Isabel’s tendency to talk as if no one could hear her and Annaliese’s apparent obsession with zombies, she was beginning to have her doubts about this group. But Ray, Ray seemed to be dealing okay and keeping the girls together. And Alex really didn’t want to strike out on her own again.

“Not a whole lot. I spent most of the first three or four days looking for my brother. I found Jess pretty early on and we’ve been together most of the time. But after Roman was killed, we kinda drifted apart. Not that I blame her it’s not like I’m the best company.

I just got him back, found him, after four days and then Acacia…well I don’t know what she was thinking but she took him from me,” Alex stopped talking, shifted in her seat, and then forced a laugh.

“See what I mean haven’t exactly been the best company lately. Anyway then I ran into Hayley who’s gone completely nuts, just FYI. She started shooting at us and killed Jason. After that I’ve just kinda been wandering the island. Not sure what I’m supposed to do with me now,” she finished up quickly.

Aching Chest and Blurry Sight
((Gracie Wainwright continued from Pretty Handsome Awkward ))

Gracie trudged up the mountain. Why, why had she even suggested this cell tower? She had no idea. Maybe she could post it and her fans could help her figure it all out. She stopped for a moment filled with a great wave of homesickness. Why’d she gone on this stupid trip anyway? Camping, with no internet, what had she been thinking?

As she neared the tower she could make out four of her classmates. She was surprised to see them gathered here. The sawmill, which had bunks and running water was virtually empty, but here on the top of the mountain, here they all were.

“Wow that didn’t sound guilty at all,” Gracie said breaking into the conversation as she came to a stop a few feet from them. “Who exactly have we not seen?”